Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Should Write Something...

Read the following article at your own peril. It is not for the serious-minded. It is essentially just whining. I do a lot of that if you aren't a regular...but this is even whinier than normal for me. It's just a few unorganized thoughts that I should organize when I get some time. I will. I will sit down and write a Pulitzer prize winning essay on the state of mankind...all from these random thoughts. Later. Until then, the following.

Helen Thomas gave an interview to a jew at Playboy. Terrorists are now rebels because the top yiddish bankers want to move into a town where they know they aren't welcome. The press is downplaying the danger of a nuclear meltdown in Japan. Jewess Natalie Portman garnered her Oscar for a computer generated performance in "Black Swan" literally on the back of a truly talented Gentile dancer. A gay biographer has released a "secret" tidbit about deceased actor James Dean. Both left and right are now touting "democracy". Well...that's nice. At least they are on the same page. Sigh. I can barely breathe for all the bullshit.
There has to be a point. A moment where the world goes "Hey...wait a minute!" One lie too many. There has to be that exact moment when even the most clueless among us...well, gets a clue. Doesn't there? I mean how stupid can you be? The most inane things are coming out of mouths these days. Blah blah never ceases. Lies, innuendo, half-truths, fraud....when will it all end?
I'm sure these observations have been made of the world for about ten to twenty thousand years.
I can imagine conspiracy theorists and official news sources at loggerheads over who really killed Julius Ceaser. Things don't change much. Turn on your TV or go to the Colosseum. 'Bout the same thing. Blood sport. Entertainment. Diversion.

I should write something. I should let them know that I ain't buyin it, but I think they already figured that out. I should help others distinguish between lies and facts. I should. I should do it today. But I tire of trying to think for others. I don't know how the ruling kosher klass does it 24/7. I am tired of the human species and their gullibility. I don't want to be human anymore. I would rather be something simpler. A animal lower on the evolutionary scale. Single-minded. Get food, sleep and play. That's about all I can handle lately...I might as well have fur and be much shorter in the bargain. I don't care much what kind of animal...just one that doesn't have to think too much. Maybe a squirrel. Yeah. Screw, around...gather nuts(I'm good at that). They don't worry about moral rectitude or righteous indignation. Don't fathom their own mortality. Don't seek spiritual guidance. Can't be herded or be indentured slaves.

I was looking around a store that I was in today. Waiting in line. I noticed the stickers you get to write your name on when you donate to some charity. You know...for some disease. Usually a jewish-funded one. Anyway, someone had written "Hunter S. Thompson" on one, and in the same hand another with: "Charles Bukowski". That's nice. The clerk didn't understand when I asked him if these two fellows had been in recently, and if it was then a possibility that they weren't really dead. He just said "huh?". That's what I get for saying something. Same thing I get when I write...more often than not. Oh well. No harm done, I guess. I just always feel the need to make the effort. To say something. To write something. Squirrels probably don't get that urge. I'm sure there are no kosher squirrels. Lucky bastards.
It's like this "effort". I really have nothing to express today but desperation of a quiet kind. Not running out in the street screaming at the top of my lungs about NWO's or ashkanazi cabals, but with almost the same level of disgust. Just not as much energy.
It bothers me that clerks don't generally know who Gonzo was. But I shouldn't let it. It shouldn't bother me that Helen Thomas has lost untold decades of pure journalistic fervor...stolen by an abhorrent tribe of selfish shit-heads. But it does. I should write something about this, and I do.

But I would still rather be a squirrel. That's it. I will be the first anthropomorphized antisemitic squirrel to win the coveted Pulitzer prize. Look out world.
Nah. That's a jewish prize anyway...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


"Scared?, ha! I ain't never gonna be scared no more. I was though, for a while it looked as though we was beat, good and beat. Looked like we didn't have nobody in the whole wide world but enemies. Like nobody was friendly no more. Made me feel kind of bad, and scared too. Like we was lost and nobody cared.

Well, maybe, but we sure taken a beatin'.

That's what makes us tough. Rich fellas(jews) come up an' they die an' their kids ain't no good, an' they die out. But we keep a-comin'. We're the people that live. They can't wipe us out. They can't lick us. And we'll go on forever, Pa... 'cause... we're the people."
Jane Darwell as "Ma Joad" in John Ford's adaptation
of John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath 1940

Monday, March 28, 2011

Telling Kids...

I have recently been asked by a college student to be interviewed about my experience and opinions of the sixties.  Ouch.  Shows my age.  But on the other hand it gives me the opportunity to set a few things straight.  This student is doing a project for a class in Gender Studies called: "Sex, Love and Politics in the Sixties". 

Well, there is enough covered under that banner to fill a library.  But I will try to keep it to an hour.  I dunno about the "love" part...but I could write books about the sex question.  The politics portion could get a bit sticky however.

Gender studies.  I don't really know what that means.  According to the jewipedia definition : "Gender Studies is a field of interdisciplinary study which analyzes race, ethnicity, sexuality and location."   Huh?  The limited reading that I have done on this subject keeps referencing people from a particular academic and religious background.  That being the Frankfort school; and of the kosher persuasion.  How it interlaces with Freudian psychoanalysis and the aforementioned academia makes me more than uncomfortable.  But that's just me.

Back to talking about the sixties.
How do you relate the feel of such a time to a kid today?  Someone that doesn't understand the concepts of active protest...rejection of an entire social culture, and having fun in the process.  It was an odd time to which nothing I have experienced since, can compare.  It will be much like trying to describe a dream.  You know when you try to relate the "feel" and texture of such a phenomenon...words can fail.  The old joke "I guess you had to be there"...often applies.  But beyond that, it seems to me that this generation is so far removed from what we rebelled against, that I will be hard-pressed to effectively relate to this student the revulsion we felt for all things "establishment", in those times.  How do you explain that what they see as every-day the very culture to which we took exception then?  It will be difficult to express...I'm sure.  I will try, however.  Because I think it is important, in a small way.

As I try in my humble fashion to link these things that make up the world we live in now, to the judaic...I will try to convey my take on a world gone mad since that time.  It will be a bit of a delicate minuet to explain those times in my terms...and not be discounted as an obsessive, raving "antisemite"...but I have had much practice on that dance floor.   I know the steps and how to lead my partner.  My very adversary has instructed me in this promenade.  No one can bullshit like a bullshitter.   And I am that...for all that I hold to be true and good.  I can sell, if pressed to do so.

