Saturday, July 30, 2011

Collective Punishment...

Mrs. Reiner was a jewish bitch and I hope she is rotting in hell.

There. I finally said it.

I have met and interacted with probably a thousand jewish people in my life.  Really.  Having been in the business world for many decades, one does.  In the white-collar world in the US, you must interact with tribe members on a daily basis usually. Anyway, I have known them.  They are just people like the rest of us.  But of course they act and are treated differently than most other groups.  No biggie.  Except they have always...and I mean ALWAYS left a bad taste in my mouth.  Like cauliflower to me.  I just can't seem to get rid of that nasty flavor.  I know that sounds prejudicial...and it is.  But there are reasons....there are always reasons.
Maybe I look for these distasteful qualities in the jewish, once I know they are of the cult...maybe not.  Maybe they are just there.  More than just "standing around being jewish", they have always invited disgust from me.  Even before I suspect them of kosher roots.

When my oldest Brother was seven and in the second grade, he had a teacher named Mrs. Reiner.  She looms large in our family history...because of one incident.  I will now supply another here.
The incident with my Brother happened before I had begun to form memories, but the details were related time and time again by my parents.  
He was in her class, apparently just being a seven-year-old.  I don't remember him ever being anything but the eager-to-please personality that he remains to this I can't imagine his being much if any real trouble to his teachers at that young age.  Anyway on this particular occasion, this Mrs. Reiner, saying later that she was talking to him and he wasn't paying attention to her, reached across an aisle of those screwed-to-the-floor seats, grabbed his arm and yanked him over the aisle.  In so doing, she broke his arm.
You can imagine my parent's reaction to this. Even though the attack was officially treated as an accident, it was always related that when my Mother finally confronted this teacher in a meeting about the incident that she broke her rule of no vulgar language and told this woman that: "...if you ever touch another one of my children, I will personally come to this school and slap the shit out of you."
All I know is that I wouldn't want to get that far into my Mother's bad side.
And I probably had that in mind when the next "Mrs. Reiner" incident happened.

As luck would have it...and although there were several other second grade teachers in our school, I was assigned to "her" class.  I remember just a few things about that one does with memories so long ago.  Just little patches.  One of them was her bringing a menorah into class.  It was her annual thing.  She would let us play the dreidel game for hard candy during chanukah.  
But that is not the memory that sticks out in my mind now.  What I do remember is a friend I had in class.  This boy was one of the unfortunates of our neighborhood.  Dirt poor and none too bright.  I liked him nonetheless.  His father bought him a pen-knife for a birthday and it was his prize possession.  It seemed he always had it out cutting apples or whittling.  Even though it couldn't have been more than a few inches long in its entirety, he was the envy of all the guys for owning it.  Until Mrs. Reiner saw it.  She confiscated it and put it in her desk drawer.  My friend was beside himself about losing his father's gift.
So I(yes, I will finally admit it) decided to get it back.  During one recess, I sneaked back to class and got it for him.  I told him to hide it in his shoe and not to bring it back to school.  He did so.
Of course when it was discovered missing, Mrs. Reiner went ape-shit.  The "thief" in her classroom was going to be punished, no matter what.  She told us that day that every student in class had to remain after the final bell until the thief confessed.
I wasn't about to confess anything.  After my friend had emptied his pockets and declared his glances to him let him know that if he wanted to keep the offending keep his mouth shut.
I remember that we had to read while we were waiting for the criminal to come forward...and do so quietly.  Which was hard, because our parents were starting to get out of their cars and wander up to the school...wondering why the hell their kids weren't outside ready to be picked up.  
The vice-principal came in...demanded to know why these children were still in class and dismissed us all.  HOME FREE!
Some time soon after that day, Mrs. Reiner made me stay after class.  I don't know if my mate had broken under her torture or how she found out, but...
I remember her getting right in my face and accusing me of taking the knife.  I denied it and she instinctively slapped me.  Her hand flew to my face as if it had a mind of its own.  I don't know if she immediately remembered that I was the brother of the boy whose arm she had broken a few years earlier, my Mother's threat, or if she had been officially warned against touching children...but the look of horror that crossed her face impressed me.  So too did her order for me never to tell of what she had just done.  And I have kept silent about it...till...well, right now, come to think of it.

