Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Poll...We Are Winning

Poll: Record high distrust in US media
Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:11AM
A new Gallup poll shows a record-high majority of Americans have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately or fairly.

According to the poll, 57 percent of Americans say they do not trust the news of the US mass media. The figure released on Wednesday shows a record high, up from 56 percent last year.

The poll, with the maximum margin of sampling error of ±4 percentage points, gathered information from 1,019 adults, aged 18 and older, from between September 13 to16.

Nearly 63 percent of those polled perceive bias in media and political news outlets in one direction or the other.

The report further added that the public trust in the media is now even lower than its trust in the executive and judicial branches of the US government.

Gallup's annual Confidence in Institutions survey published on August 15 found that 75 percent of the respondents do not have confidence in newspapers, with 78 percent distrusting television news.

Experts say the US media are not gaining new fans as Americans continue to express low confidence, in line with the steady slide over the past two decades.

The results also reflect the rise of alternative media and Internet news sources, which are rapidly gaining popularity among Americans.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beyond the World...

I have been re-reading(in some cases, really reading for the first time) my posts for the last month or so. OMG. As George Harrison crooned, "I, me, mine".

Way too much about me. Way too little about the zionist beast that prompted me to start this endeavor in the first place. But that's easy to do. I guess you could say that IS me. I tend to write about how this world affects me. It's one way of assuring that I will get the facts straight...anyway.

I see Roger Waters has joined us...intentionally or not...he has been marked. Unless he says "uncle" till the day he dies, his arm will be continually lock-gripped behind his back. Tough. A lot of high profile people get the anti-semite label. Some aren't trying. It would appear that even if you refuse to address the jewish-zionist question in public you could still slip up. Since you don't have that paranoia that comes with judaic upbringing, you don't always know if you are stepping on someone's wee-wee. Bummer. Then of course if you do find a circumcised member under your shoe, you have to bend over...and bend over...and bend over. They forever have you over a barrel. Forever.

It must be tough walking that tightrope of depending on jews for your very livelihood and trying to retain some dignity, while merely trying to practice your craft or artform, as they do in the biz. But come to think of it, the jews have most of us there. I may not depend on kosher wages so much that I won't speak out about their filth, but I find myself "choosing my battles", so to speak. We all do. We don't scream anti-Gentile, every time we get screwed up the butt by some hebrew deal. We were raised better. Our parents taught us not to judge people by grouping them. But the ash-can-nazis were taught differently. And that's the only thing that makes them "chosen". Chosen to play evil. Chosen to be greedy. Chosen by their upbringing to regard themselves as superior.

And we take it. We bend over for them. For how much longer, I wonder.

I have mentioned my friendship with a "holohoax survivor" here before. I will continue to do so. He taught me many things. These things are not secrets but they are truths. He was there when the western world got their ransom note from the jew. He understood what was going on behind the scenery. He too was bent over by their protocols. As I said in the post yesterday...I know what I know.

When I think of poor George on his deathbed...and his jewish motherfucker of a doctor, literally MAKING him sign a guitar for this good doctor's hatchling...I makes me wish at some level that I was a violent man. When I read of the CEO of a company that has sold faulty body-armor to the military, and with the proceeds buys his J.A.P. daughter a coming out party worth ten mil, my first instinct is to punish. But I won't. I consider the source. That is the nature of the kosher "Beast" . That is the way they were reared. "I, ME, MINE". My only recourse is this site. To expose them with every chance they give me...and some they don't.
And continue to try and think and write less about myself and more about those that die and suffer at the hand of the international jew.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Conscience...

This may sound a little basic to some, maybe not.

I go off half-cocked quite a lot. I guess it's because as you get older, you know that you don't have as much time to defend and explain in detail...and you don't care to get lost in meaningless talking-point debates that merely slow the inevitable conclusions at which you have already arrived. But along with this bull-in-a-china-shop attitude,(besides breaking a shitload of porcelain)one tends to feel brutish about one's methods. But that is the nature of the beast. Get in and hang on. Does that make any sense?

Let me state it another way. I have come to certain conclusions about the way things are on this spinning rock, and I have arrived at these ways of thinking,not only through many years of many hours devoted to reading and researching...but also through gut feelings and intuition about such information. I guess, although it seems a p.o.v. that on the surface could be easily criticized...I know what I know. I will never tell you a lie here. I will not spread rumor. If I make a statement as fact...I can document it.

The conclusions I draw from these facts, are mine alone. But they fit, and it's my purpose to tell you how. I have to sleep and look in a mirror occasionally. So my intent is to as be as true to myself and what I believe, as possible. I don't care how others sleep or see their reflections. It's obvious to me that these things aren't as important to some. It's obvious that a certain group of people do not seem to have the same type of conscience that I do. To hell with them.

I depend on a lot of people out there to call me on any bull that I happen to post here. I also depend on a few in the real world to assure the veracity of my observations. As Blanche says : "I have always depended upon the kindness of strangers". Whether they be friend or foe, I am sure that my readership will keep me on the straight and narrow.

I realize that readers come and go. Hit and run. That is the nature of the blogosphere. Some leave comments...most don't. I can hang with that. I really appreciate the feedback I get and always crave more, but most places that I visit do not receive my comments for one reason or another. I don't care to sing in a choir even if I agree with what I read. Or I think they are so far off base that I don't feel an obligation to try changing their ways by typing in a little comment box for hours on end. Or some sites know that I agree with and appreciate their posts...opinions or alternative news... which very little beyond my coming back needs voicing. So unless I think that a webmaster has truly hit on a gem and requires encouragement or an "amen", I just read and come back for more. That's usually cool with them...and me.

If I didn't get but one reader a month, I would still be hammering on these keys. Yes, it's more about me than you. I want like hell for you to come along with me on this trip...but even if you don't, I'm still going. It's about conscience.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Forgive me my earlier patriotism rant.  It was true to my feelings, but intentionally a bit sophomoric...a little pedestrian in nature.  Sometimes I like to vent, and in the raging voice that readers expect.  I promised I wouldn't do that.  See what I did there?

