Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paranoia, And A Toast...

There are many factions out here in "anti-jewish" land. You got your white supremacists that merely group the judaic with anyone else that doesn't have their pasty white pie-faces. A lot of hate mongering there, I can tell you.
You also have the "I used to be an observant jew, but now found a new vocation pretending to hate my own ethnic group just enough to make a name for myself and a few bucks" ones. There are many of those. You know the names.

We also see the ones that believe that jews just happen to be the ones at the top of an almost unfathomably intricate plan for destruction of the common man and a "new world order". There is a shit-load of these. And they do well to point out the amoral behaviour of those raised under talmudic teachings. Hey...I'll take almost anything I can get, as ammunition in this battle that I see needs to be waged.
But as I peruse these varied websites and read there news items with editorial comment...and their essays and books...I get an uneasy feeling sometimes.
When I glance over opening statements mentioning how this giant corporation or that one, is deliberately trying to poison the entire world...or that chem-trails are real and part of a plan to...I dunno what the latest speculation is...also poison everyone, I guess....I gotta give pause.
Folks how far have you let yourself get down this "question everything" road you have chosen? C'mon...give these opinions a little more logic and a lot less fact-and-figure journalistic investigation and then hasty conclusions. Facts and figures that prove nothing but malfeasance on some level. A level which by its nature you will not know...nor does it matter. You are not striking at the root. You are busy with the branches and thousands of their leaves in the wind.
I know. It is easy to prove that there are corrupt politicians...corrupt cops...corruption everywhere you look, but you cannot allow yourself to become obsessed with the symptoms and by doing so, be diverted from addressing the disease.
Paranoia is as ineffectual as compliance. It is scattered and tattered and weak. It is not defensible. It is not critical thinking, it is criticism for its own sake.
The "battle" which I mentioned up there is of course the battle against the judaic and their seizing of the reigns of power. Those whose morality does not align with the rest of the world...thereby facilitating the ease by which they advance. If you don't play by the established rules that everyone else plays can and will come out on top. And they have.
The battle against this, is the only one worth fighting. Do not fight what they do...fight what allows them to do it. They operated under a belief system...those that have assumed the various thrones...that is devoid of conscience as we know it. As the old adage goes..."there is no such thing as a nice wealthy person". There is a lack of remorse that is part and parcel to accumulating wealth. The judaic understand this as a foregone conclusion. There tribal conscience is salved...if they had any to begin the mistaken notion floating around in their little jumped up brains, that they somehow deserve all they can steal because they are better than those they rob and birthright.
But that isn't what I wanted to cover right now...just got off on one of my old tangents.
I think I can say that I am not a paranoid personality. Never have been. I don't think that a corporation would deliberately poison its customer base. That isn't logical. I don't think a cabal of psychos communally rule the world. That is a child's view of the universe. This type of dispersed thinking is counter productive and it misses the mark. Those jews in seats of power looking after their little corners of the tribe, and of course themselves first, love that kind of paranoia. It is easily diagnosed as such...and discounted. Leaving them a free hand.
I don't look for jews under the bed. I don't have to. I don't speculate about secret plots that I have uncovered....unless I am sure.
For some time now, this site has been on a watch list. I can prove this. I don't really care about it. But you visitors here. If you understand anything about the software being used now, you will grasp that if you visit this blog, you too will be "watched". Watched for what purpose...I don't know, or care. I do wonder why...casually. There are much more threatening sites out there...but then again...perhaps there aren't. It might be that the closer we get to the reality of the whys and wherefores of our zionist-occupied governments, the more dangerous we become to their purpose. Who knows. Or maybe I flatter myself. Probably. But I feel it my duty to, one: Let my readers know that if they think they are anonymous by any stretch of the imagination...they are not. At least not here. Think of this as kind of a fish-bowl. I don't give a shit...but you may.
Secondly: I would address that person in the secure basement level of that building in Chicago, or Amman(for example) that has mine, as well as probably a dozen other sites, up on monitors in front of them...shift after shift. Is this the best you can do? This is what you are worth as a human being? Taking money to monitor websites for whatever nefarious purposes that by your compliance you further? What kind of thought process, or lack thereof, allows you to justify this type of vocation? Just wondering. Maybe you could fill me in. Tell me how you couldn't find a job after college unless you went into the government surveillance sector. Make me see your self-image as a James Bond type of character. Because what I see is someone that smooches the devil's privates for 30 pieces of silver. But maybe that's just me. Perhaps you didn't have the benefit of being raised by decent people. I weep for your depraved childhood. You poor things.