Aside from this coming interview and my efforts here, I have had many occasions to instruct.  I re-read that last sentence, and I am struck by the impudence.  I guess what I mean to a preacher of the gospel, I have had opportunity to spread the word.  The gospel according to Timster.  Ha.  Now if that doesn't strike you as arrogant...your eyes must have just skipped a line.  If you are even still reading.  I guess there is no way to say "I know everything...and at times, I will teach those that don't", without coming off as just a tiny bit vainglorious.  That's me.  But you know this.
So I will be relating tales of my membership in the SDS and the John Brown Society and protests and concerts and love-ins and orgies and experimental drug experiences.  All that.  But when it comes to my feelings now about then...well that's when I have to remember my steps.  I have often come up against the mashed-potato wall of "poor jew" indoctrination that fills the heads of the current generation.  Simply because they know nothing else.  They weren't there when it was first being sold to us in this country.  They weren't there when we took them at their word.  "Holo-what?"  "Six MILLION?!?"  " poor things".  All that.  There were so few that questioned it back then, that I share a culpability for not being a bigger part of resisting such propaganda...for the sake of these kids now.
But I am making amends.  My mia culpa is in these pages and in those rare opportunities to instruct, in my fashion. 

Kids.  Go figure.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Of Black Swans And Lepers...

You might as well start now, if you already haven't. Here is a list of surnames to familiarize yourself with the enemy.

I read an article on shunning today. I also read a review of a documentary about the Wall Street ponzi schemes and how we got into this financial mess in which we find ourselves. Neither the film that was reviewed, nor the article on shunning had enough bite for my liking. But that's just me.
The article here on the movie "Inside Job" is well written. Its criticism centers on the film director's obvious deletion of mentioning that all the major players in the most recent banking/mortgage scamming were, are, and always will be members of the tribe. I applaud Gilad his review. Although I haven't seen the film in question, I can imagine it through his description...but I never was a fan of anything economic. To me, the whole subject is a sleeping pill...and I have long ago concluded(and yet to be proven wrong), that all things financial have a hebrew bent, and I simply cannot stomach them. So I probably won't be watching it. However, that being said, his review tells me yet again that I am correct in my assessment of the underhanded jewish dominance of making money from money. Good article. Give it a read.

The article on shunning is also a good one. It details methods that I have suggested in the past for peaceful rejection of all those things that common sense tells you are simply wrong. Standing up and turning your back to politicians or just generally disrupting their flow of bullshit in any creative way you can think of, is good advice. Reject and or avoid them as you would the plague. Of course, I would take it a bit further and narrow the focus of such Thoreau-ish resistance. That would be a total...and PERSONAL BDS program against all members of this criminal tribe; judaism. Do not do business with not socialize with not read or listen to them. In effect treat them as the social lepers that they are.
Prejudice you say? Yes...a measured one. Once bitten, how many times must we stick our hands in their mouths? The adherents to that disgusting religion are also akin to the leper in that they require segregation from decent healthy folks. The filth they spew is catching...horribly so. It infects your children as they worship the box in the corner...and you allow it. It flows from their silver screen, and you watch and listen to it. So until we can physically segregate this leper from the rest of the world, I say inoculate yourself by way of isolating the ashkanazi in our midst.
How do you recognize him? The list of surnames linked above is a start. Get to know them. After that...well, just follow the stench. If there is something that goes against the grain of decency...look for the judaic behind it....then boycott. Follow the money as well. It will always lead to his greedy digits. Do business at local retailers only...the Gentile ones. Do not patronize Big Box stores, Big Banks, Big Mortgage companies, Big films...Big anything. The bigger and more nation or world-wide a corporation is, the more money is flowing into israhell and the amoral businesses that you wish to segregate and strangle by your lack of trade.
"This is a monumental task on a personal level", I hear you saying. Yes. It is. It isn't for half-assed whiners that merely complain about the jew, then turn around and enable him at every opening of the wallet. It isn't for those willing to give him every leisure hour viewing and listening to his diseased tripe through his media. It isn't for wimps. It is for those with the courage of their convictions, however. You. Those that read these thousands upon thousands of blogs warning you of the evil of that "religion". If you have the moral rectitude...the integrity to stand up to this billions of humans that admit to hating the mess that they have gotten us all into...then we have him beaten. Beaten at his own game. Then we can begin to plan the physical separation of this beast from the rest of us...the "jewish colonies".
But then comes the "Black Swan" thing. That is the surprise. When you are used to seeing only white swans...a black one confuses. Is it a swan? Are there "good" jews? Of course. Jews are humans after all. Just humans that were brought up incorrectly. So, in my opinion...and on a personal level(although I know there are those out there that will disagree), you must decide for yourselves which of the judaic that you judge to be truly decent people that are humiliated and ashamed of their cultural heritage(hint: it won't be freakin Natalie Portman). That is a personal choice that you yourself must make. I have been burned by venturing trust to such people, and also rewarded. It is a hard nut to crack. But obverse to the supposed ethic of fair law...we must presume guilt, until innocence is proven. That...they have taught us. Many decent people will be caught up in the coming pogrom to end all pogroms and punished unfairly. I do not doubt this.
But when you deal with must exercise caution at every turn. Even a leper will tell you that.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Change is good.  That's my opinion and I'll stick to it.  Technology is a good thing.  It always has been.  The thinkers and the planners and the inventors of our species doing their part to ensure our survival and progression from the caves to the heavens.
Changes in our attitudes toward one another is a good thing.  The more we bury our prejudices and communicate with others on this rock...the better.  No wrong can come from this.

Heaven knows there are a lot of changes that need to happen before any kind of star-struck ideals that we have, come to fruition.  But most of that change that we depended on to distance ourselves from our Great Grandparents in the caves has been retarded.  We are being throttled as a species by a few of our genus.  Not group think.  Just a few...that wish to live in the past.  That particular past includes being fed grapes by dancing girls at an orgy paid for by the rest of us.  Opulence.  All that the fruits of other's labor will buy for them.
The gurus of this ancient quest for luxury are the ashkanazi.  They of course have their minions...the wanna-be judaic.  Those gentiles that subscribe to this simplistic philosophy, and wish with all their little black hearts to share in the flowing wine and free sex.  Those types, mankind can handle.  It is the kingpins of this anti-human behaviour that are the problem.  For they not only want to drag the rest of us down to their level of slave-master...they genuinely believe they are entitled to the latter of those two roles, by divine right...or some such shit.

So to keep their dream alive...this dream of ruling class forever...they must strangle every challenge to their aspirations.  And by definition of their philosophy, they have gained the power to do so.  
Oh, I'm not saying that we haven't advanced technologically since they first began to grip mankind with their usury.  We advance daily in techie things that have no real meaning to mankind.  We are only allowed to use these technologies for child-like play.  New and higher quality methods to access "their" media, from LCD large screen TV's to the latest Ipod, or the most recent trendy car, do not in any way that I can discern, advance our species one step.  But it does keep the Gentile busy working at their jobs to acquire the latest of these insipid little toys.  But you know all this.  You know all this and yet you and I keep buying.  We are purchasing the past.  In hopes that we can somehow stay abreast of what the jew allows us to purchase.  If there was a Renaissance...this surely is the opposite.  I would say dark age...and that would describe it, but the oppressors of true beneficial change are fully out in the open sunlight as they pull back on the reins of time. The only caveat to their "work-in-lack-of-progress"  is that they have misjudged the power of electronic instant communication, from which they could not resist profiting.  It will be their downfall.