I have been listening to a lot of Eustace Mullins lately, and I dunno.  I loved the guy.  He had a way of speaking that just drew you in and let you feel that there are no stupid questions. I will miss him. Kinda like that nice old guy that you wish now that you had more time for when you were a kid.  He worked at the grocery or the fire station, and you would marvel at his tales of war or big bands or living out of a truck on the way to California.  Were his tales true?  Who doesn't matter.  He was true.

My Mother used to describe people like that as ones that "were in love with the sound of their own voice".  And that can be a good or a bad thing.  When you listen to the talking heads in the media, or Alex Jones or Mike Rivero, you can get a mouthful of the bad taste for that particular proclivity.  But when you listen to Twain or Mullins or even Carlin, you can see the good that this love affair with one's own vocal chords can bring to millions.  I guess it has to do with intent.

Anyway, back to Mullins.  I loved the way he could ramble through history at warp speed, while you are trying desparately to take mental notes.  You believed him. It was as if all the proof for those uneasy feelings you have always had, were embodied in this man's voice.  A voice of authority and experience and yet with no condescension.  Much like Joseph Campbell when he went speeding through the historical power structures of religious myth.  There are few people that can sustain my interest or trust in this world.  These are two of them.  

 I can listen to many speakers and no matter how methodical they seem, if they falter in one statement, a red light and siren goes off in my head and it drowns out anything further that they have to say.  It's like reading an essay in which the author mentions the "holocaust" off-offhandedly  as a mere stepping stone to another bigger ears go dead.  I don't care what point they are trying to make...if they are going to reference something that I know to be a fabrication, as a fact...they have lost me.  But that's only common sense.  You can't lead a horse...all that.

I have been driveling on in this post and have yet to come to a point.  I write like that, as I am sure you have noticed.  

Yesterday I read an article that stated that even though the MSM has found their new HITLER in the personage of I'm-a-dinner-jacket, and are drooling to lambaste him at every turn, his latest speech at the UN in which he mentioned the possibility that the mossad was behind 9/11 and the zio-news had a field day...the alternative media on the net were strangely silent.  The article concluded that this was because these supposed websites of alternative news, were really funded and backed by the zionists themselves.  The sites that the article mentioned are probably guilty as charged.  For the rest of us out here...I don't think that is a fair assessment.

I haven't, and very few bloggers out here have mentioned the speech very much, because I think we have fallen out of love with this guy.  As I said up there somewhere, there are some that can sustain my interest or trust .  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not one of these.  There are too many bells going off...too many red lights flashing.  He is too good to be true. He is too much the embodiment of all that the JPTB want to demonize.  I think many out here feel that way.  Just as Adolph was a cardboard cut-out for the zionist's  propaganda, so too does the leader of Iran strike me.  He looks like a garden path that I don't think I want to stroll down.  But maybe that's just me.  Maybe I have been led down too many paths.  Getting a bit gun-shy in my old age, I guess.

Saturday, September 25, 2010



Perhaps I need to clear something up. Yes, this is another "it's about me" thing.

I am not a patriot. I never have been. I never will be. I just live in a place. They don't like that. The TPTB. The reason they don't, is that to all non-patriots, war, taxes and arbitrary laws are just forms of control over a region. Nothing that brings "a lump" to the throat. When I see an amerikan flag, all I feel is disgust. I don't want to restore this country to some mythical vision of the land of freedom that are forefathers fought and died for, or any of that brouhaha. If they fought and died for anything other than their own personal protection, they were fools. They were chumps. Of course that's the way you make a country. You get a bunch of chumps together in one area, and you tell them quickly on that they have enemies. Tell them they are special. Instill pride. A war with someone is soon to follow.


All patriotism war. War assures wealth for the already wealthy. That is what this world needs to awaken to. Screw your flag...screw my flag. Screw the concept of enemies, other than those that would make a shekel off the death of some poor chumps and their children. They are the only enemy. Why can't the world see that? I guess it gives some pleasure to too many people...this patriotism shit.

I couldn't care less if they bombed capitol hill tomorrow, tore up every copy of the god-damned constitution and used old glory as toilet paper. Really. And neither should you. When human life and happiness take a back seat to allegiance to some damned piece of cloth that a cult of elitists sewed together...we as a species better start devolving back to the beginning and start over. C'mon. WHO the fuck cares if we decide to give the whole damned country back to the Indians and Mexicans? I mean really. No more malls. No more jewish teevee. Sounds like a hell of a plan to me. And I am not just playing devil's advocate here. This is serious.

A child can see this. Why can't billions of adults? We are animals that require food and shelter. Other than that, what is the possible use of patriotism? Or countries at all? Yes, I firmly wish for a "New World Order". One in which the purveyors of all this anti-human filth that we call politics, get lined up against a wall and shot. Then the rest of us can get on with "Evolving". know all this.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Undiscovered Talent...

A Word...

A word to the wise.  Do not let the October surprise obscure the November deception...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Straying From the Path...

I have a bad habit. It's the breaking of that age-old rule that any creative writing class has posted somewhere in it's classroom. "Do not, under any circumstances fall into the habit of writing to your readers".

Someone over at Les' place brought up Richard Brautigan. I haven't heard him mentioned in polite society for years and years. Everyone is as ready as a gunslinger to draw a bead on you with their Henry Millers or their William Burroughs(as Les says, I don't know these guys)...but no one feels the Sombrero Fallout any more. To me, Brautigan is all mixed up with the faux comedic Firesign guys...and that era. A time gone by. Perhaps campy, perhaps not. There is very little appreciation for word-crafting now. Few craft every sentence...every word...every allusion. It is all illusive imagery and hit em with a thousand words, when two or three could make their point. Prose fashion, I guess. I always held that brevity is the soul of wit... and depth. I guess that's why I always liked Brautigan. Or maybe it's because he was a poet at heart. Or maybe it's just because I am simple. In his slim volumes he could evoke for me, many more emotions and thought provoking images than fifty thousand words of Burroughs. But there is no accounting for tastes.
There is something about the "tortured soul" that attracts me. That writer that can barely breathe for want of some joy, or can barely write for some joy that they have discovered. And can successfully relate that in prose. That is probably why I also love the Russian writers.

