Monday, March 14, 2011

Dancing Around The Stars...

I am fed to the teeth. I have literally had enough of this bullshit.
I'm sorry, but I cannot conscience any more pundits telling the S&MSM and out here in the "alternative media" about secret societies directing the failure of the world.
They dance and dance. This multibillionaire-that media mogul. This unusually greedy mortgage banker-that particularly fraudulent Wall Street mover-and-shaker. Don't step on the stars. When do we all see the string in this necklace of turds? When do we recognize the common bond that holds this repugnant jewelry together about the neck of humanity?
There is one y'know. A commonality...a sameness...a communal philosophy. A training ground for these beasts. It is judaism.

I know, I have said this before. I will keep saying it.

We have a gift of intelligence and the ability to identify those things that are within our scope of vision, and yet we dance. Dance around these things.
Watching jewvision is not an option for me. That was discarded...well, way before most of you were born. It is all lies on that screen. But that's the MSM party-line. I expect that. What twists the knife in my gut are these "documentaries" that purportedly expose the REAL history of finance or reasons for war or political hi-jinx. This from the "alternative" media. Those wonderful folks that bring you everything from Alex Jones to Loose Change, and yes even the Zeitgeist films. They are the truly gifted dancers. It's their avoidance of naming the beast that causes me to throw soft things at my monitor, cursing and spitting.
How can you make a film like Tiny Dot or countless other "expose's" and not name the jews behind all this? TV is one thing. But those out there misinforming the interactive surfer must be truly adept at the latest steps in doing the same old media dance. They must appear to be walking right up to the house of Rothschild with a weapon...but then at the last moment they slide to the left and twirl to reveal that it isn't jewish bankers after's the Bohemian Grove boys...or the Bilderberg kids. It's all so confusing they would have you believe. There is no ONE conspiracy. Just that darned old human nature and its greed. This must be one tricky step to learn...all that sliding and pussyfooting. Fuck that.

I read an interesting article about Bollywood history. I love watching films from other countries/cultures. They are a window into the minds of the people outside my experience...generally speaking. I have watched many Bollywood films. At first I scratched my head and said "Huh?". I didn't get it. But I tried and tried to understand this cinemagraphic phenomenon of putting singing and dancing in the most unusual of places throughout these Indian films. To me they were like REALLY bad Busby Berkley films on steroids. So I did a little research on the cultural background behind these movies. Hah. Little surprise there. The fact that these movies are so long, speaks to the Indian "family" entertainment concept of ...a whole day's entertainment, like the Indian borrowed culture of cricket(which can go on forever). It is just a different view of what the length of entertainment should be. Got it. Then I learned that the whole idea of "music out of nowhere" comes guessed it...the jews. Indian jews began this silly tradition in their celluloid fantasies from the beginning. Go figure. It seems no culture is immune to their warped view of reality. Well, that comes, as I said, as little surprise. But it does bring up a point that MAY relate to what I started on about at the beginning of this wandering shout.
If you are out here decrying the state of the world...if you think you have some answers as to why all things human are circling the drain...and you don't name the jew, you are IMHO, one of three things:

1. Totally unaware, as you dance through your two-step routine, that there are "stars" out there that you are NOT stepping on. That is to say that you don't actually see the hand of the ashkanazi in most of the evil out there(which in itself strains credulity)'s there. Just do some damned research into anything you "don't get".

2. Are part and parcel(jewish or jewish enabling for silver) of the tribe's efforts...or

3. Scared shitless.

The day before yesterday, via my feedjit software, I identified 16 separate hits from Tel Aviv in less than an hour and a half. They weren't looking at the pretty pictures, I'm sure. I have been hacked, shut down and called every name in the comment section, that a 14 year old could imagine. I have been called a "filthy fucking anti-semite" on the phone, pulled out of a crowd at Heathrow airport and questioned by agents while being strip-searched by hebrew-paid goons. And this is just what has happened since I began this blog. It doesn't include the years I have been shunned and labeled throughout my life for naming the beast.
And y'know what? I'm still alive and kicking. I'm still calling a jew a jew. I still have him by the scruff of the neck and I'm not letting go. I understand his philosophy and I am not part of his tribe. I don't dance around any stars. I don't even dance at all.


Anonymous said...

