Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taking It To The Streets: The Revolution Will Be Held On Saturday From 2pm to 4pm...

There are wake-up calls aplenty out here...I don't think we are in any danger of running out.

It's like an alarm-clock factory. Bells and whistles going off...lights flashing, people screaming their tonsils out. Well, that's ok. That's a good thing...for a minority of folks to be aware of their surroundings. Ready to revolt. If indeed they really are. But I doubt it.
Starting up and maintaining a website like this is easy. Well, the impetus to start it is easy. Maintaining it requires a bit of vigilance. But nothing revolutionary.
Deek Jackson said "The only people screaming about the New World Order are those with homes and computers". I have to agree with that one. It is so easy to tell others to wake up. And for the most part an act of vanity. But that must describe how it feels to suddenly discover that most of what you have been told all your life, were lies. Lies to get you to behave a certain way. You must feel manipulated and used. Like a cheap whore. When you suddenly realize this...you must feel as if you are waking from a dream...and you want to alert others to it. That is human nature. Warn the rest of the herd. Good.

However. I am going to be speaking about Amerikans only now. Because as a wise-guy once said...write what you know.
I know Amerikans. I know what makes them tick.
There is no slumber here. We are all fully awake and aware of the consequences of what has happened in our part of the world. We understand that there has been a political coups d'etat of sorts here, since...oh...as long as you care to trace it back. But you have to understand something about the U.S. culture.
When you throw out the bullshit that was covered in U.S. history class, we Amerikans don't know the first thing about revolution. Nor do we want to. It is not really in our recent history or our mindset. It is not how we have been taught to deal with problems.

It has been instilled in us for generations...this sense of guilt. From the cradle to the grave, we all know that we have a great deal to be sorry for. This has come from our Puritan background and been fed, I believe, by judicious use of the emotion by the tribe, that has slowly gained control of and used, our national conscience. From theft of this country from it's original inhabitants and slavery, up to and including almost every war in which we have participated, our natural inclination for "whoops...my bad" is constantly being fed by the jewish media. A friend likened it to their teevee commercials. You suck....unless you buy this product. And you are going to keep sucking until you purchase everything we want to sell you. We understand that kind of language. We know we have been bad. But we are going to change our ways.

You see, it is also in our political heritage of being a republic, and more recently a "democracy"(I love how they sold us that one), that we MUST take responsibility for our national behaviour because after all, "we the people" elected the leaders that act this way or that. They represent us. They must BE us. Guilt. Promise of redemption at the polls. We can fix ourselves. We are sorry for what we did, but we will vote reform on the next ballot.

That is where the elite have us by the short and curlys. Notwithstanding the fact that there probably hasn't been an honest state or national election in this country since the mid-nineteenth century...we as a people will own up to the hi-jinks of our leaders as if it was our will. That is only common sense.

Many pose the query out here..."how much will it take to drive this country to revolt?"
My answer to that would have to be...we will never revolt, completely. We will never, as a majority "take it to the streets". We will even stand patiently in bread lines if need be. I guarantee that. We have done it before. And as I said before, it is not in our nature to do anything else.
So if anyone in the outside world is waiting for us to start the ball rolling...to be the first to lynch those in charge and bring their world of personal luxury crashing down...come and get me when we start. I'll be in the bar.

I understand that is a terrible counter-politically-correct thing to admit about a group of people to which I belong. But to ignore this fact is ridiculous, and dangerous.
The only true revolution that has happened in this country was the Civil War. And since, it's being about State's rights...an issue that was murdered along with upwards of 700,000 human beings, we won't be fighting that battle again. Even then the PTB got us to fight each other...not them.
So we continually believe as a nation, that whatever is wrong with this country can be fixed. Not by throwing out the baby with the bathwater, as we have been warned about over our history, but to tweak and adjust by just electing the next candidate that promises change. That is our nature. It has taken well over two-hundred years of media nurturing to achieve it, but that is the best we are. We have been told that "We the people" are guilty. We accept this as easily as we accept commercials on our jew-toobs that remind us that we suck. We are sorry. And we will buy that new widget that you are selling tomorrow...
If we are to have a revolution, it will have to be scheduled around our favorite sit-coms and on the weekend, as we are all working at least two jobs.

That is us. We have to admit it. They know it and so do we. We have no real "breaking point". We will starve before we actually physically fight authority. Sad...but true.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Israeli Animals...

They are vampires. They must be stopped.

Lying Dogs...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Goin To The Movies...

I know.  With all that is happening out there, I shouldn't in all conscience, waste your time talking about films.
But as I have said here before, I am a film buff.  It has always been my grounding place...that dark theater, or living room  where you can get out of your head and into someone else's.  See things from a different viewpoint.  A celebration of sorts.  A celebration of life and common humanity.  That is what the theater was always meant to be, I believe.  From Agamemnon on, we thirst for another vantage point in our lives.  That is what it should be.  That is what it can be.

I can talk for hours about plot graphs, Joseph Campbell, Ingmar Bergman, the theory of heroics and eternal themes...but I will try not to bore you here.
What I will touch on in these thousand or so little green words, is the contrast of what the film medium can and IMHO should be, and what a certain gang of hucksters have transformed it into.  Even though I have never been a professional film critic(whatever the hell that is), I have also never been of the opinion that it takes any more training than to watch about a gazillion films over the course of your life, to make you an expert.  At least an expert in the field of what you like and don't.  If you use your brain-box, it doesn't take that much to separate the stinkers from the gems.

