Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Delights...

"I have of late, but wherefore
I know not, lost all my mirth, forgone all custom of exercise;
and indeed, it goes so heavenly with my disposition;
that this goodly frame the Earth, seems to me a sterile
Promontory; this most excellent Canopy the Air
look you, this brave ore-hanging, this Majestical Roof,
fretted with golden fire: why, it appears no other thing
to me, than a foul and pestilent congregation of vapour.
What a piece of work is a man! how Noble in
Reason. How infinite in faculty. In form and moving
how express and admirable. In Action, how like an Angel.

In apprehension, how like a God. The beauty of the
world, the Paragon of Animals; and yet to me, what is
this Quintessence of Dust? Man delights not me; no..."

-Wm. Shakespeare

Saturday, October 30, 2010

This Is What We Are Paying For...

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I like the people that watch Jon Stewart. Seriously. They are diamonds in the rough. They are intelligent. They are not afraid to question authority. They are willing to see the absurd in politics and world affairs. They generally do not watch the jew-tube. They can be turned like a Cornish game hen on a spit. For good or evil. They have that much space in their plenum persona. Jon and his handlers also like them. They see the same potential. That's where the tussle begins. The tug-of-war for their attention...their loyalty...their minds.

But this is more than a picnic game we are playing out here. It's their park...their pic-a-nic basket. And here in these pleasant surroundings with our little rope-pulling game, lives are at stake. Serious money is at stake. Integrity is at stake.

It is easy to dismiss this little sawed-off smart-ass jew as a mere comedian. Just another, like Bill Maher, Woody Allen, or any number of other corporate front men that sell a Marxist agenda with a chuckle. But as with every effort that the tribe makes toward control of the Gentile pushes just a little harder than the last.

This time their funny-man is particularly adept at using political correctness as his invisible straight man. As he mugs and takes in front of the pictures by his talking head, he is telling these people( that I told you that I liked up there somewhere), that they must agree with his point of view...and selling it with a homey joke that brings them into his fold. You don't have time to analyze, you have no rebuttal. This is NOT a conversation. Your opinion doesn't matter. You just go along with the joke. The jab. The punch in the face of almost anything you held in esteem, before the Daily Show began.

If you can laugh with this motherfucker...then you can agree. Simple.

Ok. So what? The tribe has always had these comedians from hell trotting out the Trotsky, you might say. But within the slow pace of increments, they have produced one seriously dangerous horse's-ass this time.

"Leibowitz Incorporated" has taken this hubris one step further. Now they are plying their trade in the street. It is no longer an "entertainment" that you can turn off. You aren't softened with prompted laughter and applause....this is the real world. The dirty world where the people that I say I like will have time to see these jokes for what they are. Corporate propaganda. He is selling you something folks. He is saying that anyone that doesn't buy his product, are to be ridiculed. Ridiculed with some of the best humor that jewish money can buy. And he is the mouthpiece. And too many are laughing with him. Dangerous.

If you, the people I like...think for one moment that this jerk is what he pretends...that he is just an every-guy like you, seeing harmless folly in the world around you...folly to be joked about, then forgotten. You have been trapped.

Of course you too could see this for what it is. See what need it is filling. Not a need for a tea-party. Definitely not for a revolution in any sense of the word. But a need to sedate the young intelligentsia of this nation. To dissuade them from taking any project of the tribe seriously. Laugh it off. Laugh off the Palestinian plight. Laugh off israhell. Laugh off corruption, death, monetary manipulation...It's all just a joke right? Jon says it is. He just cracked the funniest joke about it!
This is not satire. This is the yiddish Frankfort school "everyone is subject to criticism but us". Nothing is sacred...but the ones telling you that nothing is sacred. His rally to "restore sanity" is entirely the antithesis of that purpose. What he wants to restore is compliance. Compliance to the tribe. Wake up to this fucker and his corporate product. He is SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS...NOT seriously funny.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


"The Same Great Taste of Supremacy...Without All the Blood"

It dawned on me recently that many, many of the people that read this and other "anti-semitic" blogs from the US of Israhell, do not have the same points of reference that we do.

To many of these international readers, the jewish culture is not as prevalent in their own countries as it is here. Having spent some time traveling, most recently in the UK, it occurred to me that a huge portion of "foreign" followers of the sites that emanate from here ... the TRUE promised land of the hebrew, live only in it's shadow so to speak.
The garbage that we export to the rest of the world must be much akin to what the provincial lands of the Roman Empire received from the hub of that hegemonic state. So in a phrase..."you don't understand it fully". Not that there are many places on this globe where greedy kosher fingers do not in some way influence the local economics or media feeds, but to live in it's center...the nucleus of judaic filth, is a different matter indeed.

Here in good old Amerika, it has gotten to the point at which our populace is beginning to understand that in their name, the world is suffering the jewish dictates of supremacy. As the Roman Emperor's orders were carried out to the far flung outposts of that sprawling too do the Amerikan Khazar's edicts disseminate.

In stark contrast to the abattoir that is Gaza,in which there is no quarter given to even the slightest rebellion, we here in the States are participating in an entirely different kind of experiment in human subjugation. But one with the same goal...service. We wear the soft collar of domination. We are herded as sheep and the fruit of our labors reaped by the dominant jew. But we are allowed long productive lives in our yokes. The pain that this causes us is an unnamed desperation, as we are corralled gently to do the jews bidding, all the while being fed his POV in the form of the Frankfort School political correctness. The Palestinians have no value to our new leaders. Not as the Amerikans have. There are only a couple million left of them and they are merely a nuisance to be slaughtered outright, rather than be bled slowly as are the almost 400 millions of Yankee goyim. Instead of the jackboot in our faces, we suffer a half century of labor in our master's service, before our untimely deaths.
So living here is much the same, or produces the same result, as living in the open-air prison of the Gaza strip and the West Bank of Palestine. We die at some point, for the benefit of the jew. That is why when a passerby recently asked me why I fly a Palestinian flag on my house, and was I a Palestinian?...I answered..."We are ALL Palestinians". And we are. Here. The world. We are all suffering the jew and his bid for supremacy. Whether you are being shot by an IDF goon for tossing a stone in his direction, or slaving away at a factory for the largest part of your one-and-only life in this world, to pay taxes that are funneled to that hell-on-earth in which Gentile children live short, horrible lives...we are all learning to bow to the Rothschild house of pain, while the preachers of this inhuman religion mock us.

When it comes right down to it, I think that had I been given a choice in my younger years, and knowing what I know now...I would have chosen to be cut down early. To have been spared the labor ,the desperation and the humiliation of knowing that my work in life was to used to harm others. But that's just me. And I'm just sayin...

