Saturday, November 6, 2010


I don't normally review movies here. This is not the start of a trend.
Although I consider myself a movie-buff and admit that the celluloid arts have provided much pleasure to me over the years, it is a private pleasure... generally speaking. And unless one takes into account how the medium was hijacked by the jewish, as so many art-forms are, there is little to say about it in this a forum against judaism to which I have bound myself.

I could go on and on about the waste of this medium, but I won't. Not now, anyway. I did see a movie recently that brings something to mind however, about a particular genre of film that puzzles me.
The film in question is a classic example of what I'm talking about: "Stigmata". This film stars Gabriel Byrne and the jewess Patricia Arquette. I know, the film is over ten years old, and certainly beyond the period for a critical review. But I had never seen it, like most religious pictures that hold no interest for me.
But what really dug at me in this and many other hollyweird treatments of the Christian religion, is the way in which the subject is treated.
If you haven't seen the film, the plot is simple. A Pittsburgh atheistic hairdresser(Arquette) touches the rosary of a dead priest and goes through stigmata....very graphically. Byrne's character, a Vatican investigator of stigmata....investigates. Short of being a remake of "The Exorcist" this treatment nonetheless provides the drama which hollywood "Christian" films love to provide. Unless it bleeds it don't pay. At least that seems to be the hollyweird formula for this phylum. But there is a perverse pleasure there, in this film...and so many like it. Even Mel Gibson was charged with this, in his anti-semitic treatment "The Passion of the Christ". Both examples go further than needed in the BDSM category...and I don't know why.

I could go on like this for another couple thousand words...about the underlying purposes for even allowing Christian films to be produced in the land of the jew...but I won't. I will however pose a few questions about the subject.

Allowing that no film that comes out of that hell-hole that is hollyweird, doesn't have the stamp of approval of the yiddish, what exactly are the themes of these particular films trying to say?
The official hatred for Christianity held by jews is widely known and why then do they allow such "inspirational" products to be released? Are they throwing their public a bone? Is the bone tainted? Why all the carnage attached to such depictions of Christ's life?
Although somewhere in my head a little bit of me was not offended at the image of this jewess being bound and whipped like an animal(shame on me)...I guess I don't get it. I don't even understand Gibson's insistence on his film's focus on the physical suffering, when so much more could be said about this messiah and his life.
I am not a Catholic...or indeed a Christian at all, but the film treatments of this religion are all...I dunno...such "downers". Very few if any would inspire me to convert. Perhaps that is the message? Perhaps the jew is portraying, or should I say "projecting" the violence inherent in their loathsome religion into , as I remember having been taught, a gentle alternative to the cult of the pharisees. To darken the religion of Christ. To bury it in evil jewish mysticism and cheapen it as Dan Brown's treatments do.
Or imaginably this Christian doctrine isn't "plotty" enough for a good vs evil scenario(without casting the jew as the heavy) that would sell a story and some obscenely priced popcorn? That being the case, why film them at all?
The more overtly anti-Christian films...that deal with evil within the church are easy to figure. But these films that manufacture the "dark" side of the Christian belief puzzle me. As we all know, the plot of these films will eventually reach a redeeming satisfactory plot closing in the end...However, from "Spartucus" and on, the overpowering blood-and-guts images of these films, will leave a bitter taste in the mouths of even the most devout followers of Christ that I believe is thoroughly intentional. To the point that anyone holding the Gospels to be true also hold the stigma of believing such tales, while leaving the theatre.
This celluloid manipulation would then be clever indeed. After having viewed this film, as with any approach to Christianity from hollyweird, I felt little but revulsion and fear for this religion. And maybe that's the point. To make their rival religion a stigma.


ChewyBees said...

The charges. The murderous torture. The crucifiction. The resurrection. The tomb. The cross.
These are the forefront of Christian church, ceremony, doctrine and belief. The entire Gospel has so many writings of wisdom and love, of connection to God and how we all are the sons of God.
Instead the 'flock' is force fed the graphic details, the instruments of death, the suffering and humiliation and the murder. The instrument of murder hangs on the wall and is posted all over the building and worn around the necks of the ordained. Because there is no symbol of love that would even come close to capturing what is God, instead the symbol of power is torture and murder.
The guarantee from the robed poser comes in the Resurrection. Because the Prophet descended and wrestled with the devil for three days (which must have ended in a no contest because the devil most certainly wasn't rendered impotent) we all have been saved from our sins. These are the very sins we all repeat week after weak. They are sins against hearsay laws created by men to make other men sinners. But the guarantee remains: just believe in murderous death preceding glorious life and you too can have the ticket to God's kingdom.
The whole thing was scripted a long long time ago by the same slavedrivers that have scripted everything to keep the cycle of enslavement perpetuating. These playact movies of a current nature are simply reaffirming what the ceremonies play out every sunday. In both cases you pay to play, one at the door and once when your brain is good and ready to line the plate. And in both cases when the show is over you leave feeling different than you did when you entered.
All this death worship is such a distraction from the true message.

Timster said...

Chewy - Interesting obs. Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

Why are Demi Moore and all these Hollywood brown-nosers so eager to join the Jewish Kabbalah cult?

What do they hope to gain by becoming quasi-Jews?

More money?

More acting jobs?

More good publicity?

All of the above?

Scientology is a non-Judeo-Christian cult and Scientologists (like Tom Cruise) have been under constant attack for their beliefs.

Kabbalahists, on the other hand, are shielded from attack by the sayanim-controlled media.

Perhaps this explains why more celebrities seem to be choosing Kabbalah over Scientology as their preferred "New Age" religion.

Timster said...

Anon@7:05 - I think you answered your own question? All of the above.

Timster said...

Anon - Also and interesting side plot of the movie...was the gospel of St. Thomas. Said to be the only true "sayings" of Christ. I read them...and although exceptionally cryptic for the most part, in many places, they deny everything the church(especially Catholic) has become. Hence the claim that these gospels are of gnostic nature and not accepted by the church.