Saturday, October 30, 2010


I like the people that watch Jon Stewart. Seriously. They are diamonds in the rough. They are intelligent. They are not afraid to question authority. They are willing to see the absurd in politics and world affairs. They generally do not watch the jew-tube. They can be turned like a Cornish game hen on a spit. For good or evil. They have that much space in their plenum persona. Jon and his handlers also like them. They see the same potential. That's where the tussle begins. The tug-of-war for their attention...their loyalty...their minds.

But this is more than a picnic game we are playing out here. It's their park...their pic-a-nic basket. And here in these pleasant surroundings with our little rope-pulling game, lives are at stake. Serious money is at stake. Integrity is at stake.

It is easy to dismiss this little sawed-off smart-ass jew as a mere comedian. Just another, like Bill Maher, Woody Allen, or any number of other corporate front men that sell a Marxist agenda with a chuckle. But as with every effort that the tribe makes toward control of the Gentile pushes just a little harder than the last.

This time their funny-man is particularly adept at using political correctness as his invisible straight man. As he mugs and takes in front of the pictures by his talking head, he is telling these people( that I told you that I liked up there somewhere), that they must agree with his point of view...and selling it with a homey joke that brings them into his fold. You don't have time to analyze, you have no rebuttal. This is NOT a conversation. Your opinion doesn't matter. You just go along with the joke. The jab. The punch in the face of almost anything you held in esteem, before the Daily Show began.

If you can laugh with this motherfucker...then you can agree. Simple.

Ok. So what? The tribe has always had these comedians from hell trotting out the Trotsky, you might say. But within the slow pace of increments, they have produced one seriously dangerous horse's-ass this time.

"Leibowitz Incorporated" has taken this hubris one step further. Now they are plying their trade in the street. It is no longer an "entertainment" that you can turn off. You aren't softened with prompted laughter and applause....this is the real world. The dirty world where the people that I say I like will have time to see these jokes for what they are. Corporate propaganda. He is selling you something folks. He is saying that anyone that doesn't buy his product, are to be ridiculed. Ridiculed with some of the best humor that jewish money can buy. And he is the mouthpiece. And too many are laughing with him. Dangerous.

If you, the people I like...think for one moment that this jerk is what he pretends...that he is just an every-guy like you, seeing harmless folly in the world around you...folly to be joked about, then forgotten. You have been trapped.

Of course you too could see this for what it is. See what need it is filling. Not a need for a tea-party. Definitely not for a revolution in any sense of the word. But a need to sedate the young intelligentsia of this nation. To dissuade them from taking any project of the tribe seriously. Laugh it off. Laugh off the Palestinian plight. Laugh off israhell. Laugh off corruption, death, monetary manipulation...It's all just a joke right? Jon says it is. He just cracked the funniest joke about it!
This is not satire. This is the yiddish Frankfort school "everyone is subject to criticism but us". Nothing is sacred...but the ones telling you that nothing is sacred. His rally to "restore sanity" is entirely the antithesis of that purpose. What he wants to restore is compliance. Compliance to the tribe. Wake up to this fucker and his corporate product. He is SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS...NOT seriously funny.


Mel said...

exactly! exactly! i mean.. exactly! i don't watch much tel-a-vision.. but whenever i have seen his pogrom..oops..program.. i get a sick feeling in my gut..

Timster said...

Mel - I agree. Too many are taking this "comedy" too seriously. Follow your gut...

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...It's all consistent with the dumbing-down: Which actually is a de-sophistication of the populations of the western Nations. As you are probably aware, the 'News' programs have become more about lifestyle choices and attractive charismatic presenters than a competition between News gathering agencies, to get the story out.

As we of the goy bloggim all know; trivialising News coverage was and is Key to the ability of the tribe to get away with the crimes. When I was a kid, the Networks started midday programming aimed at housewives, the success of this ‘programming’ lead to the gambit of using the same entertainment lifestyle format for the morning News programs – it worked, as we all know.

The Evening News has also adopted this format, with only a semblance of serious presentation, when they are selling their own message or trying to a establish a mind-set regarding a particular topic, for me the classic example of cross-generational propaganda was the Britney McCain piece: This little ‘News grab’ was a classic homogeneous brain-washing technique.

For me, this little gem has everything, pretty chic, grandfather figure as wise old advisor. Let’s face it how many guys at school would contradict a popular, pretty girl. What image does the term ‘Founding Fathers’ conjure for you? Washington crossing the Delaware? The Winter patriots?

The only way to compete with the MSM is for like-minded goy bloggim to show solidarity of purpose. Who of our ilk have not been tarred with the brush of the tin-foil hatters and no-planers? What about alien theories and lizard monarchies? Black Pope anyone? Oh, how about those Jesuits?

There is young man in the JuSA whose site is Rys2sense, he vlogs on jootube and his work is excellent, he has been shutdown many times and always finds a way to continue his good work, he has been threatened at college and is constantly harassed, he is a young hero of our revolution, he refuses to give up, regardless of the consequences, because he knows what is at stake here.

The alien theorists and no-planers are invited guests on the MSM, why? They are the perfect remedy to alternative News folk out here in Tinfoilhatland, that’s why. Serious bloggim like yourself are victims of the eclectic and esoteric blitherers that mince words and try to be huggy and truthers at the same time: Doesn’t rub, you are either at the barricade or you are an anonymous hand, waving handkerchiefs from high windows as the militia, glorious in their devotion, march by; ragged for their virtuous piety and determined in their commitment.

Remember the red badge of courage, men advancing toward the battle would know a comrade had paid his due; crushed and bloodied, supine yet not rested, blasted and down though not bowed. Dignity is in the eyes of those bloodied and resolute survivors, as they gaze across the littered field, numb with regret amid the terrible stillness of the aftermath.

You can’t change things from within the system, that’s a lie sold to cowards as an excuse to conform; the revolution will not be televised.

Excerpt from a much longer verse written by a Veteran of the Civil War:

“All the old men argue - slavery is the issue

Some old men yield - what's the harm

All the old men agree - slavery in the South

All the fine young men - believe in a cause

All the fine young men - gone to war

All the fine young men - not afraid to take a stand

Some fine young men - dead because

Some old men yielded - afraid to take a stand”

Here’s a picture showing the result of being afraid to make a stand in the first instance.

We need to win the peace, while we still can; to save our sons and daughters from losing their lives in the war,

Cheers Timster...


Timster said...

V - I love Dawson's stuff! Great comment...I hope people read it here!