Sunday, February 6, 2011


I've had enough. I think most of us in the world have had enough. Enough winter. Enough discontent. Enough of the way things are. It is foreign to our nature to suffer this long, and some of us are doing something about it.
This post is a mess. It's going to be a mess in print because it comes from a mess up there in the cranial confines. Things are zinging and zapping around not making the normal connections. Maybe I'm coming down with something. Maybe not. Maybe it's just winter blues. I hate winter.

I don't do superbowls. I find nothing to celebrate or get excited about because a bunch of guys beat hell out of each other while most wait on the commercials. How did things get this way. I dunno. To me it's a day to go out and do something. Restaurants are empty. Roads are empty. Nice.

Not so nice in Egypt.

I remember a movie that was popular in the 70's. Hard Core. It was banned in Boston, so to speak, although it would seem a bit tame today. A mainstream movie that addressed the world of pornography. Directed by a jew trying to throw a softball pitch for the industry. His industry. That movie affected me. In it were the lines to the effect that religion wasn't important, nor was prostitution...they are just a way of life. Neither to be taken too seriously. Maybe that's where we are now. Being told that nothing is really important enough to get all bent about. I think there are a lot of those at the top of our pyramidal human structure that would have you think that. It helps their efforts. Their efforts must be quite a task, I have decided. To play god with so many people's lives. To direct, to must occupy them constantly. And we complicate matters for them. We riot here and boycott there...hardly paying attention to our tv's anymore. Call them names. Reveal their little plans and schemes. We are unruly children. I read a CNN poll that concluded that the majority of people don't care who wins the superbowl. That's odd. Maybe it's this damned winter. Discontented with our toys.

Quick vote

What's your main reason for watching the Super Bowl?
The game -45%
I'm not -38%
The ads -17%
This is not a scientific poll

So back to winter. How can I not come back to it. It won't leave us alone. It keeps us dressing up for ten minutes, just to go out for five. It slows our pace and maddens. We slide off the roads and feel the aching muscles specific for shoveling snow, that we hadn't even noticed since last year at this time. I for one, am sick of it. It is a constant sting on the a slap. A slap that we don't deserve, like the sibling that gets a backhand to the mouth just for protesting their brother or sister's punishment. Parents can do that. Rulers can do that. Weather systems can do that. It isn't fair. Who do I see about this inequity?
Parenthood is a funny thing. The least qualified to parent are children...or so they tell you. However, that makes up the majority of them. Children that take that slap and pass it on down to their offspring. No matter what their age, if they are of an age to reproduce, they can reproduce what took place just a season ago in their young lives. Take that hatred and pass it on...ever increasing. Self-substantiating hatred and cruelty, until the only fairness left is the one being beaten out of their children.

Judaism and its child, zionism are like that. Slap. Passing down the hatred...season after stinging-cold season. Until now their is no innocence left in Rothshildlandia. But hey, it's just a part of life they tell us. Like pornography and prostitution and religion. Nothing to get bent about. It's just winter. It will soon be spring. I can't wait. Literally.


Anonymous said...

There is a three inch thick layer of ice on everything here. Supposed to get some snow today, it might improve traction on the ice. The stupor bowl doesn't mean a whole lot to the people not living in the participating towns. Gropenf├╝hrer Butch will have her mouth breathing goons out in force at the stupid bowl. I would be pissed about getting groped and fondled after paying thousands for a ticket.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Coincidentally, just about to walk my two bunnies down to school; will respond more substantially when I return 'tout de suite'.


Anonymous said...

I think your attitude at was was misguided.

Fussy, precious.

Cannibal Rabbi

Anonymous said...

Winter has been horrible, I have been going through a horrible time, physically and mental wise. But it could always be worse. At least we got your informative blog and I can have some fun on mine with my new found hobby. G. E. G.
Oops I almost forgot to ask is writing as fun to you as LSD.

Timster said...

Anon@11:30 - Snow on Christmas Eve is nice...other than that, I hate it.

Timster said...

V - Bunnies at school?!?! Nice image. I think I'll keep that up there. Thanks.

Timster said...

Rabbi - Thanks.

Timster said...

G.E.G. - Yes.