Friday, July 15, 2011

A Dangerous Glow...

I always wanted to be like one of those people.  You know... even if you don't...of whom I speak.  They are those that walk around this planet through their lives touching us all with their presence.  They seem to have a aura around them that protects and charms the rest of we prols.  You have met them.  You may have had them as a teacher when you were little.  You may have worked beside them or for them.  They engage...and teach.  And it is all without effort.  You have tried to catch them self-promoting, but you can't.  There is no need.  Their mere presence promotes and sings praise.  And I am not talking about used car-salesmen here.  Not the type that "try" to impress with their people skills. But those who effortlessly win you over with that inexplicable openness to life.

I think at last count, I have met and got to know about a dozen such people...and my life is better for having experienced them.  Male, female, young, doesn't make any difference.  They come in all colors and shapes, for it isn't necessarily their physical presence that engages, although that can be part of it.  You just want to be near these people...and jealousy can even set in if they share their company with others.  I am not talking about sexual attractiveness.  I am not talking about outward beauty...but the transparent...I dunno..."goodness" of certain people.  You wouldn't think them even capable of devious acts, and for the most part they do not disappoint in that arena.  But there are some...

As I have related here before, apart from being an incurable film buff, I also enjoy genealogy.  I love tracing the lineage of families(particularly my own) through the mist of time gone by.  Anyone that has taken this endeavor further than just casual oral history can tell you...that even "back then" in the generations gone by, people were just people.  Everyone that seriously traces family histories will run across...well, some dodgy characters...the "black sheep" of an imagined pristine lineage.  Well...we don't talk about them.
I found a few.  I found a relation that was charged with murder.  Murder for a powerful man he worked for, in a real estate deal.  I also found a child-molester.  Of course, of these ancestors, I am not particularly boastful.  I would rather relate to my findings that I am a direct decedent of Geoffrey Chaucer.  There. Doesn't that sound better than a hit-man and a pervert?  So given their horrible history...their past filled with liars, cheats, murderers and thieves, almost do the ashkanazi live with their ancestral heritage?  Well, per prescription from the pages of their history...they lie. They make that horse thief a victim.  That murderer a hero.  That child-molester a saint.  They can also charm and lie in real-time.  And they do...mimicking the charm that I am addressing.

Anyway...back to "those" people.  No...not jews.  Although if you are a regular reader here, you know I am going to start hammering on  that subject in a few minutes.  I mean back to the charmers.  Sometimes they can be jewish.  At some unfortunate juncture with chance, a few of these engaging personalities can have a jewish heritage...for after all, jews are merely people...even if their cultural heritage would dissuade one from accepting this fact.  And I have met such specimens.  Charming jews.  You see them almost daily on your teevee, I'm sure.  For if there is one thing that the tribe that controls what you see and hear electronically understands, it is that with the more "Gentile" fashion their message is delivered...the more it is purchased.
The disgusting jewish comic, Andy Kaufman used to do a routine in which he plays a charming, smiling newscaster.  In the skit however, you see him berating a stage hand to humiliation, and threatening his job if he crossed him once more.  The snarling, cursing character is stopped short in his verbal abuse of the backstage worker, as the camera comes on...and we see the smiling"charmer" mugging for the viewing audience.
Well, you was just a comedy skit.  Just a funny.
As well as knowing about the people that I spoke of up at the start of this have also known two-faced monsters such as the Kaufman character.  I have.  And they are dangerous. They are often termed "psychopathic". They are perhaps more dangerous than anyone that you have ever met.  And ironically Kaufman was portraying the jewish version of such a creature in his act.  Many, many others exist in their media.  Jon Stewart and Howard Stern come to mind immediately.  They are just a couple of the most recent celebrities that seem to have that gift of charming engagement in front of their audience.  History is rife with such examples.  Those that can easily emulate that winning charm.  From Benjamin Disraeli to Paul Newman, this aura of which I speak...when used effectively in the media by the cult to which they belong...can mesmerize the most vigilant of we Gentiles.
For they appear to exude that glow we observe in those people that we have grown to admire on a personal level. The Gentiles that have such personal charm and merely "are" enjoyable people...they do not sell any agenda with it.  
You may say that I am seeing something that isn't there.  You might well say that I am suspicious to a fault.  You might.
But I think secretly you understand what I am talking about.

Although not all folks that exhibit that easy personality of which I have always been envious...use their power of persuasion for good, by its very nature...most do.  Those that can parrot such behaviour... and use it for their own gain...well, in my experience, usually attend a synagogue and not a church.  And that glow they exude should be amber...caution of danger.


Hetzer said...

I shit on their halo.

Timster said...

All - This post sucks. Don't read it.

A.Mouser said...

Don't beat yourself up over it. It made some good points (grin).

Thank you for your blog.


veritas6464 said...

"Can I speak to the manager please? Yeah, well I signed up as a member and no-one can tell me when I get my 'moral guidelines' if in fact I ever will, now, can I speak to the manager please? Please don't put me on hold again, I have already been listening to Greensleeves for 53 minutes, I really would like to speak to the manager please, about my 'moral guidelines', when will I get them? Do I have to provide a mailing address? Or do you just hand them out over the counter?"


"Hello, hello, faaark, they hung up again!"


Timster said...

Hetzer - Ok.

Timster said...

Mouser - Well, I hate when I do that. It muddys the to speak. Thanks are too kind.

Timster said...

V - This is the manager. How can I help you?