In Jeopardy...

"I'll take "unusually short, culturally dangerous jewish comedians pushing a zionist/marxist agenda and capturing the imagination of the intelligent youth in America" for $100, please Art".

"The answer is Johnathan Stewart Leibowitz" dum...

Buzz...""Who is Woody Allen?"

"No, that would be Allen Stewart Konigsberg" I will open it up to the rest of the panel"

Buzz..."Who is Jack Benny?"

" No, that would be Benjamin Kubelsky"

Buzz..." Who is Mel Brooks?"

No, I'm sorry...that would be Melvin Kominsky"

Buzz.."Who is Mort Sahl?"
"nope, Morton Lyon Sahl"
Buzz.."Who is Gene Wilder?"
"nope, Jerome Silberman"
Buzz.."Who is Milton Berle?"
"nope, Milton Berlinger"
Buzz..."Who is Lenny Bruce?"
"nope, Leonard Alfred Schneider"..."I'm afraid we could go on like this for hours...

"time is up...I'm going to reveal the question...who is Jon Stewart"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Circus Minimus...

This is going to be another one of those rambling things. You could skip it altogether and still appear in polite society without having read it, and no one being the wiser.

So much is happening out there that I don't want to touch. Maybe a jab or two. But generally speaking, enough is being said about these items already. And I am no expert.
Soros is backing the legalize mary-hoochie bill in my home state. To the tune of 20 mil or so. Scares the shit outta me. When a jew of that calibre gets behind anything supposedly "grass-roots"(pun intended), it's gotta tell you there is trouble brewing. I never cared for pot myself. Too bulky to pack around with you. You have to smoke a ton of it to get the same feeling that a double Chivas will give you. But that's just me.

Demos met the 9/11 truthers in the UK. For those of you that don't keep up with me...this "think tank" has written a piece entitled "The Power of Unreason". Sounds like something a think tank would come up with. I read it. I must honestly say that I cannot disagree with their conclusions. To paraphrase, they surmise that there is one hell of a bunch of people out there that see conspiracy constantly. I agree. They are there for even the dullest mentality to see. They also say that it is having the effect of tearing this world apart at the seams. I also agree with this. And more power to the theorists. That tells me that we are doing our job. Unlike the tank-people that are paid to diffuse us like a Vegas "cooler" is sent down to stop a streak of good luck. It is apparently their mission to deliver the message to us all, that what we see, isn't really there. And as Kev Boyle put so with 42 sylable phrases. This reminds me of the "talking points" training that the IDF and the Mossad use for their conscripts to troll with.

"well, you do make a point...but shouldn't we be focusing on...blah, blah,blah..."

Anyway, again we see the hebrew hand behind all this. Whether it's Georgie-boy Soros...or some "Lord" Cohen or Shapiro..."the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on".

So what else do we have? Foreclosure-gate. The less I say about that the better...although it's fun to watch bankers squirm. I once closed a letter to a banker with the quote: "bankers, like good tea, can only be appreciated when they are in hot water" . He thought it was funny. I know people that work in banks...and mortgage houses. They are just folks trying to pay their own mortgages. We never get to see the REAL bankers. Except that guy in the gym that recognized one of them from a grilling on C-span, and punched him in the face. I would like to see more of that. Broken banker noses. It does the heart good.

Jews are still killing Palestinians. The Rense thing is heating up and people are choosing sides( I don't think I would want Makow on my side, but that's just me) if we don't have enough to concentrate on here. Sheesh, people. Get with the program. This is a circus out here. We have bigger fish to fry.

Monday, October 25, 2010


This is a video that impressed me to no end. Although I don't agree with all it's "green" is an eye-opener to be sure.
If you will notice, she keeps using the phrase "fifty years ago". Hmmmm... that is about the time that the REAL jewish takeover started steamrolling this country...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Anonymity and Questions...

Anonymity is a strange thing. It hides all manner of human frailties.

In the ongoing civil suit brought by the parents of Rachel Corrie, the judge hearing the case has ruled that the IDF soldier accused of intentionally killing the peace activist, will testify anonymously.
That means that he will be behind a curtain when he declares that he was just following orders. The parents of Rachel will not be able to look him in the eye...and more importantly for the soldier, he will not have to face the grief and outrage of the parents of this young girl. This stinks to high heaven. But then again, the jewish court doesn't believe in a "heaven", so it makes a kind of perverted sense.
I am sure that Mr. and Mrs Corrie do not harbor any hopes of winning the case. Or even for the case to expose any wrongdoing on the part of the anonymous killer, to the world. Hey...war is hell. People die. Soldiers march on.

I wonder how many wars would be fought if all the murders committed in them were brought to a civil court. If all the soldiers killing these young people were somehow made accountable for their deliberate slaughter, would young men and women listen as closely to the recruiter's lies and sign on the dotted line? Or in the case of apartheid israhell, would these youngsters defy their conscripted call for "service" to the butchering jews in the Knesset?
I am trying to get inside the mind of this particular soldier, as I am sure are the parents. Why did you kill when there was no threat? Why did you slaughter this young girl that was so full of life and love for humanity? What mental processes did you go through when you had finished playing cat-and-mouse with her on that hill of dirt while you were sitting on top of your Caterpillar? Did you care at all for her life? Did you care for yours? Or did you see her as just another Palestinian beast to be cut down?

My most urgent question, I guess would be why the anonymity? If you believe in what you did, you should be proud of it. If you thought somehow that you were defending israhell from this slight gentle girl, why not face her parents with the convictions of your oath of service?

Many have used the term "martyr" to describe Rachel. That word scares zionists, I'm sure. They don't care for it. It makes them look bad. From the cross at Calvary to this dirt hill just down the road a piece from there...these martyrs keep haunting the jew.
It seems to me that those two deliberate murders have a lot in common. They begin, and should end, as an ouroboros of sorts. This is an apt analogy I think. The beast is eating himself, as the vicious jewish encampment in Palestine devours it's own existence.

It can no longer hide behind a curtain. It cannot remain an anonymous killer of the spirit of man. The veil is thin. And the world can see the horrible specter of this vile animal lurking there.
We must, as a sane world outside of "Rothscildlandia", keep reminding them of these martyrs. Jesus and Rachel. We must "go tell it on the mountain" so to speak. Do not let them forget either historic tragedy, and their role in both.
So I hereby propose that the anniversary of this young girl's martyrdom be made an international day of mourning, and hatred for the religion of those that committed the murder. March 16th...of every year until that terrorist state is wiped from the pages of history.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Some seemed shocked by the candor of one of the leading "religious" leaders in israhell when he recently stated that the goyim(that's us) are merely donkeys to serve the jews. I don't get it. Why would that be shocking news? I applaud the good rabbi's honesty. At least he is true to his faith(or lack thereof). Much more than you can say about many Christians, Muslims...etc. He makes no bones about his religion's racist views.

