Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Wrong Side...

After having written this...I have to caution the reader. You could skip the whole thing, and be not one whit worse off. It does tend to wander. But hey. Times are tough. 2012 is the end anyway.

I always got picked for the wrong team in school. I will invariably choose the wrong line in stores. I always wind up behind that 106-year-old woman that can barely see over the steering wheel and is doing 20 in a 55. These are the minor annoyances in life...quick choices that make your day longer and more frustrating than it should be.

I can live with these.

I cannot live with conscious choices about which I have time to ruminate...and make the wrong ones. Life choices. My mother habitually cautioned her children that "we weren't born into this life to pick and choose".
I always disagreed with that. If anything, as I see it...that is the ONLY reason we are here. To make choices.
I started doing this at an early age. Weighing benefits and harm, using as much as I knew of logic at the time...and by using a behavioral, workable set of ethics. Like trying on a new hat and walking around the store, glancing at reflections trying to see if it is "you". These guidelines led me to make quite a few abnormal conclusions about the way I wanted to live my life. Fuck em if they can't take a joke, I always said. I could and was always ready to defend my selections...because, when time allowed, and sometimes even when it didn't...I took the time to follow a train of thought to its conclusion...when few others around me did.
I am not singing my own praises...I just think this is what we are here to do. I am sure everyone does it to a certain degree. I think the trick is, to make these choices about the important things in life. Not which flavour of ice-cream you want. To decide what matters to you and will remain so for as long as you can foresee.
Having so decided about these, to me, important issues, the ensuing frustration with others that have allowed these decisions to be made for them, has been my cross over the years. It is important for me to rest assured that I am on the right side of issues that effect me personally...and many that do not. Whether or not Palestinian children are imprisoned in a far off land, shouldn't matter to me in the least. But it does. If you choose to spend a large portion of your one-and-only life watching talmud-vision, it couldn't possibly have any direct bearing on my life. But it does. If the general populace of this planet does not understand or care that their precious lives are being manipulated in accordance with ancient bronze-age books...what the hell do I care? I do. Perhaps I shouldn't....but there you are.
How I live my a simple matter to me. It is set in stone and will be engraved in said stone soon enough. It is not important to anyone but me. But how others choose to live theirs...concerns me. It concerns me when some groups prohibit others(and attempt to so prohibit me) from making the choices that I have fought to attain in my own existence.
For all other than themselves...those of the jewish cult(for they are the ones in power right now)...foist these prohibitions on an unsuspecting world where ever they can. That rankles me. Everyone should be able to choose what is best for them, and have the latitude to defend such choices. They don't. From a Palestinian child to a foreclosed homeowner...there are forces in place to see that there IS no choice in some pretty important matters. This is why I write. This is why I rant.

I felt as a young man that war is a very dangerous and destructive scam. I have found over the years that I made the correct decision about that one. I was and will remain on the right side of that issue. There are no good wars. All wars are for profit of a few...and the loss of many. Period. It is a fact. This to me ranks with some of my simpler decisions. There is no arguable position to the contrary. The facts about war's history are there for everyone to see. The reasons for any coming wars are as thinly veiled as Sally Rand. Why more cannot make this simple conclusion is beyond me. But hey, people are people. If they were all like could get pretty boring. I just wish we could get major issues like this out of the realm of choice. I long for a time in which debate is not appropriate in dealing with all such important subjects...where facts speak for themselves. Where facts morph into "truths", and they are filed away with such things as child-molestation, incest, cannibalism and other taboos. You know...the truths that are being challenged now by the force of the above-mentioned group that hold the reigns of power at this moment in history.
We are now being told in this age, that nothing is sacred and nothing is taboo. Especially those subjects about which we as a civilization have already made our logical decision. Adults shouldn't interfere with a child's sexuality because it will mess with their values and emotions and will scar them for the rest of their lives. You don't have sex with your close relatives because it can and does produce serious birth defects. You don't eat human flesh because you are destroying your own species...and on and on. At some point these truths were designated as such, because we as a collective, have followed these thoughts to their logical conclusion. But some would have it another way. Some that wish to challenge factual information that has led to "truth". Some of these facts...if you possess the power that this particular group has via a world-wide media...can and have been challenged. The reasons behind Nazi Germany comes to mind. The justification for concentrating jews in labour camps to rid German society of a destructive force.
There are a lot of things I don't get. I don't get Ron Paul. I don't get war. I don't get TV. I don't get NASCAR or football...the list goes on and on. But being on the right or wrong side of these things is important to me. I think it should be as important to you. Which side you are on. And as much as I don't want to come off as a moralist here...I think a lot of these things should be investigated as much as possible before we go throwing our support behind them;or against them. Or fence sitting. I say, think it through...make a decision...stick to it. As much as we want to dock in any port during this storm...well...I think you know where I am going here.
There are a lot of bad things out here. Some things that don't require re-examination. War, filth, murder. These things are kinda basic. To our our collective sanity. I don't know if any of this is making sense to you. It does to me. I see a lot of things going on that need to be settled one way or another before we continue with what we were doing...or we won't be doing anything for very much longer.
Getting on the right side of history in these matters is paramount.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gentlemen Agree...

