Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jewishness And A Tale Of Two Lines...

The last two posts I published... kinda separated the men from the boys. Sorta. A lot of my readers weren't ready to hear criticism of the Caucasian race, coming from a self-confessed antisemitic Caucasian.

That word sounds exotic...Caucasian...like the inhabitants of a far-flung island somewhere. "We bid aloha to the natives of Caucasia as they man their crudely fashioned boats in search of their daily catch... in this idyllic tropical setting".

But sigh, it isn't so. It's just the guy next door...and next door to him...etc.

Anyway, I watched the film of Gilad Atzmon's symposium on "jewishness" and I breathed a sigh of relief. A high-five in the air with no flesh to meet mine. Even in his broken restrictive grasp of the English language he can speak more eloquently and succinctly than I, about who and why the real enemy is. Perhaps because he is jewish himself. Perhaps because he is an ex-pat israeli. I dunno. But he gets it. Few do. Most importantly few of us out here where the boots are on the ground and we are holding maps to the flashlight...this way and that...trying to orient ourselves in this new landscape of battle...few understand. Most have their maps upside down. They aren't seeing the stronghold that the ashkanazi have secured in our society...or for that matter why we know that they are indeed the enemy to raid at dawn.

The toughest part is to attack familiarity. That comforting feeling that things were one way, and like it or not, they should remain that way. That zone in which we know our bearings. We know that things are bad. Sure. We understand there is a reason for this far beyond "human nature". But do we all grasp that there is virtually nothing that reaches our ears and eyes through the airwaves or in print, that hasn't gone through a jewish review process? We know that the media is saturated with the zionists, but how deep does it go? Do we understand the rules by which these beasts play? Do we understand the mindset outside of "conspiracy" that rules their everyday behaviour?

I have a friend that recently served a two-week sentence in the southern U. S. Through no fault of his own, he was required, by his job, to serve this time there in a place and culture for which he was not prepared. One evening he had occasion to stop at a local convenience store to pick up a few items, and they having only one check-out lane open, he went and stood behind the only other person there...an elderly Black man. When the man noticed my friend standing behind him, he picked up his purchases off the counter and carried them to a place behind my friend( a Caucasian) and said:" Go ahead, Sir." Not fully understanding what just happened, my buddy said, "No, no...you were here before me...your first". The gentleman repeated insistantly, "Naw Sir...y'all go ahead on".
Taken aback by what was beginning to dawn on my friend as a racial-class thing, he again entreated the man to take his rightful place in line. The elderly man...frustrated...lay down his intended purchases and walked out of the store. My friend having been raised far away from any such goings on was shocked. I understand that. I too would be offended. Not at the Black man, of course...but of the cultural norms that would produce such a scene. If you don't play by the rules...either don't play...or get the rules changed.
This kind of behaviour in pockets of the South still exists today...and thrives. But in sharp relief, another such tale.

I was standing in a gas-station line with some ridiculously expensive impulse items that I thought worth the wait to purchase. The line was long and even though I was only two people back from the till, the woman at the counter was chatting with the clerk as if we all had the time to kill. No biggie. As we all waited, I glanced around the store and outside to the pumps. Up pulls a Mercedes SEL to one of them and out steps a man in a suit that probably cost more than my truck. This gentleman...well, was no gentleman as we all were soon to discover. He fiddled with his wallet and credit cards there for a minute then rushed into the store speaking very loudly as he approached the clerk from the side. He told the clerk to activate the pump he was at and pushed a card at the at the young boy. He announced that he should run it through his machine as soon as he had finished pumping as much gas as he wanted. Then turned to go back out to his Mercedes. The clerk yelled at the man before he got out, and explained briefly that he would have to wait in line if he wanted to use his card for a gas purchase....like everyone else. This infuriated the motorist. "I don't have the time to stand around in here...just run the card when I signal to you that I am done!...you think you can handle that?"
Everyone was silent for a few...then the clerk handed the card back to the driver explaining it one more time...slowly. Red-faced and angered...the man exclaimed "Well, I'll just go somewhere else where my business is appreciated". As he left...and the stunned silence continued in the store. I just had to(without using the "J" word) break it by saying "some are apparently accustomed to a life of privilege". That was one of the few hearty laughs I have received from a lot of people... at one time, I mean.
What do these two little vignettes tell us about the state of things? And what do they tell us about the ashkanazi. And what the HELL am I driveling on about this time?
Well, just a few generations ago in the older Black man's family, the jewish brought them to a land where they were destined to be subservient. Just a few generations ago, the jewish Mercedes driver's ancestors made a fortune off of such an enterprise. However one set of class-oriented treatment is declining...and the other is increasing. The rich get richer...and we all are becoming slaves. All but the Western jew. And it is this life of privilege that is easier just to laugh off, than the man that was forced to leave his purchases on the counter.
I dunno...these two stories seem important...I don't know why.


