Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Picking And Choosing...

Joseph Campbell aptly summed up most of the problems of Western society as being caused by our having lost our mythology. I agree. Mythology is what kept us a cohesive collection of cultures for many many millennium. Whether diabolical leadership used these myths for their own gains while standing outside their influence, is irrelevant.

I am working on a project that involves among other things, the teachings of Martin Luther. An admirable man in most all respects. A man that changed the world of his time. One man...and access to a printing press.
However, his message got lost and spun over the last 500 years or so. Luther was the anti-semite's anti-semite. He correctly identified and vilified the dictates of that cult and their infiltration of the financial and war-mongering activities in his church, long before it was apparent to even the most astute of his time. Although he is remembered for his challenge and change of the ruling Catholic church, his anti-jewish writings somehow, as Shakespeare to Henry Ford, got lost in this emerging medium which Luther used so effectively. That mass communication medium of the printed word...along with all others to follow, were hijacked and bent to the purpose of the jew. That is irretrievable history...unfortunately. But a new age is upon us. We have a different medium in which we all can become Luther. We can change the world through this device of communion. It, or at least the concept, can never be fully censored.
As Luther's printed pamphlets incited action against the corrupt church that ruled the known world of his day...so can these pixels spread enlightenment interactively. The technology and the very idea of the internet, is beyond the control of the jew.

But what I wanted to talk about was a makey-up mythology that has no meaning...no strength...no concentration. The mythologies under which we live today. The church of Luther's day held the power of myth. It changed it at will to suit it's financial and populace controlling needs. It was however based in solid myth. One everyone understood and respected. In it's arsenal of fear, this myth was used to manipulate untold fortunes and the people that dutifully followed the dictates of the Roman based party line.
We, in our religious mythology today however, are allowed the luxury of picking and choosing which aspects of these myths in which we can comfortably place our faith. And many are chosen for us. When it comes to his warning of "On The Jews And Their Lies", his observations have been glossed over and almost entirely forgotten by his professed followers. Picking and choosing. Luther has become a comic-book villain(Lex(words of) Luthor). His admonition for a ruling church to become a go-between for worshipers and their deity, have also gotten lost to the point that the church that now bears his name is merely another Christian denomination preaching the same old line...in just another carpeted million-dollar building with pious priests and collection plates. I do not profess to know a great deal about the modern Lutheran Church...but I know that they do not rebel against the ruling khazar...that much I know that would set it's founder spinning in his grave.
Were he alive today to see his words having been twisted...the jew which he reviled, being at the top of the heap...with their own modern mythologies being purchased wholesale...I think it would kill him. Either that...or he would start the most revolutionary website that you could imagine.
These modern mythologies that the ashkanazi have invented are astoundingly powerful. As much so as the Roman Catholic ones that prevailed in Martin's time. All myths must be based in some fact. A myth's power lies in the requirement to buy the entire narrative. That is a given. So it is easy to understand that when pre-WWII Germany, being tired of the manipulation of their homeland, put jews in work camps...a mythology of genocide would soon arise. And so it did. To the point of filling those mythological holes in the Gentile religions with tales of heroics and wrongful death. The myths of these work camps have been stretched and relaxed as a guitar string that has found it's final note. When tales of jew-soap and shrunken heads failed...then stories of being raised by wolves and exchanging apples over a fence became more persuasive. But the important thing about these myths...like the invented sacraments and indulgences sold by the church of Luther's middle-age Europe...are that they are universally accepted.

However, like those times...the myths are beginning to come apart. Numbers don't add up...gas-chambers for mass killings are increasingly being understood as an impossibility...and generally the oppression concerning these myths has become a strain on our world's society.
The time is ripe for another reform. And you are using the Gutenberg press of this new enlightenment. Do not misuse it. It is a powerful tool to bring down this age's despots. The jew. You cannot pick and choose your mythologies and expect solidarity. In this day and age, you must replace them with the facts of revisionism, as did Luther.


believes nothing said...

Don't worry the heebs will crackdown on the www as we know it under the guise of *evul* hacker attacks, copyright infringement or to clean up skinflick pornos online.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...I always enjoy a good yarn about me mate Luther. Always been a fan, my type of anti-semite is Luther, nice guy, a little off the wall at times, but get's the job done and that's a huge plus in my book; Imagine if he was here today, WHAT LARKS TIMSTER! WHAT LARKS!

What would he call his Blog? Perhaps...

"Listen, Jew, are you aware that Jerusalem and your sovereignty, together with your temple and priesthood, have been destroyed for over 1,460 years?".blogspot.com


Nice work old son!


glengear said...

That fella looks like me working today. You say that was a Gutenberg Press. I'm old, and have a Gut-in-front but I suppose that there is different, right!!! You and Martin Luther, I never saw that coming, no way, no how!!! I wish you well in any endeavor please stay in touch with your good buddies, ya'all come back now ya'here... OH! OH! OH!, berg that sounds an awful lot like?????

Timster said...

Believes - Sure. But there will be an internet 2.0, and 3.0...it's the concept, not the hardware.

Timster said...

V - Yep the "LJAYATJAYSTWYTAPHBDFOY" One of my fav sites!

Timster said...

Glenster - Not to worry. He was a Roman Catholic....although he did get his training in the minting of coins...hmmmm