Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Am A Holocaust Survivor

I have been reticent to mention this before. It's not something one is proud of, or goes around bragging about. It is more an object of shame and misery. But facts are facts and I must tell the world of my trials, and in so doing...perhaps I can find some peace. Maybe I can bring some personal peace to those that suffered with me, and too have kept these memories repressed. Daring not to take them out and examine them publicly.

The Big Inning

It was 1967 when they came to get us. We were a happy lot of teenagers playing softball. I will never forget that beautiful spring day. The cares of the world were forbidden to enter our diamond in the grass. I remember that it was 3ed period...gym class...when they marched into our young lives and told us to report to our civics class in the auditorium rather than the normal classroom. We were to view a film. Of course we had no hint of foreboding...we often "viewed" films in our curriculum in various classes. We had no idea that this was the beginning of the end of our innocence.
We were to view "The Twisted Cross". A made for TV docudrama about the rise of Nazism and the "holocaust". It was the first any of us had ever heard of such a thing. As we went into the auditorium, a class that had just seen it was coming out. The girls were sobbing, the boys looked shocked and angry. This can't be good, I thought. I was right. If you haven't seen this of the first in a long line of hollywierd's "twisted" accounts of WWII Germany...don't bother. You have seen hundreds like it by now, I'm sure. The same old tired footage of starved dead bodies...etc. But at that time, and at that impressionable was startling to say the least. Some survived its sickness...some didn't. That is to say that some still cling to the myth that it purveys. Some have recovered. I survived.

Where was G_D?

I was not then, nor, will I ever be religious. But although I have a whole warehouse of reasons why I am not, among them is that if there was a just and fair supreme being that could somehow affect evil in this world...he would not allow this type of cruel hoax(or the Ice Capades) to plague the world. This "holohoax". This deception. This horrible hate-mongering lie that has been fed to us and our children for over 40 years. Ever since the moment of watching this film, the PR campaign has raged. Taking over the hatred portion of my gray matter...directed at those that direct this onslaught of sick lies. I have seen skin lampshades, jew-fat soap and shrunken jew heads come an go. Fall by the wayside of credulity, only to be replaced by "raised-by-wolves" , apple and pajama fables. Film after after after memorial to this holohoax lie...replacing the true jewish slaughters of history. The Armenians butchered. The Gulag massacres of the USSR. All gone from our collective memory. Where was G_d indeed.


Like so many jewish hoax survivors, I intend to petition for relief. I need some cash to make me feel better. I intend to apply for survivor reparations due me for the 40-odd years that I have had to put up with this shit. This has damaged me. It has made me know hate. A feeling that....well...I hate. It has opened my eyes to the evil of mankind. It has forced me to see all of which we as a species are capable...and not in a good way. It has also forced me to bite my tongue. Not to say the word "jew" in public. Not to go off on a relative that was "touched" by some holohoax museum tour. Forced me to trash my television. Forced me to edit my movie cull my reading and even the company I keep for fear of being labeled "antisemitic".
All for a lie. A lie to gain power for a few. All to justify the theft and murder that is israel.
I want my youth back. Dammit. I don't want to know that a cult this powerful, can exert that power so maliciously. I don't want to believe that these people teach their children so much hatred for anyone that isn't kosher. I don't want to live with the negativity that they bring to the world. I want everyone to understand how much power they DO have. And I don't want to live with the memories of discovering these ghoulish facts. Money won't heal these scars. But if money is all that is precious to them...I want it.

I don't have fables up in my head of hiding in a latrine so the evil Dr. Mengele won't inject blue dye into the eyes of my twin brother and I. I don't have a number tattooed on my arm, nor can I explain why Nazis would tattoo jews that they intend to kill.
What I do have is a great portion of my life gone...disputing all this horse shit. They owe me big-time.
This site and any damage it does to their ghoulish cause is a beginning.

Poem From A Dead Guy...

‘Death to America’ : A new poem by Osama bin Laden?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Unwitting Participants...

For regular visitors here, you will notice that the mission statement over there in the side-bar, is new.
I felt I should add this in response to a flood of comments and emails that I have received recently with which I violently disagree. In lieu of explaining my position on the racism that I feel is expressed in these comments, over and over...I can just say "see mission statement". Saves time. I haven't been filtering out most of these types of "yeah, I hate joos too" types of comments for a while because somewhere in my head...or in the draft folder...I have been meaning to write the mission objective thing...and this post. So these comments were a reminder to me to do so. I need reminders for just about everything save going to the bathroom, nowadays. I always liked the line from "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre": "I'm not the man I was yesterday, and tomorrow I won't be the man I am today".

