Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When Do You Grow Up?

I'm waiting. Perhaps too patiently.

This post has morphed in content several times and has come down to practicing what I preach. It is not going to be a call to "wake up"...we have all heard that too many times. It doesn't wash. You are awake.

Those of you that are of a certain age...might want to skip this post altogether. It is not going to be addressed to you. I want to talk to the "kids".

And when I use this word it denotes this eternal state in which you seem to be happy to live. There comes a time when everyone must grow up and take responsibility. Responsibility for themselves and the world in which they live. We your parents(and heaven forbid, your grandparents) must have raised you wrong...somehow. You, even at 30-40, are still simpering children. Waiting still to be told what to do...what to think...where to work, and who to be. If I had seen even a glimmer of critical thinking in the past generation, I wouldn't even bother writing this. But I haven't. I see you being fed your pablum..and you eating every bite.

This is painful for us, your parents to view, and even admit that we have played some part in...this continuous day-care in which you insist on residing. You can't be our children. You can't be this compliant. Not when we were so determined that you live in a better world than we had. And we told you how we had called bullshit to most everything we were handed at your age. At some point we must have failed you. Maybe we tried too hard to protect you from the harshness of the world that the jew had changed. We didn't provide you with the tools that it takes to recognize evil where you find it. Or it could be that you just wouldn't listen. Are you listening now? Is this, your world, okey-dokey with you? I can't imagine that it is, being born into debt slavery, enduring endless wars...corruption and hatred all glossed over with a thin veneer of jewish theatrics through which even you "children" can see. Even if you realize that this is the world that you are supposed to accept, where is that rebellion for rebellion's sake? We, your parents got old. It happens. We got tired of the fight. But we lived in hope that you would carry on the struggle. Where is it? I see tired older people still fighting...with no help or even a glance of recognition from you. Are you that mesmerized by the spinning lights? Are you that spoiled and distracted? What have we wrought.

For instance, kids...the biggest human trafficking case ever revealed in this country goes unreported in the MSM...because, why? Well apparently Mordachai Orian is an israeli jew. He was at the head of this Thai related farm-worker ring, and yet you are being spoon-fed a Quran-burning zio-christian,a stoning of an Iranian murderess...and Yippee! It's the jewish new year. Ya think your attention is being drawn away from the filthy kosher fingers in yet another pie?

Nah. They wouldn't be that obvious in their media-slight-of-hand...would they? While you are being pulled left and right...should I hate Muslims?....should I hate Mexicans?...this jew has been running a scam for years importing slaves to work amerikan farms and he is going to get away with it...while you sit there. This is just a taste of the shit. It's out there every day! All you have to do is look. How many times does it take? How much does it take before true anti-semitism(the hatred of that horrid criminal cult) grabs hold of you, and indeed the world, and shakes you by the throat? How much more can you young ones take before you put away your political correctness "toys" and start looking at the surnames of this filth?

Y'know, I was talking to a friend recently and they asked me where the Hunter Thompsons, the Jack Kerouacs or the John Lennons are today. I had no real answer for that. Except to say that the poets that will begin the next revolution, won't be 20-30 years old anymore. They will have to be the ones that were there when their dreams were stolen 40 years ago apparently. And they will be right here. In this the only medium that adults still hold. When the last "social revolution" took place, we were fighting a two front war. One against war itself...specifically Viet Nam. And the other against the hebrew's grip on us through consumerism.
There is so much more need now for taking it to the streets than there was then. And yet as my friend imparts, the mid-twenty-somethings that think politically today are concerned with Dem-versus-Rep. Not Them versus Us. Do you think that the enemy "Establishment" has gone away...tail between it's legs in defeat for the past 40 years? Think again kids. It was our fight is yours now. Do you like what you see around you? Do you subscribe to this vile bastion of jewish garbage that is amerika? Doesn't anything get you angry? Are you that scared or that stupid? Or just pussys. Is that what we raised? Spoiled children that refuse to see their own demise their parents did? Pussys?

Maybe by sparing the rod we let you in for a world of hurt. A hurt that you can't see coming. Growing up doesn't's what you are letting yourselves in for if you don't, that is going to be horribly painful....for you and for YOUR children. It's no longer "Mommy spank" . It's going to be the jews spanking. You better turn your listening ears on and put on your thinking caps. Most of us are getting too old to wait for you to grow up. We are still going to take this fight to them...and if you don't grow up or get the hell out of the way you ARE going to get hurt.


adolf cartman said...

