Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pandora And The Challenge...

Among the many things that have kept me from posting as regularly as I should...a new project and life in general...I have allowed my love of the cinemagraphic arts to take quite a bit of my time recently.

I just re-watched "Pandora's Box", the famous Georg Pabst 1929 classic, starring my heart-throb, Louise Brooks.  This story was typical of the mindset of the Wiemar Republic jewish-decadent "jazz-age" era of the hedonistic pre-WWII Germany.  Brooks plays a jewish flibbertigibbet whore, bent on seduction and destruction of every male she comes across in pursuit of vanity.  The fact that she is a jewess is apparent throughout the film and highlights the dichotomy of that time and place...the schizophrenic pursuit of pleasure at the cost of traditional German values.  This decadence of course was permeating the country through the influence of the tribal infiltration of the media, banking and education.  And even though the film could in no way be termed was just a given...that such amoral behaviour would stem from a jewess.  Even though, I think, that the common German citizen understood that this nothing-is-sacred ideal was being pushed upon them by a societal "new-left" founded by the ashkanazi jews, it was as difficult for them to reject such amorality as it is for modern Gentiles to turn off their televisions. 
The tug of, as the author of the play stated "...(to)search fearlessly for every sin, for out of sin comes joy.", is a strong impulse.  The judaic understood this then, as they do now.  An interesting film indeed.  Watch it if you can.
But on another subject...which has NO relation to the above...I have received several comments from the same person which I haven't published till now.  This comment is the same each time it is submitted.  I quote it here:

"Yup, the Jews are responsible for everything.

Including the BIG BANG.

Imagine, they have the nerve to compete. And win. Against the antisemites who have no talent, no balls, no common sense, and no fucking brains. And are monumental losers besides. For them the mirror keeps breaking. And that too, is the Jew's fault.

The Jews produce, innovate, generate, invent, compete, succeed and win. Including being the best warriors on the planet. And they have some of the most beautiful women on earth. Look up Natalie Portman. Which is obviously a very good reason to hate them.

What a bunch of fucking people who'll take over the world - any day now! While the Arabs have contributed so much to the welfare of mankind...

And then we have THE PLIGHT OF THE PALESTINIANS, the poor, unfortunate things."

There.  You have had your day in the sunshine.  You are actually published, and normal intelligent people read your thoughts.  This is not the entire message as it has been sent, but it serves(you can stop sending it now). And it brings up a point that I have been meaning to cover.
Firstly these types of messages are heartening to me.  I love them. Although I haven't published them, they tell me that we are winning.  The lack of logic...the failed humor...the ignorance...the's all there for you to see.  Failure and desperation.

I won't bother to rebut this ridiculous missive point-by-point, however it makes me wonder if I shouldn't publish ALL the hasbara-type(yes, I have done a little cyber detective work and I know who you are)comments that I get.  It certainly does the jewish more harm than good to allow them to make obvious asses of themselves.  I do my efforts wrong here in not bringing my readers the very evidence of our impending victory.  From humor to horror, these messages should perhaps see the light of day.
But I await ones from the judaic camp, that actually merit debate.  I know they are out there...and I issue this challenge:  I invite you(jewish, zionists, israelis, sycophants...whatever)that disagree with me... that have intelligent comments, questions and issues to discuss, to(as they say) "bring it".
Rip me to shreds.  Use those superior jewish brains and prove me wrong in all I say here.  You have only two reasons not to.  You either see my message as negligible and won't waste your time(although hundreds of you seem to do a lot of that here...yes, I KNOW who you are), or you are incapable of "point scoring" as you claim you can, on a level playing field.  I have hundreds of posts.  Scroll back.  There is enough material here for three books.  I regret none of my words.  I can and will defend all of them.

I'll wait here. 
I have a feeling I'll be waiting quite a while.  That is because the detractors understand that they cannot effectively argue against the anti-judaic points made here and on thousands of like sites.  
So we are winning.  They are running...we are coming up on them.
Good place to be...the hunter and not the hunted.  They are used to this chase.  We are used to winning in Germany around the time that the movie I started to talk about was filmed.  They again opened their Pandora's box, and again we will close it for them.


Sonderkommando 44 x 2 said...

The heebies are really the root cause of all the problems especially in the good ol' USA. I love that agitprop poster that shows uncle scam pointing a finger and it says 'I'm Israel's bitch and so are you.' Ahaha...the truth can hurt. BTW did you see that cornyball rabbi is actually B.Akira from what do you believe blog. Thank Incogman for revealing that.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...I too think the presence of yolls(yiddish trolls)is comforting. What's the point of doing this if we don't become a thorn in their collective arse? You know how annoying it is to get cozy on the couch, the DVD is on pause, your snacks and bevvies are set out AND THE F@#K'N PHONE RINGS! That's what I want to do to yids, never let the bastards relax - I call it the Prometheus Clause - you might have my stuff, but ya won't enjoy it, fuckers!

Like the lion that steals a 'kill' from a pack of Hyenas; they annoy the fuck out of it and it can't settle to enjoy the meal - eventually it runs off getting its arse bitten, worse for wear and still hungry, cooooeee!

Re; the Flicks, you know I was just thinking this morning that I would check your YT channel to see if you were tinkering around over there, hah, see ya soon.


Blammo said...

Natalie Hershlag?

Ha ha ha.

I just cracked open The Nameless War by Capt. Ramsey, and saw a chapter titled "Germany bells the cat"

It seems the cat is "belling" itself nowdays.

Let them bring it Timster.

musique said...

cornyball rabbi is actually B.Akira

Doesn't surprise me a bit. akira also hates Islam/Muslims - like a talmudic "rabbi" ( check out his site).

Thank Incogman for revealing that.

I wanna see the link, please.
Those two (incog+akira = incogira) need to date each other and leave rest of the world alone.

They again opened their Pandora's box, and again we will close it for them.

Agreed 1000%, Timster!

Timster said...

Sonder - Got the jump on incog with that one.

Timster said...

V - We try...

Timster said...

Musique - Thanks.

Timster said...

Blammo - Just read that myself. Great reviews of it on amazon...hahaha.

John Friend said...

Good one Timster, I had a Zionist shill leaving all sorts of incoherent rants over at my site a while back, and I actually left the comments up. Once you know the facts, you can make a bulletproof case for the types of things we've been saying.

The Cubeist said...

You're a Nobody Mister.....perhaps.

Anonymous said...

How ironic that the most beautiful jewish females always seem to look like Goy..

Every jew really wants to be Goy..

When the jews are finished there'll be two things left on the world turned death star....the jew....and its mirror, "g-d" made in the image of itself.

cannibalrabbi said...

Thank God you turned up!

danny said...

Timster, apparently you are knocking the scabs off of the open sores...........

Timster said...

Danny - I hope so!

Timster said...

Cubeist - Well, maybe.

Timster said...

Anon@12:40 - Funny that...