“Non-Jews were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world-only to serve the People of Israel.” our Supreme leader sez. He goes on to say: "Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap; and we will sit like an effendi and eat.”
“That is why gentiles were created.”

Ya gotta love this guy. He is the "anti-semite's" dream jew. One that tells it like it is. And yet the quotes from this rabbi that enjoys hundreds of thousands of followers in that shithole of a terrorist state, aren't printed here in the USA next to the "Israel is our only friend in the middle-east" quotes from our purchased politicians. Why is that?
One thing you also gotta love is the way that those that adhere to "political correctness" which buries such comments from our masters, are like the D.A.R. of bygone days. Everyone is open to criticism but them. If these quotes were on a scroll under Glen Beck's pie-face jewvision show...would it outrage the world? Would it incite racism? Would the DHS go and arrest those that subscribe(most jews) to such of inflammatory rhetoric? Methinks not. Who reads those little scrolly things anyway...

Anyway, this dude is merely paraphrasing his Talmud. Yes, these are the concepts upon which the jews have built their world-wide financial empire. It works. We work. For them. You can't argue with results. He knows it. You know it. He just has the balls to say it.

And some wonder why I have succumbed to the label "anti-semite". People that were born and raised away from the immediate influence of these vermin, are simply not aware of the teachings of that filthy book. The New Testament, the Koran...these books don't teach their adherents supremacism. Jews are the only religious zealots in the world that preach it. And with these super-egos comes the conviction that anything done to INSURE the supremacy of their cult, is okey-dokey. They don't even have to confess on Sunday when they screw you out of everything you have ever worked for in your life. You work for them and they will prove it to you.

So I welcome such yiddish pronouncements, and so should you. It is proof in the pudding of what we are all saying out here. Judaism is at the root of everything in this modern world that disappoints. This "holy" man is showing us the "way". Now all we need is the "means" with which to destroy such anti-human behaviour.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If you are a regular reader here, you will have noted that I tend to stay away from hot topics. 9/11, Chilean miners, BP and yes even the two wars raging as I type. You could fill a Wal-Mart with all the text that has been and is being written on these subjects...daily. My views on these items would get lost somewhere over near ladies wear, I'm sure. I don't know if all possible opinions about these topics have been expressed in print, but I wouldn't be surprised. I have no new wisdom to impart about the media's subject de jour. To me most of them are distractions.

Distractions are very useful tools. The tribe that runs the media are fully aware of this. The other day while talking to a friend, the subject of the 33 Chilean miners came up. I made the off-hand comment that it was obviously a scam. The look on this person's face was priceless. Within the span of about 47 micro-seconds it went from "what are you talking about?" to "I never thought of that" to "yeah, I can kinda see that" to "what a scam!" to "those bastards!" to "yeah, I get it" to his actual words: "Yep...obviously. Did you see how fat and healthy they looked after spending over a month down there?"

It's just that simple to crack a walnut. To bring silly-ass distractions crashing down around the feet. To show the audience that the table they think they see, is actually a mirrored reflection behind which the magician's assistant is crouching.

I don't wish to claim mystic powers of observation concerning this daily slight-of-hand. It's just a frame of reference, or a "tool" that anyone can use...if they choose. When you use it long enough you will understand that the conclusions that it brings make a hell of a lot more sense than watching the mirrored reflection and believing in magic.

As a matter of fact, the more you let the magician and his pretty assistant distract you, the more it is possible for you to be distracted. Does that make sense? It has to do with dumbing down. It can happen to you.
So when I see any story being pushed by the jewish MSM, I look for something happening somewhere else from which the story is trying to distract my attention. That is usually found in alternative foreign media over which the tribe has little if any control. It's like clockwork. If israhell is bombing Palestine again, or some jewish bankster in the Netherlands was caught eating will see some irrelevant HOT story coming of the press about "boy locked in refrigerator eats own foot". These types of MSM stories are signals that zionist jews are doing something, somewhere that they don't want you to know about. The result of all this distracting activity, over time, has the effect of making reality itself in the Occident ridiculous. As it was once said by a jew no less:

"We are in the process of creating what deserves to be called the idiot culture. Not an idiot sub-culture, which every society has bubbling beneath the surface and which can provide harmless fun; but the culture itself. For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal."
Carl Bernstein, U.S. journalist. Guardian (London, June 3, 1992)

(a tip of the hat to Greg Bacon)

Under the guise of "human interest", these intentionally distracting news items are becoming headlines in the papers we read, and in our brains. We become obsessed by them...while the magician is removing our wallets.

So subtracting my views on truly huge stories about which everyone opines, and the daily junkfood fair of the MSM, what is left for my dissection, and keeping in mind my love of "connections", I try to ferret out the larger meanings of the smaller occurrences. Like the "Men In Black", I get my tips from the misinterpreted events of the day. And so, I think...should we all.

Monday, October 18, 2010

No Really... Without the Footwork?

If you type "Why do people hate jews" into any search engine, you are going to get results that direct you to several pages with this recent ADL approved response. Normally I wouldn't bat an eye at yiddish clap-trap like this, but I dunno, the fact that so many sites picked this up just gets my goat.

In it's entirety:

"It has been said that the history of almost all of the Jewish holidays can be summed up succinctly: "They wanted to kill us; we won. Let's eat." Why has anti-Semitism been so pervasive in so many countries, in so many time periods and for so many reasons? (One begins to wonder. Perhaps there is something wrong with the Jews and Judaism? After all, there is an old Yiddish saying -- "If one person calls you a donkey, ignore him; if two people call you a donkey, buy a saddle.")
Between the years 250 CE and 1948 CE - a period of 1,700 years - Jews have experienced more than eighty expulsions from various countries in Europe - an average of nearly one expulsion every twenty-one years. Jews were expelled from England, France, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Bohemia, Moravia and seventy-one other countries.
Historians have classified six explanations as to why people hate the Jews:
  1. Economic -- "We hate Jews because they possess too much wealth and power."
  2. Chosen People -- "We hate Jews because they arrogantly claim that they are the chosen people."
  3. Scapegoat -- "Jews are a convenient group to single out and blame for our troubles."
  4. Deicide -- "We hate Jews because they killed Jesus."
  5. Outsiders, -- "We hate Jews because they are different than us." (The dislike of the unlike.)
  6. Racial Theory -- "We hate Jews because they are an inferior race."