As I dare to say that change is a good thing(I think I said that up at the top), I will also venture that the only technological advance that has been made in the past 100 years that truly benefits mankind as a the technology that brings you these words right now.  This internet.  This easing of communication between those that have been under the thumb of the currency of the jew.  Their currency being all, whether in the form of banking or media... based on the precious LIE.  For after all, that is their trade.  That which they deal in.  Falsehoods that produce opulence for them.

So when I hear swellings of techno-fear in the world, I can understand it I think.  Truly advanced technology is being used against us.  That, we understand all to well.  The toys...they sell us in blister-packs.  We don't need  bigger and better 3-D screens in our living rooms, we need to throw such ridiculous toys in the dust bin.
As an intelligent species, we should have discarded monetary systems hundreds of years ago.  We have also had the technology to destroy corrupt political systems for 150 man-one vote is simple to facilitate, if you remove those that would not benefit from it.  Those few.  The same few that are still nibbling on grapes.
I say the only thing we need from the past is our forebear's recognition of the tribe and their effect of decay.  The wisdom to recognize, as our ancestors did, the one religion that thrives on this adherence to harmful age-old memes of superiority among men.  
True change cannot happen until we turn off these childish toys given us, and grasp our own innovation with both hands and make it work for US...not those lounging on pillows at the orgy.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It Won't Be Pretty...

We were talking about scatter guns.  And how when one goes off, it would be better to be on the back end of the pattern than in its spray.  That it would be better to be behind the shooter than in front of him.
You don't have a lot of time to get there.  This short period shouldn't be spent examining the landscape in front of the firearm. There will be time for that later.  You never know when the intended prey will expose just a bit too much of itself to the hunter.  There will be little crossfire.  Stay behind the shooter, and you should come out of this coming revolt in one piece...though you are going to be witness to some gory scenes.  It won't be pretty.  It won't be potato salad and hot dogs.  It won't be swimming in the sunshine.

I have a friend that is almost convinced.  Almost convinced that I am not entirely out of my mind.  Well, I don't mind playing the fool, if a fool is what it takes.  If I must seem like a maniac obsessed with tracing most all of the ills of man, to a single tribe...a criminal network that hides their tracks in their media...well, then so be it.  Talk about me.  Ridicule all you want.  I don't mind.  I will play the clown.  Actually the more you ridicule the better.  It keeps the conversation at the fore. Court jesters were always known to elicit their humour by way of truth, even at the expense of the royalty they served.
I serve no one but my own conscience.
But anyway...back to this foreshadowing of worldwide revolt.  I don't want anyone hurt.  But then again, I know omelets require the breaking of eggs.  I am happy to eat the final product, understanding what had to happen to set the table.  People will be harmed.  Fatally.  As the judaic/zionist love to decry about their mythic will be mostly jews that will suffer. Zionists and their apologists and enablers.  They will at last live their self-fulfilling prophecy and feel the true hatred that has come back to them.  It is as inevitable as the sunrise.  It must happen.  It will happen.  As fate gathers in a Thomas Hardy novel or a Shakespearean tragedy...providence will out on a global stage.  What has been sewn shall be reaped.  
It will be an awful thing to watch, and we are witnessing its beginning at this moment.
The small revolutions that you see the tribe desperately trying to manipulate in North Africa and the Middle East...are not about deposing puppet despots.  Not on the streets.  They are about the jew.  The jewish zionist and his futile attempts to protect that hell-hole of a terrorist state. His criminal headquarters.  Israel. 
I believe all wars of our planet's history will pale in comparison to what is coming.  It will be an excruciatingly painful birth of a new age...a Gentile-only age.  A period in our development in which the very whisper of the word "jew" will be viewed by all as the ultimate profanity...recalling a time which all would prefer to forget.

At this point, I told my friend, it is not important to understand all of the underpinnings of this coming of a new age.  It isn't compulsory to have waded through the mire of altered history and found the judaic to have been the historic culprit of our ills.  As you do not need to know all the players on the field to cheer for the winning need only see who will win in the end.  Who is ahead at this point...and who has the better team.  It is not so difficult.  But it is important for one's own safety, to understand which team has the odds in their favor.  It isn't the team that cheats.  It isn't the team that tries to bribe the officials.  We all know "bad calls" and "thrown games" when we see them now.  We have seen enough.

So yes.  I am seen by many as the jester, the fool.  But there is a growing number at court that are not only laughing at me...but understanding my mockery...and laughing WITH me.  Laughing at those that sit on the throne temporarily.  
It doesn't matter that I won't always quote line-and-verse of all the references that I have supporting my position of rational "antisemitism".   All the reading and uncensored research that I and many many like me have accomplished, will mean nothing compared to the horrible retribution that will be visited upon those that would silence us now.  The curiosity which has driven us to uncover the judaic's dirty deeds going back to the hanging of the Rothschild shield and even beyond, will be understood later.  After the mob of the last ultimate revolt has accomplished their unpleasant task of ridding the world of this tribal evil.  Then and only then will we, that understood it fully at this point, be vilified and finally understood.  It doesn't take much to move out of the path of the coming final gun-blast's riddling.  One merely need step out of the path.  You can verify everything we have been telling you from this safer vantage-point.  It costs you little to get behind the hunter right now.  You don't even have to be as vocal as we that see what is coming. Don't be on the wrong side of the gun.  If nothing else...just get out of the way for your own sake.

Holocaust, Hate Speech And Were The Germans So Stupid?

Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? from SomberImperil on Vimeo.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Be Careful...

Several sites have put this video up.  With good reason.  Louis Farrakhan lays it on the line.  I am no fan of wearechange...because simply speaking...they aren't.  Any more than oh-bomb-uh is or ever was.  But they have put up this video on jewtube and it has been taken down several times...but a more moving speech in these times of jewish media spin, has not been made.  If this doesn't stir are dead...or stupid enough that there is little difference.  Listen Brothers and Sisters...listen.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Power...

I used to have power.
My power was sought after far and wide, by many.

When I was in my tenth summer, a pharmacy/Sundry in our town started offering a special deal for all us kids. If you were 12 years-old or under, you could...for a dollar...reach into a huge wooden box in the store filled with the best marbles that money could buy...and grab all the glass marvels that your one fist could hold. It was a chance of a lifetime to get so many of those precious perfectly round stones to add to your collection, in just one grab. This offer lasted two weeks, I think, and went on for many summers.
Every boy...and even some girls...marked those weeks on their calenders. To hell with a hell with was ALL about the marbles.