I can always see the judaic hand in a movie.  To me it sticks out like a turd in a punch bowl.  And about as appetizing.  The attempt at emotional manipulation, the glorification of sex and violence and a twisted(in a bad way) sense of humor...are all hallmarks of a jewish produced or directed film.
To me, those films that display an emptiness...a two dimensional imitation of life can always be traced to the tribe. 

I could give you examples ad infinitum of what I mean.  From Lubitch to Spielberg, they all parade the same lack of morality and view of humanity.  They all boil down to an array of filming tricks that are tried and true, trite wastes of celluloid.  Tear-jerkers top my bill of disgustingly manipulative examples of this raped artform.  It never fails to amaze me how appallingly childish and yet fiendishly clever these directorial efforts are at getting you to cry into your popcorn.  Why do people fall for this type of maudlin shit?
Because it taps into your emotions...for a buck.  Not to observe life...not to celebrate, but to move your gut to sentimentality by artfully bypassing your cerebellum.  When in that shallow end of the pool of your being, just about anything can be sold to you.  And is.  Time and time again.  Since the early days of hollyweird, these crying-time films have been used to plant all manner of anti-human emotions...for war, consumerism, pornography...you name it.  If it is a hard sell on the campaign trail, you can find it being screened at your local movie house in the latest jew-directed movie, that will slip it into your psyche via some soap-opera with an emotionally swelling soundtrack.
As difficult as it is to take people to school about how the tribe has infiltrated world politics and economies, try telling them that the latest block-buster is merely a slickly produced hour-and-a-half commercial for the latest assault on the Gentile public.  
"But I cried like a baby...that MUST mean something, right?"    "It must have been a great movie if it affected me like that".  I can save you all the gut-wrenching self-absorbent surface emotion by kicking you in the groin.  Same tears...no talmudic immorality play.  Less painful results.
Many people now buy hook-line-and sinker into "indie" films as an alternative to hollyweird.  That's another tribal crock.  Indie films means filming on location...and not in sunny southern Californian studios.  That's all.  They have nothing new to sell you.  Same jews directing.  Same jews producing.  Same jews distributing.  And more importantly, the same jewish filter applied.  Why can't people see this, when it is projected in high-definition and Dolby surround?
I was asked recently to view a film, "Winter's Bone".  Let me first explain my procedure for film viewing.  First I use the net to find out who directed it.  Then, who produced/distributed it.  Then who stars in it.  It used to be that I was almost guaranteed a jewish-free viewing by discovering that it was not an Amerikan film.  That is no longer the case.  But in any event, if I find(as I did in this case) that the director is a jewish woman, that attended Brandeis University, grew up the daughter of rich jewish successful parents in Cambridge Mass...and I am about to watch her filmed portrayal of a slice of Ozark mountain life...uh....I gotta ask...WTF.
Fifteen minutes into the film, and I understood what she doesn't.  She couldn't possibly present something on film, about which she knows nothing.  That old saw, that is used for writing..."write what you know", applies to just about any artform.  You cannot depict a true image of anything that you do not fully comprehend. Especially when the setting of the film is so important in what is trying to be conveyed.  In the case of the story that she attempted, it takes a little more effort than setting up your cameras in front of a shitload of rusting trailers in the countryside.  This woman should stick to filming(if she insists on using this mode of expression) some soap-opera about sexual escapades in a country club.  I'm sure this is something about which she "knows" a great deal.
The fact that this film won all kinds of awards including "Sundance", was another tip-off.  Sundance is another "alternative" film movement that has been purchased lock-stock-and-barrel by the cult.  This film...the half-hour that I could stomach...is very typical of the type of kosher rubbish that I am trying to...I dunno...trash.
Meant to be sensitive...not.  Meant to be poignant...not.  Meant to be authentic...definitely not.  Meant to be "art-y"...yeah...probably.
Meant to make money...in SPADES.  You would have to see this travesty to understand what I am talking about, but let it be known that I do not recommend it...or any other films that fall under and fail my rules I mentioned above.  In contrast to this POS, I just recently watched "The Reckoning".  A brilliant film, that has nothing ashkanazi about it.  Not even an historical mis-reference homage to jews, that seems to be the standard fare for period pieces nowadays.  Once you get that out of the way...the sky's the limit.  You can make movies.

I guess what I am trying to say in this meandering piece, is that I often feel suffocated by the tribe and their influence in popular culture.  Their dominance in the field of film has always got my goat.  It is something important to me to watch a movie that is all that the medium can be.  To see it commercialized, cheapened and used, is criminal in my mind.  To have to do fifteen minutes of research before I even allow myself to view a film is just one of the many prices we all have to pay to filter out the jew's influence in our lives.  But I will pay this.  And I will continue to go to the movies.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Jews?...Wha?

I trust everyone in the world had a great holiday...and got more than enough to eat.

What the hell am I talking about? Most of the people on earth barely had enough food yesterday to give them the energy to wake up this morning. It is tempting to believe that somehow,because another amerikan holiday excuse to spend money and gorge one's self rolls around...it is shared universally. That everyone has the tradition of gathering with family and friends to eat enough food in one sitting, to feed an entire village in the third world for a week. Funny. Not funny ha-ha.
More ironic than anything. But you can't eat irony. And it isn't humorous in the least.

We gathered with family yesterday as we do every year on thanksgiving. But there was something missing. Even more than was missing last year. Besides being less a few normal guests, there was a pall in the house. The jew-toob that always blasts the holiday football games during the festivities also blasted the possibility of yet another war in Korea. It wasn't delivered however as bad news from the talking heads between plays. Or that' was my take, as I tried in vain to get out of earshot of that demonic machine which is always on in my relative's LR. Another war for israhell. More money for jews. Of course, in the bosom of my wife's family, I dare not mention my politics. I am not so insensitive as to force feed my feelings to numb in-laws...especially when the mood in the rooms of the house had an uneasy feeling already.