So here's to striking at the root rather than the branches. Here's to surveillance. And here's to an internet that the judaic cannot control and to "paranoia" gripping them...not us.


Anonymous said...

Good post Tim.
If we become too truthful about the synagogue of satan root of all evils the zionists will just suicide of accident us.
Wo to those who do the devils work.

How dare you Tim? You dare because the light is energizing and guiding you. Keep on with your important work.


who+dares+wings said...

You and the blogger at No One Twirls Chickens Like a Judaic seem to enjoy putting down White Nationalists. I want you know they were on to Jews when you two paragons of rectitude were in diapers. Why do you stoop to using the Jew term "White Supremicist" when describing the people who feel the most threatened by the tsunami of immigration the tribe has promoted to further their multicultural mandate in the West? You're both Johnny-come-latelies to this battle and its WNs who have been suffering the biggest number of casualties on our side for decades. So, tell your little buddy over at Chicken Twirlers (who privatized his blog for fear of it getting tainted with "supremitist" comments) that this white man doesn't want to reign supreme over anyone. He just wants to be left alone to excercise the same degree of pride in his race that all the others in our prospect nation are allowed.

A nony mouse said...

Hi Tim. Hi Junior G-men.

I like to think that while they are tracing and tracking us, those same tracks - one day - will lead back to them, way down in their little sub-basement cubicles.

Imagine them fronting a non-Judaic Court, say a Military Tribunal or the like, charged with, let's say -- Treason against the nation? Aiding and abetting the real perpetrators of the 911 slaughters? Accessories to the fact of crimes against humanity? More can be added to the list.

For the above to occur of course, their masters' plans will need to fail and be exposed to a sufficient percentage of the population. They believe that will NOT happen; they are just a whisker away from being Kings of the World, but . . . you never know. Has the fat lady sung yet?

I look forward to hearing their plea of: "We wuz juz followin' orders, yer onna." Should be a barrel of laughs.


Timster said...

A Nony - Me too.

Timster said...

Who - Gosh. Where do I begin? Perhaps at the end and work my way back. My "buddy" over at "no one twirls", is a woman. I am sure she now monitors the comments coming in for the same reason that I do...three groups: Hasbara numbskulls, jerks with nothing better to do than flame something that they cannot possibly understand... and your lot. Jews are white(yep, they are caucasians just like y'all) where does that leave you with the "white nationalists" and their prescient identification of such an evil "race"?
If I am a johnny-come-lately at being a racist, I feel honoured. I will continue to disavow any allegiance to such people and their blind hatred and phony/empty pride in something as mundane as skin pigment, or the lack thereof. Because these idiots include "joos" in their blanketing hatred and fear does not draw any similarities between them and what "...twirls" and I are trying to do.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..I don't get it, why waste a rant on this topic? The white supremacists are totally managed by yids, why bother; oh, the yids are not Caucasian (common misnomer) in that the term in Modern English Usage refers to European "White people" (or Caucasoid, also Europid, or Europoid are appropriate) alternatively the term "Caucasian" can refer to people from the Caucasus mountain region, who are not "white"; the contemporary yids of Europe after expulsion from Khazaria were primarily Turkic mongols an admixture of the Altaic (Altay Mountains) central Asian identities and Mongol-Tungusic tribes that roamed the steppes of Mongolia from the far eastern tribes of the Yins to the Huns and Turkic-Slavs of the Ural Mountains and The Carpathians - definitely not racially "white", again an admixture of eastern genetic assimilation.
When the yids were gorging on the viscera of the Khazarian Nation, the dominating gene-bank prior to the route by Genghiz Khan's Yins was Mongol-Tungusic.
The Khazarians, I might add were, at that time engaged in a deal with Christendom to sustain a military buffer zone between expansionist Islam and Christian Europe. You might say, the yids killed two birds with one stone, when they did to Khazaria what they are now doing to the jooSA.