I am not ok with this joo world odor Timmeister. They kicked me out of school in the 5th grade for scaring the kids by talking about the j.w.o. So you can bet your bottom dollar I don't give a rat's ass about any authority and won't be licking any boots. Any Lennons, William S. Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompsons, Jack Kerouacs up and coming will be given ritalin and prozac and told to sit down and shut up. Instead we get lady kaka, madinna, and krapye west. Don't lament the decline of the west it is well deserved. Thanks for the heads up about growing up, you would make a good dad. Mine cut the hell out when I was 10 but I still love em.

Excalibur said...

Timmster some cocksucker software jockey tried to virus me just a minute ago! I had to get to spankin' with win patrol, crap cleaner and a safe mode reboot. Had to check system restore to make sure it wasn't stored in there. Now I will go to his page and let em know he ain't shit and tell em to switch hands and pull harder. Bwahaha.

Timster said...

Adolph - You're welcome. I see it didn't work on you.

Timster said...

Exaclibur -Thanks. Keep us all posted out here. If you get to his site, publish the address so we can ping him senseless...

The Eagle flies at night said...

Timster, hope this fits. If not, kick it a little, am always open to expanded learning & too damn old to have my feelings hurt.

Am reminded of a Rod Sterling piece but can't recall all specific details, but enough to make a point, I hope.

Man in NYC gets fortune told that he or his girlfriend? will die on such/such day @ such/such location. He blows it off till a few days prior. Hops plane to CA. On the day he is relieved he is walking around. They/possibly just the girlfriend go(es) to movie set. Car on set careens out of control killing him/her/both. The street sign was what the fortune teller had foretold Main/Elm/whatever.

Trying to make this concise. (failing?) What he missed was death is not just a place where you are. Distancing was not possible because every town in USA has sign post Main/Elm/whatever. He never looked at the sign post all around him. Once you know the signs, you know the danger.

I don't like to write so much at once out of fairness to other who visit your site.

As before, thanks for the voice you make.

Timster said...

Eagle - I don't remember that particular episode. But is a theme which has been used(before?)since and one that bears repeating. Thanks. And write as much as you want. I got plenty of room and waaaaaay too much time.

The Eagle flies at night said...

I was taking circular approach to what you wrote in the original piece. People should by now see the signs of jew domination on all fronts and the damage it hath wrought, regardless their location.

I used to bull-dog when I was younger and my dad told that sometimes, yeah, you gotta dig your heels in and give it your all; but too, you need to walk around things a bit at times and see what is on the flank, what about the horns, and size up the intent of the thing by looking it in the eye.

I guess I can say I grew up early in life. This is a personal thing for me. I could easily never have been.

I was 9 or 10 when my maternal grandmother told me the story. The year was 1923 and she was due to deliver my mom. Her husband, unknown to her, was an underling for the jew mob in Kansas City.

He had arranged to steal the baby from the hospital and sell it on the black market. My grandmother found out only weeks before the delivery and went to Kansas to stay with family.

The mob had connections everywhere. He had a birth certificate already made, signed by doctor of original hospital, and the document was later on record at the courthouse in Gasconade Co., MO. Judges and clerks alike - bought, blackmailed, or otherwise corrupted.

At the time the KC jews were fighting with the Chicago boys for St Louis & a month or so after the botched baby theft by my own grandfather, the coroner's report stated he was intoxicated and wandered in front of the KC/St Louis Express. Wandered in front of a 87mph speeding locomotive, right!

He was playing both sides against the middle in hopes to get a Capo position in St Louis-- got the business instead.

The residual effect on my family was as you might expect - horror at the prospect and the truth.

I have had a half century to delve into the evil these jew creatures inflict on the world.

Not that this makes me special, I say, it just goes with saying, I know them and they are evil and they are involved in all things, relentlessly.

Thus, I appreciate the people who make every effort to portray this evil in its appropriate context.

As before, thanks for you voice Timster.

Timster said...