Anyway...I have been reading and watching a lot of Joseph Campbell. Interesting guy, Joe. He had a lot up there in his head about all of us. More so than I think he could deal with. So he spilled a lot of it out in his lectures and books, and some of it fell to the floor for you to either pick up and deal with or to let lie unattended. I picked up a lot of stuff that he gushed out and didn't expand upon. That was the neat thing about Campbell...he had collected an amazing amount of info in his years of research. Listening to him making the connections of one myth to another was much like looking over his shoulder and trying to help him organize this huge box of seemingly unrelated field notes. That spoke to his honesty, for me. The lack of agenda. The amazement which he himself found in his discoveries and the "oneness" characteristics of the mythology of various cultures that he studied. Listening to him has a quality of resolve about it. As if this bumbling professor, had stumbled upon our collective soul, and didn't fully understand the revelation himself. But that is ok. This isn't simple stuff that he talked about.
So I am trying to tie what I have garnered from his perspectives, and that of Eustace Mullins, James Burke, etc. into a neat little package. It's a work in progress.
But at this point, I gotta tell's all related. Somehow. And it's very important.
One theme that jumps out at me from all these lectures and books from these bumbling professors, is the motif of connections. He did that, so they did this. They said that, so we do this. Cause and effect. Ripples and spheres of influence within our cognitive existence. Nothing ever new. Repeating themes. All within the realm of unwitting participants.
How does this relate to the stated purpose of this site and the emails that prompted me to write this article in the first place, you might well ask. I'm not really sure. Like Campbell, I'm just showing you what I have found.
Myths are important. Myths are powerful. That much I have learned. The modern myth of the holocaust is being force-fed to unwitting participants, just as the ancient myth of the eternally suffering and wandering jew. They are meant to support one another. Without these particular tall-tales...this site wouldn't exist.
Without racism, the two aforementioned myths wouldn't exist...and so on. Most active myths are universal and yet neatly fit within and behind previous sagas that have been accepted, or they would have no validity. Myths can support entire cultures as we see in modern israel and the official recognition of it. It is when these myths are proven to be false in the sense that they do not dovetail into accepted legends, that they, and what they are meant to support, falls apart. We are seeing that now with what is described as an unprecedented increase in antisemitism.
Racism plays a big part in these particular allegories. If you do not accept the meme of "hook-nosed kike", you cannot accept (on any functional mythological level) the aforementioned jewish tales. Even to oppose such legends, you must buy into the racism from which they spring. Therefore for these myths to remain valid they must include the archetypical racism. The ADL and their ilk understand this very well. I hope this is making sense. It does to me.

So in my estimation, to reject the common racist views about the judaic...the vitriol that keeps their myth valid, I would cut to the chase and merely identify them as human. Humans that seek to perpetuate the myth of race and racism. Because under this guise, they feel free to practice it themselves. The "if you hate us, then we hate you" phenomenon. Beside the fact that the concept of race itself is historically steeped in myth and unproven conjecture.

In that conjecture is the notion that race produces singular social behaviour patterns. This too is a myth. A myth that supports the the jewish rape of the planet. They can't help it...they are jews. Jews are better than Gentiles...they know it...but what can they do...they act upon it. It's just the way of things. It's just their inherent racial characteristics.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Horses and Squirrels Don't Get It...

Are we nuts? Do we suffer from some strange singular mental illness that makes us paranoid of all things judaic? Is this need to expose jewish malfeasance and treachery...blaming this cult for all things evil in our modern world...some kind of illness? Or do those that shun our usage of the term "jew" , suffer from a blind-spot as it were, that does not allow them to see what is in front of their eyes? Kind of a "horse/squirrel vision" that does not facilitate straight forward sight, causing them to jump in startlement every time something passes in front of them and reappears suddenly on the other side.

I have a pet whom I was feeding peanuts one day. She always turns her head quickly to the left and then to the right to be able to see what lies in front of her. On this occasion she was unusually hungry or impatient with me, apparently. Because she just bit in the direction in which the peanut normally is. The peanut was not there. But my finger was. I forgave her. Although she could not see that she did not actually have the legume in the clutches of the enormously strong grip of those backward-facing teeth, and instead had a profusely bleeding human digit instead, I forgave her because I understood the limits of her vision and judgment. I am not so forgiving of humans that have a much wider field of vision. Humans that are intensely and annoyingly aware of what is on the left and the right, but remain oblivious to what lies ahead.

I am constantly startled to learn that more people do not use this gift of increased visual capabilities. The gift to see the connections...left, right and center... that almost draw themselves. It seems pretty simple to me, that say, if the overwhelming majority of international bankers in the world are of this jew cult, that such a group of like-thinking people are indeed part of a conspiracy. Or that not a single major motion picture or teevee program made in this country, or indeed the world, casts the jew in a negative light. All other groups at one time or another are portrayed as the bad-guy. Why not the jews?