I can't do that. Wish I could.

I have a mission here, but I don't want writing "style" to get the better of it. Vanity, all is vanity. All that. But by the same token, I don't want to write to the least common denominator...write to my readers by scribbling what they expect...and have read a thousand times before. Points can be driven home so much more meaningfully and can last longer when they are slipped into the brain slot without causing much notice. Without the beating about the head and shoulders. Dostoevsky understood that. Pynchon understood that. Hemingway in his later years knew it as well. This is not meant to read like a who's who of favorite authors, but it is beginning to sound like it.

Anyway, the mission here as I have bound myself, is to reveal all I can about the judaic psyche and it's negative influence on us all. If I can do this without you coming away needing head bandages, all the better. If I can tickle one intelligent, well educated brain and perhaps show it that this is not prejudice to grasp the ashkanazi coup that is taking place at this moment around us, then maybe I can feel that I haven't just written to my readers, but have provided some clearer view of this devastation. Every movement needs leaders. It is human nature. For good or bad, nothing of import gets accomplished without direction. I guess I want to, at the very least, inspire one of those leaders of the future. This may be vanity again, but I see so few out here that can hold their own. That can think on their feet, and display a believable and trustworthy image. This is not because they aren't out here. I want to help coax those that are, out of their comfy political correctness, and join the fight. And coax them with human logic, not wild-eyed invective. There are the Ken O'Keefes and even the George Galloways...but far too few Les Visibles and Gilad Atzmons. Ones that are willing to name the beast.
Just sayin...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trust me...I'm ODD

I have a disease. It's official. I have all the symptoms. I have worked hard all my life to be buck the stick it to the man. It finally paid off. I now have Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). As we speak, I am applying for my handicapped license plate due me for my new disability. I am no longer responsible for my actions...entirely. I could fly off the handle at any given moment. I have nothing but disdain for authority, I am disruptive and refuse to adhere to social norms. I'm a sick man. Of course this is all currently only a preliminary self-diagnoses, but I intend to seek professional health-care confirmation soon. But due to my illness, I will most likely disagree with whatever they say.

Just this morning, I read this and went berserk:

"The Department of Homeland Security released $19 million to secure non-profits, the vast majority Jewish.
Of 271 institutions named in a list released this week by DHS, 254 are Jewish, including synagogues, schools, community centers and offices.
The funds were released as part of a congressionally mandated program in place since 2005 that targets institutions that are vulnerable to attack.
Security measures funded include “blast proof windows; reinforced doors, locks, gates, and fences; video surveillance; and other equipment and enhancements” as well as training, according to a release by the Jewish Federations of North America, the federations umbrella body that lobbies annually for the funding.
“The Nonprofit Security Grant Program is a proven resource that helps supplement the work of local and federal law enforcement to help keep us safe,” William Daroff, JFNA’s Washington director, said in a statement.
Other groups lobbying for the money include two Orthodox umbrella bodies, the Orthodox Union and Agudath Israel of America.
O.U. called the funds “an important tool to help prevent terrorist attacks and protect civilians in case of such attack” and Aguda said “threats and actual incidents of violence against Jewish targets in the United States and around the world point to the particular vulnerability of our community.”
Sen. Barbara Mikuski (D-Md.), who has shepherded the funding through congressional appropriations, said she remained committed to sustaining the program.
“I have fought for these funds in the past, and I will keep fighting to protect institutions that are vital to our communities and the physical, social, spiritual and educational well-being of all Americans,” she said."

You see? A harmless little article. And yet something in me sees this as morally wrong, biased and jew-based graft. I need help. Nothing helps. I see conspiracy in the most innocent of things.
I read somewhere recently that "trust" in the world is at an all time low. They even plot this human emotion statistically.

I don't trust statistics...unless they align with my view of things. That is part of my sickness. Anyway, they say that virtually no one trusts anything anymore. And at the bottom of the "trustworthy" chart is blogs. Well that makes sense to me. This is all bullshit out here. No one can be trusted. Not like in the old days. Well, I mean the REALLY old days. Back when you got your news from a wandering minstrel that sang it to you. But how did they know he didn't just make that crap up, to rhyme and have meter? There were probably even ODD people back then.

I remember as a young teen, my cousin said she had this neat game to play and did I want to try it? Sure. Ok, the idea was(and maybe you have done this), you stand 5-6ft from someone and turn your back to them. Then you stiffen your body and fall straight backward and "trust" that person to catch you. I think it was originally supposed to be some kind of test of your ability to trust a fellow human, or some shit. When I woke up, I was trying to listen to the doctor say something to me, but it was difficult while I was flying around the room like that. Up. Down. Swooping over by the top of the window. All the while his narrow little voice kept saying something about "occipital concussion" and stitches and brains sloshing or something. Anyway, she, my cousin, taught me a valuable lesson about trust. Don't do it. Ever. It will hurt you someday. But, you can't trust what I say. I'm ODD.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rosetta and the Loophole...

This is going to be kinda basic and a little preachy. A "101" course that may be new to some that stumbled here. A refresher course for others.

While going over some things with my "sorcerer's apprentice" recently, an interesting parallel occurred to me. In an effort to explain the epiphany that is ours who understand the "big picture", and without appearing to be some kind of nutcase, it came over me that many do not have the "Rosetta stone" for realpolitik that we possess. Or that missing value, which when plugged into the seeming chaos of our modern world's equation, makes solving for X almost child's play.

