Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teacher, Teacher...

When I was a youngster in a liberal arts university that was known for its education college, the local community would pay any student...sophomore or above, and that had taken at least one education substitute teach in their local school system. For beaucoup bucks too. Cash money. You wave cash at most college students and there is very little that you couldn't get them to do for it.
So I signed up for a basic el-ed course just to get on the sub list. I think they paid $50 a day or some such exorbitant wage. So I spent quite a few days at the head of, usually high school classes, asking a bunch of ring-head teenagers what they were supposed to be doing that day. I am sure you can imagine the answers I got.
But it gave me a taste...or I should say, a dis-taste for the educational system in this country...and another box to tick off, on my list of things that I did NOT want to do with my life. I hated it. I never wanted to be a teacher of any kind.
And yet I have set myself up as a sophist here. A pedagogue teaching rational antisemitism. I don't care for that either. Too close to my memories of pimply kids that too often couldn't comprehend their lessons and furthermore, didn't give a shit when they could.

I posted a comment I got on my last piece because I thought it a vivid example and warning to anyone wanting to take on this type of endeavor. Speak your mind and you will get a few things in return. For the most part you will get silence. Now, that can be read in various ways, of course. They may agree...mildly. They may disagree...mildly. They may be brain-dead and have no idea what you are talking about, but mechanically read your articles while they are doing something else...eating breakfast...bored at work...whatever. They don't take the time to comment. That kinda puts some mystery into the mix. I'm ok with that.
Or, you get "amens!" I like those a lot(for the most part). These are the readers that "get it". Agree or disagree, they post thoughtful comments directed spot-on to what I was trying to say. Not that I am that cryptic or profound...but you would have to think so, to endure the last group. This group is comprised of folks that vehemently disagree with a point I am making, and have little to no education or intelligence with which to express their disapproval. I am not setting myself up as a guru...and I don't wish to offend too much...but JESUS people!...where the fuck are your brains? Here is said example picked from MANY:

Anonymous said...
I'm new to this world domination of such a small percentage of People. You're saying that a pitifully small percentage are actually running our planet. Lord have mercy on your soul, you're doing drugs aren't you. Why would not the loyal elected officials and other Religions allow such atrocious, atrocities you write about! B. S.

Now, as I said, I don't want to rip anyone to shreds that has a valid question, or what I see as a slightly mistaken opinion...but give me a break over here. What am I expected to do with people like this? People that take the time to come to my site...glance my mission statement first perhaps...see "boycott jews" in the margin...then read an article or two, and come off with something like this. I may seem to be cruel, but I get this kind of shit all the time.
What is it with these cretins? If you don't want to read anything anti-jewish...if you have fallen for the "eternal victim" thing that your tv pumps into your living room about jews. If you are unwilling to look at this issue from a different point of view...WHY the hell come here in the first place? When you do and my site offends you, why stay? And more importantly WHY show your ignorance by writing comments like this? I won't publish them.

I know. I am over-reacting again. These are either well meaning goofs or hasbara minions only. No permanent harm done. I get it. You get it.
As I said at the beginning...I don't want to be a teacher. Never did. My first declared major in school was women's studies(way ahead of its time), and my minor was beer. From these noble aspirations, I moved on to philosophy major...English literature minor. When I found that philosophers don't make that much money without teaching or writing, I switched those two around. When I learned that an Eng/Lit degree was worthless unless you taught or wrote, I changed to engineering. It paid well over the years and I didn't have to write or more importantly... teach.

The hard lessons in life...those things you learn that help you get along...are learned with the face. You get smacked around wise up. The rest I have learned from reading. I never had a teacher/professor that taught me anything through lecture. By standing up in front of a class spewing out facts and are teaching nothing. The only teachers I have ever had that taught me anything, are the ones that instilled a desire to question...question, then learn through reading. So I have come full circle and I am now writing(it ain't as bad as I thought) and teaching a few, through their reading of the lessons I learned with my face.

So here, I can augment what you know...having learned with YOUR face...about judaism. I can give you my opinions concerning the foregone conclusion that this gang of thieves and their rape and pillage of the world is the most urgent political and social ill that requires an antidote.
But I cannot lecture you about the basics in life. You wouldn't listen anyway. And so you shouldn't. You will have to let life teach you those things. Just don't ask this "teacher" any more stupid questions...or I'll flunk you for sure. Consider this site as a post-graduate course in anti-jewish studies...with a pre/req of a broken nose.


