Saturday, April 30, 2011


I will try to stay awake while writing this. But I've tried to remain conscious while reading religious texts too. Same thing. I would say that the authors writing about, and proponents of both religion and finance, dazzle with details... but dazzle is the wrong word. I have listened to Max Keiser talk about derivatives and fractional reserves and discounted interest rates till I am comatose.
I know some out here think this guy is a godsend when it comes to restructuring the financial world...the leftist, revolutionary view. Keiser screams "hang the bankers" . But then again what he is really talking about are fixes within the system. He doesn't actually mean for us to "hang" anyone. He is just screaming to get your attention. He had me for a few minutes...then lost me.
I have always been of the opinion that there is no need for a monetary system at all. That is truly revolutionary. Not crying for austerity on one side, and lynchings on the other.
The system of finance was broken to begin with. The monetary system has, as all jewish-ruled enterprises do, gotten way out of hand, and is unneeded.
Austerity - 1. the state or quality of being austere.
2. (often plural) an austere habit, practice, or act.
3. a reduced availability of luxuries and consumer goods, esp when brought about by government policy.

Financially(and otherwise) speaking, this is what our world banksters are calling for.

So, maybe I have this all wrong...but using this definition, what we are talking about is reducing luxuries for the world. Not for the jew banksters. Because of the manipulation of ones and zeros by these people that know the rules to a game that would make the Glass Bead Game comparable to hop-scotch, we are supposed to reduce our consumption by mandate of governments. Jewish ruled governments. I wish they would make up their minds. Consume...don't consume. It's all too muddling to me. But I don't have a portfolio.
I don't know if Keiser is jewish. He sounds like it. I don't listen to jews anymore. They lie. They manipulate. I would wager that he has never wanted for a meal...and is making a pretty good living screaming about hangings. I dunno. Maybe I'm wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.
But that doesn't make any difference.
Hang on...dozed off there.
Like I said a few inches north...talking about money bores hell outta me. I couldn't care less about it. I have always worked. They gave me money. I gave it to somebody else. Jews on both ends of the deal. I was a middle-guy. Like running your new Sunday hat through the goat. When it all comes doesn't mean a thing. Some wise-guy once said( I think he was a physicist or something) that our lives are nothing more than moving things around. From the day we are born till the final time when we get that weird spooky look on our pale countenance...we just move things from one place to another. He went on to elucidate by citing examples...eating/ name it. It all just involves moving molecules of "stuff" from one place to another. Even thinking moves electrical impulses from one side of a synapse to another. Kind of pointless when you come to think about it. So maybe they are right. Maybe austerity is just what we need. Less of everything. Less molecules being hauled. Yeah. I like that. I think the more austere we are the better. Leave things where they are. At their lowest state of being.

I just talked myself out of mowing the lawn today.

I know...this post is rambling and pointless.
But I keep falling asleep while writing it....y'know what? Don't read this post. It doesn't have anything to say that is in the least bit pithy or wise. Just that I hate money and all the heartache and horror it brings....yeah...just skip this one. Be austere. Don't allow yourself the luxury of perusing this, my latest. And I will practice some austerity myself by not writing about money again. Promise.


Franz said...

Timster --

You are right there is no mystery. And there is only one serious rule --

WHATEVER you use to pay the worker-bees can't be the same currency the bankers use when they gamble.

That's it!

Let them play with all the monopoly money they want. We who labor must only be paid in onions.

glengear said...

Timster you had me until the pregnant women standing like bowling balls! You didn't mow the grass "HOW DARE YOU". You remind me of a friend of mine Klem. It rains almost everyday it seems anymore where I live and that Klem feller would of mowed the grass!!!

John Friend said...

I don't bother with Kaiser much, although I did post one of his videos on my blog a few days ago, found it off one of Visible's posts.

He never talks about the Zionist Jew angle of this conspiracy or power structure running the affairs of the world, but I did like that video of him telling the puppets off on TV.

I'm not a big fan of money either, or anything really material in this world. I like my computer (grin), my iPod, watching a good game every once in a while, enjoying a good beer and hanging out with good people. Money is a distraction, and once it consumes your mind, it consumes your soul. It's a dangerous thing to be addicted to.

Timster said...

Franz - Yep. I DO like onions though.

Timster said...

Glenster - I like pregnant women.

Timster said...

John - I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice that. Thanks.