This magic value... this translatory index of hidden facts and figures is something, much like the Rosetta stone itself, used only by a specific few. A few that make up a group which have a burning desire to understand the meanings of the world around them in a deeper sense. For the anthropologists that found this keystone, it was the only way to understand the little world of ancient Egyptian artifacts around them. And as with this ancient stone, once memorized, it can be kept in a museum under glass and admired by the common man for it's antiquity, rather than it's service. We already know the key. With us in this 101 course that key is J+E+W. Once you know that...all else solves.

As many of you are aware, the beginning of this puzzle is the piece called "Rothschild". When you understand that into this piece all others fit and have grown over the centuries, then you can begin to fathom the complexity AND the simplicity with which this talmudic structure has been played out since Amschel hung out his "red sheild" star in the mid 18th century.

Now, it is sometimes said that we have been duped in our discovery of such a valuable those that bit on the Piltdown man hoax.
Some say that it is faulty research that is based on predetermined conclusion. I beg to differ. Obviously.

Because when you realize that the loophole in every religion since the talmud leaves in their philosophies...that void that these moralities do not fill,then you begin to understand what gives power to those we now refer to as "jewish". This loophole is that all religions other than the talmudic jews, define "fair" behaviour for their followers. Fairness to which they mistakenly assume all humans will adhere. Common sense, if you will. It defines it in terms of common regard for ALL humans,whether or not they belong to any particular religion. The judaic define fairness as pertaining to themselves only. All non-jewish people are described in their holy book as cattle to serve them, and of course their particular "fairness" does not apply to we beasts. This is not prejudice. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is merely seeing what is there...and using it as a key to unlock the social ills of our world.

There is no more conspiracy, supremacism or segregation involved in this key than what you participate in while planning a family reunion. All of your relatives have a simple accomplish something that is inherently "yours" and yours alone...whether it be a familiar family game or a matriarchal recipe for potato salad. You wouldn't call witnessing such a day at the park with your extended family a conspiracy theory, but many will fall prey to such a label when the Cohen and the Silverberg families get together for their little plans, and they point out the differences. Ours plans are to enjoy a summer picnic together, following Grace...theirs is to buy the park and charge us admission...without the prayer. Unlike most Gentiles, these are NOT holy people.

From the Napoleonic era to the coming incursion into the peaceful state of Iran, this likeness of spirit in the judaic has played out with more and more influence over the centuries as the hebrew has gained more and more wealth... hence power.

As one of my readers commented: "What is happening is the internet is laying siege to judaism.All types of sites spring up all over the world each day".

And if you do not think this is true...check my blogroll and those of the ones that you find there, and theirs. As John Lennon once sang "I'm not the only one". For those of you new to "anti-semitism", try it. Use this Rosetta stone and it's encryption to wash over the immaterial details of the chaotic world you see. When you reveal the loophole that has been filled, and by whom...the rest is simple.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dreams Realized...Dreams Dashed

Life can be good. In a few moments.
It was a beautiful summer's evening and I was about to live out a dream I have had since I was 14. My family had tickets to The Globe Theater's performance of the "Scottish" play. We sat in the galleries as the sun set on London and the Bard's tale unfolded to a packed attentive it has for centuries. Afterward, we walked along the Thames south bank to our hotel...discussing the performance, the wisdom of the age-old play and just living in, and savouring the few moments. It was one of the sparse high points of my life. I had to live over 50 years to get there. But it happened.

Only a week before that evening, I was standing in John Lennon's boyhood home in Liverpool. Was there no end to this joy?
We came home and went back to work. Life's like that.
Then you have the kosher "few moments":

Bump in the trunk! Jews rushing to get caffeine suppositories

By Andy Campbell the Brooklyn Paper

Not so fast!
Jews throughout Williamsburg snapped up caffeine suppositories today, hours before the start of the Yom Kippur fast that would deprive them of the jolt — and hunger suppression — that coffee typically provides.
The day-long fast is the centerpiece of the holiest day on the Jewish calendar — but some religious Jews see a Talmudic loophole that allows them to ingest their daily dose of caffeine, albeit through a different orafice.
“It helps — you know, it’s hard to concentrate when you’re fasting and also addicted to caffeine,” said Baruch Herzfeld, an Orthodox Jew who owns a bike store in Williamsburg. “Some take it before sundown, but most take it throughout their fasting. These guys love a good loophole.”
These huge, rectally inserted pills are popular. Pharmacists at Rafieh — one of many distributors in south Williamsburg on Lee Avenue — sold nearly 150 suppositories today.
“We have caffeine suppositories!” the store’s handwritten sign heralded. “Be ready!”
Brooklyn Bridge Realty
But is it kosher?
There’s some controversy over whether Jews observing the Biblical fast should be taking an easy out (or, more accurately, in).
Some Jewish leaders said that consuming anything — through the body’s traditional entrance or its exit — is against the spirit of the ritualistic fast.
“We’re supposed to do it the old fashioned way — I wouldn’t advise [suppositories],” said Rabbi Simcha Weinstein, a Hasidic leader. “We wanna keep Jews in the synagogue and not in the bathroom.”

Now, I don't want to be accused of somehow equating jewish assholes(literally) with a gorgeous summer evening at the Globe. Or even perhaps somehow tracing the scribe of the pendulum as it swings to it's extremes...but. There are things in life that just stand out for me. And they glitter because of their merit or lack thereof.

I know...I know. You take the good with the bad. Everything has a price. Life does not in the least little bit resemble anything like a container of ripe red fruit. But somewhere up there in the old brain-box, I always imagined how it could contain some semblance of dignity. Some human denominator of worth. Then Yom Kippur and Kol Nidre roll around and I am awakened from my unearthly fantasy.