There is a way to look at this site, and thousands like helping the opposition.  And it does.  In a way.  An old way.
By vilifying the jewish 'religion' fostering, or attempting to foster 'anti-semitism' we are playing into the hands of the biggest players in that cult.  For without hatred of their actions in the world...they would not be as cohesive a force as they are.  It's kind of a love-hate thing.  The more you hate the tribe...the more its members identify with it.  This is not a group of people that relies on acceptance for identity. If anything, the opposite is the case.  It is the natural blind hatred for their unnatural inhuman behaviour that keeps them on top.  I know that this sounds convoluted...but it makes sense in a warped fashion upon which the ashkanazi builds his dream world.  From Hertzl on down, each jewish/zionist leader has fully understood the need for Gentile hatred.  For without it, those that call themselves "jews" would be...just people.  With it, they are the oppressed minority...those hated for no reason...those that unfair prejudice has historically scapegoated.  From this position of the underdog, it is a simple matter to gain widespread sympathy and acceptance.  But only as the separate group that they are...always wearing their identity on their sleeves...never becoming part of humanity.  This is a tactic.  It works.  Just look around you and you see the fruits of such deception.  Through this strategy, the yiddish have attained the "age of the jew".  If you can't see this...well, you are still lost in their tactics, and you have my sympathies.
So by being sane about this calling it as it is being played...we supply the need for the same hatred which keeps them on top of the heap.  Funny that.  The only alternative is to keep our mouths shut about what we witness.  Sort of a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" kind of thing.  Smart.  But I don't think anyone throughout history has ever accused the international jew of being stupid.
I have said here before, and I will keep saying it...there is a time for the ugly quantity of 'prejudice'.  There is a place for it in our existence.  The time is now.  The place is everywhere you see the khazar. 
The prescription against this disease is simply don't listen.  Don't read.  Don't watch.  Don't buy.  Don't believe...and certainly DON'T hate...anything that your quick research has shown to be jewish.  Ignore.  Ignore those found to belong to the tribe of real haters...and I guarantee that unlike so many other problems... they WILL go away.  We must simply take away their power by not giving them the patronage that we would afford to any other human group.  Judaism is a problem plaguing mankind that REQUIRES attention to thrive.  Why more people can't see this is beyond me. When normal Christians fall prey to political correctness shunning public display of "Christmas"...because they are told that such accepted celebration "offends" followers of other religions...they acquiesce. When if they took just a few minutes to think about it...they would realize that the ONLY other group in the world that this holiday offends...are jews.  No other religion of which I am aware is offended in the least by such celebration.  Duh. And I think we all know WHY it offends them.

I preach not to hate here.  When you do...they have already won.  Not to see them as anyone deserving of any type of human respect afforded to most other groups on this planet is the only way to defeat them.
Of course we must first identify them.  And although it is rather a simple matter usually...singled out by their isn't always cut and dried. It does take a bit of effort. But when you think of the benefit of ridding our society of such a scourge, I think you will agree that it is worth it. But it cannot be accomplished quietly.  They must be called out as members of the tribe before they have a chance to mingle their influence with gentlemen.  Those that wouldn't normally offend.
It is a approach, if you will.  When a group of people are chatting enjoyably among themselves and one person blurts out something offensive, ill-timed or just off the wall...the group will normally gloss over knowing glances at one another and perhaps roll their eyes...then politely ignore the remark and the author.  This is how to behave.  This needs to be accomplished on a huge scale, vociferously...and it will.  For no one group has ever or will ever attain enough power over the billions of people on the earth.  Enough power that inhuman behaviour can ever be accepted on such wholesale terms.  Jews are being called out for their activity constantly now and people are understanding that if there ever was a place for blind is the time. No matter how politically incorrect it may seem...too much lies in the balance to abandon this survival emotion.  I believe that this is why we are capable of such all-inclusive group rejection...for just such a time and place.  It will serve us well here.
I don't ask for jewish blood to be spilled in revenge of that spilled by them.   That type of reaction is what keeps them in power.  But without purchase of their superiority, or indeed their equality...which is what I DO call for...they will have no power.  For alone they are a miniscule portion of us.  They can only possess the power we give them.
I am reminded of the movie "Gentleman's Agreement" and long for the day and the sentiment which it denounced... to return.  If we as Gentiles can throw off the mantle of accepting judaism as merely another 'ethnic' variation of no particular threat to us, and return to the point at which we logically segregated the judaic, we could get on with life without the material/greed driven psychopathy that this group brings to the table.  And indeed the age of the jew will come to a close.
But I'm afraid before it does...before the common Gentile realizes the threat that this tribe holds over him...there will be blood.  There will be horrors beyond our worst nightmares before this pariah is exposed and finally defeated for all time.  You know as well as I, that they will not go quietly.  It is not in the nature of their group to remain silent.  It is in their nature to be violent and superior...a dangerous combination.
It is time for GENTILE-MEN to agree...and not under our breath.

Friday, December 16, 2011


No one likes a spoiler.  I don't wanna hear how the story comes out before I watch or read it.  Half the fun of fiction is discovering with the author...whodunnit.
Reality is another matter.

Ron Paul has been called a spoiler.  That means, in politics, to remove support from a given candidate or party by launching a counter-campaign that is not meant to win a seat...but just to imbalance the election.  It is a version of "divide and conquer".  And we know who's game that is.  I don't know if that is what he has been up to in these past two presidential elections.  Neither do you...when it comes right down to it.  I don't really care either.  But a lot of people do. The judaic ruling class of this country loves a federal election. And as hard as it is to grasp...the Amerikan public are still falling for it.  It is the ashkanazim's chance to use all their best moves by making the game appear to be playing out on a level equitable playing field.  To hearken back to "democratic" elections like one of their epic films.  To make the voter feel as if they have a say in government...when anyone here will tell you...they don't.  We don't have elections here, we have appointments... and I sincerely doubt that there are any real ones anywhere in the world whose outcome effects anything significant.  Who occupies such visibly powerful office cannot be left to chance...or heaven-forbid...the will of the unwashed masses.  It just doesn't happen.

But aside from bullshit politics and all the hoopla they can generate...there is a lot more going on in this country and indeed around the world.  And it looks bad.  It has all the earmarks of a catastrophic event...or series of events, that will be played out like a passion-play on the world stage.  Timing is important for the movers and shakers of these coming calamities that will have you cowering in your closet when they come to fruition.  They must be seen as quickly falling preceding and causing the fall of the next, if these crises are to be believed.  One questionable event can spoil the whole sequence and reveal the hand that guides it.  There won't be a second chance.  It is "all-in" for the global tribe and they all must play their part and remember their lines on cue. 