As we examine the explanations,
we must ask -- Are they the causes for anti-Semitism or excuses for Anti-Semitism? The difference? If one takes away the cause, then anti-Semitism should no longer exist. If one can show a contradiction to the explanation, it demonstrates that the "cause" is not a reason, it is just an excuse. Let's look at some contradictions:
  1. Economic -- The Jews of 17th- 20th century Poland and Russia were dirt poor, had no influence and yet they were hated.
  2. Chosen People -- a) In the late 19th century, the Jews of Germany denied "Choseness." And then they worked on assimilation. Yet, the holocaust started there. b) Christians and Moslems profess to being the "Chosen people," yet, the world and the anti-Semites tolerate them.
  3. Scapegoat -- Any group must already be hated to be an effective scapegoat. The Scapegoat Theory does not then cause anti-Semitism. Rather, anti-Semitism is what makes the Jews a convenient scapegoat target. Hitler's ranting and ravings would not be taken seriously if he said, "It's the bicycle riders and the midgets who are destroying our society."
  4. Deicide -- a) the Christian Bible says the Romans killed Jesus, though Jews are mentioned as accomplices (claims that Jews killed Jesus came several hundred years later). How come the accomplices are persecuted and there isn't an anti-Roman movement through history? b) Jesus himself said, "Forgive them [i.e., the Jews], for they know not what they do." The Second Vatican Council in 1963 officially exonerated the Jews as the killers of Jesus. Neither statement of Christian belief lessened anti-Semitism.
  5. Outsiders -- With the Enlightenment in the late 18th century, many Jews rushed to assimilate. Anti-Semitism should have stopped. Instead, for example, with the Nazis came the cry, in essence: "We hate you, not because you're different, but because you're trying to become like us! We cannot allow you to infect the Aryan race with your inferior genes."
  6. Racial Theory -- The overriding problem with this theory is that it is self-contradictory: Jews are not a race. Anyone can become a Jew - and members of every race, creed and color in the world have done so at one time or another.

Every other hated group is hated for a relatively defined reason.
We Jews, however, are hated in paradoxes: Jews are hated for being a lazy and inferior race - but also for dominating the economy and taking over the world. We are hated for stubbornly maintaining our separateness - and, when we do assimilate - for posing a threat to racial purity through intermarriages. We are seen as pacifists and as warmongers; as capitalist exploiters and as revolutionary communists; possessed of a Chosen-People mentality, as well as of an inferiority complex. It seems that we just can't win.
Now we know what are NOT the reasons for anti-Semitism".

This is so poorly written/argued that I felt the need to respond to it. I tried at the several sites that proudly display this POS, however, true to form... dissent is not allowed. So I will use my own forum.

I think this load of crap is very telling of the jewish psyche. It's much like watching ballroom dancing. Side-stepping...backing up...spinning. After the dance is over, you don't remember where you have been or why you even stepped on the dancefloor.

Let's address this shill's points,one step at a time.

Economic. The author states that jews in Russia and Poland were dirt poor from the 17th to the 20th century. Well, notwithstanding the fact that we all understand where the modern western jew comes FROM, that would make sense. There were economic restrictions placed on them. And I am going to keep repeating this next phrase "not just because they were standing around being jews". But that doesn't address the fact that they are now and have been since the 17th century, the most affluent minority in the world, as a whole.

Chosen People. Well when all else fails...lie. That's a jewish ethic I believe. They rejected the "choseness" philosophy? Assimilate? GERMANY? They have NEVER assimilated in any society at any point in history of which I am aware. Perhaps the author is confusing assimilate with the word "dominate"...common error. Other wise I am sure it would be documented in the article.

Scapegoat. I won't even dignify this ridiculous charge with a response. Let's move on.

Deicide. I am going to have to enlist the help of my Christian friends out there, but the biblical references sound like bullshit to me. Christ was talking to jews when he said "Father forgive them..." ? Wasn't he referring to the Roman soldiers casting lots at the foot of the cross? And why would they care if he forgave them or not? They believe he was just a cheap magician pretending to be the Messiah, yes? When in doubt...lie?

Outsiders. Forgive me if I cackle a bit here. Isn't it a Talmudic dictate for jews NOT to assimilate? And can you name one society in which they have even attempted to do so? Again, they were just standing around being jews...trying NOT to assimilate...and BOOM they were deported. Is this crap written for 5 year-olds?

Racial Theory. Now I will have to applaud the author's inclusion of this fact. Jews are NOT a race. They are NOT even a religion considering that the majority of their tribe consider themselves to be atheists, or secular at best. They are without a doubt merely a criminal syndicate...we should judge them as that. Not as a race.

In conclusion the author is again confused. He states that his "race" is hated because they are lazy and inferior and denied equality because of trying to intermarry and threaten someone's racial purity. Now that sounds like some real "racial" hatred that I have heard of...but I don't think it was directed at jews. Maybe the author is under the impression that he is black? Muslim? Native American? However with all the lies and dancing around the facts that we all know about the tribe, I will have to agree with his final point. "...we can't win".

I could go on and on ripping this childish load of shit apart, as I am sure most of us could. But if this is the best responses they have to movement of "the "new anti-semitism" that they see engulfing the world...they indeed CAN'T win any longer.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shhhhh...Not now

I can't be bothered with posting today...I'm reading.

Just got my copy of Mark Twain's newest autobiography.  Volume One.  Amazing so far.  I had no idea how much money he spent on that damned automatic type-setting invention.  And his reflections of London(of 125 years ago) are priceless.  Just started it and can't put it down...already a third of the way this huge volume of well over 700 pages.  

Don't miss it if you can.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trusting Souls...

A lot is going on out here...and it isn't all good. I'm not talking about the yiddish hand either.

What I want to address is the infighting among us.
Jeff Rense is the latest to be outed. Before him it was Mike Rivero. Before him it was Alex Jones. Before him it was David Duke. Before him it was Henry Makow. Before him it was Amy Goodman. Before her it was Noam Chomsky. Before him it was David Icke. And on and vomitorium. I am leaving out hundreds of such squabbles. This doesn't even address the little lists that we all personally keep...just the ones that are published out here.

Maybe someone should keep a running list, that we can all check before we surf. Or...