You see, one of the young mothers that always attends this holiday tradition, was sans hubby this year. A child sans daddy. A wife sans wedding ring. Sans everything that she was. only a couple thanksgivings ago. Her husband served two hitches in Afghanistan, was released early during his second tour with PTSD. He went through a short VA hospitalization...then disappeared. I'm sure guilt..shame...nightmares driving him who knows where. Gone in body. Gone of mind. Daughter fatherless. Wife dependent.

It touches us all. These wars for zionist jews. How can they not see this? How much longer will we carve turkeys and go shopping the next day. How much longer before there are no turkeys...no shopping...no more daddys anywhere.
Yes, there was an awful pall in the house. No one spoke of it. No one spoke of the missing soldier. We ate in silence...until one of the new boyfriends of yet another wife-to-be, noticing the crawl across the bottom of the screen announcing the Korean boarder stand-off and that amerikan troops were going to be deployed said: "Alright! Our troops will go over there and kick some butt!" The aforementioned silence got even quieter. Until we all started shuffling on home. Maybe this little family, in this little town is beginning to wake up to the eternal wars of hebrew empire-building and what they really cost us all. Perhaps this is what it takes. More thanksgivings and Christmases with missing family members in all little homes, to be ready to hear whom they can blame. Just maybe it will be time for me, or someone else that understands just who these wars benefit and who starts them...to fill in the culprit's names.
The jews? Wha?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Damn, I Hate This Country

Talking to a friend the other day. We were head-shaking and tsk-tsking about this and that. What this land and indeed this world has become over the course of our lives. It's such a shame, we said.

As older folks always say at some point, the rhetorical phrase "what's the matter with kids today?" was spoken at least once. But then I started thinking(there I go again), that there is nothing wrong with today's youth. If I was one of them, I would probably behave the same way that they do.

If you are given the same several meals every day of your life, you aren't aware of any other type of food. If you have nothing to which you can compare it. You might imagine another cuisine, but it must be exceptionally vague in your mind. Where would you start, with little frame of reference. It would be like trying to imagine hearing color, or viewing touch.Interesting mental exercises, but not practical enough for you to experience. You may enjoy another type of food, but you will never know...because it simply isn't available to you.
In the past...oh, 40-50 years or so, things have changed drastically in this country. Socially and politically. It wasn't an overnight thing. We have been eased into an existence to which many of us living the last halves of our lives are unaccustomed, and uncomfortable. You could say that about any generational changes...and I am sure they have over many millennium before I stepped foot on this stage. This new/old skin that I carry now...this part that I am playing of a mature adult, doesn't suit me. I am miscast. I am still the nay-saying 18 year-old, up in my head...with drawn on wrinkles and gray highlights painted in my hair. And I tread the boards. The only difference is that I got so deeply into the role of "angry young man" , that it is difficult to play any other part. I became James Dean...for years. I am Jack Kerouac...still. You see, I am still feeding myself this alternative food that so many around me have never tasted.

Those that have not experienced the change to what is normal for them now, have no idea what life could have been like. The testimony about the times before the jewification of this world is a mere mental exercise to them. A forbidden fruit of which they will not partake. Even the menu of yesteryear has been altered. They don't understand what was available to us half a century ago. And how we allowed this new type of food to be placed on our table. The meals they are given now are all they know...and they eat them.

I have no illusions about how this world was operating when I was a child. I fully understand that it contained the seeds of what we see flowering now. The corruption. The wars. The inhumanity. Zionism.
I once said to a friend that "this sure isn't the country that I was born into" . His reply was that "and it is a far cry from the country that you THOUGHT you were born into". Well, of course he was right. We tend to glorify the past. The good old days. I try never to fall prey to that simplistic view of life...but sometimes it happens.
So back to the title of this piece. Yes. I hate everything this country now stands for. War, hegemony, consumerism, celebrity worship, fear and hatred. Everything that the hebrew fingers of this nation touches, turns to shit. From my vantage point of having once partaken of some tasty meals, I can see that all of this is now kosher food. This fare is being served up with sides of altered history and hatred. This fantasy that is jewish is the only meal the young are allowed to consume. They have nothing to compare it to...
That must be mind-numbing.
So I pity the youth. If they are not aware that there is or ever was anything other than bespectacled curly-haired, huge nosed pundits to tell them what to believe, how can we blame them for following along? We rejected the values that the yiddish were bringing, back in the day. But if they are ALL cut of this cloth now, how could the young tell the difference.
I hate what this country has become...I long for the "good old days" when we KNEW better. I guess you could say that I am living in the past. It's a shame more of us can't. That past where we were at a crossroads, and took the wrong one. We got busy with our own lives. Just as they knew we would. Now there is nothing left with which to contrast this country.
Just sayin...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010


I just posted a jew-tube video below by Anthony Lawson. This guy is most definitely on "our side" of things. His videos are lucid presentations of anti-zionist philosophy and a major weapon in the battle against the judification that we all fight. Mr. Lawson stands head-and-shoulders above the majority of us out here with similar, if not exactly the same view of things.

But why? He isn't saying much more than many of us out here keep banging on about. He understands the enemy and exposes it without hesitation...as many of us do, to be sure. And I certainly do not wish to denigrate his efforts, but to explain why I believe he, and others like him rise above us all. It's that voice.