I'm going to go ahead and assume that everyone else in the parade is out of step but me. For the sake of argument. Another for-instance to me would be gas chambers. A curious thing about gas chambers. From all the research that I can find on the subject, one has never been designed, built or used to kill more than one human at a time...and even that one has serious flaws and a huge amount of precautions for those doing the gassing. Which is much like three sky-scrapers falling into their footprints because of fire, all in a single morning when before and after that morning, it has never happened. Mysteries, mysteries.
Maybe the conclusions I make about all these events and more that I connect with the jew, are too simple. Perhaps that is why most people don't concur with my conclusions. These connections are too straightforward. Life isn't that simple. There are complications and circumstances that I don't consider. The complexity of these details are common knowledge to the man on the street. He can see this clearly...and I can't. I jump to obvious conclusions that even the most bereft of intellect understand to be mere antisemitic canards.
I mean JEEZE...what the hell is my problem anyway?
"The joos" aren't anymore evil than the Catholics or the Freemasons or Methodists. There are bad apples in every barrel...get over this "jew" thing, and get real. I act like I am watching a melodrama in which all the bad guys wear black, have curly mustaches and laugh maniacally every time they thwart the fellows in the white chapeaus.
Funny that I don't see anything else in life as being this obvious. I see many things contributing to social and political shenanigans. I see many reasons for this or that occurrence. I understand that various detailed circumstances and agendas always act on events in various ways producing a myriad of outcomes. However, I see the simplicity of the duplicity of jews to be exactly how it appears. Jews(well, ashkanazi khazarians if you insist on being technical) play by a different set of basic rules...thereby cheating the game...thereby coming out ahead of the game. They can therefore be blamed for the way the world is today. They are in charge. Of that, there is little debate. The world is generally fucked up....sooooo...what else am I to conclude? Judaism; bad. Non-judaism; normal.
But the majority of the world doesn't see it like this. Why is that?
I have a couple theories about that. They include jewish control of the media. And jewish control of the world's monetary systems. But you know all this. It was outlined for the simple-minded like me, in the Protocols. But only a simpleton would take that document or it's predictions seriously. Simpletons like...Henry Ford(what a non compos mentis), Benjamin Franklin(idiot), Mark Twain(retard)...and the list goes on and on. Simple minded fools that jump to simple-minded conclusions about the poor hebrew.
Is this "thing " I have of a simple minded variety? Or is it a malfunction of the gray matter? Is it like religion itself, said to be a mere off-on switch located in a region on the brain located above and behind the right ear? Could it be eliminated like religious belief with a negative magnetic pulse directed there? I wish. Truly, I wish it could. I would pulse the hell out of my brain-box and have done with it. I would look to the right and the left and never straight ahead. No one looks that way. There must not be anything out there to see, really.
Maybe the simple horse and squirrel are one-up on me. Life must be much simpler. Or more complex. I'm confused.

A Good Perspective On The Season...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It Isn't Us...

During this holiday season, with Christmas fast approaching and a new year upon us, I have a wish.
This is mainly for the international readers. Those that have bookmarked me, or stumbled upon my site looking for a fresh perspective. I can offer you this one wish. That you understand.

The things that this country exports...the death and suffering and capitalism...around the globe are not the wishes of our population. You must understand that as has happened many times in world history, our populace has been subverted to the will of a few. The problem is that we haven't seen it...but we are beginning to. The image that most non-amerikans have of us must be horrible, to say the least. The world must think we are all consumer-driven a-holes that have no respect for life or humanity at all. We export war and financial ruin. As amerikans we appear to support the most vile terrorist state in the history of mankind - israel. The peoples outside our boarders must think that the majority of we yanks approve of this type of behaviour. What else ARE they to think?
Perhaps I can give you an alternative view, if you will listen. But I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.
I know this land. I know it's people. I know all it's classes. I have lived and worked with them all. What you see us spewing over the globe is not us. I once read a self-description of amerikans as "quintessential knuckleheads". That to me is probably the best way I could put it. We, as a populace will buy just about anything. We are too is in our nature. We have always made a great deal of noise about "freedom and liberty" because we have enjoyed a large portion of each over the past couple hundred years. Of course that reservoir has run dry, but as a basically Christian land, we tend to turn the other cheek and hope for better days. We believe in a common good, but are easily scared into feeling there are evil the drop of a hat. Or yarmulke. We truly value humanity that much that we are duped into siding with paranoid hatred toward anyone that threatens what we hold dear. We have valued a family picnic more than money. We delight in our children more than politics. We esteem hard work more than sloth. We are after all, just people.
Because we are such trusting knuckleheads, we have been taken advantage of. Like many civilizations before us(and I am sure there will be many after), we have been diverted by a psychopathic cult that roams through history spoiling the best intentions of almost every man and his country.
No matter how you view us, or what you logically would deduce from our international record...that isn't us. That isn't the US that I grew up around. Truly.
My family, neighbors and co-workers are as likable as any people in the world, if you knew them. I know this because I have traveled. I have met you and your family...and I wish you could meet mine. Maybe this is the only way...the which we CAN meet and actually get to know one another, without the interference of the greedy psychopathic hebrew getting in our way. No matter what image of us they push in their you...and to is not us. It is them. They are the haters. They are the racists. They are not us.
We have a jewish population of less than 2% in this country. But because of our open-faced ignorance of this cult, they have risen to steal our reigns of power. They became our culture through the dictates of their media. They have become our foreign policy through the concerted purchase of our politicians. They have become the face of amerika. The face we show the world. We let our naivete. We are knuckleheads. As the old world understood this threat, we were naive. It had not happened here before. We haven't had time to learn...we are young and dumb.
If we the amerikans ever make it through this nightmarish period in our short history and finally reject the ashkanazi that has overtaken us, you will see the people that I call friends. You may yet have a chance to meet us, if any of us survive the stranglehold that we are in. Us...or you.
For through the misrepresentation of the US of A, the psycho that has commandeered our resources may use it to destroy us all. Unless we goofs can see what has happened to our dream and cast him off as you have had to many times, the judaic monster may end any hope of us ever getting together as a world of human beings.