Eagle - Wow. That story needs to be written...but not here. That could be expanded to non-fiction novel length...and testimony to the jewish corruption which we decry!

whose here said...

How does that John Cougar lyric go "growin' up leads to growin' old leads to dyin' and dyin' don't sound like all that much fun" it might be the authority song.

excaliber said...

Timster I'm reinstalling windows on the laptop. Some Belgian blackhat scum hid the virii in restore points. Turning off restore points didn't work so formatting the drive and fresh install will get rid of anything. At least I learned that bitdefender is worthless. Winpatrol and Super anti-spyware caught it. I recommend both of those programs. Blackhat scum maggots don't scare me. I was schooled by old Merlin. He had a computer when I was in short pants asking for another popsicle.

Timster said...

Whoshere - Hoosiers are all alike...

Timster said...

Ex - Atta boy! Give em hell. Did you get an address we can nuke? Damned jewish bastards...

Anonymous said...

When I was in the 6th grade I had a teacher who was jewish and he would scream at us that we were nothing but garbage and trash in a tirade about how the schwartzas were better than us because they were hungry and we were,nt.and so on. When I look back on it now we were just kids. Poor white kids in Cleveland in 1966. It still pisses me off when I think about it!

^ExCalibur^ said...

Woo hoo back in the saddle again! That was fast for an install. Took a nap while waiting. The ol' lappy is running fast. It turned out to be a silver lining. There was some personal info on here and the drive only had a few gb free. That is part of growin' up, finding the silver lining. Machine runs the best on a brand new install. I went to the mega machine duo core laptop and downloaded all the programs that are in everyday use to a flashdrive. Now off to the windows page for net framework and service packs and all that mess. It will probably take longer than the install. Will find out more on that blackhat. It was out of Belgium in some software download. Hijacked my windows security settings and installed some bogus fake anti-virus program. Probably was some hook nose heeb. Bwahaha. Eagle flies @ night that was quite a story. Lets ya know to never let your guard down.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Funny thing is, I was yacking with a kid yesterday subsequent to our country being sold down the river vis backroom deals, when he asked me what they (young lions) should do. Without blinking, I said "Get off your arses, get out into the street and get into their faces"! Truly; my next piece (I actually wrote the body of it last night, unfortunately my nanny naps usually last several hours these days): Is about just that – ‘action directe’ – that’s how we did it, placards and fowl language; that’ll get the sheeple’s attention every time: Best to protest at lunch time in the city – those desk bandits hate it when they can’t switch off in the Park for lunch! TV cameras and repetitive jingles – “Hell no, we won’t go!” - “2, 4, 6, 8, we will not participate!” and so and so forth, yeeehaaa! Remember the smell of tear gas? I think the last time I saw Uni’ students giving to the ‘man’, was the first gulf war. Nothing since.
Very timely piece Timster; ya see that’s why the military is such an effective entity – they don’t trash the older experienced crew, like modern young execs handing out redundancies; the military give the old soldiers some authority and a few extra buck$.

Keep on keepin’ on, Sergeant Timster!


Steve Bayley said...

Hey Timster,
Try this toon for prophecy..."If you tolerate this, then your children will be next" By Manic Street Preachers. Kinda apt I think. As for the kids, sure we were part to blame but then, not many ppl were aware in our younger days of the effects of satans little dreambox.... just sittin' there in the corner of every household. We are aware of a lot more these days, and the slow stirring is happening. I would not like to be in TPTB(for now) shoes when it all comes to a head, ohhhhhh no no no no no. The tortoise and the hare...........they are so far ahead, yet, somehow the finishin' line remains hidden from their view. Hmmmmm, wonder why???? Meanwhile, old hard shell is moving along, slow, but sure.

Keep on rockin' sir.

Steve B

PS. If you haven't heard the above mentioned tune, take a minute and listen to it.
PPS. I don't like being anonymous, but I don't know how to post any other way

The Hoosier Daddys (local rock legends) said...

Timster that black hat puke shitbag is one Daniel Pistelli out of Belgium. If you see any software with that name avoid it. Be careful if you are going to ping flood or port scan on em. Anonymous Steve B. it is probably your browser keeping you from commenting with nickname. Java script is probably off. That is not so bad really. Scripts can be exploited easily by haxxers. If you are using Mozilla Firefox get the noscript addon. I leave one browser open and copy paste things in there from my secure browsers (Opera and Firefox).