In Lawson's case, he has that classically trained BBC type phrasing, that the listener believes instantly. It is a way of speaking that sounds immediately like fact. There are people out there that have those kind of innate vocal abilities. We are in dire need of such people. And there are those, that no matter how much they have to say...do not.
Case in point:David Cole. I once played a piece from his brilliant video expose' about the holohoax, when someone was walking through the room. This person's unsolicited comment was "Jeeze, turn that off will ya? That guy's voice is the most irritating, whiny thing I have ever heard". He was right. Such a voice can quickly supersede any message that the speaker wishes to convey. I'm sure you have heard such sounds coming from an otherwise believable speaker. Another such example is this young man. Although his words are passionate and deliberate, his voice and mannerisms are that of soft-spoken gentleman...not a leader.
TJPTB fully understand this phenomenon. They have since the early days of their film-making. There are certain voices to which you will pay little attention, even if they are speaking the truth. And there are voices that can make you believe virtually anything.
From Walter Cronkite to Rachel Maddow, the voice is the thing.
I'm sure it has something to do with DNA and how we wish to hear pleasing speech deliver our group message...but just as it is naturally preferable to have such articulate sounds covering our herd's intent, it can also be used against us. I cite one of the most stirring speeches in the past 25 years, delivered by Barack Obama after his election. A well written speech...for good or bad, can manipulate emotions without the listener ever really hearing the words. Yes, our puppet-in-chief has such a voice. But of course when you are talking about video as well, you must also have the physical presence and the ability to act as if what your are saying is true. Once you have all these deceptions working, what you are actually saying makes little difference.
We also have such voices on the side of right. But we are failing to use them as effectively as the jewish-owned media.

When we listen to Alex Jones, spewing invective against the machine, it stirs most of us...of course until we dissect what he is actually saying, and more importantly not saying. It is easy to get behind a voice like his. He "almost" speaks your mind, and he is audibly believable. Whereas someone like Ron Paul, who has a weak and a bit irritating demeanor will not be followed en-mass no matter what he is saying. Although I certainly don't agree with this politician, that is somewhat alternative... I could have told you from the start of his "movement" ,if you will, that he is the wrong man to deliver any message. He simply doesn't have the voice for it.

Perhaps I am stating the obvious here, but from FDR and Churchill, to today's purveyors of propaganda....political or social, it's the great and the distinctive voice that will ALWAYS sell the product, whatever it is. And if you can marshal such human sounds with someone that can think on their feet, then you have a true VOICE for your cause. Without these talents, you have lost your bid to influence anyone.

So kudos to Mr. Lawson, and may we find more minds like his with the correct vocal chords attached to them.
For the rest of us...we should keep away from microphones and keep scribbling.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Community

Corporations have no conscience.  Jewish corporations, from the Knesset to Monsanto, have no humanity.  But what they do have is a "goal".  They have common purpose. A conspiracy, if you will.
Conspiracy is an odd word.  Well, more the myriad of connotations it has acquired are odd indeed.  Let's see what it has officially morphed into by consulting Old Mr. Webster:

1.the act of conspiring.
2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
4.Law . an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
5. any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.
I'll have a number three(hold the evil) and a number five.  Supersized..with a large Coke.
In the recent "part two" of Geraldo Rivera's yet to be revealed "conspiracy" about the call for a new investigation into the events of 9/11, he has us all a bit puzzled.  
But I won't go into that again...my speculation or any others.  I'm sure you could come up with several plausible models for what this snide little ass-wipe is up to this time.  But one thing he said in this interview... no, the WAY he said "I loath conspiracy theories"  ...tells me that we are in for another Bermuda triangle/finding Jimmy Hoffa type thing, for which he is renowned.  He is famous for taking up a cause to cast it to the mist of myth when he "discovers" on air, that there is nothing to it.  A final stage show that debunks "conspiracy theory nuts", as he calls them...once and for all.  
This is a conspiracy in itself.  Because you can bet your last Twinkie that he doesn't utter a syllable without the approval of his tribal leaders...our masters.
But that isn't what I wanted to address.  What I do want to cover is the community out here.  The "conspiracy" that we have going.

It's members are over there in the blog-roll, to the left.  And a hell of a lot more that I haven't gotten around to adding to the list.  Sorry.  I'm getting there.  But as I have addressed here ad pukeitorum, there is a lot of weeding-out to be done first.  There are so many flowers in this conspiracy garden that we are tending, that it is time-consuming and difficult to make sure that each plant is of the domestic variety, before I will help nurture it.

I am astounded on a daily basis, the amount of people that visit here.  Really.  It boggles the mind.  And turns the head...if I let it.
I have no allusions that I am a great writer, an heroic figure or anything other than just another foot-soldier in this battle.  But I am that, and will continue to aim and fire at the enemy(or more accurately the "adversary" )when I see him.  All of us do.  And that is our strength.  Our weakness is that we are too kind.  We have been raised correctly to a man(and woman).  We don't wish to harm others...no matter whom...without just cause.  We cannot be as ruthless as our enemy...we would then become them.  Them, with merely a different agenda.  And that wouldn't be good.  We only seek to expose and dis-empower those in power.  My take is that they are all(and/or are facilitated by)the cult known as the judaic.
Many out here expose them partially without naming them, and I can understand that.  Many of us are younger people with families that we are reticent to jeopardize, for after all, putting a jewish surname to the atrocities we see, can in some countries land you in prison for "inciting racial hatred".  But there are plenty of us that are happy to complete the investigations. Those that live in countries that have no such laws yet, or those of us that are too old and out of patience to give a shit.  I happen to fall into both aforementioned categories.
But that isn't even what I really wanted to convey here now.