I live for that day. I will probably never see it...perhaps my Grandchildren and yours will. Maybe they will mourn our present misery together someday, as they study the historical period in which the amerikans finally cast off those that stole their country...and the damage that was done to the world until that day.

The Counter Counter Counter...

In the current vernacular...OMG.

After all the hoopla about 12 busses being slated to carry messages designed to raise the awareness about amerikan funding of apartheid Israel on the second anniversary of the cast-lead offensive by isra-hell, the local branch of the tribe is countering with their own message.

They have submitted the pictured banners to be placed on Seattle busses in answer to the anti-zionist message scheduled to begin on December the 27th.
The tactic here is obvious.  They understand that the Metro Bus line that accepted the original public service banner in the first place, will throw up their hands and back out of the whole situation claiming that they do not care to be caught in the middle of a political battle over advertisement space on their vehicles.  I can see this one coming for miles.  Clever tactic.  But the judaic, if nothing else, are devious.
My prediction is that neither message will roll through Seattle, and the jewish population will claim a victory.  Then there will be another phony hate-crime staged there, just to clinch the deal.  That's my prediction...I will stand by it.
I guess in this whole flap, I have only one question.  How can the original message proposed be seen as offensive to the jewish people of Seattle Washington?  I mean...why is a missive about our foreign policy concerning israhell an issue to these yiddish Seattlites?  If I paid for a similar message, for instance, about either side of the "troubles" in Northern Ireland...would those with Irish ancestry be offended?  No matter which side I chose to take in such an advertisement?  No.  Why?  Although a few O'Brians may agree or disagree about such a message, they are firstly amerikan...not Irish.  They understand and desire this distinction.  Jews are firstly always "zionist israelis" it seems.  They take offense at ANY criticism.  Kind of a touchy lot...jews.
And of course we HAVE to have the "holohoax" drug into the equation.  It wouldn't be jewish without that old canard being dragged out and used as a blunt instrument.
The banners proposed are best.  But of course they understand that neither the original submission or theirs will see the light of day.  It is just another slap in the face of common sense that they delight in dealing the amerikan Gentile.  And we will take it and ask for another please.
This is the type of jewish-owned media hype concerning the issue, if you haven't been following it:

"Metro is considering changing its ad policies for non-commercial groups, but says it could be costly and tricky. But if they ban the anti-Israel ads, they might have to ban ads for causes that have public appeal, such as the Boys and Girls Club, Puget Sound Blood Center and United Way.
The American Civil Liberties Unions is urging Metro to run the ads, saying they may offend people but they should be protected under the First Amendment.
News of the ads has led to tighter security at the Jewish Federation in downtown Seattle. Four years ago, a mentally ill man claiming to be angry at Israel broke into the building, shot and killed a woman and shot five others. The fear is an ad campaign could fuel more violence.
"We're always on a heightened sense of awareness in the Jewish community and this heightens it," said Richard Fruchter with the Jewish Federation".

Can this thing get any sillier?  I'm sure it will.  What I thought would make a lovely Christmas gift to the world...well, stocking stuffer anyway...will probably be yanked from our sock.  Judaism spoils everything.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Early Christmas Present...

It's happening.  It's rolling down your street.  It can't be stopped now.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Banksy, Or Where Are The Artists?...

You are probably saying "Oh no...he's not going to write about that passe street-artist turned gallery-artist turned commercial film-maker".
Well, yes. Sort of.

If you are not familiar with Banksy...just look around this post...around the web, and maybe around your city. There are thousands of his images in the world. Everywhere it seems. This guy from Bristol, England hit the jackpot when it comes to underground success stories. A true rags-to-riches story.