There is always a diverse range of opinions and psychiatric conditions within any collective of loosely "like-minded" people. The cranks and fruitcakes are as much a part of our side of the thing as theirs. Anyone that has ever spent time in the forces know that you don't get to pick the guy who sits alongside you: If they fight well and keep their weapon pointed in the right direction, all is good. With our fight, I just see if they are anti-yid, if so, any enemy of my enemy...
Doesn't mean I publish their comments though(grin).

As for reminding the anon-e-mouses that they are not - fuck that, you have too much to concern yourself with let alone coddling the eggmen!

Ignore the snot-gobblers and work with those you can; if we don't win this thing, we're fucked Timster: No second-place getters.


Anonymous said...

"English Defense League Officially Announce Ties To Zionist State of Israel"

"Frank Collin, white nationalist", pedophile, jew, 100% fraud, fiction, funded, promoted, by those who do the scams best; play-acted in one of most extensive psyop and brainwashing campaigns by the talmudic racial-supremacists in usa history (and most certainly used as template for similar brainwashing around the world).

Timster said...

V - Yeah. Well,been getting a lot of comments lately in this vein. Snotgobblers...haha. I like that. Very apt description. Your point on "caucasia" is well taken, but beyond the mentality of the hundreds of responses that I get although don't publish. Assessing that type of mentality tells me that this effort of ours can easily veer off down a very wrong path. One which the tribe would love to take the battle. This is a two-front war we are I am sure you are well aware.

Timster said...

Anon@8:39 - Thanks for the links and the reminder!

who+dares+wings said...

We're haters, cranks and fruitcakes if we're not politically correct anti-Semites like Timster and Twirls?
I got Jew-wise the hard way, reading good old fashioned "hate" literature. Veritas, how did you manage to come by your perspicacity without getting soiled by "suprematists"?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...

"Who.." @12:14: I think we all became "wise" to the yids, the hard way.

Also, I WAS tainted with the curse of White Supremacy culture and I KNOW it is and was a con; QUI BONO? Cultural pride has a dangerous booby-trap inherent to it, the wise village supports the wisest to govern not the toughest - tough men have a propensity for vanity and are easily manipulated; wise me don't allow the manipulators a voice. That is not a democratic attitude, I know, however, I am of the same opinion about "democracy" as I am about "racial" pride, it's counter-intuitive. Stupid, is another term that will suffice.

I AM proud of my cultural heritage, a heritage of Anglo-Saxon, Norse/Gallic Normans - do I think they are racially or culturally superior to any other cultures No, save one, the yiddish khazar/edomite/canaanite/ishmailite usurpers who are mendicant miscreants that have no redeeming features; contrary to their shills in their media: They do not worship beauty or talent, they have no respect for the sciences and they are atheists, whose devotion to Lucifer is for the meanest filthiest basest reasons of material gain and no good comes from them, ever!

This is the only axe I have to grind - all the purposefully affected pain and suffering I have witnessed throughout my journey on this glorious spinning satellite is down to ONE cause, the greed and blood-lust of the synagogue of satan!

No ifs, buts or maybes! They are the children of bael/baal (baelzebub - literally: lord of the flies). Find me a more appropriate term for the yids.

I might not fight them for all the same reasons as Timster, we don't see eye to eye on many things, we do however, fight them - anyway we can.



N.B. No capital letters where no respect is intended.

Anonymous said...

Beware the Fly and its Lies Veritas ! and especially consider carefully the methodologies used to combat it.

Szymon Perski said...

There are many factions out here in "anti-jewish" land - you say, Timester.

But of course. The 3 you mentioned are just noise in the quest for an answer to "who is screwing whom".

The best answer would emerge from a study of how the Warsaw Ghetto came to existence in October/November of 1939. Except for few glossed over documentaries no one ever bothered to answer how a hostile occupying power managed to get 300k Jews to voluntarily move to a crowded quarter of Warsaw. Even if one would suggest the Germans used tel-tale signs of male genital mutilation as a test in identifying Jews - what about women? Just imagine Mexican army invading San Diego and within a month identifying and moving 200k Jews to El Cajon. In the answer to this question lies the secret to jewish power.