Like the Christmas play in which your child plays a shepherd...lines will be forgotten...cues will be disregarded...stage fright sets in.  But unlike a forgiving parental audience...we will not just giggle quietly and allow them to finish their performance. We will all know "whodunnit".
It would take an idiot to not see this coming.  Everything is being set for it as you read this.  The 72-hour notice that KBR put out to activate FEMA camps across our nation...the Iran debacle with spy-drones...the deletion of posse comitatus under the "indefinite detention" bill, which essentially nullifies our Bill of Rights...the internet "kill-switch"...the troop movement from Iraq back to the states(under the pretext of "ending" that war)...the troop movement to Syria...the troops in Australia...the election game-show...and finally the coming of the most revered Christian holiday.  
As I said up at the top of this thing...everyone hates a spoiler.  But sometimes, it can be a good thing.  I think we all are on tenterhooks at the moment.  Things are happening too quickly to take them all in for most of us, and in the West(where the game is afoot) it is a stressful and emotional time of the year.  It is time for their play to begin.  The stage is set and the audience will participate, whether they want to or not.  It's all or nothing now.
But because it is soooo difficult to rule the world...many have tried and failed.  Because you can't make people believe what you want them to believe all the time.  Because shock-value fades.  Because this is this.  It will all fail miserably.  The hand WILL be revealed.  But not before that yiddish claw has caused more damage than he ever has in this tired old world.

This is not meant to be fear-porn.  I don't incite for fun.  I don't predict just to say "I told you so", in case I was right.  You know that I am right.  Here and now.  I have no talent for prognostication, but as you look around you, it should be obvious to even those that purchased the yiddish lies before, time and time again, that this is the end-game.  This is what it was all for.
I hope I am wrong and I hope I am right.  I do not want to see the wanton slaughter that I am afraid is coming, and yet it needs to happen to expose those that have heralded such international horror.   They won't have it any other way, I'm afraid.
So on one hand we out here are playing the spoiler, telling you what is going to happen...and on the other...we don't want to be saddled with such a task.  But there it is.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Face...

I have spent most of my adult life in shame.  Not guilt.  There's a difference.
I have lived in this nest of vipers...the United Snakes...all my life.  As a child I was told that here, this country, was the best place on earth.  We were envied by all.  Everyone on the planet...if they had their 'druthers would prefer to live here instead of their own homes.  I believed that, as a child believes in magic and luck.  As I grew I began to see that along with other fictions that fell by the wayside, this myth also was revealed to me to be merely propaganda.  I also began to comprehend that the children of many other places on our globe were also told these tales.  I think they debunked them more quickly than I.
The place I live...and indeed the place you just that.  A place.  That's all.  It doesn't have any magical qualities that transform its inhabitants into perfumed princes or princesses. The place does not make the man. The countries in which we live are not "us".  Our leaders are most probably not chosen by us.  Our foreign policy is not decided on by most of our matter what we are told. The way our regions behave with each other in a global arena is decided with power and money in the balance by people we don't even know. These policies are not the mandate of its people.
But you know this.  We all know this but are unable to communicate it to each other on a level of common citizenry.
Anyway, as I started to say...I have lived in shame for what most of the world sees of my country.  I have learned over the years that this country is probably, actually...the worst place to live in the world.  As a country, we have behaved badly.  Always.  There is nothing redeeming in our history.  Nothing.  There was an idea to do better...but that was quickly purchased...long ago, right after we got started.  Since then it has been fraud and atrocity...time after time.  A history of greed, prejudice and violence.
So I guess what I would like to say...what I would like to get across...since I have a small "global" audience, is that I am truly sorry for all the pain, death and subjugation that this country of mine has caused the world since its inception.  I am certainly not proud of our history, nor should anyone be that lives here.  We should all hang our heads in shameful remorse.  Not for our participation in these horrible acts, but for being identified with this long history of inhuman behaviour.
Of course, the inhabitants of few regions of the world should be without such shame.  Most of the first world countries on this globe have at one time or another committed unspeakable horrors on others.  But I think I can hereby absolve those that would read this of any true guilt in this area.  I understand that rulers almost always act contrary to not only the wishes of their populace, but fly in the face of common sense and decency.  
Why this happens so much is a mystery to most decent people.  Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 95% of the population of the world, wouldn't harm anyone else for anything, when it comes right down to it.  But there it is.
I have a theory about why our leaders do not lead us in the right direction...but it's just a theory.
I expound on it here ad infinitum.  And shall continue to do so.
I have come to understand that most societies have their propaganda agenda.  Whether it be religious or political.  Or both.  But for just a moment hear me.  Hear an amerikan that knows this country inside-out...and its people.  
We are, on the whole, just folk.  Mostly dumber than shit...but as in all places of the world...well meaning.  We are not wealthy as a group of people.  We live in a slavery of sorts.  It has come to the point at which, if married, both must work just to keep a roof over our heads.  We lust after the material...because that is what we are told will bring us happiness.  But we work a combined 80-100 hours a week...usually in service-related jobs...for shit wages.  And we are not fulfilled in any real aspect of life.  We cannot be home to raise our children, so they are raised by strangers, poorly trained educators and television.  So what can we expect of coming generations but what is put into raising them?  We are portrayed as violent, brutal, unfeeling and unthinking louts by most of the world's media...even our own.  We are not.  As a whole, we are just like you.  Trying to do our best to manage our own meager existence and get to someplace where we can relax and concentrate on the finer things of life...just enjoying our own families and communities.
The jew will not let us do that here.  He came with the early settlers of this place...and has never left.  It has become his base of operations in the West.  He has infected our psyche with his materialism and decadence. From slavery, and carpetbagging to Hollywood and reality-tv, we have never shed his influence. 
Our face to the world is his face.  Not ours.
We are dumb chuckle-heads that have purchased his wares through, I believe, our Christian heritage of tolerance. Our trusting nature...and our stupidity.  It has been a long process to get to where we are in the minds of the world outside our shores.  Many wars and much oppression and lies about the both of them.  Lies to you...and to us.
Things are changing here.  Things are getting even worse for the common Amerikan.  We are taking to the streets in protest as in the "Arab Spring" that the eternal jew has orchestrated for his benefit in the Middle East and North Africa.  But we are protesting...without I think, being cognizant yet of the fact...that it is indeed the jew that rules us.  We say it is "Wall Street" and their obscene profits to which we object.  But I am confident in the fact that it is only a matter of time before the throng of dunderheads out in the streets here make the connection, that the corpocracy and the war industry and Wall Street and indeed our government  are all owned and run by members of the same tribe.
A tribe that is not us.  A tribe that is but a miniscule portion of us.
I for one, do not wish to be judged by the face of that tribe.  And many more of us are coming to that conclusion.  So in this season of forgiveness, be as patient as you can with us...fight his influence in your own region...and do not assume that we are anything like the image portrayed in his media.  And forgive us.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chri$tma$ ...