Back to work.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Right Again...shit

I'm so embarrassed...
Some of you might remember a few months back, that I predicted the "israel-firster" Mike Pence was being groomed for something big? Well, it seems that I have "the gift". As if. As if you couldn't see this one coming. Israhell this and Israhell that...all this from an asshole supposedly representing corn and soybean farmers in southern Indiana. Can't I be wrong....just once?

How much is it worth?

"The tyrian shekels that are thought to be the ones meant by the famous 30 pieces of silver reference to Judas Iscariot were at least 94 percent pure & averaged 220 grains
& there are 480 grains in an ounce
& an ounce of silver is worth about 14 dollars & 72 cents today
so in that case about 190 dollars in all...
however, before the discovery of the new world, silver was only a little less valuable than gold. So in reality, it was probably several thousand dollars by today's standards"

Saturday, September 18, 2010


What is it? This disparity of time and human existence that has gripped us. It's as if the concept of permanence is eluding us all. Some say that this shift in temporal perception is due to the ever-increasing speed at which technology is advancing, for good or bad. Some say that human values themselves are decreasing in permanence and are becoming ever-shifting "rules" or laws with no intrinsic wisdom or meaning, therefore diminishing their importance. Some say that morality is subjective. It's hard to say. I dunno.

If you don't like your cellphone, just wait for a couple more weeks and get the latest one. Knowing all the while that even that one will become trash in a drawer in no time at all. Live in the minute. Work for the weekend. I always get a good chuckle from those that are not connected to shifting temporality...trying desperately to hold on to this or that technology that was purchased by them in good faith,hoping for it to remain. Remain like a plow. Remain like a book.

Mark Twain wrote a huge autobiography. It was a dictated piece, and his last work. Rumor has it that he was told, as he suspected, that what it contained could not be published then. He was told it was too defamatory to some that he mentioned at that point in history. Twain was known to do that...take potshots at the famous. So he decreed, that this work be published 100 years after his passing. That was 1910. It is now 2010. Time flies.

It is to be officially released in November. I am eager to read it. Although I fear it will be censored even now. I remember in the 70's when his treatise on religion(Letters from Earth) was finally published. Many libraries in this country refused to stock or loan it, for quite some time. Although, since it was chiefly the Christian religion that he prodded in the guessed it...time changed(shalom) and it was widely read. It will probably be the same scenario, only I fear that his well-known anti-semitism may have been part of the reason that his autobiography's printing has been so long delayed. If and I know that it may still not see the light of day, as he penned it. Not now anyway. Judging from the fact that the publishing of an unread work by of one of the most famous writers in the history of man, hasn't been publicized at all, leads me to believe that there is something in it which TJPTB don't really care for. It's hard for the tribe to keep a lid on all the classic Gentile writers and their disdain for judaism. But they will either censor anything he has to say about jews, try to explain such disdain away(Shakespeare) as merely archaic, or they will have to demonize him, as they have many notables from Ezra Pound to Charles Lindbergh. Already there is speculation that much of Twain's signature humor, in this soon to be published work, has been removed due to "editors" trying to make it flow in a temporal manner...much, say, as a jewish movie producer would film it, I'm sure. We must be spoon-fed even our wisdom by those that have something to hide, it seems. I have often thought of attempting an actual book...but who would publish it? Who indeed.

So in a time when "Mark Twain's New Book", causes about as much stir in the world as a breezy day in Iowa, I think we can safely say that something has changed for the worse. In his day, kids would leap for joy, politician's stomach ulcers would flair and publishers would salivate at such a promise. Today, Lady CaCa just wore a MEAT dress, and I think it's HOT!
But maybe I'm just getting old.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Trust and Baby Steps...

This is important. After well over 200 years of this mudslide into the talmudic filth that is modern amerika and after how many years of the "not in my name" mission of which so many of us are on, we are finally reaching dry land. We have brought the innocent child that is the mainstream U.S. to the point of taking it's first steps. It's first waddling baby-steps toward throwing off the yoke of it's jewish masters.

According to this here poll...and I would just bet it's accurate...75% of the population of the U.S. of A. no longer trusts it's federal government. Now, I hear you saying "what's so important about this"...

If you are an old movie buff like I am, you will remember a seminal scene from a box-office smash of 1946 "The Best Years of Our Lives"". This was a movie in which an actual disabled war veteran played and won an academy award by selling a war ethic, that would today be treated with mistrust, controversy, and disgust. We have come a long way in our public perceptions of our federal government. And since we are quickly becoming aware who that band of thieves and war-mongers are in washington, we are coming closer and closer to the most all-inclusive pogrom the world has ever witnessed.

The movie was centered around how the returning soldiers of WWII were received by their American society in the late 40's. The scene to which I refer is when Homer, the disabled vet, was struggling in his attempts to eat with the metal claws that replaced his hands at a lunch counter, an observant patron muttered a line: "look at that...a young man's life ruined...and for nothing". This of course started a row and several people joined in, coming to the vet's defense. But something about the scene didn't wash. Until that point, I don't believe that hollyweird had ever even acknowledged the existence of someone that didn't entirely buy into the war effort.

There was an eerie dissonant feel to the message that the movie was trying to sell. For me this was the last war movie. Even though there have been a gazillion war pics made since, this seemed to be a watermark of sorts for patriotism and it's decline in connection with the horrors of armed conflict. They went too far then, and they have not retreated since.

But back to trust and the lack thereof. In 1946 we were fresh from defeating the jew's latest nemesis. Each war for them that we fight is becoming less and less "patriotic". We are losing "trust". We are beginning to see as a nation, and even as a world that as Smedly Butler so aptly put it "war is a racket". And a judaic one. The Gentile world will also see this. The jews that have battled to steal the reigns of power on this planet have been too obvious. Their names are sticking out like a nip-slip. A wardrobe mishap that will be their downfall. Even the most oblivious will soon begin to understand that these government "servants" all belong to that evil won't take much thought.

