Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And The Winners Are...

A reader pointed me to a link at activistpost in which there was an article entitled "The 10 most influential people in the alternative media".
I even hesitate to hyperlink this trash, but I thought you should get a good look at how our efforts can be diluted.
As if a rainy dark day wasn't enough to depress me...I had to read that, and more importantly the comment section of the piece in which readers were supposed to nominate runners-up for the honour.

It seems that even out here...they have a leg-up. It makes me sad. Very sad. I see through this article and the aforementioned nominations, that many people still aren't getting it at all. All is lost. Well, perhaps not all...but looking back at all the followers of the "alternative" media, I see just that. Followers. Followers of spurious leaders.

Don't get me wrong...I am not bitter that my site isn't mentioned out of the scores of those proposed. Not in the least. I wouldn't want to be in the company of the zio-shills and numbskulls mentioned. Which would take a whole other post to list. It saddens me however that those that were so honoured by this mention, reminds me of an Oscar night(that's very fitting) or an MTV music awards show. All flash, glitter and sensation...and no substance. We know THAT signature...all too well.
Les Visible was mentioned only in passing in one "amens". Gilad Atzmon was conspicuous only BY his absence. Lasha votes. Adrian Salbuchi...only a passing comment. Kevin McDonald...nil. No Jacque Fresco. Noor Al Anthony Lawson...not present... among all the hucksters.

I think this whole exercise speaks to the warped perception of the author and respondents. To's TV. It's a popularity contest..."and the winners are!" No insight...plenty of garbage and tin-foil hatters. Plenty of "join-my-site-for-more-info" carnival barkers. Oh dear. It appears by the results of this article and poll that much among the "movement" has been hijacked again. I really had no idea that so many people are so easily fooled...even out here.
If anything could make one just fucking give would be this.
But that is what they want, I guess. The yiddish. There were quite a few there too...defending Mikey Rivero and Henry Mackow and Noam Chomsky and israhell...and declaring that we that think joos and israhell are at the bottom of all the world's problems, should "get real".

I guess my question to the author of the piece...and most if not all of the commenters, would be "alternative to WHAT?" By definition, alternative must be counter to something. The gainsay. The sites and authors listed, however, are alternative to nothing I read in the paper everyday...and probably not very alternative to tv news or talk radio...same shills selling something...same commercial breaks...same damned jews and their willing sycophants.
I know I shouldn't take this one item too seriously. Sites like activistpost are more than likely hasbara plants or something...I have never visited it. I have heard of it...but I hear of a lot of holocaust movies that I haven't, nor will ever watch. This doesn't mean that "they" have captured the movement in its entirety. It doesn't mean that "alternative" has a new watered-down meaning now. Not a bit of it. But defeating to find so many bugs under a breaks the heart. Or maybe it's just me...


Genie said...

The folks who got mentioned write books, they make videos, some are on TV. Max Keiser? I mean come one, we are talking celebrities here. They are already in the lime light. I have favorites that even you didn't mention in this post. 10 slots to fill...not enough! The good part, I thought, was the slot to drop more random names and links. That was very cool so I did. James Laffrey's site needs to go viral. Any opportunity is helpful. Did you drop some names and links? I mean, there you go.

Timster said...

Genie - Nope. The pearls before swine thing hit me pretty hard....

a global plantation utopia said...

Who are these people again? Never heard of em, don't give two shits about em. Real eyes see through real lies and I love the underground blogs and their administrators and hope it stays that way. The less poseurs and braindead zombies the better.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..Fuck'em! Not one of those mentioned ever, I mean EVER, mention the tribe of child-molesters. Pulling the skin off their rice-puddings about bilderberg, illuminati, aliens and whatever else the sheeple gobble apart from aspartame and fluoride, is obviously lucrative: They ALL earn a decent living from their shyte peddling, why? "Because in an era when truth has no value..." You can work out the rest of my statement for yourself using your earnings from HDI as a yard-stick.

Heroes die young and poor Timster, I've known a few. (In our case old and relatively comfortable.)

There has never been a revolution begun or won by more than 6% of the population! Fuck'em!

One Timster is worth a hundred of those fucking shyte hawkers!

No one is going to be saved by those fuckers singing kumbaya, through their teeth.

They are not worth a frown upon you brow mate. Smile and say fuck'em, it takes less muscles to smile than frown. And get yourself a pot-belly, nothing says contentment like a belly! Get off yer arse and go waddle about in the local Mall grinning from ear to ear in scruffy track-suit pants with a gravy stained 'I Blog for Palestine' T-shirt on and a pair of tatty old tartan slippers, don't shave for a week and mutter "Oi vey" every time you fart like a horse in the Kosher Bagel shop, wiping your ketsup smeared mush from time to time with your yarmulke...