Perhaps we should examine this whole thing a bit more deeply. Trust. My mother once told me "never trust anyone. Not even me."
On the surface that seems harsh. And it is, if you view trust as an intrinsically good thing. But if you view it as it should be seen, it only makes sense...or rense...whichever the case may be. Trust is a human frailty. Trust is giving part of yourself to another human. You are making a closed door contract with someone that, in most cases, you have no idea about their full mental processes. It is the zenith of intellectual laziness. You are giving another flawed human the right to somehow become part of you. To speak for you. You entrust a part of your personality to reside in this other person, so it's a small wonder that if they don't behave entirely in the fashion that you wish, you are crushed. You are angry. You feel betrayed and taken advantage of. But who is to blame? There is a lot of talk out here about "sheeple". Helllllooooo? " Pot, I would like you to meet kettle".
This may sound a little psychobabbly, but to me it is just a fact of life. It's that old "fool me once, shame on you..." thingy. But a step further.
There is nothing wrong with the fact that you can align with another human's views. But that is an entirely external process. If two lines in space(not to get too algebraic) are parallel, then they are. They are not forced to be. They just are...until they are not. Q.E.D.
Jeff Rense cannot MAKE you believe that there is a world-wide Muslim threat. David Icke cannot MAKE you believe that the head gal in England is actually a shape-shifting lizard Queen from outer space. Mike Rivero cannot MAKE you believe that Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Amy Goodman cannot MAKE you believe that the USA is a democracy. Henry Makow cannot MAKE you believe in Illuminati-Freemason plots...and on and on.
You make these decisions. These blogger "gods" cannot hide any evil agendas from you, when all they have to communicate with you is the written word. Can they? Either you agree with them on important issues, or you don't. If you do, read them...don't "follow", or "trust" them. If you don't...move on.
I guess I don't like the anger. It is counterproductive and time/effort wasting. Especially this emotion directed at those that fail us... intentionally or otherwise.
Not trusting anyone but yourself( and even in that case, I know I cannot trust myself around a tall big-boobed woman) can seem cold and calculating, I understand. But when you think about the multifaceted thing that is the human psyche, you begin to understand that for even TWO of these weird beings to be entirely compatible(notwithstanding the trouble-and-strife) would be approaching the realm of astronomical improbability.
I know, you are saying to yourself..."but they are spreading lies and disinformation!". So? Isn't that what we are all fighting out here? Lies? Jeff is just another one. Move on. OR...don't place so much hope in another human in the first place? Just keep battling for what YOU believe in. There are enough COMMON goals among us to filter out those seeking to dis-inform or to feed their preening egos.
But for the record again...and so you will never feel "betrayed" by me or my site...I hold the following, to be truths from which I will not retreat, nor or be dissuaded:

*All jews are not evil; but behind most evil, you will find a jew(thanks Chucky).

*All religion, along with war and bunk.

*I believe in me...only...and even then, I have doubts.

*I do not believe in divine intervention...for good or bad.

*I like old movies. Especially Ingmar Bergman's.

But never TRUST me.

Just sayin...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mercury, JJ and Helen...

I am not an academic. Big surprise, huh? Oh, I went to college...several times. Even attained a degree of sorts. But that isn't(nor ever was) important. I'm the guy that pulled pigtails...the spitball kid in class. Hit and run, that's me. So don't expect a talking-points debate from me. I have neither the acumen nor the desire.
When my brother and I were kids...a waaaaay long time ago, my Father was an electrical engineer. Very hands-on type. He was intrigued by all things technological...hence his love of his occupation, I guess. Anyway, he used to bring home tons of these new techie-toys to work/experiment/play with. One of the things that he and his boys shared a fascination for was the pure mercury contained in some electrical switches used back then. My Bro and I used to break these switches open and collect the quicksilver that came from them. We would keep it in little bottles and take it out on occasion to "play" with it.
Now before you exclaim: "Ah HAH! THAT'S what's wrong with him!"...don't think you are the first to jump to that conclusion. This is of course before the dangers of mercury poisoning were known to medical science. A strange time of dangerous innocence. But isn't every time filled with these types of horrendous hazards yet to be uncovered? So, we would sit on the back porch and push and pull this amazing liquid/metal around with our fingers...scooping it up in our hands(OMG!) and marveling at it's weight, color and general..."Oooh, COOL!" properties. It was mesmerizing. It wouldn't be trapped. It couldn't be cornered. It was hard to direct it's motion and you could under NO circumstances, no matter how hard you tried, squish it under your fingers. When you dropped it, it smashed into a million little puddles. It wouldn't be absorbed or go away. It was scary on a certain level. I sort of liked that. And yet it was exasperating. It was liquid resistance. It was sneaky.

I suspect this accounts for many of my unusual thought processes even now(not to mention my still-nutty brother). But on to Jim Jones. If you are too young to remember Rev. Jones, or have forgotten(how could you?), the good Reverend was head of the first-to-be-designated as a modern "cult". I am afraid that I am going to have agree with the diagnosis of the MSM at the time. Jones was nuttier than a fruitcake. But the important part was that he had hundreds of followers. His infamous last congregational gathering is where we get the phrase "drinking the Kool-Aid". But you know all this. So how in hell am I going to tie this all up in a neat little package for you to take home? Let me throw Helen Thomas into the mix. As you are no-doubt aware, my fellow spitball flinger was disgraced and fired for having the audacity to tell jews to get the hell out of Palestine and go back to Germany and Poland where they came from. She never really recanted the remark, and that's why I still love the old gal. Maybe she too played with the silver goo in it's most basic form.
Everyone knows that to dislike israhell, or jews in general is unthinking hatred and racism. It conjures up images of the "death camps" of the Third Reich. These are memes, I think they call them. Carefully crafted lies and propaganda to cover a "cult" not unlike the one the good Rev. Jones commandeered into a suicide pact. The difference being that unlike Jones, the leaders of this hebrew cult will not take the final sip. They will be polite and let you drink from the cup of death first. But you won't be around to witness THEIR final sacrifice. Your bodies will be lying on the soft grass next to those of your children. Gone. With all your worldly goods in the coffers of the cult leaders.
I guess my question is, exactly where DO you draw the line? I mean, when does the world realize that other than the conviction of a Rev. Jones willingness to drink the mix WITH you...a cult is still a cult. No matter how clever these "chosen ones" are in their avoidance of the "dixie-cup of the eternal" themselves, they will still sacrifice the gullible.
We Gentiles are cornered and squished as easily as clay, while they-like quicksilver-cannot be pinned down. They slime and slide from under our grasp. Pretending to be a race, a culture...a religion. Shining with false promise, obscuring hazard...defying definition.
Drink the sweet death. Play with the liquid metal pain. See it shine.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Truth...

While talking to a friend who is congruent to my way of thinking about the world, something occurred to me.

You are in a prison cell. You are awaiting execution for high crimes against the state. You are in a heap of to speak. Your damned conscience got you here...Your "principles". You have gotten too close to what you believe to be the truth of things. TJPTB have had enough of you. You think to yourself..."well, it was a worthwhile fight. A battle of integrity".
But just before you are executed, you are given the rare privilege to speak to power. To see the beast. To defile him verbally for all he has done to the world...and to you. You are ushered into a room in which one of his minions is laughing as you start your tirade...but you are stopped by the cackling of your nemesis.
"You don't know shit"...he says as his laughter slowly subsides. "You think you know why you are about to die...but you don't."