You are probably also asking yourself where I come off lauding his artwork on this site. And well you might ask. But this guy interests me. He tapped into an unprotected underbelly of the beast, and even though he ostensibly remains anonymous to this day, his 20 or so years of artwork and it's impact has been felt by millions of the world's inhabitants...and for all this he has garnered riches but no real personal celebrity. That is to say that he walks no red carpets replete with flashbulbs. I like that. I enjoy his stuff.
Much has been said and written about this guy. So I won't bore you with all the hoopla, or add my praise to the pile...but I would like to point out something that interests me about the phenomenon of Banksy.

He is anti many things that we all are. Anything to do with anti-human exploitation. That is evident from the work for which he claims responsibility. Therefore he is anti-israel. For his work on the apartheid wall of Jerusalem alone, he has won me over. The anti-capitalist bent of his work is also a plus for me. And I will forgive his gallery shows and the exorbitant prices that his gallery art commands because I am sure that his craft demands a great deal of capital. Travel expenses mainly, I would think. And it makes asses out of the jewish art world "Collector". More power to him.

But more importantly I admire the underground-ness of his craft. The fact that his artwork has achieved world fame because of it's value...not because of spin or PR or hype. His contributions are temporal, incisive slaps to the PTB. If he has "sold out" to the point of warranting disregard, I haven't noticed it. Even his film "Exit through the Gift shop" is a visual joke played on the viewer as much as his street art. You have to admire this.
And this admiration that I hold for such rebellion fuels my hope. Why not more.

With his brilliant imagination he has perfected a new medium which no jewish PTB can control, by it's very nature. He has proven that in Palestine, and interpret it how you will, he proved it with his "Elephant in the Living Room" exhibit.
This to me is yet another weapon against zionism that cannot be effectively silenced. Perhaps Banksy doesn't go far enough, or connect his own dots completely enough for my political tastes...but I am sure there are artists out there that can and will.

I always used to marvel at the artwork and lettering capabilities of the street-gangs of L.A. It is everywhere there. It cannot be contained, yet it holds little if any political or social import. It just says "this is me" ..."this is us...and we are here".
I can't draw a straight line...or I would be out there with these vandals doing what I think should be done. And you can bet that it would have a bit more substance.

Banksy and all street artists capture an audience. They can advertise their product as easily as the life-sapping zionist banksters. This is a virtually unused palette for an anti-jewish point of view. Of course they will paint over it...that is the nature of this communication. Temporary. Powerful. Graphic.
I think if I won a gazillion dollars, I would fund some of these night-raiders...give them a political slant that cannot be ignored. Give them an agenda for truly alerting the Gentile commuter.

I have praised the bloggers against judaism, I have called for the hackers to do their level against the online zionist, and now I appeal to those with spray-cans, an imagination and a little guts to follow this man's lead and take it to the next step...the next numbered dot and the ultimate picture of the jewish hand in all that is evil. The quote from him over there, to me is an invitation. I will tailor it a bit. I say there ARE still bright, creative and ambitious artists out there with a lot to say. And I challenge these artists to put their imaginations on the street. The power you hold, as Banksy awesome and can be wielded for good.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Passionate Weapons For A Gentler Crusades...

I have thought about this one for quite a while.  Which should be a treat to regular readers that realize most of my drivel, is just sitting down at the keyboard and banging away about anything that comes to mind.  It's a tough one to organize...a tough one to write.  But here goes.

After much diligent research, I have come to the conclusion that I can now PROVE that Santa Claus does not exist.  I know...I know that you are gasping in horror...but for instance I can prove mathematically that there is no way this old man has the time(even if at his age, he had the energy) to visit all these billions of houses in such a short span of time.
But what of the children, you say.  What about the joy that this myth brings?  I have thought of that...and I am going to rescind my conclusion in favor of the passion of the season.

Many have written about the several posts that I have made concerning all things religious.  That's good.  It gives me hope in this tired old world that people are passionate about something.  I can't follow along with them, but that doesn't matter.  I have no animosity towards Christians or Muslims.  Firstly, I can't afford to.  Secondly, generally speaking I like these people.  Thirdly I hope to use them.  Yes I will tell you up front (unlike the askanazim that use them daily) that I intend to include their passion in my arsenal against the jewish religion.  And I intend to use it for all it's worth.
I like passion.  No...not the physical feeling you have for your booty-call...but the passion that moves a human to achieve beyond that which they thought they were capable.  I have witnessed such all-enthralling fury of intent.  

