Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It Was Here Just A Minute Ago...

I seem to have misplaced a few things. Again. Well, I have been known to do that on occasion. Coffee cups. Keys. Socks. The usual fare. But these things are more important I think. I can't seem to find the word "rape". it is. Right where I left it.

Rape- a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person's consent.

Right there in the good old dictionary. But for the life of me, I can't seem to find it in any of the papers. At least not in connection with jews and the liberties they take with Goyim. Now if a Gentile allegedly committed a "sexual assault", I think that would be the first word in every story reporting it. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that word, and its harsh implications are old-hat.
I have recently found myself clinging to my righteous indignation. I don't know why. Probably because I see so many out there not using theirs. I have mine at the ready, just in case they say that...I grandparents supplied the zyclon-B that killed 6 gazillion jews in the century past...or something. I think it will come in handier than a defense attorney. I will stand up in court and laugh maniacally while flashing it at the whore on the bench.

I also lost the fourth Amendment to the Constitution. It was just here, I swear. You was the one about illegal search and seizure or something? It was written on a yellow piece of paper. I didn't use it that where has it got to? I would lose my head if it wasn't attached. Some say there is a danger of that if you lose that Amendment thingy. I guess I'll see...cause I can't find it anywhere and I'm beginning to get worried.

Another problem is that...besides losing things all the time...I get embarrassed easily. Embarrassed for my country...the State in which I live...even the town that I call home now. There is so much to feel shame for around here. Lee Hamilton, Mike Pence, Republicans, Democrats, 4th Amendment loss, Eva gawd the list does go on. It bridges on humiliation. I guess we are all in that leaky boat of having to own up to a democracy, and how it doesn't really work.

I have yet to lose my purpose. I misplace it every once in a while, but I always manage to find it at the bottom of a coffee-cup. I lost my virginity, my innocence and my hope many years ago. I guess I will never find them again. Bummer. I kind of miss them in a way. I carry my moral compass around my neck. It's waterproof so I never need take it off. Not even in the shower...although it isn't really indispensable there. I can't say the same for my youth. If anyone finds that...please return it.
I keep my pride and my sanity in a box. These are too bulky and precious to carry around. I guess if the police do break down my door without a warrant....before they put kiddie-porn on my computer hard drive...they will probably take those too.
It's kinda like that. You are born with all these things that you lose over time.
It is a process. Losing things. I lose respect all the time. Like trying to contain so many Mexican jumping beans in your palms. Remember those? Probably not. What were we thinking?
This respect for others...this admiration...slips away revealing, well, just humans. Humans with egos. Humans with agendas.
I never had any faith to lose. That's a good thing, I think. Saves on the grief thing.
I lost my ass in a poker game once. I have lost a lot of money...good riddance I say.
I've lost a lot of dreams. Gone by the wayside. Most of them silly in I wave goodbye to them from here on the ground. Could have been...could have been. But then life wouldn't be what it is without loss. Loss of family. Loss of home. Loss of childhood.
It's what these things get replaced with. That's what matters I think.
You lose your idealism and replace it with a real and solid set of rules that work on the ground.

Principles. Those are things that I will fight to the last to keep. They haven't changed much over the years. Sure, they have a few scratches and dents. But basically they are the same as they were when I got them. They can take it all ...but leave me those. I can bring them with me to jail. They can't be used to spring a saw or a file. I won't be able to hang myself with them...I've tried. Just let me sit there with them in my cell...and I'll be fine. They are just about all I have left. So lest I do that "oh, happy dagger" scene...leave me those.

Now where did I put that ability to communicate effectively. It was here just a minute ago...really.


Satan's Panties said...

Don't worry, don't be dismal, the chocolate jesus messiah and oprah will find those things for you and then we'll go club hopping with Dominique Straus-Kuhn!

John Friend said...

Interesting piece today Timster, although rather depressing. Well, I guess we are talking about rather depressing subjects, specifically the advancement of a global political and economic ordering of society described rather accurately by George Orwell in his book 1984, coupled with the complete loss of critical thinking ability by the majority of people through a combination of propaganda, brainwashing and miseducation.

Principles are important to me, too. Knowledge, truth, justice. You know, those very old fashioned concepts that people used to understand.

BTW- left a comment on your piece yesterday which wasn't published. Spam folder again?

Anonymous said...

Lots of things pile up and the result is a little thing called depression. Live long enough and you lose it all. What can,t go on eventually ceases. Aint it a blessing. Otherwise it would be all hell all the time. The 6th extinction is well underway and we are powerless. Institutional irresponsability is madness enmass. No policy can remedy this. No money can buy our way out of the reckoning that waits on no one. Gloomy is,nt it? What did you expect?

Timster said...

Panties - I like chocolate.

Timster said...

John - Yeah...we all get "dark" on occasion, I guess. Oops, yeah. Just found it and a bunch others. I don't know why that happens. Specially with those that normally comment? Thanks and sorry.

Gypsy Scholar said...

Danish film director Lars von Trier has said he is sympathetic to Hitler.

That statement got him bouced out of the Cannes film festival because it is funded by scads of zionist money.

Could it be that von Trier is Truth savy and that he can see the same pattern in the Western world now that Germany faced prior to the rise of the Nazi regime against zionist jews?

There are many parallels between Germany's reaction to the zionist jewish cancer which plagued Europe before Germany reacted and the present Western world situation.

Since 9/11 the Western world has become more and more aware that Rothschild orchestrated it and futher that the ongoing counterfeiting (private fractional-reserve-usury) central banks which exist in most all Western countries are owned by Rothschild and his oligarch cronies.

Also the awareness that Rothschild and the country he bought into existence (israel) are manipulating Western goyim to fight and die in wars created for further power and profits of the zionist jews.

Lars von Trier seems correct in his sympathies for Hitler as far as hating the infiltration and control of society by criminally acting zionist jews. The zionist jews are deliberately fomenting debt slavery, war and poverty around the world.

I am quite sympathetic with Lars von Trier.

It has been often conjectured that:

Zionist khazarian askenazi false-jews = the synagogue of Satan


Anonymous said...

10,000 yrs from now no one will know the difference.