A few months ago Veritas6464 had an idea to create a "news cooperative".  A pool of alternative news items from which we could all draw...for dissemination and opining.  I was ALL behind this idea.  And I still am.  But, the thing we didn't realize at the time, was that it is already here.  Again, over to the left.  
We pass around items more quickly than AP, UPI or Rupert Murdoch.  I applaud us for this.  It is the most dangerous weapon in our arsenal.  We write about, investigate and verify these items with a veracity that makes paid journalists pale in comparison.  We should be proud of this.

A conspiracy, as you will note up there somewhere, requires "concurrence in action" .  We have that.  Two or more?  We have that in spades.  We literally have MILLIONS behind these blogs...writing, reading and acting upon our verboten info.
So revel in this label of "conspiracy theorist"  as you would "anti-semite".  Both have been given erroneous evil connotations by the tribe...both are being debunked by us, the Community.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Is That a Scanning Wand In Your Pocket...?

Rewind quickly to 1969. The balance tipped then. It's about to tip again. Funny thing, balance. The slightest miscalculation, and all hell can break loose.

In that year, Mr. and Mrs. Amerika were given a triangular-folded piece of cloth in exchange for their babies. That tipped that delicate balance. It was a step too far. The JPTB didn't figure that in their balance sheets and the Consumer family put away their barbecue for the season and took to the streets. You see they didn't volunteer for their children to be blown to bits in a jungle, half a world away, they were forced.
On the war front now, it's a little different. But that tricky balance thing hasn't gone away.

There are two things you don't mess with, when dealing with an amerikan. You don't touch them...and you DON'T touch their children. It's a personal space thing when it comes to touching them. Many anthropologists have reckoned this obsession with our personal space is founded in the unprecedented wide-open space of this country. This is a huge place. We no longer have to deal with a small personal space, of Europe or Asia. We have plenty of room...spread out...expand your personal space. There is enough for everyone even if there isn't enough money, there is enough space so that you don't have to touched by anyone if you don't want to be, and you better respect this. I always note that Asians especially, in public here always seem to step over those invisible bounds. Of course they are used to that in their culture. Personal space isn't as important to them. But the glares and the anger that are displayed toward them when they do misjudge this force-field, say in line at a store when they queue up closer to an amerikan than need be, should tell them to back off. And it does.

Touch an amerikan's child and you are in for a world of hurt. Not that this response is exclusively of the U.S., but we have learned over these past few wars that when the federal ZOG government is involved we are going to protect our children with a fierceness that would shame a lioness guarding her cubs.

On a national level now, Michael Chertoff and Janet Napolitano are being told to "back off"...and don't EVEN think about fondling their children. I like this response. It gives me hope that the scales are about to tip again.
The jewish answer to this? "Suck it up...you aren't going to cut into my profits because of your damned personal concerns"
I thought I had heard everything...but it seems there is a company,LOOPT (CEO-Sam Altman...jewish? of course)out there now that is trying to market your outrage. Yes, if you don't like being "touched"...you can win an Ipod "touch". You can't make this stuff up...no one would believe it. Let's make a game out of your anger. After all, Gentile child molestation and zapping your body with a magnetic imaging device that is harmful, and for no purpose other than to generate income for some jews...is a good joke. Right? You'll play along or you won't fly. Well that's ok too. So we won't fly.

So, you see...that balance thing is coming back to haunt the yiddish. They implicitly believe that they are the only ones on earth that think, or have the right to think that their person and the person of their children, is sacrosanct. Goyim and their rug-rats don't matter. Oops. Maybe they misjudged this thing. Maybe their greed got in the way again and is impeding the protocol thingy. Or. OR...

Maybe this whole thing is just meant as a bit of a distraction?
These guys are tricky horses-asses. Better watch them.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thinking Like a Jew...

After visiting Kenny's Sideshow yesterday and viewing the video below...I got to thinking...which in itself is a rare occurrence. Kenny's first question in the piece is "what's going on?". Apt question that hearkens memories of one of my fav Marvin Gaye tunes...but that being said, give this Geraldo thing a watch, if you haven't seen it already. Look for details, facial expressions...intent.

Now, we are talking about Geraldo Rivera here. One of the tribe's most vocal mouthpieces, legitimizing 9/11 truthers. Not trotting them out to ridicule them, as the jewish MSM has for the past 9 years. What indeed is going on? Well, after you watch the vid...surprise, surprise...I'm going to give you my off-the-wall take.

I have talked to a few people about this and they all scratch their heads. I did too, until I put on my jewish thinking cap. Now, stay with me on this...it might get complicated. It's only conjecture on my part, while I play the part of the zionist elite...but.

I think this just may be the humble beginnings of a new kosher spin.
The amerikan public has to be softened up again. Their fear factor has to be raised a few notches. This Rivera piece could be the start of a story that would divide and conquer not only the 9/11 truther movement, but tenderize the public as a whole and prepare them for the next new and improved false-flag event.
If I were a jew holding the reigns of power, quite frankly I would be more than a bit worried about polls showing that the majority of the populace of the USA allow for the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job. Not that they will do anything about it, but just the fact that their trust in gov/media issued propaganda is seriously waning. To the point that when I would order another FF attack, it wouldn't carry enough credibility to rally the public around yet another war for israhell. Which is what I as the JPTB want, after all.
So, I, as the head jew, instead of allowing the event to fade into a type of JFK conspiracy legend, need to put this "truther" movement to bed. Divide it...Kill it. Once and for all.
Therefore, I need to allow some "investigative journalists" (cue Woodward and Bernstein types) to discover that(get ready...this is cool) since, say 1958(no one alive to remember/debate it) there was a secret Congress-approved mandate, for reasons of "national security", that allowed for every high-rise structure which will house any Gov't office in which sensitive material dealing with national security is kept, to be pre-wired for demolition, in case of such a terrorist act as 9/11. The idea was that any such information/documents/electronic data would not fall into the hands of any terrorist after such an attack on our soil. Therefore, since the World Trade Center...especially building 7, was such a structure, "...the decision was made to pull it, and so they pulled it..."
Now, why didn't the 9/11 commission know about this? National security, obviously. And the WH did not want to create panic in the general public about all these buildings in which NGOs were also housed...UNTIL, all other such buildings in our country could have these detonation devices disabled/removed...it has taken 9 years. The Gov't and the Pentagon will have to admit now that it has been "revealed" by our wonderful freedom of the press...that is was a faulty plan...they see that now. They apologize from the bottom of their little hearts.