Well, I was big for my age. Proportionately big. Which meant I had huge hands for a ten-year-old. Pharmacists feared me. For they knew when I came strolling down the city streets and into their store, that I had many dollars in my pocket and I could practically drain their treasure trove on that end-cap with just a few deliberate dips of my enormous paw. I got those dollars, because in school for weeks in advance, we all measured hand prints. I always won...hands down. No one could even come close. Few even dared to compare their manos tracing to mine. I was king in these few summers...because not only did I take the dollars of all wishful marble players for miles around, representing their interests in the battle for the best marbles in town; I got to keep my pick of a few from each grab that I accomplished for hire. It was good to be the king. It was good to have the best shooters, clearies, cat-eyes, swirlys and steelies that my brute force could win. I owned those pharmacists and their pathetically naive assessment of my manual abilities. Ha.

I guess you could say that was my first sojourn into the dark side of usury.
But aside from that, I got all those beautiful little balls of delight. Clicking from their bag tied to my belt as I walked down the street, everyone knew that I had the best. We all profited...but I more than anyone...and everyone knew it. That was the best part.
Then came my last summer. I was 12. I was even more determined to drain this store and two others that had fallen into line with the original offer of the "one grab for a dollar" policy, of their precious jewels. But there were other big kids in town doing the same thing I was. Their hands were big...not as big as mine...but big enough to enter the marble-for-hire game I had started. We decided to work as a team in my last marble-grabbing season...we huge-clawed monsters. We roamed from store to store in that steamy hot summer, legitimately robbing these emporiums and the smaller kids, of playing pieces of an ancient pastime. Times were good.

Then disaster struck. I was banned. Banned from competition from the store's game. I had an unfair advantage they told me. All three stores. The word had spread and they had had enough. I, and my tribe of eleven and twelve year old giants had ruined their offer. I was no longer eligible for competition in any of the stores that ran this kid's special. All hell broke loose. Kids demanded their dollars shooters were no longer the biggest and best. My cat-eyes lost their shimmer to newer ones garnered by smaller fists. I had to give up my throne and become just like any other kid. I actually had to win my desired marbles in a legitimate field of play in which I had no real advantage. Bummer.
I went through a short period of martyrdom. A time when I was cool because I was banned...but that didn't last as I saw normal and small-handed kids emerge from these stores with one or two big beautiful shooters that I could have grabbed a half-dozen of, if I were allowed to continue my dubious dipping.
But it was not meant to last, I guess.
As I grew, I grew to understand why they banned me and why my reign of terror ended. The hundreds of smaller kids weren't getting a chance after I strolled out of those stores with my booty. It wasn't fair to them not to have the round glass beauties of their little dreams. And I understood that. Almost always, we are banned. Those that would take from others. Stopped from taking advantage of something meant for all. And that is a good thing. I didn't think so when I was de-throned, I'm sure. But I am sure now.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nutshells And The Seams...

I have learned over the past year or so of this venture, NOT to get into religion too deeply. That is to say, the three Abrahamic religions. It is an inherently offensive topic about which, it seems...everyone is an authority. But I will try to give an overview of my take on it again, because I don't feel that you can accurately portray the modern jew without some sort of reference points.

I'm about half way through the epic "The Message". This is a film directed by Moustapha Akkad in 1976.
Yes...I'm going to go on about film again for a bit. This is an interesting film in that it remains the only historically correct movie about the beginnings of Islam and the life of Mohammad. Well, at least the only one in Technicolor starring Anthony Quinn. There was a disclaimer at the beginning stating that historians and scholars of Islam put their official seal of approval on the accuracy of the I'm going to have to think it's pretty close to the truth, since no jews were involved.
I am actually learning quite a bit about Islam that I am ashamed to admit I didn't really care enough about before to even investigate.
No...I am not turning Muslim.
Even being the foreign film-buff that I profess to be, in all these years I had not heard of this one. It was apparently so important to Akkad to get the message of Mohammad put to film, that he filmed this epic Arabic and English. I am watching the English version.
Even though I have read quite a bit of the Qur'an and enjoyed its pleasant poetry, I knew very little of the life of Mohammad. This movie to me, is like another flavor of the Biblical epics that hollyweird churned out over the 60's and 70's. However this film, (because it is considered blasphemy to portray the image of Mohammad), has the added unusual feature of allowing the audience to view the events of his life through his eyes. That is, there is no actor portraying him...all characters speak to the viewer as if they were Mohammad. Interesting directorial concept and far ahead of its time. Other than that, it mimics the same Biblical techniques as hollyweird. The same technicolor, sandy locations and pretty-boy coiffed disciples. But with a different leading character. Not Moses or Jesus...the other guy.
I don't mean to belittle the beliefs of almost 2 billion people of the world, by that statement. It's just that tales about desert prophets will always remain that to me...just tales. But that's me.
Anyway, I was watching this film and wondering why I had never heard of it before. There is no patent antisemitism in it. It had a few hollyweird stars...was decently directed...inspirational...respectful of Christianity, and even judaism. So why didn't it make it in the Occident? I think as innocuous as it was, there are two reasons. One - there was little money to be made from it by jews. And Two- The ashkanazi that are in charge of such things as film promotion and distribution have that hate thing going on with Muslims. I guess I didn't really get it. They hate but tolerate the Christian...and make money off him. But in no way will a jew conscience Islam. Seems a little unfair...I mean if you are going to spread your hatred, spread it evenly, I say. But that's just me.
The reason, I believe, is that Islam calls the bluff of the ashkanazi.
Until the Christian world understands this fact...they will never understand the vilification in kind that the "jew" practices through their media.
I do not wish to get into a debate on the history of the Abrahamic religions of the I stated at the beginning of this thing. However I think it is important to understand that "judaism" or at least as it is known in the vagary of ancient holy texts is not in any way related to the zionist reform judaism raping the world today. Even though its talmud reveals it to be the most ridiculous, callous and evil of the big three...that is not really what is practiced under the guise of judaism today.
According to this film...the very miracle of Mohammad's penning of the Qur'an was first predicted by the truly jewish living in Mecca at the time. There was no enmity between Islam and the jewish then. What happened?
Well, the jews in the Holy Land moved shop. That is to say they took to converting the unconvertable. The dreaded Khazar. Now these guys weren't too nice of a crowd. If they were to adopt a religion, it couldn't be based on the "love your neighbor" ethic as Islam an Christianity were. It didn't really suit their mantra. So the Khazarian tribes(and a few other nasty ones) used this filthy talmud as license to continue their rape and pillage lifestyle...and the rest, as they history. I believe at last jewry are 80% ashkanazi Khazarian decedents. The rest are REALLY disgusting. I may be a bit off on the actual numbers, but I think we get the gist of this thing.
The new jew, doesn't HAVE to tie a little box to himself and mimic certain oral/sexual motions with his head, if he doesn't feel comfortable doing so. He can continue to rape an pillage however as his hijacked good-book tells him. Kinda "judaism-light".
Be that as it may, the seams are coming apart. It's becoming a bit difficult for the chosen to get the entirety of Christendom( about the same numbers...roughly 2 billion) to hate their Muslim brothers for any great length of time. Even with their control of the media. It just ain't gonna last. The stitches are popping out all over. Outside of politicians pushing the notion of Muslim terrorism, and useful idiots like Pastor Hagee, few are buying this crap anymore.
Well, that's my view of the whole jew-Muslim thing. Skewed and simplistic as it is in its little explains quite a bit in this skewed little nutshell of a world...I think.
But that's just me.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Gentleman's Agreement...