This isn't going to be a rant about the commercialization of Christmas.  Just some observations on the holiday and what it has become over the years.  Nothing new...just a reminder perhaps.

I like old Christmas movies.  Every year about this time, I get out "A Christmas Story", or "Miracle On 34th Street", "A Christmas Carol" and "It's A Wonderful Life".  The Christmas standards.  Of course you could throw in a few more, like "Bells of St. Mary" and "The Bishop's Wife" for a more traditional religious take on the holiday.  All heart-warming films, to be sure.  But a few days ago I noticed on Netflix...a seasonal category of Christmas flicks and started scrolling through them.  I have to admit...I was a bit surprised and even mildly offended.
Now as many of you know, I am not religious by any stretch of the word.  I am not a Christian.  The holiday celebrating Christ's birth, to me, is merely an ancient Winter solstice event borrowed from many cultures...and on and on.  But that doesn't matter.  How the day used to be celebrated in the Western Christian world was one of family get-togethers and good cheer.  A symbol of family unity and altruism.  I suppose that is why, beside the fact that it celebrates their arch-enemy's birth, the tribe doesn't fully participate.  I say fully.  But not quite.

While perusing the above mentioned films offered to the streaming audience...I found that well over half of them were written, directed or starred...jews.  Now that puzzles me...a bit.  But not entirely.  There is money in them-there holidays. The ashkanazim don't produce these movies through any spirit they harbor for this holiday...obviously(except perhaps a feeling of jealousy).  They produce these films and market the day, for money.  Plain and simple.  And we Gentiles let them do this.  Without flinching.  Perhaps that says something about the Christian sentiment of "good will toward men", or it could just be ignorance.  Would it offend a Christian to understand that the only motive for making these movies(rather disgusting ones, mostly)and essentially "selling" them their own celebrations in the marketplace, is to take advantage of their seasonal spirit?  To know that in the back room, the Scrooge of all Scrooges is stacking and counting their hard-earned wages spent in good faith in this season of Christ?  I don't see how it couldn't.  Offend, I mean.
But it doesn't.
Gentiles tear each other apart on Black Friday(appropriately named) sales to give all they can afford(and much that they cannot) to this anti-Christ.  This amazes me.  Not the intention of shoppers to please their loved ones...a yearly expression of love and regard for their family and friends...but their method of providing unparalleled profit to those that are merely in it for the bucks.  That offends me.  Big time.
Maybe it's time it offended you.  When you see Ben Stiller capturing rental fees for a Christmas movie, shouldn't you be as incensed as were, say... the Asians that were subjected to Amerikan portrayals of themselves in 40's films?  Or American Indians disgusted at the characterizations of their culture by Caucasian hollyweird actors?  Or endless other images of cultural impostors on the screen.  What does offend a Christian... I would like to know.  How much tongue-in-cheek ridicule and profiteering of what is sacred to them can they brook?  They have stolen the Christian Holy Land along with their Holiest Day...I guess film images are trivial in comparison.  I dunno.
Of course I understand that what "Christmas" has become in the Occident is nothing more than black ink to the tribe...and has been so for almost a century...and it gets worse every year.  I comprehend that it is no longer a real religious holiday to most...and that we have the tribe to thank.  But I wonder.  I wonder what this day would be like if there were no such thing as judaism.  Would it be a quiet heart-warming day celebrating peace, good will and I believe it was always meant to be?   Would it be like those old Christmas movies that I keep going back to?
But then again...what would the other 364 days of the year be like without the organized money-grubbing and war-profiteering of the yiddish?  There are selfish impulses in even the best of we Gentiles.  But how would our world be different without the encouragement of these negative influences, by those that live by such decadence, I ponder. being the escape that IT was always meant to be...I'm going to queue up a couple more old Gentile portrayals of Christmas.  Ones without the sick humor and slick decadence that is the khazarian version of what I like to think of as a special season.

Merry Christmas to all...Gentiles

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Lesson In Anti-Journalism...

 When I was in college, I had a favorite class.  It was a literature class...but it taught critical thinking.  This was way back when...before that type of analysis was verboten.  We read and examined poetry and novels with an eye for what the author was saying...without saying it.  Its fun.  You can do it to any form of literature.  Even what used to be termed "journalism".