So when I see an overwhelming percentage of the most duped people in history telling the jewish media that they do not trust their cousins in the national government enough to buy a used car from them...I gotta think the next baby-steps are going to be interesting indeed. From mistrust comes suspicion. From suspicion comes investigation.

This news of mistrust causes me to be more optimistic than I have ever been about the direction of our species. We won't get where we all want to be tomorrow, steps.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miss Ohio,Truth and Shylock ..

"I wanna do right...but not right now" *.

We have done a great job out here. Really. We deserve a big pat on the back and a hearty "atta boy". We are bright and aware and we are very smart. Now let's move on.

I have taken a lot of guff about my stance on 9/11. Probably well deserved actually...on the surface. And as I do not want to be equated with a CHOMPsky or a Klein, I wouldn't mind being in the company of a Carlin.

There is a type of wisdom or widening of one's viewpoint that happens with age. It comes like cataracts and arthritis and spots on the back of your hands. For everything there is a price. I know, screamers out here don't believe that...but as meticulously as I filter jews out of my info database, I recognize the youthful. Not that there is anything wrong with the young. I used to be part of that club, I think. Maybe not. I was always told that I "acted" older than I was...even as a kid. I don't know if it was acting or not. Hard to tell the difference. Mirrors normally aren't that powerful. I am straying again.

Anyway, like I was saying. With a creaky back comes a wide angle view of things. No shit. It comes in the package. Many throw it away with the box that their "maturity" came in, but some of us dug through the peanuts, found it and put in the junk drawer for later use. The Kleins and the CHOMPskys are using theirs...and so will we.

The events of September the eleventh of 2001 were part of a planned false flag operation, carried out by the combined efforts of a team of Mossad agents, the CIA and MI6. This was all directed by a preponderance of dual-national jews in our amerikan government, the purpose for which was to begin an eternal series of wars to benefit the terrorist state of israel, because the zionist cause has most of the world's wealth and controls virtually ALL of it's media at this point. Wealth buys power. The media sells it. This is a fact. This is what I believe. It has been proven in hundreds of ways by thousands of intelligent people since that infamous date. There is no need for another investigation. It is already completed. We have accomplished it with much more veracity and attention to detail than any government examination could produce. It is here in thousands of documents on the net, and saved by us on our hard drives. The official account of those events is a government issue pair of boots that don't fit. A pair that you give your cousin who isn't in the military.

I know all this as I know my name. But knowing it does little in the face of the THIS moment in history. It must be saved and used later. To further harangue on the issue will diminish it's importance now, in view of those that have "come aboard" the dylan avery and his ilk. What the truthers have uncovered up to now is merely a part of the arsenal that we are gathering. A witness testimony to be used at that crucial moment in the final courtroom scene that makes the gallery gasp, and the jury decide to convict on the spot. Where once again Shylock will be bested by superior logic. He will not receive his pound of flesh. The gavel will come down, true journalists will come out of hiding and the courtroom will become chaos. I also believe this. Many of us with those gray hairs appearing now, won't be in that courtroom with you, but it will happen nonetheless.

Truthers are tasked today with not only FINDING the truth, but delivering it to Miss Ohio, who wants to do the right thing, but not right now. She will have to have her rag-top run out of gas first. She isn't really listening to you...and you can't really blame her. She won a beauty contest. She's busy at the moment soaking up her glamor before her maturity package arrives. You cannot distract her yet...not right now. First you must find a way to turn off her fantasy.

*Gillian Welch performing "Look at Miss Ohio' with David Rawlings.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Manifesto...sort of

I re-posted the article below in prelude to this, a suggestion for active resistance to the ills of our planet as we see them. For those of you that have accused me, and many of us out here of being adept at pointing out what is wrong, but with no suggestions for how to remedy...

If you are here, you more than likely agree with most of my precepts, and will welcome my call to the technologically inclined to do battle with the JPTB.

With all the sites out here deemed "anti-semitic"...over 10,000 I believe, at last count...multiplied by the millions upon millions of followers of these sites I hold that we have a huge voice. I think that the time has come for active rebellion short of violence or illegality, but beyond passive resistance, and that we have more than enough manpower to accomplish this. I,as your leader... won't be participating in any of the raids as I have a bad back.

One. I think that we all agree that the JPTB that control the media are the cause of most if not all of our world's problems. Without their media, they are powerless to continue spreading their lies. And without their lies...they stand powerless.

Two. It is unthinkable, to me at sink to their level of violence and blackmail and deceit in order to battle them. That is just what they want. We shall do nothing illegal or violent.

Three. The battle, however must be waged. I do not believe they will somehow "go gently in to that good night". Or that the Gentile world will one day wake up and realize that they have been bamboozled. And unlike some, I do not believe we have time to wait for any divine intervention. It is up to us.

Four. This, the internet is our only method of communication left us. Before it too is taken, we must act here...and now.

Five. Literally millions of people of all walks of life and all over this globe read and agree with our mission to take the reigns of control back from the ashkenazim that have stolen it.

Six. I do not for one minute believe that out of these millions, there is not a huge amount of those with the technical expertise to bring these parasites to their knees and cripple their electronic and printed message.

Seven. Their presence on the net is minimal at best. That would be the easiest starting point. Delete them, spam them, hack them wherever you find them. They do it to us and they are but a few. We are MILLIONS.

Eight. Their true strength and power lies in television, radio, newspaper and the film media. In their own media they have told us a hundred times how to combat their power there. From "Used Cars" to "V for Vendetta" they have shown us that this can be done by a handful of people. We have more than a handful.

Nine. "Oops...damn! I done dropped a wrench into the main cable transponder!" "Hell's Bells, Bob...that'll knock out cable access for the whole east coast!" This is the attitude we are looking for. Of course this sort of thing is to be done at one of those crucial moments...say, a state of the union address?