From the latest interview Kenneth O'Keefe gave it is becoming apparent he is getting it.

Oh, by the way, here is a hint. Israeli president Shimon Peres is a son of those that arranged for the creation of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Timster said...

Anon@1:27 - uh-huh...

Timster said...

Szymon - Could you elaborate?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...@syzmon: Perhaps I missed your point, however: The Warsaw Ghetto was established by the German Governor-General Hans Frank on October 16, 1940. Six weeks later, on November 15, the ghetto was sealed with walls. The concentration of yids inside the ghetto brought together competing criminal gangs from around Warsaw - internecine rivalries between yiddish criminal gangs and the ongoing violent clashes, forced the the nazi authorities to raid the ghetto in pursuit of disruptive criminal elements.

These raids are erroneously referred to as an "uprising" against a "crack-down" by the evil nazis.

Though the "uprising" sounds romantic and brave - it was not the valiant fantasy the yids have manufacture in their media.

A comparison would be to call Al Capone's gang war against the Police of Chicago for control of the suburb of Cicero in the 1920's, an "Uprising against nazi authorities": A ludicrous notion...

Subsequent to their relocation to the Labour Camps: Many of the deaths of yids in the camps were the result of yiddish stand-over merchants - yids were notoriously cruel and vicious in the camps as they were in the ghetto, a virtual underground tyranny. Several yid criminals were executed in auschwitz, for murdering and raping other yids! The IRC figures for the mean population of the Warsaw ghetto is approximately 400000+ I think the facts and figures should be as accurate as we can report them, given the terrible effect the history of this manufactured holo-hoax has had on the free-world!

anon@1:27; I haven't checked your links, again I can't see the point and I do beware and I do consider combative methodology, so, er, yeah(?).


students said...

veritas said:

I AM proud of my cultural heritage, a heritage of Anglo-Saxon, Norse/Gallic Normans - do I think they are racially or culturally superior to any other cultures No, save one, the yiddish khazar/edomite/canaanite/ishmailite usurpers

"ismailite", how are they exactly "ismailite". Jews are not from the Ismailite branch of the Abrahamic tree rather the Isaac one. This is well known, so I am am kind of disappointed that our friend Veritas would make such a factual error. I would ideally like to see such terms not thrown into the discourse of exposing the Judaic, because it alienates many people and cause unnecessary confusion

Anonymous said...

You might examine the links Veritas. They first one depicts the European reacting to "Islamic Teghrrorism", and the second is interesting in itself.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...@students: Your profile is not a profile at all, it's a ruse, typical anon-e-mouse yid coward:

'Profile Not Available

The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile.'

You should really read the English language with regards to proper English Usage - it's not like the Post Modern corruption of the ancient Ebraic (Tribe of Ebre) language you filthy yids have stolen, we have a much more eloquent prosaic tendency rather than a series of snide grunts and squeals:

Now then...My quote: "../ishmailite usurpers who are mendicant miscreants..."

- v. u·surped, u·surp·ing, u·surps. 1. To seize and hold (the power or rights of another, for example) by force or without legal authority.

Firstly, the term "jew" is a recently created (approx 400 years, borrowed from the kabbalistic spells of the b'nai br'ith - gentile freemasonry) misleading corruption of the term Judahite. Yids are not nor were they ever Judahites:

"So it is clear that Israelites under the Old Covenant are Ishmaelites from Hagar-Egypt. As Ishmaelites, they are children of Abram, not Abraham. And while it may APPEAR that they are the chosen "heirs" for many years, they are NOT. No one can be the heir to the promises unless they are children of Sarah, the New Covenant..."

"...The description is of nomadic tribes and makes it clear that the desert dwellers to the east and south of Canaan, who opposed Israel at the time of the Judges, were Abrahamic tribes, descendants of Hagar, Keturah and Esau-Edom. (Abraham had sent the sons of the concubines away to the east.)"

