Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taking It To The Streets: The Revolution Will Be Held On Saturday From 2pm to 4pm...

There are wake-up calls aplenty out here...I don't think we are in any danger of running out.

It's like an alarm-clock factory. Bells and whistles going off...lights flashing, people screaming their tonsils out. Well, that's ok. That's a good thing...for a minority of folks to be aware of their surroundings. Ready to revolt. If indeed they really are. But I doubt it.
Starting up and maintaining a website like this is easy. Well, the impetus to start it is easy. Maintaining it requires a bit of vigilance. But nothing revolutionary.
Deek Jackson said "The only people screaming about the New World Order are those with homes and computers". I have to agree with that one. It is so easy to tell others to wake up. And for the most part an act of vanity. But that must describe how it feels to suddenly discover that most of what you have been told all your life, were lies. Lies to get you to behave a certain way. You must feel manipulated and used. Like a cheap whore. When you suddenly realize this...you must feel as if you are waking from a dream...and you want to alert others to it. That is human nature. Warn the rest of the herd. Good.

However. I am going to be speaking about Amerikans only now. Because as a wise-guy once said...write what you know.
I know Amerikans. I know what makes them tick.
There is no slumber here. We are all fully awake and aware of the consequences of what has happened in our part of the world. We understand that there has been a political coups d'etat of sorts here, since...oh...as long as you care to trace it back. But you have to understand something about the U.S. culture.
When you throw out the bullshit that was covered in U.S. history class, we Amerikans don't know the first thing about revolution. Nor do we want to. It is not really in our recent history or our mindset. It is not how we have been taught to deal with problems.

It has been instilled in us for generations...this sense of guilt. From the cradle to the grave, we all know that we have a great deal to be sorry for. This has come from our Puritan background and been fed, I believe, by judicious use of the emotion by the tribe, that has slowly gained control of and used, our national conscience. From theft of this country from it's original inhabitants and slavery, up to and including almost every war in which we have participated, our natural inclination for "whoops...my bad" is constantly being fed by the jewish media. A friend likened it to their teevee commercials. You suck....unless you buy this product. And you are going to keep sucking until you purchase everything we want to sell you. We understand that kind of language. We know we have been bad. But we are going to change our ways.

You see, it is also in our political heritage of being a republic, and more recently a "democracy"(I love how they sold us that one), that we MUST take responsibility for our national behaviour because after all, "we the people" elected the leaders that act this way or that. They represent us. They must BE us. Guilt. Promise of redemption at the polls. We can fix ourselves. We are sorry for what we did, but we will vote reform on the next ballot.

That is where the elite have us by the short and curlys. Notwithstanding the fact that there probably hasn't been an honest state or national election in this country since the mid-nineteenth century...we as a people will own up to the hi-jinks of our leaders as if it was our will. That is only common sense.

Many pose the query out here..."how much will it take to drive this country to revolt?"
My answer to that would have to be...we will never revolt, completely. We will never, as a majority "take it to the streets". We will even stand patiently in bread lines if need be. I guarantee that. We have done it before. And as I said before, it is not in our nature to do anything else.
So if anyone in the outside world is waiting for us to start the ball rolling...to be the first to lynch those in charge and bring their world of personal luxury crashing down...come and get me when we start. I'll be in the bar.

I understand that is a terrible counter-politically-correct thing to admit about a group of people to which I belong. But to ignore this fact is ridiculous, and dangerous.
The only true revolution that has happened in this country was the Civil War. And since, it's being about State's rights...an issue that was murdered along with upwards of 700,000 human beings, we won't be fighting that battle again. Even then the PTB got us to fight each other...not them.
So we continually believe as a nation, that whatever is wrong with this country can be fixed. Not by throwing out the baby with the bathwater, as we have been warned about over our history, but to tweak and adjust by just electing the next candidate that promises change. That is our nature. It has taken well over two-hundred years of media nurturing to achieve it, but that is the best we are. We have been told that "We the people" are guilty. We accept this as easily as we accept commercials on our jew-toobs that remind us that we suck. We are sorry. And we will buy that new widget that you are selling tomorrow...
If we are to have a revolution, it will have to be scheduled around our favorite sit-coms and on the weekend, as we are all working at least two jobs.