The two planes that actually hit the towers, triggered the fail-safe demolition devices by accident. There was nothing authorities could do about it. I might even fabricate(maybe even a jew) a hero that died trying to enter the buildings to disarm the "doomsday" demolition device. "There was so much loss of life..." But, under the aforementioned policy, their hands were tied. It is regrettable, and all other such demolition charges have been removed and Congress will soon be asked to have the mandate removed from the books. However, only through the vigilance of the grass-roots movement(and Rivera) could this policy and what ACTUALLY happened on 9/11, be related. Q.E.D.

When I broached this wild hollyweird-screenplay idea to a friend, her first question was :" what about the pentagon?". Hmmmm...good question. I got it! The Pentagon was exempt from this policy for two reasons. One, it is the MOST highly secured building in the land, and it's not a high-rise. Two, the well-worn excuse, "they caught us with our pants down"....again.

Everything else is just like the original 9/11 bullshit fairy tale. Same evil Arabs...same box-cutters...etc.

No one will doubt THIS story. If you do you really ARE a conspiracy nut. The truthers get to say "I told you so"...the others are tin-foil hatters that can and will be dismissed entirely. Perfect plan.

Sound like a bad B-flick script? Agreed. But what WAS 9/11 if not that in the first place? The whole tragedy was a story right out of the cutting-room of some jewish movie-mogul's studio anyway.
If they are going to sell the next blockbuster, "The Son of 9/11" to the movie-going public, They are going to HAVE to release the edited Director's Cut version of the original...due to continuity issues.

Crazy, you say? But if (heaven-forbid) they try something along these lines, remember...you heard it here first. Kick it around. LMK what you think.

To control dissent, you must lead the dissent.
"By way of deception, we will do war"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monthly Self-Flagellation

I have fallen into the habit of, every month ...going back over my last dozen or so posts to get a feel for the message that I am actually putting out here.

And I am doing it again.  Angry. Negative. Non-constructive.  I guess that kinda goes with the territory though.  When you take on the mission of "good vs. evil" as it has now been dubbed, one is naturally going to have to come off a little negative on occasion. But Jeeze.
 These posts don't give a very accurate depiction of who I am, but more what I am trying to stand for.  To read this stuff, you would think I am some kind of moralist.  One of the prudes that worked at your town library and served on the local "ban this and ban that" committees.  The type that are adept at telling others how to live their lives.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I hope.
As you age, you do fight the urge to judge others unfairly...I admit.  And I do.  Fight it I mean.  Although the only truly destructive behaviour I see in the world can be traced back to the tribe that this site is dedicated to exposing and vilifying, I do witness stupidity and foolishness elsewhere, as I am sure do you.  And I tend to call bullshit on it. And I do run out of patience. But mostly, I just shake my head and move on.

So if you see a trend of pessimism in my daily drivel, I depend on you the reader to call ME on it.  I can fall into that pattern rather easily.  I don't want to.  

I want to offer hope in the battle against the judification of the world.  I want to offer constructive alternatives to just ranting and jew-baiting.  I want to point out this gradual decline in human values that I see as jewish-owned. But with a plan to side-step and dodge the punches dealt us.  I would like to do all this without anger.  It is difficult at times.  But of course that is what they want.  "If you hate, they win" ...as they say.

It has long been known that the jewish religion thrives on hatred...toward the gentile, and the hatred that is consequently reflected back upon them.  It is a kosher trait that has been taught, if even unconsciously, to their children for many, many generations.   Without hatred, this cult cannot survive.  And I KNOW that.  Yet at times, I fall into that pit with spikes at the bottom.
I must constantly remind myself here of the power of influence.  How the hebrew can negatively influence his own children, and how I am liable to do the same.  It is NOT genetics.  It is influence.  It is raising your children by example that makes the child and makes the adult...for good or evil.  I know this.  I understand the power of it.  I refuse to be trapped in the negative feelings of the same racism that they profess and practice.   It is what they want...what they have been taught to want.  "If you hate like them, you become them" , might be more accurate in  the case of the zionist jew. 
I refuse to hate the things that they tell me to hate.  Which basically boils down to "others".  To be divided is to be conquered.  To feel pride in something about yourself over which you have no control...race, gender, upbringing and yes even sexual orientation...divides us.  They know that.  They count on that.  I will not fall into that trap...nor should you.

So every once and a while, beat yourself up.  Give yourself a bloody nose.  It's good for the soul.  It's good for all of us.  It has a cleansing redirecting quality to keep you on the straight and narrow.  It keeps you focused on those that would have you proud of the hatred they instill in you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Homosexuals Are Gay...

Ok. I guess I gotta do it. Sheesh. I was hoping to avoid this altogether, but...