Timster said...

Anon@12:12 - typical jewish behaviour...and what's wrong with that?

Timster said...

Veritas - Yes, I remember that smell...DC, 1969

Timster said...

Steve - Whatever you did worked. You are no longer anon! Kinda spooky out here without cover. A lot of my readers use hidemyass. I don't really get it, though. If you get a virus, you just get rid of it...if "they" want to find you...they will. Glad to have Steve Bayley aboard!
How about Janis' tune Turtle Blues...

Steve Bayley said...

Ahhhh, Dear dear sweet Janis.... another victim of the despicable Laurel Canyon scene!!!
Timster, I know they did not die in vain, we will avenge them all. Did you get a chance to listen to Manic street preachers,please do.

Steve Bayley said...

Yay, it is great not to be anon!!!

Steve B said...

If you haven't already Timster, get over to Les' Petri dish and read hid latast masterpiece, true wonder

Timster said...

Steve - Just read it, thanks. He is on the right track there. It's all designed. Yes, I listened to it. Love the lyrics!

Welcome aboard!

The Eagle flies at night said...

Timster, the story is only one many thousands that the could be told of the criminal organization -- jew.

There are likely many people who have events in their life that they never suspected the root cause.

I have been down awhile from a house-warming gift a visitor from NH -- the grundge. After many days on pharma suit tentaticals, I am a half step from norm.

My yard has been neglected & spent last couple days mowing, pruning, and dropping big tree branches, which at my young age is still all possible, just takes longer to get it done.

I was brought up that a trashy yard, urban or rural, reflected on the character -- my dads' words.

It is a sorry state of affairs when people cannot fathom who is causing their worst nightmare. Becoming a replay of the Weimar days with destroyed currency via the jew bankers and bought politicians, they control the media, the arts, the think tanks, well, deja vu all over again as Yogi Berra once lamented.

The Eagle flies at night said...

They constitute less than 2% of our population yet have managed to usurp everything and bring the Gentile/White European to its knees with open borders and other clap-trap policies which are only meant to destroy any moral lifestyle we may have had.

People are slowly waking up, but serious damage continues to be done. The bastards have brain-washed most people with that bullshit - victim, never again- line.

The big lie of six million is water through a crack in the dike compared to the tens of millions the jew commies killed in Russia after the 'revolution', which was nothing but a purge/holocaust in its own right.

The retarded Christians that back Israel have no clue how much they are despised by the jew. Go figure. I have extended family that believe I'm Over the Cuckoo's Nest when I give a TRUE history lesson.

One thing you have touched on is part of the answer to the problem. Deny them their usury by consuming less and avoiding the jewollywood crap.

You were also 100% correct that human behavior can be changed if the children are brought up in an ethical and moral environment. Cultural norms are not passed down from generation to generation via DNA.

Timster, keep the conveyor going so the slag heap of jew crimes gets its daily quota TRUTH.

Timster said...

Eagle - Thank you. You have a narrative talent and obviously a lot of great stories to be told from the correct point of view. So write them!
You have started a site...I want to read your stuff. I have a friend that read your comments and asked me when your book was coming out and where to get a copy. Tell these stories! We need you out here. As your Dad reflects on your character...if you don't.

Sideshow Bob said...

Yaaa Timster I see that guy from V for Vendetta on the left. I will never grow up. I'm listening to Teenage Queers-Swastikas for Christ right now. Punk Rawk.

Steve B said...

Here here, come on Eagle. In the meantime, how about Pink Floyd...."Us and Them"...forward he cried from the rear, and the front rank died....and the jew sat, and the lines on the map, moved from side to side.................for want of the price of tea and a slice the old man died" very fitting I think. Soooooo many souls in here who when united, truly united will make such an impact, it will be uncontainable, it is coming my friends, make no mistake, it is coming.

Eagle, love your comments man.

Steve B said...

Oh boy oh boy Timster, you seem to have hit a chord with this post, I can't stop commenting. The best album ever to hit the nail on the head has to be "Dark side of the Moon" Tell me that our kids don't know of this album and I will curl up and die..... they all know and love it, they just need to heed the message, they will, they will.