Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sometimes it's almost unbearable. The splitting. The knowing how things should be...the visions before me of how they are. What is wrong with us? We are such loveable knuckleheads. Why do we trust all the wrong people...why do we trust at all.

I have taken a few days off of this project of mine to catch up on life and weather and things. Also, it gave me time to reflect on what the hell I'm doing. In both worlds. The world of an anti-jewish internet blatherer, and the world of being just another person. Lennon(John...not the jew) said "life is what happens while your busy making other plans." I think there is some wisdom in that. These postings are plans of mine. Plans to enlighten or lightly entertain. Plans to communicate. Plans to elucidate about what I see as being wrong with the world around us. But life goes on around and past them. These plans.

They don't feed the hungry. They don't help many. These plans of mine. I always liked what Carlin said when asked about his take on life...he said that you should do what you what you can. Even if you get only one pat on the "atta boy", then what you have chosen to do with your time is well worth the effort. I think there is some wisdom in that as well. I can't save the world from the ravages of an ancient cult. I can only be a small pebble in their shoe...if that. I can't save the world from itself. I can't save myself unless by some happenstance I get a pat on the back for this effort, I guess.

I guess you have surmised by the dynamics of this post that I am contemplating the throwing in of the towel. I read my past posts and I think that they are somewhat important. Nothing very new. An effort at least. But I should do more. As a thorn in the side of the jew, I should push deeper into the nerve. Have more effect. Infect the wound as much as possible. He has many pebbles in his shoes...many thorns now. But they aren't enough. He still lives...and thrives. I want to do more. I cannot continue beating people's heads here forever. They have to think for themselves. The slumber that we all were in for decades, here in the slipping from our eyes. We are getting our bearings...and the new day is breaking...but there needs to be more. More cleansing sunlight. Our little bedroom is not how we remember it when we dozed off. We are awakening to a mess. A spectre that must be...and will be dealt with.
I have little talent as a writer...or a social philosopher. That is what I thought initially were my strong points. To address these problems from the standpoint of the everyday Gentile. A Gentile with a few more years under the belt with which to judge and of course be judged. To simplify complications and to shine a light on complications that have been glossed over and made too simple. Some have agreed with my views. Many have not. Most agree with some. Such is the nature of the species. I embrace that nature.

I feel satisfied that I have made an attempt here. So many have made so much more of a contribution. So many that are more capable. With every effort in life...there are rewards and costs. When the rewards outweigh the costs, we continue. But all things must pass. I dunno. I'm mulling it over. I've got to do more. More to stop the madness. In me. In the world.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Timster, Just wanted to say hello. Hope all is well where you are.


Mouser said...

Please continue once a week (at least) for a while.

You are doing something - this.



Anonymous said...

John the Jew? You mean the one that wrote of the fear of the Jews and who recorded the words of Jesus that the Jews were the children of Satan? What mean you man...I don't think one can trust you.

Rae said...

I only recently came across your blog and have to say I'm obsessed, every day I check at least 2 or 3 times to see if you've posted anything new. The first post I came on was the Christmas party. You totally capture my own sentiment. When I try to express this sentiment I'm always accused or being racist or bigot, neither of which I think I am. I just wish I could make others see just what this cult is all about. I have gotten a few friends and family that say I'm prejudice to check out your blog and they get it after reading your blog. What I'm trying to say is your blog is great and has a greater impact on readers than I think you know. At least stick with it once a week.

reenie said...

You keep many of us believing that we are not crazy,it is hard out here alone with so many fools backing the very people that wish them harm.
I so look forward to you and Les and others that keep many of us fighting the fight.
You are doing much more then you are aware of.
Love, Reenie

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...The point that most do not get, due to our relentless foe, is that we were never meant to play the role of judge and jury. We were and are meant to get on with our own lives - go forth and taste of all the fruits of the forest and multiply. Never were we to engage in the merchandising of industrial products, this is the endeavor of the minions of lucifer. I would say, fuck it, go and grab a huge pile of the classics that you have not read, pull up a chair on the porch and read them, fine wine or aged Whisky? Let the sun go down beyond the edge of the pages, no one has the authority to judge you: Your choice of poison is your choice of poison - which brings me to my point: We have choices, be good be bad, be awful, it's your choice, fight or flight, get tired lie down and take it, or summon up the second wind and rage into the face of the enemy. I choose to fight, when I know I can win, haa, I choose to relocate for tactical and strategic purposes when that choice is the better part of the requisite valour(grin).

Regardless; I would say to you no matter where or when you choose to fight again: "Do not go quietly into that good night...Sir"

If ya leavin' happy trails brother T!


Anonymous said...

I have heard it said: A great lie is like the rock of Gibralter. It juts out of the water and is quite formidable. The truth is like the water and eventually the water will wear away that rock. Your blog is like one of the waves of the sea of truth.

But, I understand you wanting to get away. In truth all any of can do is try to be a decent person and with a little luck - and it is luck, no more, no less - live a decent life.

Good luck to you!


Anonymous said...

The good news is that we are exonerated. The bad news is we have been selected for collective punishment and genocide. Slaves off the Reservation must be held up as an example and warning to other slaves who may be entertaining similar thoughts. I thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. Carry on, love is coming to us all.

chuckyman said...

I must admit feeling a little synchronicity Timster. I haven’t written jack shit in the last 2 months. I’m still prowling the ether watching the foulest of deeds unfold. I have also been busy living.

That’s a choice we must make – get busy living or get busy dying. I’m not ready for the knacker’s yard just yet. I will not bow out quietly. Some topic will tickle my fancy but mostly I’m digging in.

I still feel the burning anger and injustice. I also am feeling a lot more compassion for the tiny human moments when they appear. There is still a lot of beauty in the world. They don’t translate so well into words.

Post when you can as you know we’ll be waiting. As an old irreverent Irish comedian Dave Allen would say… good night and my your god go with you!

Timster said...

All - Thanks. I really wasn't fishing...just thinking out loud(can you do that typing?) Thank you all for your support over the last year or so.

Strawman said...

I sent you a URL of a video on your latest post. The video there presented an interesting option. One that I think you should consider. May pump some new resolve into those old bones.

You're making a difference, my friend. A huge difference. You are saying what many of us are thinking anyway but saying/writing it so well.

At a time when I was about ready to throw in the towel, I found your words and thoughts and now I see that the movement really doesn't have to die. We just need to refocus our energy now that we have clearly and decisively identified the enemy.

Not many understand as completely the ramifications of just that act as you do. Keep plugging away. ( I know you will, even if infrequently) And if not, thank you for sharing the last year or so.


John Friend said...

"I have little talent as a writer...or a social philosopher."

I'd strongly disagree. You are a fine writer and social philosopher. We're living in an era in which the everyday man can educate him or herself on the true power structure in this world (Zionist, criminal, Satanist Jews running the show, basically), the true history of our world, and comment and analyze it via the internet. It's truly a unique age we're living in, and we shouldn't under estimate this fact.

Keep doing what you do Timster!!