Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In Good Faith And "Guillotine!"...

When it comes to awareness...there are the haves...and the have-nots.
I imagine that most of you reading this fall into the former category. But for a minute, let's consider the latter. Those that accept the lies being spewed to them through their media, and repeated by those in their camp as fact...or at least as negligible. Those that accept the preposterous stories about terrorism and the like "on good faith". Well this is a defensible position at this tenuous moment in history. But it won't be. Faith. I hate that word. It conjures me...the celluloid image to which we have all been subjected, of the down-trodden through history...that through faith...have endured and emerged victorious. That is a film image. A literary device. Not reality. Faith does nothing but defer responsibility and postpone, when it comes down to it. On the street, I can have all the faith of closed doors in my little pea-brain that I can muster...and it isn't going to buy me an inch. What it will buy me is that really close haircut.

These are genuinely strange and turbulent times. If you can't see that, your "in good faith" is blinding you. If you can't see that israhell has the leaders of this sorry world on leashes like so many yelping aren't among those that "have" awareness. If you won't open your eyes to this...well, that will be no defense.

I am reminded of viewing one of the original film versions of A Tale Of Two Cities when I was a kid. Before I had a chance to actually read Dicken's dramatization of the French revolution, this film was my take on it. Of course since then I have learned that it...along with most of history...didn't happen the way the winners wrote it. But even today the image of a post-revolutionary kangaroo court sticks in my brain. If we are going to borrow anything from film and literature that reflects real events and how they actually happen...this is such an image. The cases of those accused of being part-and-parcel to the monarchy and its treatment of the French underclass, were settled quickly; "Guillotine!"
The rest of the cases were tried with just a bit less prejudice. Those that played simply supporting roles in their master's pre-revolt oppression were allowed to attempt a defense...if it was "I accepted my orders in good faith"..."Guillotine!"
And such will be the case when, what some are terming the "apocalypse", arrives. I guarantee it. You have my word. "Trust me". I like that word "apocalypse" and its meaning of "the unveiling". Many things are going to be unveiled, and I for one, do not intend to stand naked in front of anyone. I think, would I to survive until that judgement of the people...I would prefer to be on the bench than in the dock.
When the Gentile news anchors and columnists start pleading "in good faith"..."Guillotine!" When the Gentile Wall Street accountants plead "I was just doing my job..."Guillotine!" It will mimic the kangaroo court of Nuremberg. Only the descendents of the prosecution side of that time, will be reluctantly slipping their heads under the blade this time around. This conflict will be one that the jewish won't be financing or instigating from both sides. All of their interference in the affairs of sovereignty has gotten out of their control.
As a matter of could say that in this pre-apocalyptic world, you are damned if you do...and damned if you don't. Sort of. As in the French revolt, there will be a lot of innocent blood spilled.
This body of executioners will be "of the people" , as I mentioned at the top...the haves. Those that understand that "faith" has nothing to do with reality. It is not a defense. It's not even a good reason to buy food nowadays...good faith can and does buy you salmonella, or worse. From Monsanto to the kosher cans of beans on your grocer's shelf...decent food, like dependable information is no longer a given.

I fully comprehend that some basic assumptions about all the information floating around sometimes must be taken at face value. But the amount of those things is being the tribe.
When you have one foot on the dock...and one foot on the boat, and you are at that instant in time where you can switch your balance either way...quickly glance at the moorings of the dock. You will see them being rent from the shore. Your best bet at this point is to lunge toward the craft departing. Now.
Or sometime in the very near future, all of your "in good faith" pleas to that vengeful court will illicit but one response; "Guillotine!"


Albino Cobra said...

I'm spending every dime on canned beans and ammunition so i can withstand the fall of time in Das Bunker!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, all around interesting and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any other way -except by "guillotine".

By the way and speaking of the "unveiling", this little bit of trivia has slipped past the global (and alternative) media on this day (dunnknow why; too may white people who don't follow some approved religion in Belarus?):

Belarus is in full-scale economic melt-down - thanks to the crony "capitalists" (i.e. talmudic mafia, disguised as IMF, world bank, wall street, etc.).

Its govt is being "advised" (by and entity that is usually touted as not being party to global crime syndicate) that it must accept full-scale pillaging of its soverign wealth and assets by the international banksters or else something worse will happen (what could be worse than being pillaged and raped by talmudists and banksters (again)?). Apparently the talmudists need to do this regular like and they didn't get enough during their tamudic utopia (communism in soviet union).

Another item gone unreported (a few weeks ago, and still missing in action) by global talmudic media; on same night (May the 1st) as "bin Laden" was killed for the 10th time, there was a massive raid on precious metals markets (the raid began on Sunday night on the Asian side of the planet ('cause it's Monday morning there) and was accomplished by use of massive fiat contracts poofed into existence for just such a criminal enterprise).

"So what?" Well, just before the "bin laden" thing, the talmudic money, a.k.a. dollar, was at death's gate and if something dramatic didn't happen it would have gone terminal;
precious metals are more important to global economy than TPTB wish people to know; high price of precious metals = loss of value to the talmudic funny money and by end of April - they had driven the funny money's value nearly to a point of no return. So these precious metals values were taken down in very unsubtle and logic defying fashion - at the same time as the "bin Laden" psyop episode was occurring.

The "bin Laden" miracle worked by the ObamaOne was likely a big part of the cover, diversion, re-direct of attention; the talmudic media did do the usual half-truth spin first thing Monday (2 May and still ongoing) - by calling the markets overheated (they weren't) and blaming speculators (who are not to blame) with gangster-style hints thrown in that anyone advocating precious metals as alternative to the talmudic funny money or unlike funny money, as having intrinsic value, are soon going to be designated as "terrorists";

e.g. like Libya, which, was just about to join Russia and China in switching from funny money to a partial gold-standard for various transactions, right before, what a coincidence, the talmudic empire decided Libya needed "democracy".

This massive criminal raid on precious metals cost many people millions, probably 10's of millions, while the criminals running the show pocketed 10's of millions (if not more by insider knowledge of the planned raid).

Oh yeah, the global precious metals market is controlled by a very small group of people; probably easy to guess who they are.

Watch for Belarus, any day now, to be "advised" to start handing over its precious metals in addition to other wealth.

Pardon the verbosity, but seems like nowhere else, but your blog, to put this info out (so thanks if you post it).

glengear said...

I'll let you be the judge Timster.

Anonymous said...

There is no trust without mutual parity. And there can be no parity without fear of retribution. Where this fear does,nt exist there is despotism. If every TSA scum was made to fear retaliation for raping travelers, they would be looking for honest work PDQ. The citizenry have been spay, nuetered, and declawed. Its just a matter of time before Animal control sends you off to the Pound. Or you regain your nerve and fight like your life depends on it. Whats it going to be?

John Friend said...

Excellent Timster.

Blammo said...

Though I can rarely tolerate such putrid theatrics, I watched the Netanyahu (nee Milikovski) address to our "representatives" in its entirety. I found it impossible to avoid imagining this den of rapists, murderers, and thieves in any configuration other than dangling by the neck from 500 individual lengths of rope suspended from the ceiling.

Timster said...

Albino - Beans give me gas. Bummer.

Timster said...

Anon@9:50 - It is published. Thanks for reading.

Timster said...

Glenster - Cool! I always wanted to wear one of those robes!

Timster said...

Anon@7:43 - I'll fight.

Timster said...

John - Thanks.

Timster said...

Blammo - It will happen.