Red herrings.  They're everywhere.  Now, I'm no fan of Ron Paul.  Really.  I am liking him more and more as a human(or how he portrays himself and is received)...but I have no use for "change" within the system.  Firstly, it will never happen.  The very fact that the entire system is corrupt tells you that nothing will happen within that government which will destroy it...or even impinge it in any meaningful way.  No matter who you have in the white house or who he/she brings as their cabinet.  Ain't gonna happen.  Never did(for the betterment of mankind anyway). It never will.  Period.  Don't look for it.   Secondly, as our system of government has now morphed into a "democracy" and our democracy is now on talmud-vision, it would take a jewish pogrom to clean it out anyway. So to insure this absence of meaningful change in the United Snakes, every four years they release their red herrings.
This time around we still have leftover Ron Paul.  We also have Cain.  These are candidates that the media can slaughter so that you will seriously consider their puppets as the logical alternative..."promising change".  You shouldn't even consider radicals or undereducated you look at their politicians.  Anyone that can't see that, shouldn't be left on their own without supervision.
I have had conversations with people about Paul.  The reaction to his campaigns are always predictable...just as scripted by the JPTB.  He is TOO radical.  He wants TOO much change.
A couple weeks ago I read an article covering the presidential debates on CNN.  To wit, the following quote(emphasis mine):

"The new front-runner got the first question of the night, which sparked a feud with the libertarian-leaning Texas Rep. Ron Paul over the USA Patriot Act.
"I would look at strengthening it because the dangers that are posed are so great," Gingrich said about the legislation.
Paul, who has been sharply critical of the Patriot Act since it was signed into law by former President George W. Bush in October 2001, called it "unpatriotic" because it "undermines our liberty."
Paul took on the role of the lonely isolationist throughout the debate, calling on the administration to withdraw American troops from commitments overseas as a way to slash government spending.
He also questioned the point of humanitarian aid, including money to combat AIDS and other diseases in Africa.
"I think the aid is all worthless," Paul said. "It doesn't do any good for most of the people. You take money from poor people in this country and you end up giving it to rich people in poorer countries."

Republicans agree: We love Israel: Tuesday's debate made clear that in the wake of George W. Bush's eight years in office, the Republican Party lacks any sort of cohesive foreign policy vision.
There remains one point of consensus, however: That the United States should do whatever it takes to protect and defend Israel.
With the exception of Paul, the Republican candidates have all taken stridently pro-Israel positions throughout the campaign.
The ante was upped Tuesday by Romney, who made this promise: "If I'm president of the United States, my first trip -- my first foreign trip will be to Israel to show the world we care about that country and that region."
Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum said he would do the same.
Cain said he would side with Israel if it launched an attack on Iran to disable its nuclear capabilities.
Huntsman went out of his way to praise Israel later, saying this: "Our interest in the Middle East is Israel. And our interest is to ensure that ... Iran does not go nuclear."
And Bachmann said Obama has undertaken "a doctrine of appeasement" toward Iran.

 Paul was the lone voice of dissent, telling the debate crowd that "Israel should take care of themselves."

Now, let's take a look at those white spaces between all the words.  I have highlighted the key words that this author wants you to pick up on.   Ron Paul is "libertarian-leaning"(whatever that means but it doesn't sound very good) and "sharply critical".  He doesn't want to live up to our "commitments" as a nation.  He wants to "slash" something.  He even questions "humanitarian aid" for those poor African people.  The bastard.  He thinks aid is worthless!  If he was a Republican worth his salt he would "Love ISRAEL"...the way all the rest of our candidates do.  Only a radical wing-nut wouldn't. He even had the nerve to say that our beloved israel should "take care of themselves"!  How can he say that about her?  No wonder he is a "lone voice of dissent".
So what is the author really saying in this piece?  He is saying that the reader should beware of those that...don't love israhell;  are sharply critical of anything; don't want to live up to military commitments of former administrations; want to "slash" government spending or humanitarian aid(especially to israhell);and generally those that are "exceptions" to the normal candidates.  After all...they ALL agree on certain issues...all but their red herring.  You should pay attention to their brightly colored fish, while the more of their "agree-ers"... takes the fast track to Pennsylvania Avenue.
Not that there will ever be a REAL election.  They just want to sway enough of the popular vote(before they make their appointment of the latest zionist Gentile), to give the appearance of a plausible there won't be any of those nasty re-counts.  And whether or not Paul is a willing red herring is not the message...or the massage.  The fact that he was omitted from the latest officially jewish sponsored debate(as opposed to unofficially) only confirms who he works for...voluntarily or not.
This my how to write subjectively.  Not only did the writer crucify the candidate...he pushed his own agenda in so doing.  Textbook spin.  Almost too obvious.  Something we would have laughed over in that lit class.  But something that...without critical taken in by the general public on a daily basis.  Oh well.

Ed. Note - Notice how in this official photo of the debates: It looks like a game show(for after all, that's what it is), and how Ron Paul and Cain are looking to the left, while everyone else(save the WOMAN) is looking right?  Just sayin...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Male And Female...

I have counted them.  There have been(up until last Tuesday) Eighteen gazillion, four-hundred and twelve words written and published in all the languages of the world about the difference between males and females of our species.  It was a daunting task, counting them all...but I felt up to it...and, well...there you are.  And of all these words only two sentences are valid.  I forget which ones those were, or I would quote them here.  Oh well.  I'm sure you can imagine what they said.

There are, however, 123 gatrillion, 19 gagillion and one, words written about romantic love.  A huge difference.  I'm in the process of counting the number of feet of celluloid upon which this delightful conundrum has been dramatized.  I will be at it for a while.
So what's so important about these differences and likenesses of the genders?  Why would we as a species be so obsessed to write and read, and film so much...  and that hasn't changed either sex one iota?  I dunno.  What I do know is that we are obsessed with it.  The difference I mean.  It would seem a simple thing.  Women are women and men are...well, men.  We see it in nature; male and female of most species, and think little about it and its natural occurrence; or the roles which each gender plays in lower animal form.  But when it comes to is somehow more important to define and re-define these roles.
Now, you know...and I know...and I know you know...and you know I know you know...that somewhere, somehow, I am going to bring the "tribe" into all this.  Your expectations are well-founded.