37:25 Ishmaelites. Also called Midianites (v. 28; see Judges 8:22,24,26) and Medanites (see NIV text note on v. 36). These various tribal groups were interrelated, since Midian and Medan, like Ishmael, were also sons of Abraham (25:2).

Further, the soup thickens:

"So when we focus upon Hagar, Paul tells us in Galatians 4:25 that Hagar is not only Mount Sinai, but it is also the old Jerusalem, the physical city in Palestine. Likewise, Hagar's "children" are those who preferred to remain subject to Mount Sinai, the inheritance of Ishmael, rather than to come under the jurisdiction of the New Covenant."

"Hence, those who call themselves Jews are "Ishmaelites," whose mother is Hagar. This is not by genealogy, but by a legal declaration in the Divine Court."

And again - "Their rejection of the Messiah at the cross sealed their decision as a religion, and each individual who agreed with the decision of the leadership became an Ishmaelite by lawful decree from the Divine Court."

I know my shit, "anonymous" NOT yiddish coward. So kiss my arse!

If it weren't illegal to discuss these filthy scum in public can anyone here imagine the blood-shed if these anon-e-mouse yid big-mouths turned up for a "politics-in-the-pub" session?!

Cooooeeee, what larks Copperfield!


students said...

Chill Veritas, no need to display your knowledge of roots of words. We in the Islamic tradition do not identify the Jews with the descendants of Ishmael(Ismail), rather we do it the the descendants of Isaac(Is-haq). So we don't consider it factually correct that Jews are identified with Ismael. that's it. No need to call me a yiddish coward. Why can't some people just not comment on what is being asked, why do they have to go into needless trash talk? Have the Judaic robbed us of all sense of good judgement?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...@student faux identity, NO! Don't start playing the victim, (hello?) you called me out, I had every reason to support my statements; you took me to task, take your lumps. I do not believe anything you say "We in [you mean 'of'] the Islamic tradition..." BS.

I offer you an opportunity to clear the air and end this pointless badinage; answer the two following questions and open up your profile for perusal: As a person of "the Islamic Tradition"...

A) Do you support the right of the Palestinian's to reclaim their homeland from the illegal, illegitimate, apartheid regime of israhell? Yes/No.

B) Do you condemn the horrendous crime of 'Cast Lead'? Yes/No.

Please answer the two questions first if you respond.

No profile is like a false I.D. - worthless, other than as a device to misrepresent an identity. Particularly when:

"I would ideally like to see such terms not thrown into the discourse of exposing the Judaic, because it alienates many people and cause unnecessary confusion "...subtle obfuscation. "Have the Judaic robbed us of all sense of good judgement?" That was/is their intention. Ya just hate it when the goyim fight back don't ya?


students said...

Hey Veritas,

that would be 'yes' to both of your questions.

Not only do I oppose operation "Cast Lead", I also oppose operation "Enduring Freedom" and all other operations that the White man has taken upon itself to civilize us sand niggers.
I am Afghan for your information and have been on the receiving end of many white men adventures, so I find it quite amusing to be called a "yidish coward" just because I don't have a profile or am faking one? so what?. how else are we supposed to dodge the ashkenazi tricks?
peace out brother. I don't hold anything against you. I understand, it comes with the territory.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...anonymous student, your syntax has fallen apart (who's shift is it tonight?) and this: "..the White man..." was unnecessary, Afghans are not sand niggers, maybe pebble and shale niggers, if you are so dementedly inclined to use such a term, however, Afghans are not negroid.

Enough of my time and Timster's patience has been wasted on you. I have already fallen fowl of Timster's favour lately and have no desire to incur any more of his wrath by bandying words with a neophyte troll.

Also, commenting as 'anon-e-mouse' does not allow you to " the ashkenazi tricks?" They chase I.P. addresses not blogger profiles.

The judges decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into!

Timster, your patience is a virtue, A'salaamu A'lai'kum (السلام عليكم)...


students said...

sorry Timster, but Veritas is a total jackass. I have realized that in the fight against the ashkenzi we have some brilliant and wise people but also some paranoid and poor judges of when to open their mouth and when to keep it shut. Veritas is one them it seems.
He sees a fight where none exists. and can't distinguish between friend and foe. Palestinians are better off without such maniacs on their side