Monday, April 11, 2011

You Can Call Me Anything, Just...

Don't call me a racist. Don't call me an anti-semite. Don't call me late for supper. Just don't call me.

I see in the news that PNAC is progressing nicely and on planned. And with few hitches. They even have the tree-huggers in solidarity with the non-existent Libyan rebels..."he's a rebel and he'll never be any good...he's a rebel and he never does what he should". Ahhh...the underdog and how we didn't learn from old Joe Campbell. But there are no real Obi Wans. No Skywalker dynasty. It's just a tale.

I haven't posted a lot lately. I have been enjoying spring and a kind of jew-free existence. That is to say that I have spent weeks without even thinking about the tribe on a daily basis. There aren't any jews in my garden or my dining room. So what if there is a little "K" symbol on all that packaged crap in my cupboard. Who cares. Right? Sure, I am paying a laughable amount of interest on interest on interest for practically everything in my house...and including my house. All of this money going to some jewish banker. But the tulips are blooming in the rain...and I don't care. For a few hours...I just don't care.

I am over-educated. I try to write to the common man. That makes me condescending, I guess. I know all the rules about effective writing. I don't use most of them. They are a bit restrictive. They get in the way of what I want to say...more often than not. And I don't think you want to read all that correct crap. Maybe I am wrong. Perhaps my prose offends the academic. It could be that I am not taken seriously by many readers because of this lack of correct sentence structure, and these off-the-wall jump cuts. Maybe not. I don't care.

I watched a video from a neat chick today. I also watched a sci-fi flick from 1921. The movie was "Aelita: Queen Of Mars". It was quite the time-capsule. Having been produced and filmed in Moscow just 4 years after the Russian Revolution, it was interesting to say the least. It also tried to sell the communist-party line...and not very subtly.

The video was one in a series by originalsavagechick. She does videos about jews mainly. A fully cognizant young lady. Fully aware of the threat of zionism and it's parent company judaism. She is enjoying a measure of success by explaining these threats in very plain language, and her screen presence. It's hard not to give a listen to this charming and attractive woman. Good for her.
These two two-dimensional displays may seem to have little in common. But I found a thread. You buy buy the whole package. Like communism. That is, you can't pick and choose your ideologies. If you hate what jews do as a hate jews. If you hate all jews and what they do in the face of your own cultural identity, you rally behind "whiteness". It comes in the package. You can't break it open in the store and just take one item. That isn't the way commerce works.
This is what people like she and David Duke and many others would have you conclude. That is what jewish communism preached to the Russians. I disagree with this all-inclusiveness...but hey. The revolt...the final pogrom against the khazar...won't be waged by those of us delineating between particular factions of the ashkanazim. It won't be led by the academics or more thoughtful bloggers. We wielders of the pen will just supply the facts and figures about the history of the those with torches.
It has always been like that. "KILL THE MONSTER" screamed from the pitchfork carrying mob, is usually the last thing the bad guy hears. Not a calm trial transcript.

That is human nature, I guess. You don't need a Masters degree in political science to see what the jewish have wrought. You don't have to have been published on the particulars of the social impact of judaism in Western society, to pick up a torch...and storm the castle. Give me the short version. That's what I am hearing out here. Well...I guess that's ok too. The short version they are hearing is that jews lie. People don't need much more reason than what these lies produce, to purge the jew from their midst. And purge they will. All of this evidence being gathered out here...and constantly being presented to those of the "short version" mentality is increasing exponentially, and there is only one end that this can produce.
I can't say that I am necessarily proud to have been a part of adding fuel to the fire, so to speak. But I could not live with myself if I wasn't on the right side of "us versus them"...which is where this is leading.
I have tried, and will continue to do so. Tried to separate bigotry from reason. But I won't argue with a pitchfork.

Just don't call me a racist.


Anonymous said...

Really good post Tim.


WV: squat
I didn't know squat about zionism until I woke up in March 2007. Now I know more than I want to - and none of it is good,

Anonymous said...

Well said! This brings to mind a figure of speech I made up, but rarely use- because it sounds funny, although true, it's not meant to be funny. It is:

"If there's two things I cant stand, it's racial intolerance, and Jews"

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Excellent Post; We walk our own walk, we are who we are, I make no apologies for being who or what I am. I was a working class soldier escaping jail and poverty: I am a product of Dr. Frankenstein and I wanna wring his fuck'n neck!

My bad, that's life...


Timster said...

Mouser - Thanks! "... Now I know more than I want to - and none of it is good"
ain't it the truth.

Timster said...

Anon@4:47 - Good enough to get a place on the "sidebar of honor". Thank you!

Timster said...

V - Kill the monster!...hahaha Me too actually.

glengear said...


Anonymous said...

Michael Caine - Austin Powers - "There are only two things I can't stand in this world: People who are intollerant of other peoples' cultures, and the dutch."

...not to burst any bubles, as I'm sure the saying existed before this.

Timster said...

Anon@5:36 - Still....

Teutonsuet said...

Savagechick's vids have been pulled by JewTube. Anthony Lawson has a new vid calling JewTube out on this here:

Harassment by The YouTube Team — An open message to Sergey Brin

YouTube may be acting illegally by taking down videos for alleged copyright infringement, without first determining important factors regarding Fair Use as provided for in copyright law.

In August 2008, U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel of San Jose, California ruled that copyright holders cannot order a deletion of an online file without determining whether that posting reflected "fair use" of the copyrighted material.

Timster said...

Teutonsuet - Sorry to hear that. I like her stuff. Yes, I have been following Lawson's battle. Thanks for posting the link.