Among the above mentioned 18 gazillion(and change) words written on the subject of the differences in our human sex-roles, a vast majority in the past...oh, hundred years or so...have been penned(to say nothing of the celluloid...which is a work-in-progress) referring to a faux-science invented by a bit of a disgusting old jewish Austrian fart.  You know the one.  The one that posited that most of our "gender" problems stem from hatred that we harbour for one or more of our parents ...beginning in the womb.  A child wouldn't even accept that as a plausible plot for a fairy tale...but there you have it.  Even though such gobbledygook  has been made fun of since its inception, there is still a great deal of the world's population that believes this somehow.  Somewhere up there in their craniums. So most of these gazillions of words are somehow influenced by this bearded ashkanazi nut-job that slept with the "patients" that he never cured.  
This may be more important...politically speaking...than many of us are aware.  It has been said that the Western liberation of women has been fostered and financed by those of the tribe.  The top dogs in their cult.  I have found, through my research that this may in a fact.  It has been written that the WCTU and the "women's suffrage movement" were both backed by Rothschild money.  That would be in the teens and twenties here in the Snakes. The suffrage movement, to put a wild-card into false elections, and another agenda for banning alcohol.  It is said that Rockefeller's (Red-Shield bag-man) investment in the temperance movement really had the banning of home-made alcohol as a motive... so that it could not be used in place of his oil, for automobiles.  Well, that would make sense.  I know at the time, it was almost commonplace for most farmhouses to have mash-generated alcohol at the ready for lamps...and early autos could run just as well on this distillation as it could on jewish fossil-fuel.  That had to be stopped...I suppose.  I have also read that the ERA amendment to our Constitution, was little more, politically, than a manuveur by the tribal powers to instantaneously double the tax base for hegemonic zionist wars to be fought.  I dunno.  That too makes me, anyway.

But back to women.  They and jewish social engineering and their almost entirely discarded role as "gatherers" and "nurturers" seem inexorably linked somehow.  I dunno.  Maybe I'm talking through my hat here...I just can't help but feel that there is yiddish involvement, when something causes so much social strife and  in the end...generates capitol.  Call me suspicious.
So anyway, when I see so much of the "Arab Spring" being tied to throwing off of traditional female roles in that culture...indulge me here...I see an ashkanazi hand.  
Now before you get your panties(or jock-straps) in a bunch and think that I am exhibiting chauvinism(I don't even know what that term really means), I would ask you to examine a few questions.
In my view of things that have happened here in the West, and are now emerging in the East concerning female roles in society, I have to ask Cui bono? Does it benefit a woman to emulate the traditional male role?  Or does it benefit the JPTB?  
There is usually some well-founded reasons for tradition.  It is traditional to, say...hate jews.  I think we all know where that comes from.  It is based in the reaction to the refusal of that culture to assimilate into any other, although they insist on living among Gentiles.  That is a natural response, I think.  Especially when their exclusiveness includes money-changing and war mongering.  Solid as a that logic.  And it continues.  Even here.
I would be the first to say "welcome to it..." when women demand the right to equal slave-labour wages.  "It's all yours..." would be my response to a female's quest for social leadership.  They certainly couldn't screw it up any worse than jewish-purchased men have.
But it is my contention that an entire gender, is being played for fools. Or maybe both of us.  I don't relish... nor do most men I know savor, the accouterments of our particular role in society.  It is frought with the frustration and desperation of being expected to provide for a family, with less and less resources to do so.  It is being expected to be undaunted in the face of certain ruin, and when, if we buckle under the pressure, are likened to "pussys", if you will forgive my pejorative.  And nothing can be more devastating than a normal male.  So is it any wonder that the jewish hand in the "gay pride" movement, provides those unwilling or unable to shoulder such burdens, a haven for the more "effeminate" of we males or the "tomboys" of females?  I dunno.  I am not gay, so perhaps I don't understand.  But whenever I see jews leading a movement...I look for ulterior motives.  Sue me.  But please don't write and call me a homophobe or some other psychobabble term that has no meaning to me.

 If the women's movement here...and in the Arab revolt, is little more than social engineering borne of khazarian fantasies about black-ink entries in an account book...should any of us...Mr. or Ms., fall for it?  As I documented up there...there are more words written about "romantic differences"...that is, celebrating those distinctions, than those attempting to blur them.  And doesn't that speak well for the"traditions" of sex roles?   Shouldn't we both examine this whole thing with a little more suspicion and a lot more critical thinking?  Just sayin.
Kick it around, boys and girls...

Update: 123 gatrillion, 19 gagillion, 12 hundred and fifty-two...after this.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I have a few friends.  Some are out here in this virtual reality, some are brick-and-mortar.  Most of these are writers of one stripe or another, and I admire them.  I admire anyone that can use language effectively to let you inside their heads.  To leak their very thoughts by putting one word after another.  Whether it is in the form of prose or poetry, fact or fiction, I have always held that ability in the highest esteem...and tried to emulate it.  I have, as many writers have done, failed miserably on some attempts...and succeeded moderately at other times.  It is part of the craft, I think.  

At one crucial moment a couple years ago, however...I decided to get into the fray of what I like to think of as "social politics"...or the popular philosophy of the world-wide-web.  And use my limited talents at lining up words in a horizontal fashion, as a weapon in the battle against what I deem a threat to our very survival as a species...judaism.
I have had moderate success at this.  Enough so, that I think I have changed a few minds about this menace.  That is enough for me.  I have satisfied my urge to accomplish my original goal, on a small scale.  Of course I would that I could continue this effort and in so doing, change even more minds than I have.  And I shall try.  But.