Homosexuality. I suppose it should be addressed here. I have received quite a bit of hate-mail about the assumption that I am anti-gay, or homophobic, or whatever the pc term is now.
I am not anti-anything that has to do with the way people live their lives, except anti-judaic perhaps.
Because the movement in the media to keep beating heterosexual people over the head with this agenda of gay pride/acceptance is of course sponsored by the same folks that brought you the holocaust, I am suspicious of it. Not the sexual preference. The media's insistence that I buy into it.
I see this parade as just another facet of the debauchery that is judaism.
I don't really think about the actual preference that some people have for sexual contact with those of their own gender. This activity doesn't concern me. So, in fact, I am seeing two things when the subject comes up. The preference and the selling of it. I think if I was a homosexual, I would be as disgusted by this display as most normal people are. It's clownish, demeaning and overly personal in nature. I wouldn't want someone grouping me with these jewish "anything goes" types. I would think that my sex life is my own business and not some mouthy s.o.b. that wants to ram it down the throats of the public at large. But maybe that's just me. Perhaps it's just that I don't think such a personal thing needs to be paraded down the street like a side-show. If acceptance is what you are looking for as a homosexual, firstly...why? Why does your happiness depend on the fact that I accept your sexual preference? Secondly, you certainly aren't going to attain such assent from me or any straight people I know by dressing like a sparkly idiot and demanding it.

Much has been made recently about whether homosexuality is a choice. I don't care. It's just that simple. Why should anyone? If homosexuals choose to "come out"(whatever that means) and be open about their sexuality...well, ok....I guess. I mean I don't openly display my sexuality...I don't think.
But anyway. When we look at these jerks that lead the "gay movement", whom do we see. All jews all the time. That alone should tell you something. Even if you are a homosexual. They are profiting off of something as personal as your sexuality. That doesn't piss you off? It offends me that my heterosexuality is cheapened and perverted by yiddish pornographers.
Let's look at how erotica has been transformed into the product that is sold by the tribe today.
French postcards and nudie films were about as immodest as it got before the tribal takeover of it. Today a woman is portrayed as some sort of alien lifeform with no pubic hair, ridiculously large silicon implants and performing anal sex as the norm. These women are not women in the furthest stretch of the gentile imagination. And yet, since the industry is owned by jews, their fantasies are the ones they film and foist upon the gentile customer. To the point at which these inhuman things have somehow become the dream girls of the male mentality as a whole. So it is no wonder that the same surreal depictions are also applied to the homosexual world...in their porn and in the MSM when they keep selling the lifestyle.
In other words, I don't see sex as a public issue. Whatever you do in your bedroom is your business. Whatever I do is mine. Why does it have to be a subject of debate or enter the political arena?
There have been homosexuals since the dawn of mankind, I am sure. We all know it...so what?
Outside of gay-bashers or whatever one calls men that beat hell out of homosexuals because they recognize such traits in themselves, I don't see the need for any public or media concern. The very fact that it is as prevalent in the jewish-owned media as the freakin holohoax these days, should turn anyone, especially homosexuals off quicker than a cold shower. They are doing gays much more harm than good, as far as I can see. They are making you freaks. Isn't that obvious? They reduce all you are as humans, to a freak in a parade.

So to sum up, and for those that feel a need to bash me because of their particular sexual orientation...I don't hate homosexuals. I just don't give a shit. K?
Just sayin.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh...Almost Forgot This...

We're screwed. Proof here. Also...I dunno, maybe it's me, but aside from the constant use of the word "like", which is no biggie(every generation has their lingo), why do females "growl" nowadays? Ever notice that? "errrr...." It's very annoying. Where does it come from. This gutteral rolling in the back of the throat that comes out of the youngest females? Is it taught? Is it a new form of feminine speech pattern? Do females not have enough air in their lungs to push out acceptable audience of speech? Is this a physical aberration?...a fad? Or is it just me? Whatever it is...yuk.

Oh. If you feel like slapping the shit outta this little girl(or her parents)...that would be a normal reaction, I think.

Daily Fair...

Oops. I misspelled that. No, wait a minute...it's right.

Ok kids...let's see what passes for news today. I normally don't get to topical here, but sometimes the veil is so thin.

CNN, or JNN as I affectionately refer to it, has these stories today:

Five die in motorcycle crash. Huh? Who the f*** cares? If it bleeds it leads, I guess.

Six stories that have the word "Mom" in them. Is that some kind of buzz-word that attracts attention? A softening noun that makes a mundane story(or distraction)...I dunno...human?

The obligatory Holohoax story. "Never forget" how much money and propaganda value is in that word. It seems someone is leeching the leech's money and some important leeches are pissed! Shit happens when leeches are involved.

Rahmbo(who the f*** came up with that name for a little jewish turd whom I would like to buy for what he's worth and sell for what he thinks he's worth) got an egg thrown at him. It missed. Shit.

Study links heart attacks with job stress. Well now there's a surprise! Where in hell did they come up with that? I mean, talk about off the wall connections...whodathunk?

Same-sex dance team. Will the jewish MSM ever stop pushing(that's a disgustingly appropriate verb) their homosexual agenda? The "lifestyle" of what?...5% of the population, in which about 51%(ownership) are jewish and 99% of the gay rights movements leaders are of the kosher persuasion? Hope springs eternal.

A few fluff pieces that wouldn't interest a hairdresser...


People killed in natural disasters...take your pick...floods, volcanoes, mudslides, Wal-Mart, road-rage, dancing with the jews...whatever. People are dying everywhere...except Palestine.

That's about it. It doesn't get any more interesting than this. This is the best they can do.

I cackle at the jew-news...so you won't have to.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

One Life In A Prison-camp...

This is going to be a ranting aimless roller-coaster ride again...but...

Wait just a God-damned minute. Something is terribly wrong here.