george henry said...

A very good read and lesson ... I am new to your site but look forward to exploring ... sincerely ... george henry

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,... “Not at the Black man, of course...” Oh but of course,...fuck me! You are confusing yourself and drifting between topics like a Scrumpy swilling pot-head, why? Because...

It’s you mate, you don’t get it, we - the white folks you berate do – we understand fully the fail that the white races are manifesting, we know why and who and when and how, we know mate, we also know that it’s people that continue to labour the obvious that are the impediment to progress. In fact the greater the devolution caused by modern media mind-frying propaganda and meme establishing indoctrination, the bigger the kick in the arse the individual requires to wake them up. Oh, and don’t tell me you don’t watch the idiot box, because if you don’t, you should, it is a valuable resource for the genuine resistance fighter, an excellent intelligence asset and I don’t mean watch the shit all day, I mean monitor the gnus that read the scripts and host the “current affairs” shows: It is the ‘tell’ of the yids and it is one of their vulnerabilities, think about it. Why do they need to control it, because it is a weapon, a double-edged blade as it were?

FYI the term Caucasian is another misnomer where white people are concerned, it is used by the yiddish khazar social engineers to blur the edges of phenotype/genotype reality, another trick of the ‘tribe’; here are some descriptive meanings accepted for modern English Usage - spot the odd one out:

Cau•ca•sian (kô-k zh n, -k zh n)
a. Anthropology Of or being a human racial classification distinguished especially by very light to brown skin pigmentation and straight to wavy or curly hair, and including peoples indigenous to Europe, northern Africa, western Asia, and India.

b. Of or relating to a racial group having white skin[?], especially one of European origin; white. [WTF?]

2. Of or relating to the Caucasus region or its peoples, languages, or cultures.

3. Of or relating to a group of three language families spoken in the region of the Caucasus mountains, including Chechen, Abkhaz, and the Kartvelian languages.

1. Anthropology A member of the Caucasian racial classification.
2. A native or inhabitant of the Caucasus.
3. The Caucasian language family.

End Part 1/...

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Part 2:

When and how did the Adamic tribes (“Ad-dam” is an ancient word that means one of flushed ruddy face), so when and how did this tribe of fair-skinned people who were named so, because of the Blush Response seen in their facial complexion EVER, have “very light to brown skin pigmentation and straight to wavy or curly hair” ...? Mmmm? NEVER!

The yiddish khazars have wasted squillions of Joo-S taxpayers money funding research to find and prove the lie of “The Missing Link”. Why after all this time and research have they not found the “Missing Link”: Because it doesn’t exist – the Adamic (racial) Tribe didn’t evolve from Australopithecus rock-apes or Negroid Africans or Caucasoid Turkic Mongols – we have ALWAYS been Europoid whites! Religion immigrated with the pastoral expansion of Christianity not race!