I have watched the video below many times.  I have fought with my conscience about whether or not to post it... but passion won out.  Yes, it is an actress.  Yes, it is kind of slick...but...oh dear, it can bring the strongest heart to tears.  I like that.  I don't really care where it comes from.  Give it a watch, even if you aren't Catholic.  I"ll be right back after:

Now...if you couldn't feel the passion of the words and the woman...well then, you must be dead...or jewish.  
So why did I decide to post this, when I have stated here many times that I am not a Christian nor do I truly ever want to be?  Well, several reasons spring to mind.
I have felt that kind of emotion.  When I see the judaic lose. And when I see humanity win.  I wish to tap into this passion...this dedication...Christian or Muslim...this is the kind of commitment that I am trying to stimulate in my battle against the jewish religion and all the humanity to which it has laid waste over the centuries.
Although St. Birgitta lived many years after the Crusades, I reference her passionate life for a new Crusades.  One in which the jew is cast again out of the middle-east and indeed out of the seats of power of the entire world.
I guess I want to alert Christians and Muslims alike that they are being warred upon because of their beliefs.  How many times does Ms. Silverman have to threaten the life of Christ in the event of his return?  How much Islamophobia can Muslims take before we all recognize and effectively deal with this filth and it's source?  Since we all know where it comes from, I wish to tap into that powerful passionate arsenal of the non-jewish religion which the jews constantly malign.  Use the offense that is given to further my cause, because I believe with a passion that it should be every man's cause. 
So in this season of the Birth, my wish is for all that hold this faith, to remember who is responsible for the death of Christ and indeed the attempted homicide of this holy day itself.  Perhaps we can through this passion, begin a new birth...a new Crusades to end the reign of those that took so much from the world two thousand years ago and rule today.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where The Hell Is Security?

Can't the police control these damned mobs?  They are popping up everywhere!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A CULTural Education...

After having watched a brilliant series of videos from the great post by A. Peasant, over at Twelfth Bough(tip o' the hat) on education in the Occident, and this subject's having always been a point of interest to me...I thought I would add my two cents.

Back in the 80's I worked with a guy that was chosen as a contestant on Jeopardy. We were all excited to shut down the office for an hour to watch him. Of course we were a bit disappointed in his performance as it unfolded. He told us(it had been taped and he was there to watch it with us) that even though he knew most of the answers to the questions, he didn't have the presence of mind to press the button or that he was too nervous to think clearly.
Well...shit happens. It got me watching that program occasionally to see how well these contestants could marshal these facts in front of what must be the almost insurmountable odds of the pressures of a television appearance.

Later on in life I got to reading the works of John Taylor Gatto. That explained a lot to me about Jeopardy. It seemed to me that the epitome of the amerikan educational system...the over-achievers in this bastardly scheme that Gatto criticizes, are on this television program. They absorb and memorize these opinions and altered historical facts and figures to regurgitate them in front of a television audience...for cash prizes. Other than this outcome, I can see no other use for our schools.

As Gatto explains, our system here, and in much of the Western world, was designed with a goal in mind that far exceeds reading, writing and arithmetic. It's goal, as anyone capable of critical thought processes can clearly see, is to subjugate the individual to the will of a federally mandated "group think" that benefits the leaders of our society. The scope of this program of dumbing-down of the Western student is so broad and all-encompassing that even those charged with delivering such "education", cannot see the forest for the trees. I wouldn't want to be a teacher today. I would like to teach, however. And I do, to a fashion. But a budget and administrators are not needed for my curriculum.

The only point which Gatto does not touch upon, which if I am to follow his lead, am going to WHO is behind this standard of "education" that he and many others criticize? There are many...that is clear. But of the primary architects of this system, what do they have in common? Surely there must be a basic philosophy from which all these designers of education for the masses, adhere. If it is so single-minded, and apparently it is...from what ideology does all of this come?
We can identify (and the practitioners of this type of schooling make no effort to hide them) these people as being of a certain culture, a "cult" , if you will. These educators, from Dr. Benjamin Bloom all the way back to Horace Mann, come from a certain group. Not the Illuminati...not the Freemasons. But of certain ashkanazi strains. Yes, the founders and current proponents of this indocrto-system are all jewish, or jewish apologists. That is why for instance that having gone through their schooling, we all KNOW that Adolph Hitler was not just a German leader in the 30's and 40's...he was the most evil human to ever walk this earth. That is also why we understand little about economics and so slave our lives away, so that a "chosen" few may spend their lives from cradle to grave, in absolute opulence. And the list of the examples of this mis-education goes on and on.
It is not much of surprise however that these critics, as needed as they are, do not take this final logical step. Their message is revolutionary enough without taking onboard criticism of it's being racially charged. And so for all that they hold to be true and necessary, it is our task to follow their logic and do so ourselves. They have laid out the tools that it requires to make such a step. Question everything. Follow thoughts to their logical conclusions. Do not accept half-answers. Think critically and independently. If anyone presents something to you as a fact, look for an agenda students, and parents of students..especially if that person delivering or designing this lesson plan is a hebrew. That much in life, I have learned. It has never failed me. It must be a useful ruler by which to measure these things.
We can learn much from these critics of our educational system. I have. I understand and have had to live with, and recover from the scars that my public education experience has left in me, for many, many years. I now realize that it was all agenda. From social studies to even math, we were all, and continue to be at the mercy of those that have the purpose to control us, rather than educate. This may be a simple concept to some, but an epiphany to others. Me, I'm just learning...and educating.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


What in the hell are you posting Chinese-Western music on an antisemitism blog for?