Y'know, I used to work with an Iranian woman. When she first started, some days she would show up...some days she wouldn't. After a few weeks of this and after I got to know her, I asked her about this hit-and-miss attendance that she was demonstrating.
She said, yeah...they had threatened to let her go if it didn't improve, but that she saw no room for any improvement. She told me that in her country, day-to-day life was more important than work. Especially working for someone else. That we Americans work our lives away and seem to have no time for anything else. My immediate reaction was that she was delusional. She was naive and didn't understand what life really was. Life IS work. Family, hobbies, education and entertainments were merely things that you did on weekends or vacations. Sheesh. Everyone knows that.

But it got me thinking and asking more questions. If working for a living was not paramount in Iran...what was? Education was the first thing she thought of. It wasn't unusual for an Iranian person to spend most of their lives going to school. Oh, we have those here too, I told her. Professional students. They work the system so that they won't have to ever enter the real workplace. No, no...I didn't understand...there is no system to "work" in her homeland, she related. It is accepted that the way you choose to spend your time on this planet, is left to your discretion. It wasn't any business of the state, or anyone else. But what about food, housing...all the essentials? The state provides this for people that don't care to work for someone else to buy these things. What? Yes, she told me...that is what the state is for. Isn't it? Shouldn't it be? Communism, I thought. Fascism at best. But the more I understood that it was more or less a theocracy in Iran, I began to see that their federal government was there to provide religious leadership and financial assistance to a populace that simply enjoyed their lives.

This was revolutionary to me. I couldn't wrap my brain around the whole concept. Outside of the religious aspect of such a government, it seems too good to be true. You mean, that people are allowed...no, no...ENCOURAGED to live their lives as THEY see fit? No system to work? Morality in business? No bankruptcy? No poverty?

Well of course I have learned since that the Iranian way of life isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination...but what country can boast that? Of course amerika always has. Somehow, we have adopted an ethic of labor-for-others meme that saps our humanity. It steals our lives and yet we bend over and try to pretend...no actually BELIEVE that that is the way things should be. It is a matter of honor to us in the West, that we work all our lives. We derogate any deviance to this ethic. "They never worked a day in their life" is not a compliment here. It is invective. One of the worst things you can say about someone.

How did it get this way? How did it become a matter of course for one to throw the precious hours of their lives away, to a corporation? So that the owner can spend HIS one-time existence on this planet in luxury. Why do we do this? Why is there no alternative in the Occident? Who set up this system? Who do you think? It wasn't the poor sucker slaving away 50-60 hours a week running the machines and doing paperwork, that decided we need a system in which the majority of us labor so the few can sit on their asses...I'm sure.
Although, as in most theocracies from ancient Egypt on down through history, the priests of the state religion never work. That is why is has always been a sought-after position. Who in hell would want to "grunt and sweat" for a few, unless you believe that these few hold some sort of sway with the diefic ones in the sky. You work for your ticket to the next world in which you pray you won't have to work any more. How smart is that.

So I think we can safely say that theocracy is not really as user-friendly as it would appear...although I like the no-work thing. I'm lazy. When it comes to putting in my time...punching the clock...I don't wanna do it. I have though. My entire adult life. Since I came of age, I don't think I have ever been "out of work" more than a few months. I want it back now, thank you very much.
Give me all those hours of my existence back. And I want them in young years too. Just as I gave them. This shit of hobbling around in my retirement years in pain, is not what I signed up for. I want the value added time just as I was in the years when the jewish pigs took it from me. We all do. What could we have done on this planet? What could I have done with my life? What could you have done?
For that matter what could this world have been like without phony-baloney religions, their Grand Poo-Bas and their priests?
In this the age of the jew,under whose jack-boots we all labor, I wonder what my life would have been like without their religion of debt. I could have perhaps been a writer...or a musician...or something about which I could look back on now with some sort of satisfaction.
But whether it is the age of the jew, or the age of the Pharaohs, the people that work for them, trade their existence for the mere essentials of life.

Yorktown man wins $1 million: "It's a great feeling!"
A Yorktown, Indiana man has stepped forward to claim a $1 million prize from the Hoosier Lottery. Antonio Navarro purchased a Powerball® with Power Play® ticket worth $1,000,000. Navarro is a regular Powerball with Power Play player who said he always felt a big win was in the cards for him. "Someday you'll see my name in the paper. I'm going to hit this thing before I die,” is something he told his co-workers often. After getting some financial advise, Navarro and his wife are looking forward to being completely debt-free. However, they don't intend to make any significant life changes. Navarro said he has no intention of retiring from Cooper Tire where he has worked for 34 years. "I've worked all my life since I was a little bitty kid. I wouldn't know what to do. I think I'd lie down and die if I didn't work," said Navarro.

The new religion.

To this man two things are important. Being debt-free and working. I have so much sympathy for him. Really. He is us. We have been made to believe that we must live and work in debt. And that the epitome of our existence is to work. Our fondest dream is to, if only for an instant, be free of that yoke of debt. There is something terribly wrong with this. Our current masters, the jews, have elevated their usury/debt ethic to the point at which it keeps us changing tires and now we can't do anything else. Funny how that horrible motto "Arbeit Macht Frei" that the jews of the West decried as evil when it was forced upon them in the German concentration camps, has become a religion in itself, now that THEY are the leaders. Now this is the current religion of the West. Winning the lottery has become the ultimate religious experience to which the Western working man aspires. To become the priest, for a moment. And yet to keep working. It's all we know.
This man, Navarro will lose his million. The priests of this new religion will get it, and he will die in pain. His youth, his life given to his masters. But he will have had a glimpse of the new god.

Sometimes people amaze me.