Saturday, September 18, 2010


What is it? This disparity of time and human existence that has gripped us. It's as if the concept of permanence is eluding us all. Some say that this shift in temporal perception is due to the ever-increasing speed at which technology is advancing, for good or bad. Some say that human values themselves are decreasing in permanence and are becoming ever-shifting "rules" or laws with no intrinsic wisdom or meaning, therefore diminishing their importance. Some say that morality is subjective. It's hard to say. I dunno.

If you don't like your cellphone, just wait for a couple more weeks and get the latest one. Knowing all the while that even that one will become trash in a drawer in no time at all. Live in the minute. Work for the weekend. I always get a good chuckle from those that are not connected to shifting temporality...trying desperately to hold on to this or that technology that was purchased by them in good faith,hoping for it to remain. Remain like a plow. Remain like a book.

Mark Twain wrote a huge autobiography. It was a dictated piece, and his last work. Rumor has it that he was told, as he suspected, that what it contained could not be published then. He was told it was too defamatory to some that he mentioned at that point in history. Twain was known to do that...take potshots at the famous. So he decreed, that this work be published 100 years after his passing. That was 1910. It is now 2010. Time flies.

It is to be officially released in November. I am eager to read it. Although I fear it will be censored even now. I remember in the 70's when his treatise on religion(Letters from Earth) was finally published. Many libraries in this country refused to stock or loan it, for quite some time. Although, since it was chiefly the Christian religion that he prodded in the guessed it...time changed(shalom) and it was widely read. It will probably be the same scenario, only I fear that his well-known anti-semitism may have been part of the reason that his autobiography's printing has been so long delayed. If and I know that it may still not see the light of day, as he penned it. Not now anyway. Judging from the fact that the publishing of an unread work by of one of the most famous writers in the history of man, hasn't been publicized at all, leads me to believe that there is something in it which TJPTB don't really care for. It's hard for the tribe to keep a lid on all the classic Gentile writers and their disdain for judaism. But they will either censor anything he has to say about jews, try to explain such disdain away(Shakespeare) as merely archaic, or they will have to demonize him, as they have many notables from Ezra Pound to Charles Lindbergh. Already there is speculation that much of Twain's signature humor, in this soon to be published work, has been removed due to "editors" trying to make it flow in a temporal manner...much, say, as a jewish movie producer would film it, I'm sure. We must be spoon-fed even our wisdom by those that have something to hide, it seems. I have often thought of attempting an actual book...but who would publish it? Who indeed.

So in a time when "Mark Twain's New Book", causes about as much stir in the world as a breezy day in Iowa, I think we can safely say that something has changed for the worse. In his day, kids would leap for joy, politician's stomach ulcers would flair and publishers would salivate at such a promise. Today, Lady CaCa just wore a MEAT dress, and I think it's HOT!
But maybe I'm just getting old.


kenny's sideshow said...

If you have a little money, there are a ton of small publishers in Nashville who will print a book for you. After that I guess you're on your own to try and sell them.

The meat dress HOT? Original yes but not my 'taste.'

Timster said...

Kenny - That's what the wife says...I shouldn't have to pay someone to publish, they should pay answer is I'm so bad, I would have to pay them.

Just kiddin about the dress..

Plan 9 from Outer Space said...

Make a compilation of essays and put it in book form. I hear lady kaka has a talent with her mouth although I wouldn't know what that is. The meat dress is lovely but I want to see her meat curtains. I'd ride her hard and put it away soaking wet. Amy Winehouse is more talented she sounds retro even but will probably end up overdosed or a casualty of rehab. Twain, William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Kurt Vonnegut all classics of literature. Where are those artists of writing today?

Timster said...

Plan - Ooooh, that's my favorite film of all time! "your stupid, stupid, stupid!". What a line.

I've thought about that very thing...I'm sure there are worse books out there, due to the fact there are no more Kerouacs or Vonneguts or Twains anymore. Nor is there likely to be till after the revolution. Thanks for the comment!

Lukiftian said...

No, I thought it was hot, too. But then she wears her meat well.

It has been done before, however... about twenty years ago the meat dress did the rounds, around the same time as the Piss Christ and St.Mary covered in poo, Lady CaCa hasn't reach this level on iconoclasm yet, but as your name for her suggests--- she will!


Timster said...

Lukiftian - How true. Your comment reminds of the now-famous treatise on the kosher driven decline of the art world.