Ten. For all those hackers out there that are looking for a challenge...bring CNN or FOX dot net down to a "401" loading error. Let us feel your presence. Or in place of one of their top propaganda videos, put up a video that presents the other side of the issue. There are literally millions of ideas for some inventive fun.

Eleven. With everyone's help and mischievousness we can begin to at least stop the lying. From there the next step is to take over the airwaves with pirate broadcasting, leaving the consumer with only "our" internet for real journalism.


Fear and The Silence...

After the murderous raid on the Freedom Flotilla, the world stood aghast. Then it took a quick breath and started shouting. Then(in case you weren't here on the planet)the spin started.
Then the silence. Silence in the MSM. Silence in the World News section of your local paper. Nothing now can be heard but the hum of the stories being wound around themselves
till even those that endured the raid are probably wondering at times, what really happened. There is very little footage or photographs to back up the stories of those attacked that night. The jews made sure of that. Most of the survivors agree on what they remember from being awakened at 2am to thugs with rifles. But their documentation of the incident is lost forever.
So, as in the aftermath of most israeli terror operations, the witnesses voices are muted until it sounds like a conversation coming from another room to which you are not a party. And israel goes on. The world goes on. Ten humans murdered by state terrorism and they are going to get away with it. Again.

They are going to investigate the incident. Like "they" investigated the murder of Rachel Corrie. Like "they" investigated the USS Liberty. Like "they" investigated 9/ goes on and on as long as we let it.

We stand out here with our mouths open in disbelief, our throats sore from protest, and NOTHING has been done. I repeat... NOTHING.

Had this incident happened anywhere else in the world...even off the coast of "Gilligan's Island" would have been taken as an act of war. And dealt with on those terms. But when it is perpetrated by the jew
s in israhell.....nothing. Why?

What are we as a WORLD population afraid of? This tiny little country full of ego-maniacs? This shitty little terrorist encampment that could be taken out by two army divisions? Even we out here in the REAL world...are moving on. On to other stories of jewish fraud, murder, theft and lies.
What happened? This should have been the straw....we HAVE them. They did it. It is proven...fuck the spin, they are guilty as charged. Complete culpability. No hebrew plea-bargain. No house arrest. Everyone knows this. And yet...nothing. They are afraid.

I keep saying it here, and it seems few take note. It's really rather simple. The media.
As Gil Scot Heron noted many years ago: "The revolution will not be televised". Aside from the fact that that is true, let's understand this statement. Grass roots/real people have NO representation in the media. I wish people would get that through their skulls. If you see it on tee-vee or read it in the paper, it is NOT genuine. It is a LI
E. How many times does this have to be proven?

I have told everyone for years to turn off their media...turn off the only power that they have over you. They w
ill have you believing the most skewed view of reality that they wish to manufacture. No matter how many stories you watch from them in your living room or in a dark theater about the underdog fighting the system and is a is living vicariously. We need an injection of reality here...not reality tv.

They tell you day-in and day-out that the internet can't be trusted and is full of wing-nuts that are out of control. That is so true. These "nuts" are real people out of THEIR control. Can't you see that?
WE have the power here under our little fingers... we have the power in our un-media-ed little brains to REALLY fight the Rothschild monster. The trick is to "silence" him first. We have millions of hackers out there...stop hacking and spamming each other...hack the monster. We have millions of techies out there...stop working for the jew and start working against him... throw technological wrenches into his media. Shut it down.

Silence THEM...forever.

Before they silence us...

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have a bad habit. I assume that there are a few truths in life that are self-evident and that all hold them to be true. Not so. Every time that I am reminded of this, it shocks me. The horrible deeds that one man can mete out to his fellow man, never do. You would think that I would immediately make the connection and understand that these things are only possible BECAUSE these few simple truths are not held by all people.

Before I dumped facebook, I was in contact with an old fellow employee and friend of mine through their IM and email functions there. We caught up on friends and family then our own lives and finally it came down to life itself. I never really knew this woman that well, but I was amazed that at one point in our conversation she revealed to me, rather nonchalantly, that she truly believed that there are people that are "better" than her. I had no ready response to this, what I consider to be the blasphemy of all blasphemies. She also told me that she was a dedicated follower of Tony Robbins, a fellow that until then I hadn't heard of. But at the time I thought that he must be behind this strange and horrible personal view that she held. When I found that he was nothing more than just another motivational/self-help guru in it for the fame and fortune, I tried to ply a bit deeper into this faith that she had, of subordination to others.
To her it was simple. There were people that were just better than she. "How better?", I asked. "Just better"...she answered. Now this is not a well-educated or intelligent woman that I am describing, obviously. However she is a human being. One that is happy to take a lower rung in life. I cannot express the shock of that revelation which came over me. How can you hold this to be true, and continue living?

I have recently revisited "Crime and Punishment" . If I could have one wish in this veil of tears, it would be to write that beautifully. To think that clearly. To move that profoundly. But I digress.
As I am sure you remember about this, Dostoevsky's most perfect novel, his protagonist held a similar philosophy. He was of the opinion, that there are ordinary people(obviously a classification in which my friend feels comfortable)...and then there are the "extraordinary". These are our leaders, our Generals, our Napoleons. Raskolnikov mistakenly assumed he belonged to the latter group. And because of this he felt it his duty and right to commit murder wherever he saw fit, without the "ordinary" repercussions. Well, of course that isn't the way it happened. He doled out his own punishment for his crime, even before society had the chance.

At a critical point, Raskolnikov was discussing his crime and eventual punishment with a Christian friend, and denounced the law by saying that although he would be caught, he would NOT be humiliated or treated like a common criminal. Her answer was "you are such a proud man". That answer, struck him, as I am sure it did the reader, like a bolt of lightning. Pride, he thought...had brought him to this sorry state.