Jesus was not a Judahite, he was a Nazarene (Jesus of Nazareth, hello!). He was not Ad-damic – white, he was like the vast majority of people residing in the Middle East, Indo-Caucasian, of which many belong to either Indo-European or Semitic tribes who belong to specific phenotypes: The distinction between phenotype and genotype is fundamental to the understanding of heredity and development of hominid organisms. Not the broad racial categories that we've assigned them. In Northern Africa, you will find mixed Black African and Caucasian Middle Eastern, and some may be mostly black African but of Middle Eastern cultural life-styles and social behaviour. So basically, overall, Middle Eastern people are vastly Caucasian.

The Caucasus Mountains surround the area formally known as the Kingdom of Khazaria; is anyone getting it yet? Here’s the thing: An Ashkenar is a member of a group of bastard-race mendicant losers that were out of the southern-central Caucasus by the expansionist Islamic Turks and sub-Caucasian hordes of Indo-Caucasians from the Middle East; the term Ashkenazim is derived from an ancient Turkish word that means “men driven to the north”. They ARE the filthy yids that corrupted and co-opted the Kingdom of the King of Kings or “Khazar Khazar”, which is where we get the terms Czar, Tzar and Caezr (Caesar) from.
Whew, haaaargh, OK...there ya go Timster, you should be on the right page about now, huh? Sweet.

We won’t win this thing and be in a position to prevent the victimization of people like the old black guy and put a foot up the arse of the yid in the Mercedes SEL (the SLC coupe is my favourite car by the way) if some of our best hitters don’t stay on mission!

Ciao fer now!


Timster said...

V- Again...gosh. You have clearly thought this through. Have arrived at some "iffy" conclusions, I think...but that's just me.
No, I really don't watch tv. I can't even force myself to do it. I've tried. Maybe that's what's wrong(or right) with me. I think you ascribe too much to the jew. Like Gilad sez, it is a way of thinking that begins with "I am better than you". That's all. It isn't conspiracy it's a mindset. Not to say they aren't evil bastards bent on domination in every endeavor...
I think I am on the mission. You may not, and I can respect that because you clearly think about it a lot. It's just my peculiar brand of "antisemitism". Oh, the "Caucasia" thing was just literary license.
(and yes, it is current and paid)

Timster said...

George - Thank you and welcome!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..Dear distant digital friend:

"Like Gilad sez," surely, you are aware of sabbatean yids, yes? (Check with AP at Twelfth Bough, that lady is a Trojan and has beau-coup info. Noor is also gifted with an incredible analytical faculty, consult her also).

Sabbateans are yids permitted under talmudic law and prayerful process - Kol Nidre, not just to make hollow promises to the goyim, but to pretend to be them, attend Church, become politicians, lecture in universities and schools; the most insidious of all vermin: They, all the while are working toward their own common satanic parasitoid goal - complete subjugation of the Christian world by subservient insurgency!

Motto of the evil mossad: "by way of deception thou shalt wage war"

What you will never understand, because you have been convinced to dismiss them by the very enemy you profess to engage, is that the ancient scriptures are not allegorical myths and I don’t mean the KJV, that fucker James was a sodomite whose favourite lover was a fourteen year old boy!

The true scriptural scrolls are documents that indicate the method of explanation used to inform a superstitious ancient illiterate audience of the reality of their universe – Jesus said, it’s not about him, it’s the message of understanding that creates hope, because prae monitas prae munitas!

Why do the yids have possession of the majority of ancient scriptures? Why? Why won’t they release them for scrutiny by academics and scientists? Why? Because they know five minutes after the truth of what and who WE are and what and who THEY are is revealed they are fucked!

‘Apocalypse’ is an ancient Greek term taken from the Aramaic – it means “those things that were hidden are revealed! Revelation is a period in time – which time is NOW!

You should take a new, fresh look into the ancient scriptures, they are not just a bunch of shyte used by shills and con-artists to con the deluded masses. Those fuckers use the KJV, and for good reason, KJ was a devious c##t too!

Try: The Sophia of Jesus Christ the Nag Hammadi Library...