I remember(oh he goes again) when I first saw that film. Gentleman's agreement. Up until then, I loved to watch Gregory Peck. This was one of his earlier films, but I did not see it until after I had seen his truly great movies, like Moby Dick and of course To Kill A Mockingbird. To me as a youngster, Peck WAS Atticus Finch.

The movie has a strange history. Darryl Zanuck decided to do this film from the novel, amidst protest(as the story goes) from Louis B. Mayer and other jewish hollyweird moguls. Jews that ran these film factories allegedly thought it too hot an issue at the time. However, it was a hit. Probably more because of it's novelty than anything. If you haven't seen it...I really would recommend it. Not because it is a particularly good film or performance for Peck, but it is a window into the beginnings of the "poor jew" persona that tinsel-town has been hawking ever since.
Probably what really happened is that Mayer decided to put the book to film...then found Gentile patsies to produce(Zanuck) and direct(Elia Kazan, who hated the idea of the film but had to direct it under contract) in case there was a lot of fallout from it's subject matter. That would be my guess. But that's as may be.
The film centers around a journalist that takes on a project concerning anti-semitism in 1940's New England. The journalist played by Peck gets so involved in the piece that he decides to pose as a jew to experience the alleged discrimination that jews felt at the time. It's a whiny piece of celluloid actually...with only one jew (John Garfield) actually starring in it. I remember at the time that I saw it, thinking even back then...that it was hardly fodder for a decent story.
But beyond that, the title bespeaks the entire plot. A gentleman's agreement was one uncovered of Gentiles not allowing jews to join country clubs, stay in ritzy hotels...etc. Well, the implication was that since these poor jews were now people of means...this is the only place that they felt the bigotry...and they damned well weren't going to stand for it. In this, it was an accurate portrayal, since it takes place as stolen jewish wealth was beginning to accumulate( 1947-48) and israhell was just about to become the officially recognized headquarters for their mafia. A gentleman would not stand for that pushy behaviour. That was the storyline. Maybe this attitude portrayed by the wealthy Gentiles in the film should be revisited today.
I always loved that word "Gentleman". To me it alludes to dignity. It refers to a man that is above many of the seedy things in life. Interesting notion. Archaic notion. Gentlemen agree on certain things. Things that have to do with morality and decency. Not implied bigotry that the film attempts to ascribe and the guilt that it lays on Gentiles for their disdain for the jewish. But that is hollyweird in it's early days of the thousands of guilt trips it has laid on its audience.
For nothing else, this film and the simultaneously released "Crossfire" were milestones in those negative feelings that hollyweird loves to provoke. Mixing the positive connotation of the act of a gentleman, with bigotry and hatred. You could easily see these well-heeled antagonists in the film ordering the death of slaves in the south, or flipping the switch on a gas-chamber full of jews in Nazi Germany. This depiction was that obvious and divisive.
I would tend to say that few films have come out of that Southern California bar-mitzvah that are as obvious as this one...but then I think of the crap that Steven Spielberg has churned out in the name of zionism...and I hesitate.

Strangely enough, two of this movie's actors were involved in the House Un-American Activities trials during the communist(jew)witch-hunt in hollyweird. John Garfield and Ann Revere. Garfield died before he could refuse to testify. Revere...herself a Gentile but married to jewish theater director Sam Rosen...took the fifth amendment and was blackballed for many years.
As I have re-viewed this film recently, I find myself cheering for the bad guys. I love that about older movies. Time and its record on film has given us the privilege of seeing ourselves go through changes that can actually reverse the polarity of many once-held beliefs. Back to the time when perhaps, as in this film, the feeling that was being demonized was actually the correct one. If we only knew then what we know now.

I think most Gentlemen could agree on that.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Old Grudges...

The following may be seen, in these times of woe, to be petty and negligible...but I can hold a grudge. Oh yes. Oh my, yes. Forever if need be.
It's probably not good for my blood pressure. They say it's not a good thing to let festering anger consume you when you are reminded of someone that always got your goat for some reason.
I disagree. To me, grudges remind me of who I am. They are grounding. "Oh yeah...I remember that bastard!...let me tell you why I hate him". On and on we go with axes that are supposed to have been buried long ago. But if the reasons that we replay these feuds over and over in our minds remain, well...I say keep a good grip on that grudge.

I remember the first time I heard about the notion that amerika was actually dying. It came in the form of a stolen melody and jewish lyrics. And I thought. No! We can't give up that easily. The idea behind this country was a good one if we would only stick to it. We must be vigilant in our preservation of this republic. Who is this jew telling me:
"We come on the ship they call the Mayflower We come on the ship that sailed the moon We come in the age's most uncertain hour and sing an American tune But it's all right, it's all right You can't be forever blessed"

Well, the author of these lyrics may or may not have been Paul Simon. Who knows who really writes the songs that jews like he and Bob Zimmerman collect the royalties from. Anyway, Simon sang them to a classical melody that no one recognized at the time as being stolen from Bach's "St. Matthew Passion". I'm sure he didn't mind that people thought he penned that gorgeous melody...or the music that he appropriated from Ladysmith Black Mambazo later in his career. But that's just jews. And a jew would say "homage" when he is caught lifting...oh well.
Anyway it struck me at the time as being too cynical. Way too "who the hell are you to say that our ills can't be cured?" Well, of course, who ever actually wrote those lyrics was correct. It is dead...our nation. It was his tribe that killed it. I hated this ashkanazi for recording that statement in song. To me it was almost gloating. I hated Simon and Garfunkle. They were not beat poets, but harbingers of ill-will, like Zimmerman and his bag of stolen music and cynicism-for-cash. Their slick stolen tunes and jewish manner depressed know that they could become so popular in their anti-popular popularity. Making a buck off anything they could put to vinyl. Even the grammy for Scarborough Fair, one of their biggest hits, had to be rescinded when Simon himself admitted that it was just an over-produced recording of an archaic English folk song.
But that's as may be. And not really what I started out to talk about. Just another jewish thorn in my side that I had to pull.
It is about the constant barrage of all things judaic that permeates our society that can keep me in a state of rage and depression. There must be a word that encompasses those two emotions. Like ambivalence but with more attitude. I don't know the word...but I hate the feeling. I hate that I have to feel it. But I do. It keeps me sane when I understand that many out there have these same grudges against the thieves and oppressors.
As long as I am airing my grudges against Simon in particular today...I also remember an appearance he made on the Dick Cavett show, pushing some new shit he and his jew-buddy had recorded, in which he stated that it was impossible that Lennon and McCartney had written any of the music they recorded. Really. He actually SAID that on the national airwaves. He stated very authoritatively that without the type of classic musical training that he himself had received at Juliard, they couldn't have possibly understood how to pen those melodies that made them so famous.
I remember my jaw hanging open...just as Cavett's was. How could he attempt to legitimatize his jealousy in such a childish way as this in public? What an elitest jewish shithead. I was aghast at such a statement, as was the audience and the host. I think Cavett just kind of let it fall on the floor, and moved on...but. Hello? I know you are saying to yourself " Dude...move on. That was eons ago...what the hell could it matter now?".
This incident was although insignificant to most, an epiphany of sorts to me. It laid bare the yiddish soul...or lack thereof. For me anyway...and I CAN hold a grudge when I am so offended.
It's part and parcel to the beginnings of my "grudge" against the judaic mentality. Their use of the Gentile for his back-breaking labor...AND his creativity which they either steal outright, exploit to the max...or denigrate when their efforts pale in comparison.
The thing that keeps this grudge of mine alive, I think, is that it hasn't changed at all since those days. This outrageous behaviour of the jew in his media has only gotten worse over the years. There is no one to stop them there. They own the only game in town.
Forgive me my pettiness. As I forgive yours. But I won't forgive the likes of Paul Simon till they put me in a box. May he and his whole tribe rot in hell.
There. I feel better.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dancing Around The Stars...

