Friday, November 26, 2010

The Jews?...Wha?

I trust everyone in the world had a great holiday...and got more than enough to eat.

What the hell am I talking about? Most of the people on earth barely had enough food yesterday to give them the energy to wake up this morning. It is tempting to believe that somehow,because another amerikan holiday excuse to spend money and gorge one's self rolls is shared universally. That everyone has the tradition of gathering with family and friends to eat enough food in one sitting, to feed an entire village in the third world for a week. Funny. Not funny ha-ha.
More ironic than anything. But you can't eat irony. And it isn't humorous in the least.

We gathered with family yesterday as we do every year on thanksgiving. But there was something missing. Even more than was missing last year. Besides being less a few normal guests, there was a pall in the house. The jew-toob that always blasts the holiday football games during the festivities also blasted the possibility of yet another war in Korea. It wasn't delivered however as bad news from the talking heads between plays. Or that' was my take, as I tried in vain to get out of earshot of that demonic machine which is always on in my relative's LR. Another war for israhell. More money for jews. Of course, in the bosom of my wife's family, I dare not mention my politics. I am not so insensitive as to force feed my feelings to numb in-laws...especially when the mood in the rooms of the house had an uneasy feeling already.

You see, one of the young mothers that always attends this holiday tradition, was sans hubby this year. A child sans daddy. A wife sans wedding ring. Sans everything that she was. only a couple thanksgivings ago. Her husband served two hitches in Afghanistan, was released early during his second tour with PTSD. He went through a short VA hospitalization...then disappeared. I'm sure guilt..shame...nightmares driving him who knows where. Gone in body. Gone of mind. Daughter fatherless. Wife dependent.

It touches us all. These wars for zionist jews. How can they not see this? How much longer will we carve turkeys and go shopping the next day. How much longer before there are no more daddys anywhere.
Yes, there was an awful pall in the house. No one spoke of it. No one spoke of the missing soldier. We ate in silence...until one of the new boyfriends of yet another wife-to-be, noticing the crawl across the bottom of the screen announcing the Korean boarder stand-off and that amerikan troops were going to be deployed said: "Alright! Our troops will go over there and kick some butt!" The aforementioned silence got even quieter. Until we all started shuffling on home. Maybe this little family, in this little town is beginning to wake up to the eternal wars of hebrew empire-building and what they really cost us all. Perhaps this is what it takes. More thanksgivings and Christmases with missing family members in all little homes, to be ready to hear whom they can blame. Just maybe it will be time for me, or someone else that understands just who these wars benefit and who starts fill in the culprit's names.
The jews? Wha?


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Critical masses here we come, doo daa, doo daa! Now you have xmas to look forward to. It never ceases to amuse me that the BS festivities designed by
yids to exploit goys are so enthusiastically patronized by dumb-goys: Christ missive is a classic example: Goys that do not believe in Christ or have ever read the scriptures bust their arses and fret over ensuring they spend a f#%*ing mozza on a pseudo religious advent that is totally irrelevant to them.

"Oi vey schlomo look at da goyim squirm ta make da bank, before da holidays!"

Rejoice, Timster, rejoice; rothschalia has it's first 'israhelli firster' that is a genuine spawn of satan arse-hole; not the usual treacherous shabaz goyim israhelli firsters that make up the mock parliament in scamberra.


You know it took me nearly a week to get that 'friends of hell' vid posted up, it just wouldn't stick and I have had two fatal bluescreen crashes on this computer since I managed to get it posted, go figure.

Do you see GB's post on his feedjit travails?

Seems the tribe are on a war footing across the board.


Anonymous said...

You mean the rest of the world doesn't celebrate amerikan holidays. What a bunch of savage, communist heathens! This is the united states of world, well if that is ok with israel it is.

Steve Bayley said...

hey Timster,
I see the George Washington has been sent there for manoeuvres..... This could well be the false flag we have all been anticipating. great writing again sir.wait for it.

go read Les' latest, A real wonder.

Time draws near, wow, what a shakeup we are all in for, bring it on, bring it on.

Peace to you brother.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Ooops, I just realized: You don't believe in Christ, I hope that I wasn't too offensive with my last offensive comment, re; Christ’s missive.

Perhaps we can pretend this religious event is a holi-day as the yids are selling it? Or maybe not, perhaps, I can just up-shut-the-fuck and we can pretend I didn't forget you don't believe? Or maybe err? Well, sorry brother...

It’s hard to play to the enlightened when they are...nihilistically based(?). Mmm, I am digging this hole deeper huh?

I don’t know what to say, apart from; oops.

Hey, how about those mets?


Timster said...

V - Unlike our hebrew brethren, very little offends me. I won't sue.
Yeah. I had a little thing with feedjit too. They advertised a guaranteed 3 million hits for $60 to place an ad with them. They turned my site down because it wasn't "family oriented" enough. I just figured they were Christian zionists...haha.

Timster said...

Anon@4:04 - I think we should spread some turkey with all this democracy, don't you?

Timster said...

Steve - Have done. Yeah, it amazes me when I say "jew" and they say it can't's an Asian country...sheesh, will they ever get it?

Pat McGroin said...

Eye am burnout on leftovers already. I will give the rest to the hearing impaired step children of nazi satan worshippers. Ignoring the good advice of Sun Tzu about a long war we have been in Afghanistan for almost ten years. The lamestream corporate whore government stenography press never even mentions the cost of these eternal wars when talking about a moribund third world service economy. I guess the PTB view any cost as acceptable to get that pipeline up and running in the graveyard of empires.

facos1 said...

re: the pall.
Am happy some can give thanks and celebrate.I cannot.
Thanksgiving is the Black Holiday
for me and always will be.
Where others see turkeys and football games,I see a young man in the prime
of his life sitting with his wife in
the back of a car when,all of a sudden
his head is blown off! And they think I'm gonna go shopping? At least the relatives have learned;
absolutely no TV when I'm around.

danny said...

Timster,.......great post as usual. THe people who have lost loved ones to these wars or had one come home incapacitated know all too well the loss around the table. The PTB do not care for, or think about the horrors that are visited on these lives by their wars. The only way to stop these ambitions is to stop giving them permission to mistreat the world. This would involve shunning their politicians, and whenever possible, their money's use. Get them out of the court's, schools, etc. Refuse to have anything to do with them, as a whole.

fucthefed said...

Had to comment about the TV.

I feel disoriented everytime I go to a holiday get together because of the GIANT TV's everyone now has.

There was a 70" TV blaring in the den where I spend my holidays. I can stomach a 27" TV but the new giant ones just make me queezy. I can barely handle my 13" model that only gets turned on once in a blue moon.

I spent the holiday in the backyard playing with the kids and I feel much richer for it.

Scott Mollett

Timster said...

Pat - As Carlin was wont to say " They don't care about you...they don't give a fuck about all!"

Timster said...

Facos1 - Aw, put your grief away and get out there and shop.

Timster said...

Danny - Thank you. You forgot a letter...that's "J"ptb.

Timster said...

Scott - You are much richer.

Anonymous said...

George had some really good rants on You Are All Diseased especially about airport security and terrorism and this was released two years before 9/11. The Life is Worth Losing has the best rants about who really runs this country. You know the exclusive club none of us proles are a part of. Bankster cunts will kick off WWIII thinking it is windfall profits time then it will get out of hand and earth will be a big charcoal pit. Oh well as long as the ruling class is farting through silk and Amerikan Idle is on. Those outfits are smashing on Dancing with the Washed Up.

Timster said...

Anon@12:17 - "the ruling class is farting through silk..." I like that.