Monday, January 31, 2011

A Layered Reality And Measured Opinion...

The older one gets the less they know. I know this isn't an original thought, but its one that I find myself confronted with daily.  
When I read and see reports on the Egyptian revolt happening as I write this, I have to say "I don't know".  Several people have asked my opinion of it and I have had to beg off.  It has become easier to say those words as I age.  Is this the start of THE revolution that will spread?  I don't know.  Is it backed by US and Israeli factions?  I don't know.  What will it mean to the region after Mabarak's reign of terror is ended?  I don't know.  Given that his regime is a puppet one propped up by the US and israhell...isn't this a victory against zionism?  I don't know.  We can hope.  These are all valid and important questions, but to make conclusions or assign blame at this point...well, I prefer not to....if you don't mind.

Such is the way with many things that I encounter recently.  If the ashkanazi has taught me's to believe nothing.  Nothing I hear.  Nothing I read.  What I know about the Egyptian revolt is that there is one happening. I think. Beyond that, for me to form an opinion about this, is mere speculation and a piecing-together of probably false information from various sources...all of which have agendas.  The revolution will be neither televised or opined in print while it is happening.  I am reminded that the Amerikan Revolution wasn't even known about in the entire country here, for over a year. Real events happen.  Staged events are reported, I have learned.  One can be caught in the middle of it and not see its scope, purpose or outcome.  Eyewitness testimony is totally unreliable and anyone that officially reports on such revolts has a reason to do so. That reason rarely has to do with journalistic integrity, when it is this important. That much I DO know.

But that isn't what I wanted to cover here.  The above observation can be applied to anything really.  It is my considered opinion that if something makes the probably didn't happen as reported.  So how am I to make an observation of someone's agenda-driven fairy tale...other than to say that it is just that?
How are any of us?  It kinda reminds me of that thing... Schrodinger's cat.  Without displaying my ignorance of quantum mechanics...I think it states basically that the mere observation of a phenomenon can change its nature.  So when we settle on an opinion about something this monumental, we are actually giving our take on a distortion of facts.  Which is what the ruling judaic want.  So it is only one layer of reality to which our attention is drawn.  I don't like falling in that trap. 
To me, 9/11 was obviously not what it was reported to be.  I got that from the git-go.  But it took me months to understand the complexities of this false flag.  I am cautious.  Perhaps too much so.  I have grown up around knee-jerks...I never aspired to copy that pattern. 
It would appear on the surface that this Egyptian and Jordanian revolt is truly grass roots...however.  If that is an opinion that can be easily formed through watching the MSM's reports, then that is what they wish the public to think.  This could be a purposefully provoked set of circumstances, for instance, to again further and spread the zio-amerikan war-of-terror agenda.  This could be laying ground for another zionist attack on Egypt.  This could be many things...but I sincerely doubt that it is what it seems.
I don't care to venture a conclusion about such matters till all the facts have been distorted by the jewish media.  Then and only then will I know what they want and how they have arranged the facts to attain it.  Damn.  I sound like a freakin politician!

My bad....  Forgive my reticence.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure either Baradei is a globalist and Egypt is the Guantanomo of the Middle East where "insurgents" are dropped off for deep interrogation. Mubarak was playing ball with the Russians and Chinese but jailed muslim brotherhood leaders. Hopefully it is a movement of the people and it won't be more of meet the new boss same as the old boss.

Anonymous said...

Timster, speaking of 9-11 have you seen this site: for an interesting take on how the twin towers were taken down.

Avops said...

The quantum mechanics theory is intresting, if nothing else it shows that we DO have an effect on everything!

Kind of empowering if you think about it. ;-)

- Good post Timster!

Anonymous said...

Your efforts to trip up the jptb rushing us into ww3 are starting to pay off. Nice work HDI.If you will climb into the way back machine for a minute with me, you may recall a book call GAMES PEOPLE PLAY. One of them was ,lets you and him fight. Thats the strategy whereby you eliminate your victims by prompting them into destroying each another by any dirty trick you can imagine. Great fun and works evey time except when it does,nt. This is one of those times.

Timster said...

Anon@12:15 - Hope springs eternal. Time will tell, I think.

Timster said...

Anon@7:50 - Thanks for the link. Yeah, I have read her stuff. Wow...interesting gal. And it's not like she is some whacko off the street.

Timster said...

Avops - Thanks. Yeah...wish I had the brain-power to fully understand that discipline. I think it could reveal a lot.

Timster said...

Anon@9:39 - Thanks. I remember that book. Written by the jew Eric Bern(stein). Well if anyone would know about that subject it would be one of the tribe.