I am fed to the teeth. I have literally had enough of this bullshit.
I'm sorry, but I cannot conscience any more pundits telling the S&MSM and out here in the "alternative media" about secret societies directing the failure of the world.
They dance and dance. This multibillionaire-that media mogul. This unusually greedy mortgage banker-that particularly fraudulent Wall Street mover-and-shaker. Don't step on the stars. When do we all see the string in this necklace of turds? When do we recognize the common bond that holds this repugnant jewelry together about the neck of humanity?
There is one y'know. A commonality...a sameness...a communal philosophy. A training ground for these beasts. It is judaism.

I know, I have said this before. I will keep saying it.

We have a gift of intelligence and the ability to identify those things that are within our scope of vision, and yet we dance. Dance around these things.
Watching jewvision is not an option for me. That was discarded...well, way before most of you were born. It is all lies on that screen. But that's the MSM party-line. I expect that. What twists the knife in my gut are these "documentaries" that purportedly expose the REAL history of finance or reasons for war or political hi-jinx. This from the "alternative" media. Those wonderful folks that bring you everything from Alex Jones to Loose Change, and yes even the Zeitgeist films. They are the truly gifted dancers. It's their avoidance of naming the beast that causes me to throw soft things at my monitor, cursing and spitting.
How can you make a film like Tiny Dot or countless other "expose's" and not name the jews behind all this? TV is one thing. But those out there misinforming the interactive surfer must be truly adept at the latest steps in doing the same old media dance. They must appear to be walking right up to the house of Rothschild with a weapon...but then at the last moment they slide to the left and twirl to reveal that it isn't jewish bankers after's the Bohemian Grove boys...or the Bilderberg kids. It's all so confusing they would have you believe. There is no ONE conspiracy. Just that darned old human nature and its greed. This must be one tricky step to learn...all that sliding and pussyfooting. Fuck that.

I read an interesting article about Bollywood history. I love watching films from other countries/cultures. They are a window into the minds of the people outside my experience...generally speaking. I have watched many Bollywood films. At first I scratched my head and said "Huh?". I didn't get it. But I tried and tried to understand this cinemagraphic phenomenon of putting singing and dancing in the most unusual of places throughout these Indian films. To me they were like REALLY bad Busby Berkley films on steroids. So I did a little research on the cultural background behind these movies. Hah. Little surprise there. The fact that these movies are so long, speaks to the Indian "family" entertainment concept of ...a whole day's entertainment, like the Indian borrowed culture of cricket(which can go on forever). It is just a different view of what the length of entertainment should be. Got it. Then I learned that the whole idea of "music out of nowhere" comes guessed it...the jews. Indian jews began this silly tradition in their celluloid fantasies from the beginning. Go figure. It seems no culture is immune to their warped view of reality. Well, that comes, as I said, as little surprise. But it does bring up a point that MAY relate to what I started on about at the beginning of this wandering shout.
If you are out here decrying the state of the world...if you think you have some answers as to why all things human are circling the drain...and you don't name the jew, you are IMHO, one of three things:

1. Totally unaware, as you dance through your two-step routine, that there are "stars" out there that you are NOT stepping on. That is to say that you don't actually see the hand of the ashkanazi in most of the evil out there(which in itself strains credulity)'s there. Just do some damned research into anything you "don't get".

2. Are part and parcel(jewish or jewish enabling for silver) of the tribe's efforts...or

3. Scared shitless.

The day before yesterday, via my feedjit software, I identified 16 separate hits from Tel Aviv in less than an hour and a half. They weren't looking at the pretty pictures, I'm sure. I have been hacked, shut down and called every name in the comment section, that a 14 year old could imagine. I have been called a "filthy fucking anti-semite" on the phone, pulled out of a crowd at Heathrow airport and questioned by agents while being strip-searched by hebrew-paid goons. And this is just what has happened since I began this blog. It doesn't include the years I have been shunned and labeled throughout my life for naming the beast.
And y'know what? I'm still alive and kicking. I'm still calling a jew a jew. I still have him by the scruff of the neck and I'm not letting go. I understand his philosophy and I am not part of his tribe. I don't dance around any stars. I don't even dance at all.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Rachel...

In Memoriam to our Dear Rachel on the 8th anniversary of her death in Palestine...the following from Dr. Lasha Darkmoon

