Monday, March 21, 2011

Be Careful...

Several sites have put this video up.  With good reason.  Louis Farrakhan lays it on the line.  I am no fan of wearechange...because simply speaking...they aren't.  Any more than oh-bomb-uh is or ever was.  But they have put up this video on jewtube and it has been taken down several times...but a more moving speech in these times of jewish media spin, has not been made.  If this doesn't stir are dead...or stupid enough that there is little difference.  Listen Brothers and Sisters...listen.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful speech.

The difference between O'Bomb'em and Farrakhan would be that the former speaks from scripts and teleprompters. He talks the veiled code talk which all politicians are taught. BO doesn't speak for himself. He does what he's told. And he's been told to take Libya away from its people. And he will continue to do what he is told as long as he's owned by OYPAC.

Whereas, Mr. Farrakhan speaks from logic, conscience, morals and a religious code which encompasses, love, compassion, charity and unity.

I doubt very seriously, Mr. O'bomb'em was impressed. I would expect he had much to do with the removal of the video from Jewtube. If not him, his masters certainly.


JamesLaffrey said...

A "stirring" speech? Yes.

But I think your intro, Timster, is more valuable than the video because of what you flatly state there.

Farrakhan is defending Gaddafi. Both of them have been "in power" in their respective places for a very long time. That's because they are both tools.

Malcolm X was murdered, and Farrakhan lives forever.

Gaddafi has been armed and used for a very long time. (Look at for some good info on that, though I wouldn't accept Bollyn's defense of the "rebels." If any true patriotic rebels are involved, they're just being used. By the way, Bollyn presents evidence that Gaddafi is jewish.)

Farrakhan only says Obama must "be careful." Aiming at toes, isn't he? Obama is already a proven traitor and international mass murderer. And Farrakhan chooses to mention militias in our country more than the unarmed masses of people rising up in a few states. That's not to mention the millions of armed Americans who are not part of any so-called militias.

Despite the fact that Farrakhan says some good things (such as mentioning some Israeli crimes), the whole spin and focus is off.

I've never heard Farrakhan get it right, despite having said many things that sound good. And he never goes to the top. And I'll bet he never will.

Ok. That said, I realize that many Americans can profitably use Farrakhan as a stepping stone, and so this video is useful in that way. Yeah?

Denny Cautrell said...

There has never been three commonly held beliefs where one leg didn't get broken off the stool and the fool sitting on it fell hard on his ass.

1) jews are always right

2) democracy is the envy of the world

3) Nobel gives a Peace prize to wise men

Obam-0 has proven his stool has no legs, but it is bloody and he is a sick man that needs to be treated for the irritable bowel syndrome known as:

Ja' Ew poisoning

As oratory goes, the minister has always been eloquent. Barry has always been groomed and controlled. A bi-sexual drug addict manequin whose puppet face speaks lies when needed and jew enough to prove he's not christian or muslim or American.

If we're being taken over by the muslim brotherhood they will have to over-throw the jewish cabal to do so.

The revolution will only be televised if the jews believe it's in their best interest.

A man walked miles up a mountain to ask a sage what he needed to do make things right in the world. The sage asked the man if he had counted his steps getting there and if he thought the sage could lie.

The man said no to both questions.

The sage told the man that if he didn't know how steps he taken to get to his current position in life he was in no position to question.

As to the lying the sage reminded the man that if he told him in order to make the world right he would have to kill himself would the man take that as truth?

The man complained that he had struggled to get there only to be told to kill himself as a remedy was hardly the advice he was seeking.

The sage told him that understanding that he believed a man on a moutaintop had ten things to tell him that would make the world right was a man who couldn't see the obvious and was already dead inside.

Thanks Timster for stimulating and allowing my foggy mental breakdown a place to go besides the ether.

Timster said...

James - Malcolm X died because he named the beast. Farrakhan is careful not to, I think. Yes, I think his speech here is important. I don't hold with anyone's opinion wholeheartedly..not even my own...but on the important points, I think he has nailed it, and this thing is growing legs. Good for him and us.

Timster said...

Amerika - I have already made copies of this vid...just in case.

Timster said...

Denny - Great comment! Thanks for the wisdom.

jungle jane said...

never could fool Louis, could they.

Timster said...

Jane - Amen. You said that right, Sister!