But it started me on a path.  A path of being wary of the yiddish among us.  Adhering to that rule has never proven to be unwarranted.  So when I think of the "collective punishment" that we see on an almost daily basis in jewish-occupied Palestine...and considering the religious persuasion of Mrs. Reiner...I can't help but make the connection.  Call me bigoted.  Say that I had a bad experience that I projected on an entire culture.  Tell me that my memory is fuzzy and merely an interpretation of the facts.  But I'll stick to my guns about the way the ashkenazim raise their young.  And since they understand and apparently enjoy the concept of collective punishment...then they won't mind when they ALL suffer inhuman punishment for the inhuman behaviour of their leaders.


Anonymous said...

Greeting Tim.

"No, I'm not OK." Black anti-hero in Pulp Fiction after being saved from further sodomy.

He then promised to acquire the services of some crack-pipe individuals to go medevil with pliers and a blow torch on the surviving sodomist for the rest of his sorry little life.

I would like something similar to happen to the ruling Rothschilds, to the murdering Mossad and to the synagogue of Satan genociding zionists.

Part of me knows it is wrong to wish for such justice - I am a Christian. But even Jesus lost His temper one time, it was at the money changers.

My anger is also at a modern version of these people - the Talmudists.

A really big whip needs to be made and used unsparingly on these false-jew, Khazarian, ashkenazi mamon worshippers.

Jesus, where are you? The money-changers have taken over the world and they are killing innocent brown and white children to maintain their evil power over everything and everybody.

Please hear our prayers.

Sincerely yours,


Anonymous said...

HEY TIMSTER......Why not , cite what you claim to be reality, to drive home the point?? regards C

Timster said...

Anon@1:12 - I hope your prayer is heard...and more importantly answered.

Timster said...

C - Yeah...why not?

Honk Bonk Man said...

Hey Tim, we all have to interact with these critters daily. There is one thing that you should NEVER do in relation to the tribe: have a Jewish business partner. They will eventually drive you insane and take over the business. You can NEVER trust a Jew.

Sometimes when I work for Jews I like to piss them off. Then When they start to complain and sign the check. I just take the check, hold it at front of their faces and tore the check to pieces. It makes my day.

su said...

Hey Tim, your posts always bring memories to life.
I went to a noticeably jewish school as I have mentioned. When I was 9 years old we had a teacher Mrs Mosman ( one of the tribe of course).
A grossly overweight woman who had that particular body odour of someone who should wash more regularly than others but don't.
She had impossibly high standards for the girls who could never be good enough for her. And what happened when she was displeased was she would make the 'inadequate' girl sit on the floor under the desk and tickle her feet and calves.
And can you believe none of this thought of taking this to their parents. That this perversity could take place as normal.

I was not often under the desk - despite being slack and lazy, I think she realised some warrior quality in me. A bit like your mom Tim. Anyway one day a whole lot of girls went somewhere and i was thus picked to go under the desk. My dreaded fear came true. I walked towards the shrine and bent my knee to get down and then saw the thick, sweaty stockings and smelt the smell, No fucking way i thought and leapt out. She came around and tried to push me under the table. I got away and started running around the classroom, leaping over desks and screaming. The headmaster came in.

I never heard anything more about the incident, there were no questions or anything but i was moved to another class.

I don't know if they should all suffer due to their leaders - innocent until proven guilty is the essence of our humanity

Strawman said...

I bet it would piss them off more HBM, if you actually cashed the check, bought a brick and then threw it through the window. Oy va-va-vey!

A.Mouser said...

Colour me naive, but this jewess seems legit.

Dollars to donuts she supports a Palestinian state to END the terror Nitwityahoo and company love...


glengear said...

Timster, your true human self is soo showing! I like it, a good story and a lesson all rolled into one.

Timster said...

Su - Thank YOU for that story. I'm sure there are millions of similar ones out there...if we goyim would only relate them, perhaps our collective perception of these animals would enlighten others.

Timster said...

Mouser - Interesting vid. I don't really know what to make of it. She seems sincere about something, but I don't think it is about anything that doesn't have to do with her. Perhaps this is where the fall of that terrorist state begins, but you won't catch me holding my breath. I knew many jewish kids her age in the 60's out protesting them it was a game...a social event. Then they went back home to their parents lush homes. Color me VERY skeptical.

Timster said...

Glenster - Thanks. We all have stories, I guess. Some are instructive.

Timster said...

Honk - Funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

fucking antesemitic