I know. Pretentious. Melodramatic. A silly scenario. More like a cheap post-apocalypse B flick. But a salient point remains. What DO you know. What DO you suspect. What are you going to do about it?

Many of us out here in the alternative media believe that our stabs in the relative dark are hitting the mark. We think we are getting to the heart of evil and we are making a difference. We know that we are a thorn in the side of judaism/zionism and we are twisting that thorn in the wounds that we inflict to cause as much pain as possible, ostensibly to bring the beast into the light. To make him fight back tipping his hand and be thereafter exposed to the cleansing sunshine of truth. I'm not so sure that that is what's happening. I dunno.

What I feel as if I am doing more for me than against anything. It's important for me, as I am sure it is you...that as The Who said, "We won't get fooled again". That's a huge thing for me. Not to be fooled. Not to be taken in by someone with a hidden agenda. I HATE liars. And I cannot stand to be manipulated. I think that is at the heart of quite a lot of any type of rebellion. Beyond not agreeing with the PTB and their plans for continuous wars and subjugation of masses of people...I refuse to be in that mass.
I'm sure there is a Freudian classification for this attitude that a lot of us have. Fool-a-phobia. Liar-a-phobia. Paranoid schizophrenia...something. Or maybe "dignity". It's anyone's call.
I have found that it is a relatively rare condition. But to me, too many daily decisions that we make are based in preconceived notions that are founded in political propaganda and corporate lying. Just the other day I read a AP article carried by my local paper, singing the praises of GM corn seeds. The article explained what a wonderful discovery it is that these seeds are genetically modified to repel insects, saving the farmer and hence the consumer 90 gazillion dollars a year(or some such unimaginable number). However, of course, not one word was mentioned in the article about the quality or safety of said corn.
Even a cursory search of any genetically modified anything, will elucidate the dangers. A child can understand that this is just not a very good idea for the consumer. But fuck the consumer, right? It's all about jewish Monsanto profits, and commodity market investments. However the "truth" of the matter is not given to the consumer.
Of course I see this ignoble attitude toward the consumer and toward humanity in general, as a talmudic ethic. Many don't yet. They will. When the TRUTH comes out.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I Wouldn't Be A Fan...

If I didn't make at least a humble attempt at a tribute to John Lennon tonight, I wouldn't be able to sleep at all.

As I am sure you know by now, John would have been 70 today, had he lived so long. That to me is impossible to imagine. To me he will always be the young teddy-boy rebel that I remember him to be. That's the first reason I took to him. Not even his music. Not yet. Not when I was 12 or so. It was the look in his eye that captured my young heart. When I was that tender age, in the US, adults took some sort of perverse pleasure in assuring every child that no matter what their background, they could attain all they wanted in life. Abraham Lincoln was trotted out constantly as a reminder of this fable. I'm sure they meant well by imparting this clap-trap, maybe even hoping that it would inspire. But it wasn't really true. We all knew it, really. Then came John.
If ever there was a kid that shouldn't have made it big in this big ugly was him. Not that his boyhood was that rough. His father missing, his mother dead...but hey, a lot have it tougher. It was that he was "one of us"... so to speak. He made no bones about it. Working class hero? Nah, I don't think he saw himself that way.
But that was a time when many barriers were coming down, and he helped to start it. Barriers between rich and poor. Educated and ignorant. Politically acceptable and rebels. Even though he and the other three Beatles rank among the most packaged acts in the history of music...he remained just John. I never heard him speak anything for someone else. He always spoke his mind. In his music and elsewhere. He wasn't perfect. He wasn't always right. But he never failed us. That is a tough thing to accomplish. He NEVER failed us...his public.

This summer I stood in his Aunt Mimi's house in Liverpool and absorbed that middle-class atmosphere in which John grew to be a man. I was even interviewed by the BBC for a special radio 4 tribute that aired this week(you have to guess which one is me). It was a thrill for me obviously. But it was more than that...the "celebrity" of it all. It was for me, an affirmation of his commonness. A kid we all knew and loved and he never really changed. That's big for me. Not changing.

Of course growing up "with" him...we got to know him. I learned that he had no love for the jewish money-mill that promoted the Beatles and later screwed with his solo career and personal life. Well, that made sense to me. And of course made me love him all the more for his common sense and the backbone to express it.
I haven't even touched on his music. But that is for another time. For now, I am just remembering a kid from Liverpool that made it big. Big in the heart of the world. He will never grow old.
Happy Birthday, John.

In Concert...

An author was recommended to me recently. Her books are very popular and I have yet to read one of them. Shame really. I'm hobbled. I can't read the works of those I disagree with politically or morally(is there a difference?).

The author is Margaret Atwood. I have read enough excerpts from her books to realize that she is no slouch when it comes to putting one word after another. A true wordsmith. But just before ordering one of her novels I did a little research on her. This tidbit came up:

"Despite calls for a boycott by Gazan students, and a request to boycott from PACBI, Atwood visited Israel and accepted the $1,000,000 Dan David Prize from Tel Aviv University in May 2010. Atwood commented that "we don't do cultural boycotts"

Perhaps Ms. Atwood misunderstands the Palestinian struggle. Perhaps she isn't that great of a thinker/writer. Or perhaps she just doesn't give a shit.


If she prefers to accept her "prize" of a cool million, in lieu of making a statement to the world about the vermin that pay her off, by boycotting them...I can boycott her.

I have missed a lot in life by sticking to these "principles" that nag me...probably. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe not. I guess it would be almost pointless for one to choose not to use a zionist mechanic to work on one's car...but when it comes to things of a bit more social and political import....maybe we should give more thought to whom we give our business. Or our attention. I dunno.
As I have stated many times here, I don't give jews the time of day. Nor will I give the time of day to anyone that can flippantly turn a blind eye to the ravages that judaism has ushered into our world.
As the old Buffalo Springfield song implied we are mostly all saying the same thing out here. Hooray for our side. Some people don't want to get involved. Some can remain detached. I don't know how...but they do. Some don't see "sides". I wish I didn't. Facets. Dynamics. Making simple things complicated. Making complicated things simple.

A lot of artists have refused the "30 pieces of silver" from the zionists in israhell. The list is long. Recently it includes: Jean-Luc Godard, Bjork, Chris Cornell, Siouxie Sioux, Snoop Dog, Elvis Costello, The Pixies, Carlos Santana, Roger Waters...etc
And these are just some of the musical artists. Some folks make a point of their refusal. Some do it quietly. As long as they do it. We are trying to make a concerted statement. I can and do give money. That's not enough. I have this blog. Even that isn't enough while Palestinian children are shot in their own streets and homes. The least someone that has their celebrity to give to the cause can to show the world that they will not be on the wrong side of history...for a few shekels. But there are whores.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sex Plague by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon...