Anonymous said...

on this site, scroll down to an interesting interview with a teacher, Charlotte Iserbyt

Anonymous said...

Timster, how about a link to Ben Freedman's Willard Hotel speech with a simple "eminent Jews agree with me" type of thing. Or a "if you haven't listened to ____ or read ___, don't bother posting." Most probably wouldn't, but you might steer a few through the hole in the fence. has Freedman files at Douglas Reed's Controversy of Zion is also a little charmer -

The full TFC book archives are

Elvis Hitler said...

Our Soviet style edumacashun system isn't worth a pile of rat turds.

Anonymous said...

False flagge attack on berlin 26.6. Google. Help us.u r blessed by the saints. Continue without fear. Christ with u.

Dave Klausler said...


Tell me, if you can, why so seemingly few "get it?"

I doubt my brain works much differently than yours, or "theirs," yet I have no difficulty discarding the bullshit. Is it a matter of they can't, or they won't?

I retain very, very little from my various college endeavors... maybe a bit more than most because I was invloved in the physical sciences, and "computers." I was neither taught how to think, nor how to learn. So I am not exceptional in that regard.

Additionally, I was taught nothing of value from my parents... so again, I am not exceptional.

One thing I do have that most don't, is exceptional health... but my unremarkable brain directed me that way.

Was I born with this "intelligence?" I doubt it, I was an unremarkable youth, and even well into my married years, I knew nothing of what was really going on in the world.

Maybe I am "here" because I had the luxary of free time to follow the trails of what corruption I was most angry with.

Anyway, I cannot speak with many people, about current events anyway. This ignorance pervades our society, it seems.

Just rambling.

Timster said...

Anon@4:29 - Thanks for the link.

Timster said...

Anon@5:19 - All good links. I hope my readers go there...specially those that have not heard these. Thanks.

Timster said...

Anon@9:47 - I've heard that. It's getting harder to pull F/F's with all the hints being spilled out here.

Timster said...

Dave - Good question. I think it has to do with the wet-ware "switches" that are turned on,(or more often not) turned on during crucial childhood V.S.Ramachandran identified with his "god" switch, that accounts for the perpetuation of religious fervor.

Genie said...

I'm married to a Palestinian. I've spent years listening to old Nakba Palestinians tell me about the Yid Jew. I've lived there and I've seen what's been done. They also explain how the Jews snake their brothels and other nasty business into the Islamic states. That's what globalism is, it's Jews spreading their filth like a venerial disease. Don't let them in and they will cut you off from water and food and the air you breathe, or torture in true Zionazi style. Ever see a movie about Nazis? I sometimes ask people. Just replace Nazi with Zionist and there you go. They did and still do eveything they say the Nazis did. Another method: they will tell the world you have nukes or WMDs and then bomb you while the Jew zombies in the powerful countries, which they have thoroughly infected, dance and cheer. It's Jews devouring your children while Jew zombies scream out "terrorist" at their parents. It's twisted. No one despises Jews more than me. No one. For Arabs in this country is like being a rabbit in a snake pit. It's ok if the snakes are satiated, but if they become hungry anything is possible. That is a frighteing status. Not even blacks have so much to worry about! Arabs are the "new blacks." And yet, it is all coming to a theater near you! In the west this Jew culture is a silent scourge yet to be identified by the masses so keep up the good work. I don't always comment but I read. Here is long comment to suffice me for awhile. I prefer to highlight events that demonstrate the disease, which is frightenly colorful and "soul-manifesting". The idea, and what we have to do is to keep the conversation going. We are all Palestinians! That is the warning.
Peace and Justice for all~

Timster said...

Genie - Thank you for that heartfelt comment. It is welcome. I point to this kind of witness when they ask me what I'm on about. They just don't know...yet. Thanks again. Keep reading. I'll do my best.

Bubby Muffintop said...

People say Israel is our indispensable special relationship ally and I say really how many barrels of oil do we get from them each year.

zippheread gooks (fishheads and rice) said...

cornball rabbi=b.akira from what do you believe. Poster at incog and diversity is crap.