There are two things that should be very apparent at this site; my love of the written word, and my hatred of "the tribe". These are things that have hounded me all my life. For good and bad.  I have tried not to be vain about the(to me)overwhelmingly positive(for the most part) reception my efforts of trying to bring these two things together have brought me here.  It is a struggle to do so.  It is difficult to think that I haven't done some good.  Fired a few good shots at the enemy...even though I have missed terribly many times.  To have so many read my words and agree with them can have the effect, similar to a couple stiff shots of cheap whiskey...becoming full of ones self.  But I know better...and that feeling, is at best "cheap".
At the very least I can honestly say to myself that I have been in the battle.  I think the more I write about this subject, the better I can get at opening the minds of those reading it.  I guess that I see my site as the Volkswagen of efforts out here.  It ain't ain't comfortable...but if you stick with it, it just may get you there.
There are so many Mercedes' and BMW's and Rolls Royce's out here...well, you know them.  They can get you there in style.  But I too am offering a ride, and I am gleeful to have you aboard in this trek to the real "truth".  That place of the illusive universal agreement about the way our world should work.  My destination is a place in which the jewish religion no longer exists.  Most of the trip will be an uphill one.

I do not have all the answers.  I don't have any, when it comes right down to how you should live your life.  I can only scribble out how I choose to live mine. Take it or leave it...for its literary merit, or limited wisdom.  Generally speaking, this is about questions.

 I know.  You are thinking you have enough of those already.  But I think the key is to have the right ones.  I have answered a couple of my own about the jewish cult and that is mostly what I carry on about here. My answers have always worked for me.  I have many strong opinions about the descendants of the khazar and I will keep beating up these little squares of plastic until they put me in the fire...literally.  Not to worry.  For if there is anything certain about me, it is that I will keep trying. Right or wrong. I think that is what we are here to do.  To try.  To make an effort.
Even if it is an effort to push a rock up a hill...and though most of the time I feel that is exactly what I am doing...I also feel compelled to keep at it.
If I can inspire...or support people in my efforts...well, then I can sleep well.  And there are so many of you that can be so influenced.  So many bright and aware humans.
I see my site as helping to supply clarity when the waters are muddied by "ANTI-SEMITE".  For as worn as that anathema still has power among those that remain unaware.  I am attempting to maintain a place where you can re-define your mission of hate...not hate for people...but for a destructive force. The destructive force of the jewish religion. For this religion worships nothing but itself. And I feel that nothing good can come of that.  The Christian endeavors to be kinder;the Muslim, more respectful;the Buddhist more introspective.  But I have studied judaism and its followers from the inside out, and I can say without fear of contradiction that there is nothing redeeming there.  Nothing that celebrates life in any fashion.  So I strive to be a keeper of focus while their media influences so many, so falsely. 
If I can provide this...then I believe that to my own self, I have been true.  There are so many of you that have youthful energy and talents that I do not possess, I feel obligated to keep this place as a stepping stone for you to use in your campaigns against the tribal evil as we see it.
If I falter...forgive me my shortcomings...but keep returning.  My intentions are true...if not always my aim.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fact, Fiction and Truth...

It is easy to assume that they have almost unlimited power.
The ruling ashkanazi, that is.

I for one...ain't buyin it.  If they did, many things would be happening...and many things wouldn't.
Firstly...I wouldn't be publishing this. And you wouldn't be reading it.
I don't think I could be any more critical of the tribe in my expressions at this site...anymore hateful of their culture/religion, than I am.  Short of calling for their heads, I have said just about everything else.

Nothing.  Well...nothing to speak of, anyway.  I haven't been arrested, imprisoned or even threatened...officially.  That's just here in the United Snakes.  Things are different elsewhere, specifically Palestine.  Of course they hold more power than they have ever held before...but it is limited.  Its limits bespeak their numbers.  For without much more of the world's population than they are...less than one matter how much wealth they have stolen, it won't be enough.  It won't last long enough.  Nor will they.

As Imran Hosein implies in this speech, they are also not clever enough.  Malcolm X saw through their veil, as have countless more of us.
 On a confrontational front...they are all mouth and little action.  They are only powerful in the face of the weak.  They are true cowards.  They threaten incessantly.  If I was to diagnose the jewish culture as I would a man...I would say he has "short-man syndrome".  Bravado that cannot be backed up...trying to make up for lack of real power by talking a good game.  I have met hundreds of these types in my life.  They are pathetic.
But that's neither here...nor there.  What I wanted to address was fiction.  I like it.  In books. In film.  Even art.  Where I don't like it is in my politics.
I am trying to hammer home again, the same message I always go on about, but in each attempt I try to dig a little deeper.  Try to bring it to you in a more clear and recognizable form.  Perhaps I can present it to you as fiction.  Well, of a sort.  They certainly do.
I don't care who it is out here that pontificates about this or that...they are usually not speaking from a reality.  It is second-hand at best.  These are questions really.  Not answers.  Not true journalism.  For there are no real journalists left.  No one that reports something on the ground to you...without coloring it slightly for their sponsors.  Even we in the alternative media do it.  Our sponsor is our agenda.  Many dig and dig looking to prove what we set out to prove.  That is poor is poor journalism.  I'm not saying that this is a bad thing just is what it is.  But I tire of people confusing opinion that leads to a "truth" for them, being so damned dogmatic.  When says: "Israel is doing this because of that..."  or "Monsanto wants to poison all of mankind", or "the moon is made of green cheese".  These are opinions.  As fact, they are as baseless as the evening news, which has another sponsor to which it must answer. There is a distinct difference between "truth" and fact.  Illusive truth is born of opinion...fact is based in reality.
I know very little as fact.  So I will not present any of my opinions as such...unless I know them to be.  Other than a paltry bit of first-hand knowledge that I have of the judaic religion/cult...the rest is opinion.  I try not to venture into fiction.
When I have said, for instance, that I know the narrative of the holocaust, as it is presented in the media, is more fiction than fact, I know this to be true and a fact.  I am basing my little bits of true journalism on eyewitness testimony from those that do not have an agenda...are not part of the fictional narrative.  No sponsors.  And from these facts, including letters-photos-interviews, I arrived at the conclusion that the agenda, the one of the one that is purveyed in the media. I have researched the implications of these facts as best I can.  Then I extrapolate.  As carefully as I can, so as not to venture into a fiction of my own.  Especially when so many read these words. 
A reader sent me an email asking my opinion of many questions concerning Hitler and the Third Reich.  I answered these to the best of my ability, but I implied that few alive could give him the real answers that he seeks.  I could only give him my considered opinions.  As I said...I enjoy fiction...just not when it is portrayed as reality.  That is probably one of the reasons I started this site to begin with.  But during my examinations using fact as a base, I have formed some pretty unorthodox opinions.  And as ruminations, perhaps they are true.  I think they are...but would be hard pressed to prove them in a court of law.  Although not everything we believe to be true...those things that make sense and probably just "are"...need to be proven by court proceedings.  Sort of a, "if A=B and B=C, then A=C" kind of thing.
I guess what I am trying to get across is that, we should not confuse...and so many do...facts with fiction...or opinions.