My blog. I post what I want.  I do what I want.  I've paid all my dues.  I guess.

Sometimes I wish that the little card that is nailed to the back of hotel room doors would be on the back of my front door.  It lets you know what is expected of you here during your stay.  All the fire exits.  The local codes about noise, theft of property...all the legals.  But more importantly...check out time.  That time, that if you don't get out of bed, get a shower, pack up all your stuff and appear at the front are going to be charged extra.  If you don't get your sorry ass down the road, you are going to pay.  The card may as well be there.  It's their hotel after all.  The banksters.  I just keep it up for them for when they want to rent it to another sucker later.  It's their life that they insist you check out of at some arbitrary hour on some arbitrary day.
That would be nice though.  Good for planning.  I mean you wouldn't take off sight-seeing in the morning if you knew that check-out time was 10am.  You would do all those things that you must do, to move on. 
Many of us don't get to read that card though.  As Rimmer said "..the most warning than most of us get is "mind that bus...What bus?...splat".
We don't often know when it's time to move on.
I have always felt that my check-out time was exceeded a long time ago.  That I didn't get my wake-up call.  I got a bill for yet another day.  A day in which I don't recognize the other guests here, not many familiar faces...they moved on.  They got their call and got up in plenty of time.  I didn't.
I'm sure by now, you are wondering where in hell I am going with this am I.
Well, the idea is that irregardless of my digitized ranting on this site, life moves on.  There are bills to pay, jobs that we all must hold down, chores around the house...this isn't all we are...these words we send out to the world in an attempt to bring us all closer together for a purpose.  There is a human side to all of us out here as well.  Sometimes I forget that.  Sometimes I am reminded.  I dunno, listening to that Teresa Teng song from a while back is one of those little tug-of-the-sleeve things for me.  Everything isn't political,or all social awareness...unless you want to delve into the political strife that she underwent dealing with Communist China during her short career.  But that's not important now.  Right now, I'll just remember the feeling that her music evoked.  That "oneness" of humanity.  That commonality of life and romance that wasn't language-specific, if you want to put it that way.  It doesn't matter what she is saying in her songs because it does matter how she says it.  Does that make sense?
If I have learned anything in my stay in this room without a check-out time posted, it's that all of the good things of life, have nothing to do with governments, politics, ideologies,religion, who won what war, what leader said what, what's on television...etc.  All those things they tell you to regard as life-positive and important.  The good things in life are just human.  Family, chores around the house, music... your children.  At least to me.
And I can't help but think that more and more of the world is coming to these conclusions.  Even though they haven't overstayed their reservations yet.  They aren't turning on the tee-vee in the room.  Maybe it's just a feeling.

An Oldie But A Goodie...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Have Heard Enough...

"The moment people start throwing billiard balls at the police, their argument is invalidated."

This statement was made recently about the disobedience surrounding the latest usury that has been assigned to student tuition in the UK (a tip 'o the hat to Kev Boyle) Usury is a funny thing. As are all things that originate from the jew...they upset normal people. My mother used to gasp at the idea that I offered to pay her interest on any loan that I would ask of her. "That's USURY!" she would exclaim. As if I had proffered the most unspeakable insult. Well it was many years later when I realized that I had. It is an insult. An age old one. To quote Le Goff J. in his essay on the 12th and 13th century emergence of jewish money-lending:
"Usury sold what did not exist (unlike a tree it bears no fruits, so a sum lent should be recovered in full but without interest since no ‘harvest was lost’) and thus was considered as a form of theft...
For the domestic pawnbrokers, usury was regarded as a dangerously fast way to access to wealth and power..."
" "Moneylenders, unlike merchants, did not work, they exempted themselves from the form of redemption that the central Middle Ages were starting to find in labour (55). The pawnbroker did not fit in any of the three divisions of the medieval society (the workers, the fighters and the men of God), as such he belonged to a fourth one, the Devil’s."

I'm sure that is where my mother's abhorrence for such underhanded money dealing came from. The church. Or maybe it was just common sense. You do not profit from no labor. This is an age-old view of money-changing that is making the rounds one more time. It's coming out of retirement and on tour again. Tickets are going like hotcakes.