Swirling and drifting amid skeins of ethereal sentiment, ascending upon the wings of a burning bird, doomed, yet resigned, I negotiate with an unseen host of scribblers and an array of bickering blogsters. Some relevant, most indolent, for fear of an act of vengeance by their malevolent benefactor - Google...


Timster said...

V -Well...I think even you misunderstand my thinking entirely. That would come I suppose with the two disconnects of, one: I don't express myself as well as I should, and assume my reader is basically coming along with me, and two: As you point out, I have no faith. I only deal with what I can sense. This doesn't make me jewish, nor a jewish apologist. I have read endless religious texts...including of course KJV, and I have yet to understand where these "true" Christians get their interpretation of their Savior when there is no other document that they have read other than speculation about another interpretation in a pre-KJV. Few have read the dead sea scrolls in their original script...and I agree they are jews. The point is that I don't believe Jesus ever existed. I have yet to see proof of his physical presence...OTHER than the KJV...which of course you and I both discount.
So this angle of attack on the judaic is lost on me. It's true, I have no interest in pouring over ancient religious texts in search for weapons against the ashkanazi. It bores me.
I think you are wrong about Gilad. Actually listen to the conference I linked. He doesn't "kol nidre" anything nor does he sugar-coat. We are all on the same page that states the judaic must be stopped. He analyzes the situation from their camp. If he is sabbatean(give me some credit), he is horrible at it. Yes, he can speak publicly about these issues BECAUSE he is a jew. That is his license. He understands that. I think that is why he made such a big point about having the Palestinian activist there. He uses his kosher sway very effectively, I believe. He has never said anything that has made me soften my view of that abhorrent cult. If anything he supports my hatred for that religion. He makes no promises to the Gentile. He reveals how stupid we are to accept such behaviour...and we are. We censor ourselves.
You and I are on the same page, I think. We both want a solution to the "jewish problem". I don't want to "kill all jews" as a result of this. You might. I want to get to the bottom of all this...but I don't see "becoming the beast to fight the beast", as an option. Maybe I'm wrong. I have been known to be such.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,... “I have yet to understand where these "true" Christians get their interpretation of their Saviour...” he’s not THE saviour, that messianic shyte is a pastiche of tit-bits the yids hacked together from many and varied religions and cults, while secreting themselves into the cultures and theological societal structures of the Host nations they have progressively co-opted and destroyed. If and when he or she returns in whatever manifestation it chooses, it will be as a destroyer - "I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword" (Gospel of Matthew 10:34).

Messianic yids are no more or less Christian than that prick Hagee is. The yids are always selling something, whether it’s their wives and daughters for sex, yep, when they are eventually punted from one place, battered and naked, with only the coins they can stuff up their arses and then having to secrete themselves into another city or country, at night I might add, (yids are notorious for coming and going in darkness). They as a matter of course send their wives and daughters out into the streets to gather as much hard cash as they can so that the filthy scumbag father can start earning real wages by lending that money his wives and daughters have accumulated by selling themselves for sex to goyim, to the very goyim that fuck his family members including if necessary his sons; The word “Jewess” was synonymous with prostitute in Europe for 800 years, there was a trend for young hippy chicks in the 60’s and 70’s to wear little bells on their ankles, remember? This is a sign of availability – this symbolism came directly from the Jewess street-walker, it was a device used to let men in the darkened streets at night aware that a whore was approaching and thus avoid any indiscretions! I don’t trust any of them, ever; they have no credibility, any of them...

End part 1/...

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Part 2...

Here’s the thing: You will never be conned by someone you don’t trust. If you want to trust a yid because he is telling you what you want to hear, fine. However, there is three thousand years of documented evidence screaming DON’T!

They are vile monsters and they love shabat goyim and useful idiots. We are at war, they declared it, they are successfully engaging ‘us’ and most of ‘us’ are snoring or deluded.

I am harsh most of the time, I am not cruel or evil, I am resolute because there are huge amounts of documentary scriptures and other secular evidentiary materials that indict these fuckers – PERIOD!

