Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bouncing Around The Casket Room...

If there is one thing that has always pissed me off, it's being pulled and/or pushed.  Away from or toward anything.  If you want a fist on your nose...tug at my sleeve or gently guide me in any direction.

In the late 60's among the many bits of revolutionary literature I read was a horribly disgusting book called "The American Way Of Death" by Jessica Mitford.  I say horrible, because all pieces of muck-raking describe the seedier side of human nature...or they wouldn't have acquired that name, I guess.  I had no love of Ms. Mitford's politics really...but I did find her writing invaluable on many levels.  Particularly that book.  It has always been a kind of  love/hate thing with me.

In it she describes the scam that is the American funereal business.  A sector of our capitalistic society that I have since learned is basically a kosher one....of course...duh.  I would suggest reading the book.  It is still as relevant today as it was when written.  And although it ranks very low on the agenda for industries that need to be 'de-jewified" does speak to a philosophy of taking advantage in a gruesome fashion.  Not pretty...but very instructive.

One chapter stuck in my mind as being much more alagorical than I think the authoress intended...understanding her politics.  That was the chapter describing how coffins are "sold" to mourners.
In her research she uncovered a tried-and-true method that is even used today.  It is interesting to say the least.  
I won't go into much depth here about the industry's parasitic nature and how much they prey on the berieved...but when they get the "loved one's" surviving relatives at one of the weakest moments in their lives...if you haven't been through such a pitch... it will tell you much about the judaic mentality.
It starts with entering the selection room.  A room with a bunch of caskets in it, you would think.  Don't for one moment believe that these products are just set up in a room.  The display is calculated down to the inch.  A huge amount of planning that would shame the best car-salesman, goes into the "way" these coffins are placed.  The "director" takes you through the room by way of a path, of which you are not aware.  From various pricing and the layout of differing models...he can with the precision of a well-trained sniper...predict which model he is going to sell you.  It really is an impressive macabre as it is.  But then, aren't all scams...
He will not show you the casket that he wants to sell you first.  First he will show you models that he knows you cannot afford(having access to your insurance info beforehand).  Then he will lead you gently to the cheap line...all the while talking up these tawdry boxes  with an air of condescension that insults.  Taking that undercurrent of pity for your lack of funds into subconscious account, you will invariably decide on the mid-priced container that he knew you would purchase when he saw the insurance pay-out figures on the policy he has already investigated.  He just needs your OK, a verbal agreement through your tears, and he has made a bundle on an overpriced p.o.s. that has no intrinsic value whatever.  Only to sap your insurance money.
So anyway, I always saw this in a wider vista....this technique.  To have an opinion formed by the general public, they must be gently guided through the casket showroom.  They must see PBS news as the opinion of choice.  The intellectual( but a bit boring zionist view)...but one that few can afford.  Fox is too cheap and you wouldn't be caught dead (pun intended) putting your faith is such a box-o-death.  And forget about that death-trap called the internet.  So they gently tug and guide until you make your OWN decision...CNN(or MSNBC...same thing) as the respectable choice. Not too cheap and showy...but one that demonstrates your caring.  One they knew you were going to pick before you even turned on your talmud-vision.  All of these varying(not) views of world events are laid out for your approval.  All they need is a nod through your tears...a push of a button on your remote.
You can play out this little game with many things in our society...and it fits like a glove.  It is all the same technique, weather you are choosing a container for the relative that passed on, or selecting your view of an Arab revolution.  It is all prefabricated and they have huge stacks of it in the back, when you make your "selection".

I know this morbid casket sales pitch like I know my own name.  I have gone through it several times.  I saw the theater production  that is "get every dime you can from this stiff and his grieving relative".  We are all subject to it here.  It's much like buying a car..."I'll go ask my manager, but I don't know if he'll go for your offer".  It is more subtle than a car-pitch but much the same animal.  We put up with it.  We participate in it.  Well, most of us do.  Those that can tolerate having our sleeves tugged.  I cannot.  Especially from the vermin that pray on us in times like these.  Times of grief and caskets.


Steve B said...

Very sobering writing Timster, very sobering.

Steve B

Anonymous said...

I had plans to become a funeral director when I was in high school. I did a 4 month co-op work term in a local funeral home and had my eyes opened very quickly. It is all a scam. The whole industry has to buy their wares from one company and it is way overpriced. I couldn't take advantage of people in their weakest moments so I decided against that career. Never realized it was Judaic until you pointed it out.


Timster said...

Steve - Thanks. Read the book...interesting stuff.

Timster said...

Dave - Where there is big money, there are big jews...always. Gentile death is right up their alley.

Frog said...

Another practical use of the Hegelian Dialectic. More manipulation. Funny how many times that shows up in everyday life.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the longer article about Funeral Directors, but strongly disagree that it is all Jews in that business. I am sure there are Jews in the Funeral Business, just as there are Gentiles, Islamic, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans, and other ethnic minorities.

I do not know why you hate Jews. You are one of those groups of people who blame Jews for all of your problems. I shouldn't even waste my time commenting on your sick blog, because you and people like you are very sick mentally, and just plain stupid. You need someone to tell you what to do, where to go, and what to think, because you are not capable of thinking on your own. I doubt this will be posted.

Timster said...

Anon@2:04 - " are very sick mentally,and just plain stupid".

Guilty on both counts.