Sigmund Freud: “Sexual morality is contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life….If only Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!"
Sex Plague
Dr. Lasha Darkmoon
October 3, 2010
A recent pamphlet published by the German government contains these chilling words:
Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. The child touches all parts of their father’s body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same.
Toddlers are to be encouraged to indulge in “unlimited masturbation.” Their parents are expected to offer practical demonstrations if need be — the better to produce sexual precocity in their offspring. “Children should learn there is no such thing as shameful parts of the body,” the booklet advises. “The body is a home you should be proud of.”
Children, it is suggested, should be taught the movements of copulation as soon as they reach the age of four, giving them what virtually amounts to a crash course in the Kama Sutra as soon as they have learnt to walk.
Depravity, it seems, cannot be taught too early.
In Holland, things have gone further. Here a political party, set up by convicted pedophiles, clamors for the legalization of child pornography and intergenerational sex between children of twelve and adults old enough to be their grandparents. I forgot to mention bestiality. They want to legalize that too. (See here for a full report).
Who is to blame for the sex addictions we see suppurating all round us? This licentiousness, growing by the day, thanks to the internet and the mass media, is far deadlier and more destructive than it was half a century ago, before the sexual revolution.
Those who are responsible for this sickening depravity are clearly the people who started the sexual revolution. They are the people, moreover, who control the mass media.
Who controls the media? Who determines the imagery and attitudes drip-feeding steadily into the minds of the public? Who runs Hollywood? Who contaminates mass consciousness? Who defiles the collective mind? Who pulls the puppet strings of marionette man? Who are the Bad Shepherds leading the sheeple astray?
Who are to blame, in short, for letting the world go to hell in a handcart?
I won’t bother to answer that question. More to the point, I dare not. If you don’t know who owns the media—lock, stock and barrel—you’re wasting your time reading this article.
Art and Sexual Subversion: The Vaginocentric Female Artist
Let me resume here my discussion of sexual depravity which formed the basis of my recent article Sex and the Jews; and let me begin by saying a few words on art, a subject I know something about. (See here and here). And then let me proceed to the subject of pornography and consider its deployment in the systematic demoralization of the masses.
First, ask yourself this question: is there anything intrinsically admirable or aesthetically pleasing about British painter Tracey Emin’s attention-seeking leg-and-vagina paintings?
If you were a man of taste, which of these two depictions of the Eternal Feminine would you prefer: this beautiful woman painted by Botticelli or the ugly feminist icon who appears below?
Botticelli’s Venus
Feminist icon Tracey Emin: "I've got it all"
Consider only these titles by the outrageously untalented Emin and draw your own conclusions: Everyone I Have Ever Slept With, Fucking Down An Ally (sic), Asleep Alone With Legs Open (several large-scale canvases of her splayed legs and vagina), I’ve Got It All (legs splayed again, clutching banknotes to her crotch), Weird Sex, CV Cunt Vernacular, Is Anal Sex Legal, Masturbating, Get Ready For the Fuck Of Your Life.
With titles like these, Tracey Emin could hardly fail. Her rich Jewish patron, advertising mogul Charles Saatchi, knew he was on to a good thing.
As the Gadarene swine hurtle over the cliff top, Tracey Emin and her kind clearly lead the pack on their way down into the bottomless abyss. These are the dupes of organized Jewry. By doing exactly what appeals to art patrons (almost all Jewish; see below), these infinitely corrupt talentless opportunists know they will become rich and famous.
The sad truth is that so many female “artists” — almost all of them rabid feminists and sexual exhibitionists — have nothing to sell but vaginas.
Here are ten other vagina-obsessed females, apart from Tracey Emin and the notorious Annie Sprinkle (see my previous article), who use sex to sell their “art”: Karen Finley, Hannah Wilke, Carolee Schneeman, Andrea Fraser, Sarah Lucas, Marlene McCarty, Vanessa Beecroft, Malerie Marder, Katy Grannan, and Kembra Pfahler.
Being unable to paint properly or produce objects of lasting value, these exhibitionists like to display their vaginas to the world and call it “art”. Here is one such exhibitionist, Jewish performance artist Carolee Schneemann, pulling a paper scroll out of her vagina:
Carolee Schneemann: I saw the vagina as enlivened by its passage from the visible to the invisible, a spiralled coil with the shape of desire and generative mysteries….”
Who helps to promote this pretentious claptrap? You don’t need three guesses to answer that question.
In 2001, ARTnews listed the world’s Top Ten Art Collectors. Eight of them were Jews. Ponder these staggering statistics: A people who constitute 0.2% of the world’s population make up 80% of the world’s richest art collectors. Out of every thousand people in the world, roughly two are Jews. To be precise, one in every 457 people are Jews. Yet go to a conference at which 1000 of the world’s wealthiest art collectors have gathered and you will find, to your amazement, that 800 of them are Jewish! Phenomenal, isn’t it? (See here)
Some of the vaginocentric exhibitionists mentioned above, like lesbian “performance artist” Annie Sprinkle, maintain websites blocked by porn filters. The aptly named Sprinkle—a nom de porn in honor of urolagnia is the lady who douched her vagina onstage in 1991, before lying down and opening her legs so that members of the audience, mostly male, could inspect her cervix with the help of a flashlight and speculum.
Annie Sprinkle (Ellen Steinberg): performance artist, prostitute, porn actress, feminist icon, and lesbian diva of depravity. Her idea of “art” is to masturbate onstage with sex toys, her legs wide open, and invite members of a predominantly male audience to peer up her vagina with torchlight and speculum. Sprinkle’s show was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, a mini-empire controlled by the hidden hand of organized Jewry.
If Sprinkle acquired fame and fortune by allowing dirty old men to peep between her legs, Hannah Wilke and Karen Finley sought variations in which the vulva was again put to good use. The Jewish Wilke, being sadly deficient in originality, molded bits of chewing gum into vulvas and stuck them all over her body, much to the delight of the dirty old men who could now examine an assortment of vulvas simultaneously instead of just one. Not to be outdone, Finley smeared her naked torso with chocolate syrup and performed public acts—using a yam—which I won’t describe in detail in case nuns are reading this article. Rape, flatulence and menstruation formed the least offensive items in her repertoire.
Andrea Fraser, however, deserves first prize for sheer chutzpah. This raunchy performance artist arranged to meet a man at the Royalton Hotel in Manhattan, owned by Jewish hotelier Ian Shrager. Above the bed, an overhead camera played Peeping Tom. The man was persuaded to part with $20,000 for the privilege of helping to create a “work of art” with the frisky Fraser, the said work of art being a pornographic video filming the two participants copulating on a Queen-size bed. This sex video, now available for posterity, is pretentiously called “Untitled”.
The Jewish Affinity for Porn
Jews dominate the world’s $10 billion a year porn industry, roughly 90 per cent of which is generated within the United States.
Since Jews are known to dominate the porn industry and comprise only 2% of America’s population, it is reasonable to suppose that most of the new sites being started up every hour are being started up by Jews.
Jewish pornographer Al Goldstein’s infamous words The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks”—surely tell us all we need to know about the bitter hatred felt by so many Jews for the Western countries that have harboured them and given them hospitality for so long.
Jewish hatred for Christianity is legendary spanning the Jewish political spectrum, from the far left to the neoconservative right — can hardly be doubted. It is indeed legandary, as the picture below makes only too clear.