Our Rachel

Dr. Lasha Darkmoon

For Patrick Willis, a true lover of Palestine, who decided to take a Rachel poem of mine and turn it into a moving new video: In Memory of Rachel Corrie. It is hoped that the essay presented below will serve as an introduction to this widely acclaimed video as well as a tribute to Rachel on the 8th anniversary of her death on March 16.
She was called “St. Pancake” by her killers soon after her death. It was a term of derision for a young woman determined to make a martyr of herself. She had gotten herself pancaked. Flattened. Crushed beneath the blades of a bulldozer while giving succor to terrorists.
In the words of Zionist professor Steven Plaut, Rachel is “a sort of Mother Teresa for the radical left and apologists of Islamofascism. She is a martyr-saint for the pro-terror lobby.”
16 March will mark the 8th anniversary of Rachel’s death. It’s a good time to remember her and ask ourselves what she died for. Are the Palestinians any nearer to achieving their dreams of an independent state? Are those who killed Rachel in a stronger or weaker position than they were eight years ago?
There are two versions to every major news story that comes out of Israel: the Zionist version and the non-Zionist one. These narratives never agree. They are mutually incompatible. One is the “right” version, the kosher and politically correct one advanced by organized Jewry and its hasbara agents in the mainstream media. The other is the “wrong” version, the one touted by “anti-Semites” and “conspiracy theorists”.
Rachel seen through Zionist eyes
According to the Zionist worldview, Rachel Corrie was
a clueless flag-burning undergraduate from Evergreen State College in Washington. Urged on by her radical professors, she decided to join the missions organized by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). She and her comrades were sent off to the “occupied territories” to assist Palestinian terrorist groups. (See here)
Having arrived in Gaza in January, 2003, age 23, the budding terrorist had immediately been given a crash course by the ISM in how to be a thorn in the flesh to Israel. She lived among the Palestinians in Gaza, eating their food and imbibing their false values and skewed views of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Needlessly concerned about the “illegal occupation” of Palestine in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria, all one hundred per cent Jewish by divine mandate, this dangerous fanatic seemed to be unaware that the Arabs had been squatters on Jewish land since the 13th century; and that this land, Greater Israel, stretched from the Nile to the Euphrates.
Here is Zionist pundit Denis Prager, telling us how unspeakably evil and misguided Rachel was:
Rachel Corrie chose to side with a society that breeds some of the cruelest murderers of innocent people in the world. [Emphasis in original]. Rachel Corrie gave her life trying to protect people whose declared aim is to annihilate another country. She was one of the many fools our colleges annually produce.
We are told repeatedly that Rachel was idealistic—as if that matters. Virtually every person who commits great evil—the Nazi, the communist, the Islamic terrorist—is idealistic.
We are told ad nauseam that Rachel Corrie was a “peace activist.” So let it be said once and for all that most of these people are moral frauds. Why? Because “peace activists” routinely protest only against peaceful countries. [They] only target peace-loving Israel and America.
Rachel Corrie and the millions marching to protect Saddam Hussein’s Iraq have never uttered a peep against Palestinian terror, Iraqi totalitarianism or North Korean gulags. Instead, they focus their animosity at the countries that confront these evils—the United States and Israel.
Grieve for Rachel Corrie’s parents, but spare us the hagiography. Rachel Corrie died fighting for the International Solidarity Movement, a Palestinian group dedicated—in its own words—to “armed struggle” against Israel. She ended up being a useful idiot for, and one more victim of, Palestinian terror. (See here)
On 16 March 2003, this useful idiot went too far. For two hours, she kept interfering with the work of an Israeli bulldozer trying to demolish a Palestinian doctor’s home; a doctor with terrorist sympathies whose house had tunnels built under it, through which food, medical supplies and arms were being smuggled to give aid and sustenance to “filthy Arabs”—one million of whom, as we are reliably informed by respected rabbis, “are not worth a Jewish fingernail”.
She kept on getting in the way of the good Jewish driver, taunting him through a bullhorn and skipping from mound to mound of earth in her hateful fluorescent orange jacket, making it impossible for him to kill her and pretend he hadn’t seen her.
She was certainly asking for it.
Here is Steven Plaut again, Associate Professor of Business Studies at Haifa University, offering his condolences to Rachel’s parents after the tragic death of their daughter:
Welcome to Haifa, Mr and Mrs Corrie….Your daughter was in a war zone as a belligerent, on behalf of a movement of Arab fascists seeking to destroy Israel and murder as many Jews as possible. Your daughter died while interfering with an anti-terror operation carried out by soldiers in a land in which she had no business being at all….The Jews have been battling Arab fascism and genocidal terrorism for a hundred years, before, during, and after the Nazi Holocaust of six million Jews. Your daughter was helping those who perpetrate Nazi-like atrocities against randomly selected Jews….Your daughter has become a symbol for dangerous foolhardiness. She essentially committed suicide as an empty gesture to assist murderers and terrorists. (See here)
“Martyr, idiot, dedicated, deluded. Why did this American college student crushed by an Israeli bulldozer put her life on the line? And did it matter?” —Joshua Hammer, caption to a picture of Rachel in The Death of Rachel Corrie. (Mother Jones, 9/2003:
Rachel seen through non-Zionist eyes
Let’s cut to the chase now. Having described the politically correct version of Rachel’s death, the one insisted on by organized Jewry and the mainstream media, let’s consider the politically incorrect version now, if only in the interests of balance.
Here is Alison Weir, a well-respected authority on Palestine. Having read scores of different accounts of Rachel’s death, including every single eyewitness report, this is Weir’s beautifully succinct summation:
On March 16th, 2003, an Israeli soldier driving a bulldozer two-stories high crushed to death 23-year-old Rachel Corrie, an American nonviolent human rights protester. According to numerous witnesses and photographic documentation, she was killed intentionally.
Rachel and a handful of others practicing Gandhian nonviolence in the Gaza Strip had been pleading with Israeli soldiers for two hours not to destroy a Palestinian family home. Suddenly, the Israeli bulldozer operator began driving his giant bulldozer toward the home, Rachel sitting in the bulldozer’s path. Witnesses report that she then stood up on the mound of debris and dirt pushed by the bulldozer blade and looked straight at the operator through the window. He continued, and she was pulled underneath the tractor, its blade crushing her. He then backed up, running over her again, burying her deeper into the dirt. (My emphasis, see here).