That is us. We have to admit it. They know it and so do we. We have no real "breaking point". We will starve before we actually physically fight authority. Sad...but true.


Anonymous said...

There is always the hope if you position yourself smartly, that you may be tapped to receive some of the crumbs the rich throw out for the birds. Otherwise its off to camp famine with you. Work makes free.

Avops said...

damn.........I had to go by a bottle of cheap whiskey after reading that Timster!
Unfortunataly, you are correct, we wil go down without a fight, everyone knows the problem, but no one knows what to do, so we do nothing!


Anonymous said...

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one tries to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
- George Bernard Shaw -

Beef Supreme said...

A funny tidbit about adverstising. In the movie Idiocracy there is a sign for Tarryleton cigarettes, it says if you don't smoke Tarryleton fuck you. Ahaha that is crass commercial messages summed up right there. People still have teevee, shelter, puters, some gmo foods to gorge on, lifesize hotwheel mobile, not enough to lose yet. People out in the street with no roof and no food will be the ones to be the resistance. Cutting off the welfare checks and wic (women infants children), hud and other taxpayer funded goodies would cause a revolt real quick so you will never see any of those cut off. Regime change won't come from within it will come from without when the world comes for our ass and then we'll find out if obambi the rockstar messiah is a brilliant military commander like uncle Adolf was.

Anonymous said...

What counts when dealing with Jews is ACTION. Nothing else matter. Talk or listen to their bs will solve anything. There is no way to deal with a Jew by being nice and trying to change their nature. Very few go to the extremes, usually after they reach their insanity point, then nothing matters anymore.

chuckyman said...

Ballsy post Timster. Showing real candour about such a cherished meme is always a lonely path to tread. I hope you are wrong but as you say – you write about what you know.

I am an optimist by nature – that usually means that I missed an important meeting somewhere. I’ve already lived through some ‘interesting times’ and it made me a better person.

BeefSupreme has an interesting point. CONgress didn’t think it important so thousands of folks stopped receiving welfare yesterday. More will join them at the end of this month. No ‘happy holidays’ for them and their families. They may suddenly have more sympathy for women giving birth in barns.

That was probably flippant of me but a little individual suffering is a great way to awaken empathy for the plight of others.

Timster said...

Chucky - Interesting point you make about the welfare thing. Indiana is the only state that has deployed the militia at welfare offices, in anticipation of any trouble over the congressional "oversight".
I dunno, Chuck...I have seen people being pushed to limits here that I am sure would make anyone else
in the the world cringe. Nothing. Blind obedience. It breaks the heart.

chuckyman said...

That has to be heartbreaking to watch Timster.

I got my numbers wrong. It seems that approximately 2 million lost their welfare entitlement today.

John Friend said...

I've been thinking this exact same thing lately.....

Sad, but true. Even if people were fully cognizant of what was going on and who was in control (they are not), what could they really do? Short of purging the entire system (and who decides who's to be purged?) and starting over, I don't see the situation getting any better....

Man, what a terrible thing to think about for a 24 year-old soon to be father! There are many beautiful things in life, but analyzing the geopolitical situation of the world is in is not one of them....

I dunno, maybe I'm being pessimistic. The first thing is identifying and understanding the criminal network, which is a serious struggle considering the education and media in our society. These people have shown their faces to the world so blatantly with 9/11, it's amazing we haven't had a major purging of these criminals from our society. We'll see what happens, I'm definitely going to keep pumping the information out to friends and family. About the only real benefit of Facebook- I can at least present this information to the people in my social network and, with any luck, do my small part in this struggle against global fascism. It's going to take a lot more than that though.....

Timster said...

John - Early congrats on your new one!
I hope she/he lives to witness a better world than the one we are leaving. Keep up the good work.