When I was a young man, disillusioned and demoralized, from a violent and dysfunctional home, I found G-d, (yeah I know), well I became a real fucking pain in the arse – I worked with a group of young dupes referred to as “The FireFighters” a reference to the flames of hell (yeah I know) and a sub-group of a mob called “The Movement”; the spiritual head of the organisation was one Bob Santamaria or “B.A Santamaria” (google that guy), we “supported” Israel and members regularly made pilgrimages to that hell-hole to take part in parades and chat-fests where the yids would stand back and gloat while deluded goys would step up to the microphone and gush and pander to those yiddish child-molesters and land-thieves. I met plenty of yiddish handlers, they have the charm of smiling assassins and the cunning of shit-house rats. They are creepy and give off an air of weirdness and I think that is nature's "tell".

Some years passed and it was as an experienced Soldier and xtian zionist I found myself conflicted and yearning for THE “truth’, well, I started to find it and it was nothing like the script I had been given to read for most of my life – everything you think you know is Bullshit!

I have in my time been a Foreign Correspondent, a Media Consultant to Senior Political Advisors to both the major Federal Political Parties in Australia, Cory Aquino’s Governor in Mindanao, The Military and Political Front of King Sihanouk and his son Prince Rannaridh of Cambodia (FUNCINPEC, prior to that they were the ANS) and media consultant to representatives of the political front of the Karen Free State, under General Bo Mia.

I have studied our world and continue to do so, pedantically, there are documents that indicate the truth, thanks to the strenuous efforts of the yids, it is a difficult and often dangerous game to play the role of truthseeker.

If I encourage someone to open their mind to the ancient scriptures, it is not because I want them to start going to church on Sun-worship day or bashing the bible, fuck that nonsense, that shit is all part of the yiddish subversion.

It would encourage them to learn because to be forewarned as to your enemies intentions, is to be forearmed against them!

Cheers brother the Pubs are open, coooeee!


Timster said...

V - Thanks for the insight. Remember...I trust no one. You find evidence of their machinations in ancient texts, I find it in the here and now. I have known enough of the yiddish to understand what drives them. You are right this IS a war. We WILL win.
Drink a few for me!

Franz said...

Hey, veritas6464! (And timster for that matter.)

This is a visceral issue and while I appreciate attempts at clarity by veritas6464, the so-called "White" world cannot grasp what a jew-tool it has truly become.

Black slavery has occupied my studies, but how can it be that Europeans don't grasp the fact they were slaves FIRST? Made straw bosses over darker nations because they were broken FIRST?

Theology is pertinent. Michael Bradley, a Canuk heretic, was able to prove (FROM JUDAIC SOURCES) that 70 percent of conquistadors were Jewish, they ran the conquest-and-slave carnival. John Lamb Lash, the New England heretic, has shown that the WHOLE HISTORY of Europe from the fall of Rome to Charlemagne is CRAP. It was the conquest and the installation of the Global Plantation, Phase One.

Between those two, many more besides, we realize all "nations" tainted by the Hebrew god can think about neither land nor "race" very clearly. It is their point of attack.

The whole POINT of their attack is the destruction of natural human groups. Suppose Jews invented the word "racism" itself for nothing?

Why do they say "race" has no "Scientific" meaning when the term is clearly historic, not "scientific"? Because in the end only THEY will have history if they win, which they are.

But this subject must come from whatever instinct men have left. All my working life (industry) the black & brown fellow-workers of mine were race-conscious to a healthy degree. Whites were not but why would they be by now? They were conquered FIRST!

Keep up the good work timster and thanks loads for the comments, veritas. As you go beneath the surface of this issue, the reality of it becomes larger and the truth becomes even more unbelievable.

Timster said...

V - you got a great compliment, if you haven't seen it...over at http://equalpartyusa.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/white-folks-have-enjoyed-majority-rule-wrong/

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Yeah, great compliment, ya reckon, histrionics? Where would Blogger be without histrionics? I love it when the Pan calls the kettle black.


P.S. I have been leaving msgs at your WordPress mirror-site.