So as I started out to say about tribal power of the judaic in our modern world ...up there at the start...if I can write these words, and you can read them...and no one is stopping that process successfully yet, you must conclude one of a few things.  One-the power that so many believe the ruling khazar wields isn't as all-encompassing as they think.  Or two-they do not see this type of caustic criticism as being important enough to censor(assuming that they have the wherewithal to do such a thing). Or three-I am entirely wrong about the evil machinations of this group in the first place.
I am going to discount options two and three, and pick door number one.
But that is opinion.  Not fact.  But not fiction.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Holohoax, Or What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?

After reading the latest debunking of the Ann Frank fraud...I got to thinking.  Firstly I got to thinking that because of Kanada's "anti-hate" laws, anyone that publicly denies the hoax of 6 million dead jews can be in some deep do-do. And this type of article is pushing that envelope.  The sites based in that country have a lot of cohones to post it.  A tip of the hat to Noor and Northern Truth Seeker.
Then I got to thinking...mulling over the huge PR campaign by the jewish cult to force feed this type of talmudic humbug to the world. So I went straight to the horse's mouth...or ass, as the case may be.


If you have never visited this site...and I can't believe that anyone hasn't in this modern should know that it is a little...a teensy-weensy bit biased.  Biased toward the jewish point of view and israhell.  Well, that would make sense.  It was founded  by zionists.  It is maintained and monitored by zionists.  So I think we can safely say that the holocaust gets a fair bit of "good press" there.

So I looked up "holocaust denial".

There was a now famous Monty Python movie...Life Of Brian...that poked fun at practically every religion known to man.  It was set in the time of Christ and parodied his life by showing you the life and the similar circumstances experienced by unwitting jewish boy.
If you haven't seen haven't lived.  It is that good.  
But anyway...there is a scene in which the jewish PFJ (People's Front of Judea) organization to which Brian was drafted...have a meeting.  In this gathering, the leader, Reg, begged the question "what have the Romans ever done for us?".
Well the punch of the skit is after he posits this query, all sorts of benefits begin to pop up from amongst the assemblage.  You kind of have to see it, to really appreciate the humor, but the joke was even revisited in Eric Idle's(part of Monty Python) musical version of the routine...

So I got to thinking while reading about what Jimmy Wales had to say concerning holocaust denial...there's a parallel here...and it is just as funny.  To wit, the following (emphasis and comments, mine):

"According to James Najarian, "Holocaust deniers working for the Institute for Historical review are not trained in history(whose history?) and "put out sham scholarly articles in the mock-academic publication, the Journal of Historical Review"  They appeal to “our objectivity, our sense of fair play, and our distrust of figurative language”. Thus, they rely on facts(THOSE BASTARDS!) to grab the readers’ attention. These facts, however, are strung by what Narjarian calls “fabricated decorum” and are re-interpreted for their use. For example, they pay particular attention to inconsistencies in numbers(how could they be so crass?).
Holocaust denial propaganda in all forms has shown to influence the audiences that it reaches. In fact, even the well-educated—that is, college graduates and current university students alike—are susceptible to such propaganda when it is presented before them. This stems from the growing disbelief that audiences feel after being exposed to such information, especially since Holocaust witnesses themselves are decreasing in number. Studies centered on the psychological effects of Holocaust denial propaganda confirm this assertion. Linda M. Yelland and William F. Stone, in particular, show that Denial essays decrease readers’ belief in the Holocaust, regardless of their prior Holocaust awareness". I nuts...or isn't this a bit like saying "well, yes...the numbers don't add up; our language about this hoax is figurative; it really isn't "fair play" because we own the media that pushes it;  intelligent well educated people are starting to doubt our fabrications...but it's because all of the liars that we can muster that are old enough to have possibly been in those German work camps, are dying off ...but...what have the Romans ever done for us?" 
I dunno...maybe it's me...but I can't help but laugh at this.  The Monty Python skit...and the zionist one.  I wonder if you would get kicked out of a holohoax museum for laughing.  I have never been to one...but I'm sure I couldn't keep a straight face. 
So move over "Life of Brian"...there is no way you can match the ironic hilarity of a jew defending this myth.

 Reg -" All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?" 

Attendee - Brought peace? 

Reg - "Oh ,shut up!"

Friday, November 11, 2011

Just So You Know...

My Sister just sent this to me, from Seattle.  We should all be aware that we ARE getting something accomplished.  We can and are removing the blinders.  This is from the same group that went through all that brouhaha a couple of years ago over such messages that were purchased to be displayed on city busses. Please go to their site and help keep this kind of thing out there.
Hang on to the seat of your pants, Seattle...there's about to be another kosher shit-storm coming over this.

For your edification; Rachel Corrie was from the State of Washington.  I think her murder is a wound that never healed there...and that's a good thing.  Just thought I would pass this along to you folks to let you know to keep pushing...we'll get there.