The one thing they need is fear. Without it there is no control. Stay strong and keep naming the beast. People may not acknowledge it but the seed gets planted and sprouts. Small weeds can push up through concrete and so can this.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Coooeeee, let go baby, don't hold back now, ya hear.

I have always said and always will, there is only one beast and it is the synagogue of satan! We take our views you and I, from differing perspectives, however, we both know a tribe of fuckers when we see one, only one, no bilderbergers, no NWO (delete/oblique Jew for New), no neo-cons, no Freemasons, or black Pope and jesuits, yeah they are here and they cause a lot of grief, only because they are the shit-kickers for The Lord of the Flies....Baal-zee-bubs (Lord-of-flies, literally), This is the twat they worship, he is a greedy manipulative SOB and he is who they call upon when they are thrusting their dicks at the wailing wall. Did you know that? They aren't nodding at the wailing wall, they are thrusting their dicks at it to break it down, because until the old temple is brought down they can't build their new one and "Rule the world", fucking fruitcakes.

Yids always have been and always will be a pox on humanity, we need to lance that fucking boil called "judaism" and clean the wound with disinfectant!

High calibre disinfectant!

I know you are a pacifist, it's just that, the tribe relies on two things to control the goyim: 1) The goyim lose their faith and are seduced by materialism and secular philosophy. 2) That the goyim are
conned into thinking that "Man's inhumanity to Man" is the cause of war, so the alternative to war is pacifism...

How many bullies are thwarted by non-violent resistance? Yeah, none. Remember the hippy peacenik thing was yiddish scam.


Timster said...

V - Gandhi? (grin)

Timster said...

Dave - Keep planting them!

Denny Cautrell said...

I stand as corrected if I err in saying you have had discourse on jewish controlled t.v., movies, porn, etc. .

Keeping it among friends amounts to a social disease of preaching to the choir KuMbaya circles. A voice in the wilderness has an echo effect and preachers used to go to saloons for a reason.

You may get talked about as being unstable, mentally, by saying things that make people uncomfortable, but it tends to gnaw at their gut after they get home. Fuck with their narrow view of the world and you change them even if they think you haven't.

You tend to piss off the right people with your mental disease, old chap. They infest all of humanity, you're just infesting their nest with a dose of truth and reality.

No good deed goes unpunished, as it were.

Something as simple as standing in the grocery aisle and talking aloud to oneself about not buying said product because it's labelled kosher gets a lot eyebrows raised.

You don't have to use a flame-thrower when a Zippo-quippo is just as effective.

I've been called the joker in the deck more than once, but in the game of survival against the jewish horde one needs to be born a bit wild.

So Timster, keep the hone to that brain of yours. Occum's Razor for analysis is better than a chainsaw. And you can massacre the ill-bred without the mess.

The game is truly afoot. And even if you don't dance, violin music is pleasant to the ear.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Haa haargh ha, what is that Ghandiesque word they use as an adjective??? I was searching for it as I scribbled, nope couldn't hit it, so had to make do with "non-violent resistance" haa haa.

Anyways, fuck'em, yids stink!



AKA Mr. Belligerent Cooooeee!

Sayonara: Surfs up! Haaaargh!

Anonymous said...

Timster, I award you a Leese for your tenacious focus and endurance of the shit.

And now, a word of encouragement to us all from A.S. Leese:

"If I am killing a rat with a stick and have him in a corner, I am not indignant if he tries to bite me and squeals and gibbers with rage. My job is, not to get angry, but to keep cool, to attend to my footwork and to keep on hitting him where it will do the most good." –– speaking at Reception, 17th Feb., 1937,on his return from prison. (

Timster said...

Denny - Thank you. I always hated chainsaws...even though I have one, it scares hell outta me.

Timster said...

Anon@10:45 - I LOVE that quote! It is so appropriate.

Anonymous said...

David Duke:


Anonymous said...

Timster, here's a Leese piece I hadn't seen before. Era of World Ruin (

Timster said...

Gilbert - Nice link. Thanks.

Timster said...

Anon@5:11 - Interesting article. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh just shut up and pay your kosher tax! j/k

Good stuff. Jews are not a race they're a cult. Jew means Semite like Catholic means Swedish.

Jesus was a Palestinian.
Lenin, Stalin and Marx were Jews.
Keep up the truth.