Saturday, November 27, 2010

Goin To The Movies...

I know.  With all that is happening out there, I shouldn't in all conscience, waste your time talking about films.
But as I have said here before, I am a film buff.  It has always been my grounding place...that dark theater, or living room  where you can get out of your head and into someone else's.  See things from a different viewpoint.  A celebration of sorts.  A celebration of life and common humanity.  That is what the theater was always meant to be, I believe.  From Agamemnon on, we thirst for another vantage point in our lives.  That is what it should be.  That is what it can be.

I can talk for hours about plot graphs, Joseph Campbell, Ingmar Bergman, the theory of heroics and eternal themes...but I will try not to bore you here.
What I will touch on in these thousand or so little green words, is the contrast of what the film medium can and IMHO should be, and what a certain gang of hucksters have transformed it into.  Even though I have never been a professional film critic(whatever the hell that is), I have also never been of the opinion that it takes any more training than to watch about a gazillion films over the course of your life, to make you an expert.  At least an expert in the field of what you like and don't.  If you use your brain-box, it doesn't take that much to separate the stinkers from the gems.

I can always see the judaic hand in a movie.  To me it sticks out like a turd in a punch bowl.  And about as appetizing.  The attempt at emotional manipulation, the glorification of sex and violence and a twisted(in a bad way) sense of humor...are all hallmarks of a jewish produced or directed film.
To me, those films that display an emptiness...a two dimensional imitation of life can always be traced to the tribe. 

I could give you examples ad infinitum of what I mean.  From Lubitch to Spielberg, they all parade the same lack of morality and view of humanity.  They all boil down to an array of filming tricks that are tried and true, trite wastes of celluloid.  Tear-jerkers top my bill of disgustingly manipulative examples of this raped artform.  It never fails to amaze me how appallingly childish and yet fiendishly clever these directorial efforts are at getting you to cry into your popcorn.  Why do people fall for this type of maudlin shit?
Because it taps into your emotions...for a buck.  Not to observe life...not to celebrate, but to move your gut to sentimentality by artfully bypassing your cerebellum.  When in that shallow end of the pool of your being, just about anything can be sold to you.  And is.  Time and time again.  Since the early days of hollyweird, these crying-time films have been used to plant all manner of anti-human emotions...for war, consumerism, name it.  If it is a hard sell on the campaign trail, you can find it being screened at your local movie house in the latest jew-directed movie, that will slip it into your psyche via some soap-opera with an emotionally swelling soundtrack.
As difficult as it is to take people to school about how the tribe has infiltrated world politics and economies, try telling them that the latest block-buster is merely a slickly produced hour-and-a-half commercial for the latest assault on the Gentile public.  
"But I cried like a baby...that MUST mean something, right?"    "It must have been a great movie if it affected me like that".  I can save you all the gut-wrenching self-absorbent surface emotion by kicking you in the groin.  Same talmudic immorality play.  Less painful results.
Many people now buy hook-line-and sinker into "indie" films as an alternative to hollyweird.  That's another tribal crock.  Indie films means filming on location...and not in sunny southern Californian studios.  That's all.  They have nothing new to sell you.  Same jews directing.  Same jews producing.  Same jews distributing.  And more importantly, the same jewish filter applied.  Why can't people see this, when it is projected in high-definition and Dolby surround?
I was asked recently to view a film, "Winter's Bone".  Let me first explain my procedure for film viewing.  First I use the net to find out who directed it.  Then, who produced/distributed it.  Then who stars in it.  It used to be that I was almost guaranteed a jewish-free viewing by discovering that it was not an Amerikan film.  That is no longer the case.  But in any event, if I find(as I did in this case) that the director is a jewish woman, that attended Brandeis University, grew up the daughter of rich jewish successful parents in Cambridge Mass...and I am about to watch her filmed portrayal of a slice of Ozark mountain life...uh....I gotta ask...WTF.
Fifteen minutes into the film, and I understood what she doesn't.  She couldn't possibly present something on film, about which she knows nothing.  That old saw, that is used for writing..."write what you know", applies to just about any artform.  You cannot depict a true image of anything that you do not fully comprehend. Especially when the setting of the film is so important in what is trying to be conveyed.  In the case of the story that she attempted, it takes a little more effort than setting up your cameras in front of a shitload of rusting trailers in the countryside.  This woman should stick to filming(if she insists on using this mode of expression) some soap-opera about sexual escapades in a country club.  I'm sure this is something about which she "knows" a great deal.
The fact that this film won all kinds of awards including "Sundance", was another tip-off.  Sundance is another "alternative" film movement that has been purchased lock-stock-and-barrel by the cult.  This film...the half-hour that I could very typical of the type of kosher rubbish that I am trying to...I dunno...trash.
Meant to be sensitive...not.  Meant to be poignant...not.  Meant to be authentic...definitely not.  Meant to be "art-y"...yeah...probably.
Meant to make SPADES.  You would have to see this travesty to understand what I am talking about, but let it be known that I do not recommend it...or any other films that fall under and fail my rules I mentioned above.  In contrast to this POS, I just recently watched "The Reckoning".  A brilliant film, that has nothing ashkanazi about it.  Not even an historical mis-reference homage to jews, that seems to be the standard fare for period pieces nowadays.  Once you get that out of the way...the sky's the limit.  You can make movies.

I guess what I am trying to say in this meandering piece, is that I often feel suffocated by the tribe and their influence in popular culture.  Their dominance in the field of film has always got my goat.  It is something important to me to watch a movie that is all that the medium can be.  To see it commercialized, cheapened and used, is criminal in my mind.  To have to do fifteen minutes of research before I even allow myself to view a film is just one of the many prices we all have to pay to filter out the jew's influence in our lives.  But I will pay this.  And I will continue to go to the movies.


Scooter Everett said...

Those tear jerker movies are chick flicks. They are the worst. Give me an ol' Clint Eastwood western or the first Godfather anyday. A good war movie that shows it like it really is and not some rah-rah recruiting office crap are good. My fave war movie is 84 Charlie Mopic, two cents is valued at two pennies but that is one worth watching. 007 with Sean Connery, Clint and Lee Van Kleef westerns, Sicilian mafia flicks and a good war movie is all that is needed on a cold Sunday afternoon and evening.

Anonymous said...

I try not to worry about things that I have no control over. The list grows daily like the TSA no fly database. The person is categorized out of existance with no respect for dignity. Thinking for yourself is a crime in a bolshevic world. We are an occuppied territory. What power of independence is to be had in a global gulag?
When we sell ourselves for someone elses gain we lose our humanity and debase ourselves to the consciousness of insects without mercy or reflection, thus surrendering your one chance to establish conscious contact with the vital force that could lift you from the hell you are in.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

The holly bush was used in old times by the Druids and other old kabala oriented "religions" to produce fantasy, to trick the imagination and the entire being into false belief.

It is used frequently around Masonic locations fyi.

The Hollywood Hills sign was erected where it is, surrounded in an old patch of Holly bushes.

Hmmmmmm whattaya think???????

Timster said...

Scooter - Ah for the days of spaghetti westerns again...

Timster said...

Anon@9:00 - I haven't sold myself yet, and it appears that you have not either.

Timster said...

Noor - An omen missed?