Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ink, Just For Fun...

There are many things going on in the world that need to be addressed. Revolutions, zionist-sponsored terrorism and oppression. And I try to address these issues with as much tenacity as I can. But sometimes, usually on a Saturday...well...

Tattoos interest me. They always have. And I'm not talking about acquiring the addiction to get a collection of them myself...but wondering about what drives people to do it in the first place. There are going to be no judgments here about them, or the desire to have ink indelibly injected into the skin. Just an examination of them and how they relate to our modern world, through my perspective.

The first one I saw was on a man that lived next to us when I was a kid. He was a great guy. He had been in the navy during WWII. Well, that would explain it ...back then. He had one of the common navy ones...a poorly rendered pin-up blond overlaid on an anchor and rope. A sailor's tattoo. It was excusable, and on his rarely seen.
After a neighborhood kid's jaw would finally become functional again after close scrutiny of this little skin picture, the inevitable question would come: :"did it hurt?". "Nah, I was drunk as I remember", always came the reply from my neighbor. Nice memory, that. Although this introduction for me to the odd ritual of art on skin remains in my memory, there was one question I never asked him (for I knew better than to question anything an adult did, in that, a different time)...was...why? Well, I later came to understand that when you are blitzed out of your gourd, just about anything can sound like a good idea at the moment. I'm sure millions of tats have been etched on inebriated skin throughout Western history. Some regretted, some painfully removed...most just forgotten and covered.
But it has become a different ritual recently. It has morphed into something other than a military right of passage. Now it is seen as an extension of identity. You are what you have needled on your skin.
From the sublime to the ridiculous...the beautiful to the misspellings, they have captured the imagination of everyone it seems. They are still acquired however, by paying some guy with a pony-tail and gloves without fingers, that will, as one once told me: " ... tattoo anything anyplace on anyone".
Also something that interests me is the fact that traditional jewish law dictates that no jew that has been tattooed, shall be buried in a jewish cemetery. Well, even that is changing as judaism morphs to fit their lusts. I think it comes from this: "You shall not make gashes in your flesh for the dead, or incise any marks on yourselves: I am the Lord" (Leviticus 19:28). But that about had to change considering that the evil nazis inked numbers on their yiddish prey, just before they killed them(now that makes a lot of sense...couldn't be that the tats were really to control those in a forced labor program?). I even have a reader that is marketing temp-tats that are Auschwitz copies...gotta get one of those.
Anyway. I could go on and on about that, but in this meandering post I wanted to pose some questions about the very nature of this new-found/old-tech form of permanent expression. Of course along with the fashion of tattoos also came extreme piercings as kind of an entire body modification package, but piercings can be hidden by simply not wearing jewelry in them. So to address the phenomenon of tattoos only...
Why now? Why, in some 10-15 years has something so permanent become so popular? Tramp-stamps are being paraded as normal. Sleeves no longer deter one from securing employment...probably because if the truth be known, the person hiring them has a cute little butterfly on her ankle. This is strange. If these were temporary images that we are talking about, it would make more sense. A fad. Something to discard when popular culture moves on to something different. But these are virtually immutable marks on the human body. Perhaps at a certain age, beyond the time when it can be expected for a person to display their skin surface publicly...and if it is doubly hidden by being in a private area of the body, I think it could be explained as more or less a harmless experiment. Just some fun that offends no one. But it has become much more than that in our current world culture. Its very nature of permanence and visibility removes it from the arena of a passing popular caprice. Or do these younger folks that have no compunction about such artwork on the epidermis, even understand its durability. I don't know. Maybe "just for fun" should be a of a more enduring aesthetic.
I only know that I'm getting this one just as soon as I get enough money!


I understand and wish to continue said...

Hi Timster, Great post about Tatts.

A13 has several of these, and only regrets 2 of them, no ,not x 's names..but just in a place i should't have got them.

I do have a special A13 tattoo that is pretty old and fading now (a bit like me)and i did get them all for a reason and was a little toshed when i got them, a wee bit of vodka took the edge off!!

But, to be honest i do forget that they are there now, and only bother me when i want to wear somthing that reveals them...

People are still too quick to judge.

Oh, and the Tatt you are wanting to get in the pic looks more like a "bullseye" to me...
Cheers and all the best to you.

dublinmick said...

I have always found it fascinating myself in weird kind of way. It to me is proof the sheep will do anything that is in fashion. Well we know they will, lady gaga has shown us this. The only question now is how much are you willing to defile yourself. I plan on leaving this world the way I came in with no marks on me. It is not cool, not sexy, it is mark signifying your ignorance. They actually pay people money to for this.

Timster said...

hmmm...we seem to be divided on the issue.

sm4rtazz pvnk said...

They are so rebellious like the insurance agent on his trucked in Harley looking for the perfect Starbucks. I want one too so I could be a rugged individual.

Anonymous said...

First a disclaimer. I grew up in a 1% biker atmosphere and I do not have tattoos.

Tattoos used to be for sailiors and rebels. The bikers I know and love are all anti-establishment and they don't like all the posers with tattoos likening them to doctors on Harleys. Tattoos are for tough guys not pharmacists. I think the jew media knows this and pushes tattoos to make people look low class.

I am with the bikers. If I see someone with a bunch of tattoos who is not 1% My first thought is what a stupid pussy. I also believe most of these people wish they had the balls to truly be 1%.

I was 1% for a long time but I always knew someday I would have kids and have to fly straight so I did not get any ink. This probalbly colors my opinion.

That last pic is bad ass and If I were to get one that just got on top of my list.

Scott Mollett

Timster said...

Hahaha...well, I've got two-for, and three-against. Chime in all!

Frog said...

That's my view folks. I could write more because people are complicated and not static. But I'm not a writer or blogger. My apologies to those who got tats when they were young, drunk, stupid, whatever, and now would be different. Those that have grown up. I will probably misjudge you before I get to know you. I understand that my life may be saved one day by some tattooed teenager with a name like Haiden or Jaden. God works that way with people like me sometimes. We'll see.

Timster said...

Frog - For or against, the wife says that someday soon there will be a huge business in tattoo removal...she may be right.

Frog said...

Ah, google truncated most of my post, just the last paragraph is there. Oh well. One more time, briefly then.
I think that for the most part, tattoos are for the weak of mind. Hard to believe that some people would take their precious time, earn money, then spend it on self mutilation with tats or piercings. Probably drop $30 on fags while they are at it. Philip Morris says thanks on behalf of the machine. The machine always needs more meat to grind and takes all comers. Get a few more, it'll make a job in the porn industry easier, and the spot on the Howard Stern show is yours! Cattle. Spend your money on a copy of the Constitution and read it! Self indulgent fools!
Those in the military and gangs are exempt from this opinion. For guys in prisons, it's probably a matter of survival. In the military pride in the men and women that stand next to you, people you trust your life with.
So, I question whether the woman with the star/swastika will be of any value. Will anyone listen to her? Will the tat be a source of inspiration for anyone? The picture is certainly good for inclusion in a ADL propaganda piece on the need of further sanctions of rabid anti-semites.
Eh, just another sign of a weak and self absorbed goyim society.
Wow, we have the "Freedom" to get tats. And pierce our nether regions. And poison ourselves and our kids with smokes. Boy, we have freedom and we have liberty up the yin yang! Progress in America. Yeah, I'm getting to be a cynical old guy.

Timster said...

Frog - Yeah, that cynicism thing is going around. We of a certain age seem to be more susceptible. Its a shame it isn't reversed,but then again that wouldn't make sense...what do kids have to be cynical about. When I was a kid, I used to listen to the older, not as a matter of respect was just that they knew so friggin much!