Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Jeopardy...

"I'll take "unusually short, culturally dangerous jewish comedians pushing a zionist/marxist agenda and capturing the imagination of the intelligent youth in America" for $100, please Art".

"The answer is Johnathan Stewart Leibowitz" dum...

Buzz...""Who is Woody Allen?"

"No, that would be Allen Stewart Konigsberg" I will open it up to the rest of the panel"

Buzz..."Who is Jack Benny?"

" No, that would be Benjamin Kubelsky"

Buzz..." Who is Mel Brooks?"

No, I'm sorry...that would be Melvin Kominsky"

Buzz.."Who is Mort Sahl?"
"nope, Morton Lyon Sahl"
Buzz.."Who is Gene Wilder?"
"nope, Jerome Silberman"
Buzz.."Who is Milton Berle?"
"nope, Milton Berlinger"
Buzz..."Who is Lenny Bruce?"
"nope, Leonard Alfred Schneider"..."I'm afraid we could go on like this for hours...

"time is up...I'm going to reveal the question...who is Jon Stewart"


chuckyman said...

Where is this place Jeopardy? I hear there’s thousands of jobs in Jeopardy... tah dah (grin)

Mel said...

mind numbing.. ain't it?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...You're a witty guy Timster; LMAO. Did you see that schvincterview with John Schtewart and obongo? What a bunch of crap.

Oh, I downloaded some great the links at the bottom of Noor's last Post; Fritz Springmeier gets out of 'nick'; great stuff, well worth a look.

Hasta la Vista

veritista (Truther? Grin)

"Viva La Veritistas"! nyuk nyuk nyuk.

"Venceremos Veritistas"! Haaarrrgh, nyuk nyuk, I've got a million of 'em!

Timster said...

Chucky - It's right around the same corner as "prosperity"...

Timster said...

Mel - Hmmmm....Mel? aren' wait...couldn't be

hahaha...what mind?

Timster said...

V - "Bunch of crap" summerizes all of Leibowitz's shit, to me.