Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Honey, It's Time To Get Up...."

It's all too ridiculous for words. Really. A 9-year-old could see through all this bullshit. And goes on. Like a silly dream that you have where some people turn into other people and places and scenes change like a rear-screen image in a bad 40's movie. Nothing is being's a dream after all. It would be fruitless to question the mind's landscape as it rests, and hands over the reigns of perception to the right side of the brain. That portion of the gray matter doesn't really function with sensual information very well. Just takes what it can and runs with it. With no regard to reality.

"White House Spokesman, Salvador Dali is at the podium and accepting questions. We join the press conference that is already in progress..."


"Is it true that President Sheen has decided not to release the footage of Elvis being eaten alive by the army of Venusians that accompanied him on his mission to Earth in search of tofu recipes?"

"Yes. The President and his Secretary of State, Oprah Winfrey have agreed that this is not who we are".

"How do you mean that, sir?"

"Well, obviously the President means that we are not from Venus".

Chorus: "Oh...we see".


"Isn't it true that you are actually a Venusian yourself and were in a former life...ART Carney of The Honeymooners?"
"(Who let her back in here?")...

"To the best of my knowledge, But let me pose that question to President Gleason personally, and I will get back to you. Until further notice however, you are banned from Venus".

"Why has it taken so long for Elvis to be dead again?"

"Actually Larry, that's a funny seems that President Truman was always under the impression that Elvis was mixed up somehow with those evil-doers from Venus and as you remember, promised not to rest until he could sing "love me tender" over Elvis' second or third grave. Some thought he was nuts...most didn't care or understand. But President Spiderman (believing in his own heart that Elvis was still alive, and buried in Buffalo, New York) kept on with his vigil. Insane as it all appeared. Now we have closure."

Chorus: "oh..."


"What does President Kennedy say to those that don't believe that Elvis is dead for the second time...or even alive, without photographic proof of his flesh being consumed by extra-terrestrials bent on terror?"

"The Chief has anticipated this type of question from such nay-sayers, and has authorized me to say :"Let them eat Little Debbie"

Chorus: "Yummy!"

And on and on it goes. Somewhere in this mixed up story that the silly-side of your brain is relating...a thought bubble appears and says that this will be fun to laugh about over breakfast with the family. But somehow, the absurdity just keeps on going. No waking. No pinching. No relief.

Perhaps. A portent of things to come? Probably. It will become more unreal and more purchased than you can imagine. President Da Vinci has spoken.


JoJo said...

I loves me some Venus and Aldebaran! *hee hee*

A nony mouse said...

This chapter of the nightmare ends with a whole lot of people being atomized.

Which country/countries and how many people is anyone's guess. Thousands? Millions? And there's no one to stop it, is there. The governments are compromised; the military is compromised. The media might save the day? (pardon me while I puke).

The vast majority of the population are brain-damaged telezombies, so they won't be rising up against the kosher psychopaths either.

If this was a Hollywood B grade shlockbuster, the cavalry would be riding over the hills to the rescue . . .

But that crap happens only in Hollywood.


The Patsy Family

We The Sheeple willingly swallowed Lee Patsy Oswald, Sirhan Patsy Sirhan, James Patsy Ray and now Osama bin Patsy. That depth of gullibility comes with a price tag attached (see first paragraph).


Anonymous said...

So right you are Tim.

It's like a keystone sitcom without a laughtrack. Like a docu-soap about zombies. Like reality tv with Disney characters. It's Orwell meets Woody Allen at the slab in Rocky Horror. It's Kennedy's head going back and to the left on an 8mm loo over and over again. It's the waking moment between a nightmare and a worse everyday consciousness.

It's Monty Python on acid where the parrot begins to recite Hamlet's To be or not to be. It's tinky winky's purse morphing into a bag of Sheen's tigerblood while Don MacLean sings the demise of Miss Pie. It's Kubrik's man to embryo scene in 2001 with Dark Side of the Moon in the background. It's Michael Jackson moonwalking on the Titanic.

This world we are told by the governments and the media we live in, is not real. It is a defacto pseudo-reality - the manifestation of an unsavory ruse.

Like the American dollar accepted as a form of currency around the globe, this make-believe world we "live" in cannot continue to exist for much longer.


jungle jane said...

your posts have been YUMMY lately, Timster - just lovin' it!

Timster said...

JoJo...well, the first bite is with the eye...

Timster said...

Nony Mouse - That is a big family, huh?

Timster said...

Mouser - If it does...I'm outta here.

Timster said...

Jane - Thanks!