Now I realize that I am dragging you two times around the barn to get to the house, but hang in there...this makes a lot of sense to me.
Any anthropologist will tell you that just as in the lower forms of animal life, we humans feel the need to be in some way "better" than our peers. It hasn't been explained by science much further than that...just a phenomenon that must have it's roots is some survival thingy. This urge can manifest itself in many varied ways. and yes, hatred. It is a peculiar notion. One of those ancient drives that is better off suppressed.
We all feel this need. And it is powerful yet it can be overcome. And of the very,very few things with which I concur in most religions, is the effort for the repression of this tendency. Most religions except judaism. The talmud, the torah and the old testament encourage this behaviour pattern and all the ills that it brings.

In a recent lecture by Gilad Atzmon, he posed the simple question of when did we abandon the attitude of turn-the-other-cheek of the new testament, for the horribly violent eye-for-an-eye philosophy of the old testament? Well, the answer is obvious. The old testament is a jewish document. Judaism has brought us back to this notion of pride and supremacy. Pride assumes superiority and superiority leads to all the ills of this world...and there are none so "proud" as "the Chosen".
And yet they cannot see this in themselves. As Macluhan observed, the last thing a fish will tell you, in describing it's environment, is that it is all under water.

There is a reason that pride is among the seven deadly sins. But then again aren't the jewish guilty of ALL of these sins. And yet even today, there is a huge faction of supposed Christians that subscribe to jews being "better" than us all.

Sometimes people amaze me...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010


Remember, Remember the eleventh of September
and the zionist's horrible plot.
I know of no reason why
These Murderous jews
Should ever be forgot...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When Do You Grow Up?

I'm waiting. Perhaps too patiently.

This post has morphed in content several times and has come down to practicing what I preach. It is not going to be a call to "wake up"...we have all heard that too many times. It doesn't wash. You are awake.

Those of you that are of a certain age...might want to skip this post altogether. It is not going to be addressed to you. I want to talk to the "kids".

And when I use this word it denotes this eternal state in which you seem to be happy to live. There comes a time when everyone must grow up and take responsibility. Responsibility for themselves and the world in which they live. We your parents(and heaven forbid, your grandparents) must have raised you wrong...somehow. You, even at 30-40, are still simpering children. Waiting still to be told what to do...what to think...where to work, and who to be. If I had seen even a glimmer of critical thinking in the past generation, I wouldn't even bother writing this. But I haven't. I see you being fed your pablum..and you eating every bite.

This is painful for us, your parents to view, and even admit that we have played some part in...this continuous day-care in which you insist on residing. You can't be our children. You can't be this compliant. Not when we were so determined that you live in a better world than we had. And we told you how we had called bullshit to most everything we were handed at your age. At some point we must have failed you. Maybe we tried too hard to protect you from the harshness of the world that the jew had changed. We didn't provide you with the tools that it takes to recognize evil where you find it. Or it could be that you just wouldn't listen. Are you listening now? Is this, your world, okey-dokey with you? I can't imagine that it is, being born into debt slavery, enduring endless wars...corruption and hatred all glossed over with a thin veneer of jewish theatrics through which even you "children" can see. Even if you realize that this is the world that you are supposed to accept, where is that rebellion for rebellion's sake? We, your parents got old. It happens. We got tired of the fight. But we lived in hope that you would carry on the struggle. Where is it? I see tired older people still fighting...with no help or even a glance of recognition from you. Are you that mesmerized by the spinning lights? Are you that spoiled and distracted? What have we wrought.

For instance, kids...the biggest human trafficking case ever revealed in this country goes unreported in the MSM...because, why? Well apparently Mordachai Orian is an israeli jew. He was at the head of this Thai related farm-worker ring, and yet you are being spoon-fed a Quran-burning zio-christian,a stoning of an Iranian murderess...and Yippee! It's the jewish new year. Ya think your attention is being drawn away from the filthy kosher fingers in yet another pie?

Nah. They wouldn't be that obvious in their media-slight-of-hand...would they? While you are being pulled left and right...should I hate Muslims?....should I hate Mexicans?...this jew has been running a scam for years importing slaves to work amerikan farms and he is going to get away with it...while you sit there. This is just a taste of the shit. It's out there every day! All you have to do is look. How many times does it take? How much does it take before true anti-semitism(the hatred of that horrid criminal cult) grabs hold of you, and indeed the world, and shakes you by the throat? How much more can you young ones take before you put away your political correctness "toys" and start looking at the surnames of this filth?

Y'know, I was talking to a friend recently and they asked me where the Hunter Thompsons, the Jack Kerouacs or the John Lennons are today. I had no real answer for that. Except to say that the poets that will begin the next revolution, won't be 20-30 years old anymore. They will have to be the ones that were there when their dreams were stolen 40 years ago apparently. And they will be right here. In this the only medium that adults still hold. When the last "social revolution" took place, we were fighting a two front war. One against war itself...specifically Viet Nam. And the other against the hebrew's grip on us through consumerism.
There is so much more need now for taking it to the streets than there was then. And yet as my friend imparts, the mid-twenty-somethings that think politically today are concerned with Dem-versus-Rep. Not Them versus Us. Do you think that the enemy "Establishment" has gone away...tail between it's legs in defeat for the past 40 years? Think again kids. It was our fight is yours now. Do you like what you see around you? Do you subscribe to this vile bastion of jewish garbage that is amerika? Doesn't anything get you angry? Are you that scared or that stupid? Or just pussys. Is that what we raised? Spoiled children that refuse to see their own demise their parents did? Pussys?

Maybe by sparing the rod we let you in for a world of hurt. A hurt that you can't see coming. Growing up doesn't's what you are letting yourselves in for if you don't, that is going to be horribly painful....for you and for YOUR children. It's no longer "Mommy spank" . It's going to be the jews spanking. You better turn your listening ears on and put on your thinking caps. Most of us are getting too old to wait for you to grow up. We are still going to take this fight to them...and if you don't grow up or get the hell out of the way you ARE going to get hurt.