Weir concludes her account of Rachel’s death:
Her friends ran to her screaming. They dug her out of the dirt. One told me that Rachel’s eyes were open; her last words were, “My back is broken.” (See here)
The day after Rachel’s death there was a memorial service for her in Gaza. Many Palestinians attended this service, the men’s faces etched with silent grief, the women’s eyes streaming tears. Here was a lovely American girl in the full flower of her youth who had died for Palestine.
Not to be excluded, the Israelis decided to attend Rachel’s memorial service too. To mock and gloat. The same bulldozer that had killed her was sent in to disrupt the ceremony. And this it did.
“The bulldozer that killed her drove slowly, exultantly past…” (Alison Weir)
Rachel’s Death: Its larger significance
Let’s now attempt to set the tragedy of Rachel Corrie within a wider context.
Clearly the death of this iconic figure was a public relations disaster for Israel. The effect of decades of Holocaust propaganda must have unravelled in a single instant. You bastards, you killed our Rachel! This must have been the thought uppermost in the minds of millions of Americans on hearing the tragic news of Rachel’s death. The ability to squeeze tears from non-Jewish eyes for Jewish suffering must have suffered a serious setback at this point. Why should we mourn your dead at Auschwitz when you killed our beautiful Rachel?
I confess, bad Christian that I am, that unkind thoughts such as these assailed me on the day I first heard that Rachel’s life had been snuffed out in the Holy Land. To put it mildly, the manner of her death did not increase my respect for Israel or enhance my capacity for shedding tears for Anne Frank.
I found myself buying a candle for Rachel and lighting it before a side altar in the Benedictine abbey near my home, offering up this prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, protector of the weak, let Israel come to a speedy and peaceful end and the Jews be sent on their travels again—back to the countries where they belong!”
I shouldn’t have said that. But this is how I felt. And now that I’ve confessed it, I feel better.
Consider now these significant facts:
Rachel was killed on March 16, 2003, exactly four days before the beginning of the Iraq War. Ariel Sharon, already guilty of war crimes (Sabra and Shatila massacres, 1982) was Prime Minister of Israel at that time. He it was who had said, shortly after 9-11, that Israel could more or less do what it wanted with impunity. “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it!” he had famously boasted on Israel radio.
America said nothing on that occasion. It swallowed the insult.
Sharon must have known, on the day of Rachel’s death, that the Americans were getting geared up for their attack on Iraq four days later. They would have other more important things on their minds than the death of an obscure peace activist in Gaza. Sharon was on a roll. There is little doubt that the killing of Rachel received the green light from the Butcher of Sabra and Shatila himself.
Having spent two hours trying to demolish a house with Rachel constantly getting in his way, the bulldozer driver must have phoned for instructions from headquarters. Admittedly, this is pure speculation. The directive must have come back—so I imagine—“Kill her!” A salutary lesson needed to be set. The ISM peace activists had to be taught a stern lesson that Israel was not to be trifled with. If you throw yourself in front of a bulldozer, you can expect to get run over.
There is additional support for the hypothesis that Rachel’s death was a state-sanctioned act of premeditated murder. What “additional support”? Well, the fact that the same policy of reckless disregard for the lives of ISM peace activists was to continue unchecked in the immediate aftermath of Rachel’s death.
On April 5, a mere three weeks after Rachel’s death, peace activist Brian Avery was shot in the face by IDF forces and severely disfigured. Six days after that, on April 11, it was another peace activist’s turn. British ISM volunteer Tom Hurndall was shot in the head by an IDF soldier and left clinically brain dead, dying nine months later.
Many similar incidents followed, demonstrating that the bad publicity resulting from Rachel’s death had done nothing to galvanize Israel into taking remedial steps to improve its image.
I need mention only a few names: Tristan Anderson (American), Emily Henochowicz (Jewish-American), Tove Johansson (Swedish), Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire (Irish). I leave it to the reader’s imagination to picture the horrific injuries often sustained by Israel’s many victims: blindness, brain damage, disfigurement, mutilation, paraplegia, pain.
Tove Johansson, Swedish human rights activist, whose face was badly disfigured by an Israeli settler. Her crime? Helping Palestinian children get safely to school. About a hundred settlers gathered to jeer and spit at her and other peace activists with the chant: “We killed Jesus! We’ll kill you too!”
Facts and Figures
The number of foreigners killed and injured in Israel are a mere miniscule fraction of the number of Palestinians put through the mad mangle. More than 45,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel within the last ten years. Countless more have been injured.
Consider these horrific statistics: between four and five Palestinian children have been killed on average every week for the last ten years by Israeli forces, more than one every second day. (Based on figures found here).
Despite the fact that Israel has violated 65 UN resolutions, the US government continues to give this parasitic pariah state $8.2 million per day. Total “direct” aid to Israel has been conservatively estimated at $140 billion. It is interesting to note that, when indirect aid is added to this enormous sum, the total cost to the American taxpayer is a staggering $3 trillion — the identical amount, by the way, that Rabbi Dov Zakheim managed to “lose” or “misplace” when he was Chief Financial Officer at the Pentagon a few years ago.
If you’re wondering what $3 trillion looks like, imagine a stack of $100 bills piled up to 340 times the altitude of Mt Everest—or a money tower of $100 bills 3037 miles tall. (Based on figures found here and here).
Conflicting Stories: Who is lying?
As I mentioned earlier, there are always two sides to any question involving the state of Israel. There is the non-Zionist (or anti-Zionist) narrative which is usually harsh and condemnatory, accusing Israel of bad behaviour, and there is the Zionist narrative which is invariably self-exculpatory and seeks to present Israel as spotlessly innocent. We have seen this drama enacted repeatedly. There is little new here.
There was the USS Liberty incident in 1967, for example. (Here is a survivor’s detailed eyewitness account). On that occasion, a United States Navy research ship, USS Liberty, moving through international waters, was attacked by the Israeli Air force and Israeli Navy torpedo boats. Thirty-four American crew members were killed and 170 injured. There is more than enough evidence to show that this was a false flag act of terrorism committed by Israel against America.
As one might have expected, the Israelis claimed it was all a tragic accident, and the US government was happy to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Only last summer, there was the Gaza flotilla incident in which Israeli paratroopers attacked six ships in international waters on their way to Gaza on a humanitarian mission. Nine peace activists, mostly Turkish, were killed, and about fifty injured. On this occasion, turning logic on its head, the Israelis claimed they had been acting in self-defense when their own unprovoked violence had produced the inevitable resistance. (See here)
As usual, two conflicting accounts: the Israeli version and the world’s version.
Perhaps the most striking example of these polarities of viewpoint can be seen in the case of the Gaza War that took place in the winter of 2008-9 (‘Operation Cast Lead’). This led to massive disproportionate casualties on the Palestinian side, amounting to a massacre—a ratio of over 100 to 1 killed—together with the almost complete destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure; and it was concluded later, after an international investigation led by Judge Richard Goldstone, himself a Zionist Jew, that Israel had been guilty of serious war crimes.
Despite these findings by a panel of world-renowned legal experts, Israel was to be let off the hook completely. It investigated itself and found that its behavior had been irreproachable. The AIPAC-enthralled American government reached a similar conclusion. Many neoconservatives went even further and suggested that the only “criminal” here was Judge Goldstone himself, an incorrigible anti-Semite and Hamas sympathizer!
What Israel says, our media repeat. What Israel demands, our government gives. What Israel wants, its well-greased lobby delivers. — Alison Weir, We Won’t Forget Rachel Corrie
So much for truth and justice in an Alice in Wonderland world turned upside down.
We won’t forget
Poor Rachel! What did you die for? Who is there to mourn you now except the Palestinians and those who love Palestine?
We shall not forget you, Rachel. We shall carry you in our hearts like a hidden flame. In your lovely innocence and idealism, you will remain to us always the perfect symbol of our people—and a reminder of what awaits us all in the days of tribulation to come.
Amnesty International condemned the killing of Rachel in the most emphatic terms. She is our role model, our icon, our symbol of sacrifice. Neither Israel nor its American backer paid the slightest attention.
Christian Bustany, Amnesty International’s US representative, lamented the fact that our dear Rachel, the flower of our race, had been so callously killed and nothing done about it.
As Rachel Corrie was an American citizen, the US government has a particular responsibility to ensure thorough, proper and impartial investigation of her death. US-made bulldozers have been ‘weaponized’. Their transfer to Israel must be suspended.
The killer bulldozers are still shipped out to Israel in vast numbers, courtesy of the American taxpayer, demolishing houses every day, uprooting olive trees, and running amok amid a terrified people.
The day after Rachel’s death, Israeli forces killed nine Palestinians, including three children.
It was business as usual.
Young Rachel…looking forward to life
Rachel's last words:" My back is broken"

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (
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