“Christ sucks!”
The arrogance and sense of entitlement of so many Jews, whose values Al Goldstein seems to have imbibed with his mother’s milk, never cease to astonish me. “The difference between a Jewish soul and the soul of non-Jews, Rabbi Kook assures us, “is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the soul of cattle.” Given that Rabbi Kook would be the first to agree that rabbis form the intellectual and spiritual backbone of Jewry, one is tempted to ask what makes a man become a rabbi in the first place. Is it the thirst for God? Is it the wish to save one’s soul and help others along the path to salvation?
Five years before I got my first part in an adult film. ... I went to an audition for an X-rated film with my hair down to my ass, a copy of Wilhelm Reich’s Sexual Revolution under my arm and yelling about work, love and sex, which were Reich’s three principles. These things have got to be in balance or your life is going to be fucked.
Note that Pacheco had signed on to the radical left-Freudian views of Wilhelm Reich—the wackiest and most extreme of the subversive sexual ideologies that emerged from psychoanalysis. Jewish devotees of psychoanalysis typically saw it, first and foremost, as a blow against Christian sexual mores; hence, as a sneak attack on Christianity itself. For Jews, psychoanalysis placed Western culture on the couch. It was an assertion of Jewish contempt for Christian culture—the culture of the outgroup now destined for the dustbin of history.
Pacheco didn’t get the job, but he kept on auditioning, since all he really wanted was to screw gorgeous blonde shiksas—doubtless an atavistic expression of Jewish hatred for the goyim, every act of sex being an act of revenge.
Five years later I auditioned for another X-rated film. That very day, I also interviewed at Hebrew Union Seminary to do rabbinical study. I made the choice that the kind of rabbi I would be, if I became one, was one that could have been performing in sex films as part of his experience. (My emphasis, see here).
Mindboggling, isn’t it? This dupe of the sexual revolution couldn’t make up his mind whether to sing hymns to God or kiss the devil’s ass! In the end, it’s the devil who won out. Pacheco decided to build a career in pornography—with the full blessings, incidentally, of ADL chairman Abe Foxman who said that porn offered American Jews a valid and worthy way “to pursue the American dream.”
Richard Pacheco (b. 1948). Scion of an orthodox Jewish family from Pittsburg, Pacheco was attracted from an early age to the rabbinate and to porn in equal measure. Star of over 100 X-rated films and winner of countless awards for his sexual prowess in front of the cameras, Pacheco was lucky to receive the loyal support of his wife Ashley. Managing somehow to juggle a career in porn with a commitment to family life, Pacheco later had sex with Ashley “considerably less open after they had children and AIDS became a threat, but he credits his pornography career for giving him the opportunity to continue sexual encounters for a time without endangering his home life.”
Here is Pacheco being interviewed after his retirement from porn:
As a young husband, I had no idea how to ask my beloved wife to be my “fuck-your-ass whore”. Yeah, I wanted some of that kind of sex, some very, very selfish lust with a sex kitten. A “fuck-me-fuck-me” woman. There’d be corsets and leathers, high-heeled boots laced up to crotchless panties, breasts spilling out of nippleless bras in lush bordello bedrooms filled up with sex toys. Like blindfolds and vibrators, handcuffs and paddles. Yeah, and there’d be me with a genuine tarted up won’t-say-no-woman. All the best drugs and oils in the world and plenty of time. And there’d be no “I love you” in any of it! I would meet this X-rated woman at the hotel where they were holding the auditions…and I would have sex with her right there in the hotel elevator! And then I would go home to my wife.
Richard Pacheco (a recent photo). Asked if he still watched adult movies now that he was a Senior Citizen, the former rabbinical student replied: “Not much. Occasionally I’ll toss one on for masturbation if my wife ain’t around.” (See here).
In 1984, Pacheco won the Best Couples Sex Scene (video) with porn star Nina Hartley. In 1999, he was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame with feminist porn diva Annie Sprinkle. In 2000, along with Sprinkle, he was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), an organization that had given Nina Hartley an award only a few months earlier. (See here).
In an important court case in 2002, Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, the US Supreme Court decided in the Coalition's favour, thereby making it easier for pornographers to demoralize Americans, corrupt their children, and promote a general debasement of values all this in accordance, incidentally, with the Frankfurt School agenda of producing a “culture of pessimism” designed to foster anarchy and promote impotent anger and despair. (See here and here).
Apocalypse America
I have said it before, and I will say it again:
A great storm is brewing and only a military coup or revolution can now save America. Save it from what? From the spiritual cancer that is consuming it from within, and from the foreign wars into which it is being lured—Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon perhaps Iran—on behalf of another nation and its indefatigable agents in America.
Unless a miracle soon occurs and some charismatic leader comes to our rescue, an unimaginably bleak future surely awaits us: a future in which the only consolations left to us will be mindless entertainment, drugs, alcohol, sexual intoxication—and suicide.
Depravity appears to have no limits, as those who have surfed the internet have often discovered to their cost. The most appalling sexual addictions now render even children helpless. Many a marriage is blighted and ends in ruins amid these terrifying toxins.
And yet, we are only at the beginning. We have many a slime-green step to go before we reach rock bottom. Abyss yawns below bottomless abyss, and even to peer into these black moral chasms is to make us giddy with vertigo.
There is indeed no end to man’s depravity.
And now…
Things fall apart. The centre cannot hold. The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned.

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born…?
William Butler Yeats,
The Second Coming
Dr. Lasha Darkmoon (email her) is an academic, age 31, with higher degrees in classics. A published poet and translator, she is also a political activist with a special interest in Middle Eastern affairs. ‘Lasha Darkmoon’ is a pen name.