I was recently in court. No, they didn't nail me yet. I was called as a witness in a minor domestic dispute brought by a friend. But as I sat there enduring "the insolence of office and the law's delay" it occurred to me that I was no longer in the United States. I was outside my own country, really. I was a representative of the corporation legally known as "Timster". I was even explaining these facts to a fellow witness as we waited. It should have come as a breath of fresh air to be outside this landfill we call amerika...and it did in a way.
The woman judge came in and sat down. She listened to both sides...all witnesses and then when someone offered to add a bit more info to the court record...doing her best "Judge Jew-dy" impression she stated "I have heard enough...I am not going to listen to any more and now I am going to make my decision". Of course she could do that. It is her court, and you have no real recourse. If anyone ever entertains the childish notion that there is such a thing as "free speech" anywhere in this old world...try telling a circuit court judge to go fuck herself and just see how long you remain "free". Oh well.

Call me old-fashioned...but there was something about that statement that struck a positive chord in me. It's what I would have said in the same situation, but beyond that, it is something I say to the world.
As I have stated here many times, the jewish and their minions like the one I quoted (up at the beginning of this gobbledygook), see this world as some sort of game. A debate in which those that dominate are the ones that can talk the longest, martial the most facts and figures or steer the conversation away from the issue of humanity.

It isn't.

They are just beginning to see this as billiard balls go flying past their heads. There is going to be a lot more than an argument that will be invalidated...and it has nothing to do with "scoring points" from a dais. As that judge in her courtroom and I have "heard enough", so have the masses. It is coming to critical mass. They are not going to keep swallowing usury and the rest of the jew's trickery and deceit. It will no longer be a game for them to win...with our money...their scoring of talking points...or any of the hebrew fair that up until recently has served them so well. The time for debate is rapidly coming to a close. As Judge Jew-dy can stop debate at any time in her court, so can's our courtroom, our world.

So in my advancing years, I will enjoy sitting back and watching the fall of the global pawnbroker, because I have heard enough.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bliss, Cotton-Candy And Sleep

I think too much. A friend recently said that his idea of a theme park ride would be to be inside my brain for a few minutes. He is probably right. I dunno. It's hard to judge what eating cotton-candy on the ground would be like when you are whizzing around up here in this roller-coaster all the time. Actually at times it is attractive. The idea of ignorance and bliss. I wish sometimes I could be blissful. Never have. Something won't let me. I think it's integrity or conscience or something. I have always been one of those that took their mother too seriously when they said "finish your vegetables...there are starving people in China". Mothers used to say that. I don't know what they say now. Maybe they say "...if you want to grow up to be a transsexual and make lots of your cotton-candy". I don't know. I am out of touch with mothers. I don't know what they are thinking anymore.
I get baited a lot. Someone sent me this link. I believe they see it as...I dunno...educational...entertainment. Or they are baiting me. Notwithstanding the fact that Isababelle sure looks and sounds like her mother, to me it's just a few sex-obsessed jews, one natural scientist and an aging actress advocating the dissolution of monogamy. But that may just be me. Sometimes I can't trust my ability for critical thinking...I'm told. I can't accept anything on the surface. I always have to analyze it. Look for a deeper meaning...and agenda. It's tiring. But there you have it. "I said, live it, or live with it".

I think of people like me that have lived and worked in the world just as I have, but in positions of responsibility in the media, and the military...Wall street...and Washington. People who also finished their vegetables when mother told them. Those who were also dogged by conscience and integrity as they matured. What did they do with that feeling? How do they get rid of it? I know that I don't have a monopoly on this disease.
When I think of the corruption of Western civilization in all it's facets, I gotta think "where are the Gentiles that have always known better...and how do they sleep?" I wish I knew. Maybe I would ditch this fatiguing viewpoint and get me some bliss. I might even take 30 silver pieces and go shopping or something.
It's like...years ago when I moved into this little Midwest community and after reading their local daily for a while, I felt the need to voice my opposing opinion to the right-wing conservative editorializing I saw there. I wrote several op-ed pieces which they printed. That alone is unusual. Or... maybe as I said a few inches north of here, some enjoy baiting me. Whatever. Well, of course I got backlash to my opinion. Antisemitic. Narrow-minded. Anti-american. All the usual invective. One response even began with "How DARE you!" (now I wonder where I have heard that before...or since?) Strangely enough though, everything that I said in those dozen or so articles that were so "wrong"...turned out to be true. Amazing. But tiring. No real reward, save sound sleep at night. But I want more.
Yes, I want some bliss. I am tired of trying to drag all these people up here to my vantage point in this roller-coaster. Some will come...others stand their ground and are slack-jawed at how high and dangerous it is.
The world is too much with me lately.
There are indications that more and more people are getting on this ride of ours. The immediate suspicion that the Wikileaks thingy has aroused, the college students disrupting israeli propagandists, the riots in London over student tuition/(jewish)debt. These are all indicators that less and less are willing to stand there in the midway and stuff carnival food in their mouths in bliss, and perhaps scale to a higher moral ground. We have gotten them to this point of dissatisfaction. All of us out here. But at what cost?
No cotton candy. No bliss. Just eating our vegetables. Just sleep.