Talk about passive fuck'n resistance!

Coooeeeee,luv ya brother,


Anonymous said...

I'm new to this world domination of such a small percentage of People. You're saying that a pitifully small percentage are actually running our planet. Lord have mercy on your soul, you're doing drugs aren't you. Why would not the loyal elected officials and other Religions allow such atrocious, atrocities you write about! B. S.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...@anon-e-mouse at 12:16...You have got to be kidding, who is not going to be able to see through your condescending smart-arse tone? fark joo!


Skippy said...

Bwahaha! Veritas that was great, I laughed out loud. That is the spirit!

Anonymous said...

One needs to do things one believe in and should not to be lured by popularity ratings.

The fire of conviction based upon truth will outshine anything. Yes I know, easier said than done.


Honk Bonk Man said...

It reminds me of the wikileaks documentary that I watched last night.

The wikileaks so called freedom fighters are mainly Jews. No matter where you turn there is always a Jew. Where there is an opportunity to make a buck, there is a Jew.

Terrance said...

Anon 12:16 your comments are foolish and you need to crawl back under your rock......

Anonymous said...

You are a wholey owned subsidiary of the Great Walmart of China. While you were watching American Idle ,Tel Aviv sold your country out from under you to the worlds most despotic regime, namely China. Learning to speak Chinese and surviving on a small bowl of rice will enhance your viability in the global slave auction. I,ll let you get back to your Ramen noodles now.

neal said...

Timster, you are making rock art, the bugs do what they do, even when advertised. You are appreciated.

"pay no attention to that truth carved with blood, sweat, and tears, just look what's crawling around the edges of it!"

I just made that up. Where I am, the alternative doesn't have computers, or really anything for that matter, and it's about impossible to find them and just have a sit and listen. The underground out here has to be paid for, just not in any medium of exchange but the real thing.

You matter, they don't, and it's our island, bugs don't handle the sun very well.

musique said...

Heyyy Tim!

I know ..I know that you're not "Tim", but that name suites you so well!

Here is my own top alt. list:

Goon Squad

Kenny's Sideshow

Veritas 6464 (we are cousins!)

BuelahMan's Redstate Revolt


Penny for your thoughts

Flogging Dead Horses

finally ....

lady CaCa

lady CaCa?? No way - f*ck that ziontooless!!

Am I forgetting anything...anyone..
Oh, but of course I must add...

How Dare I!!!

The last few things I've read here, what else can I say but turning into biggest fan!

John Friend said...

I put up Daryl Bradford Smith's site, Kenny's Sideshow, Goon Squad, and aangirfan.

There were a TON of people in the comments section calling out Jones and many of the other Zio-shills listed in the top 10, which was cool.

Genie said...

global plantation said:I love the underground blogs and their administrators and hope it stays that way.

exactly! Like the difference between the Cheescake Factory and some cool hole in the wall joint only the coolest people know about.

Giulio said...

I gotta throw Mantiq-al-Tayr in there along with VideoRebel's Blog.
Come on! And where is Joe Cortina?
Other than that I'm with the other
commenters who say........

su said...

anonymous 11.18

yeah sold to china.
here in south africa the joos have all gone to aus or nz. good riddance.
impossible for other people to get in - legally that is.,
friends of mine from sweden and russia with worthwhile qualifications are refused entrance and yet in this tiny village with population of 2000 - 3 chinese families have purchased shops and moved in. which means they are here legally.
and it makes me wonder if all the farm murders have been to clear the farmers off the land and make way for chinese farmers to move on.
a lot of land here, and a year long growing season.

fuck them all.

Timster said...

All - Yep. We have the REAL list. I don't know about "influential"...but I know about profound. I know about lucidity. I didn't see any of that on the list. Just another celebrity/huckster show. We keep on keepin on...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Holy smokes.... you have me listed in company of people whose stature I am awed by.

Truthfully, hear me say,

I am not worthy, I am not worthy!

Winks... ty for the thought.

Gosh I feel like I just rediscovered your blog Timster. Your images leave me in awe as does your frequently crusty demeanor...


Ain't life grand? Chokes a bit on the radioactive fallout in the air...

Timster said...

Noor - Oh, you are deserving. You keep us all on the straight and narrow and are an inspiration.

Crusty demeanor...I like that. Kinda like "scruffy-looking Nerf-herder".

Keep blogging...we all depend on you!