Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rosetta and the Loophole...

This is going to be kinda basic and a little preachy. A "101" course that may be new to some that stumbled here. A refresher course for others.

While going over some things with my "sorcerer's apprentice" recently, an interesting parallel occurred to me. In an effort to explain the epiphany that is ours who understand the "big picture", and without appearing to be some kind of nutcase, it came over me that many do not have the "Rosetta stone" for realpolitik that we possess. Or that missing value, which when plugged into the seeming chaos of our modern world's equation, makes solving for X almost child's play.

This magic value... this translatory index of hidden facts and figures is something, much like the Rosetta stone itself, used only by a specific few. A few that make up a group which have a burning desire to understand the meanings of the world around them in a deeper sense. For the anthropologists that found this keystone, it was the only way to understand the little world of ancient Egyptian artifacts around them. And as with this ancient stone, once memorized, it can be kept in a museum under glass and admired by the common man for it's antiquity, rather than it's service. We already know the key. With us in this 101 course that key is J+E+W. Once you know that...all else solves.

As many of you are aware, the beginning of this puzzle is the piece called "Rothschild". When you understand that into this piece all others fit and have grown over the centuries, then you can begin to fathom the complexity AND the simplicity with which this talmudic structure has been played out since Amschel hung out his "red sheild" star in the mid 18th century.

Now, it is sometimes said that we have been duped in our discovery of such a valuable key...as those that bit on the Piltdown man hoax.
Some say that it is faulty research that is based on predetermined conclusion. I beg to differ. Obviously.

Because when you realize that the loophole in every religion since the talmud leaves in their philosophies...that void that these moralities do not fill,then you begin to understand what gives power to those we now refer to as "jewish". This loophole is that all religions other than the talmudic jews, define "fair" behaviour for their followers. Fairness to which they mistakenly assume all humans will adhere. Common sense, if you will. It defines it in terms of common regard for ALL humans,whether or not they belong to any particular religion. The judaic define fairness as pertaining to themselves only. All non-jewish people are described in their holy book as cattle to serve them, and of course their particular "fairness" does not apply to we beasts. This is not prejudice. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is merely seeing what is there...and using it as a key to unlock the social ills of our world.

There is no more conspiracy, supremacism or segregation involved in this key than what you participate in while planning a family reunion. All of your relatives have a simple goal...to accomplish something that is inherently "yours" and yours alone...whether it be a familiar family game or a matriarchal recipe for potato salad. You wouldn't call witnessing such a day at the park with your extended family a conspiracy theory, but many will fall prey to such a label when the Cohen and the Silverberg families get together for their little plans, and they point out the differences. Ours plans are to enjoy a summer picnic together, following Grace...theirs is to buy the park and charge us admission...without the prayer. Unlike most Gentiles, these are NOT holy people.

From the Napoleonic era to the coming incursion into the peaceful state of Iran, this likeness of spirit in the judaic has played out with more and more influence over the centuries as the hebrew has gained more and more wealth... hence power.

As one of my readers commented: "What is happening is the internet is laying siege to judaism.All types of sites spring up all over the world each day".

And if you do not think this is true...check my blogroll and those of the ones that you find there, and theirs. As John Lennon once sang "I'm not the only one". For those of you new to "anti-semitism", try it. Use this Rosetta stone and it's encryption to wash over the immaterial details of the chaotic world you see. When you reveal the loophole that has been filled, and by whom...the rest is simple.


Anonymous said...

You just know that every "jew"(?), that ever soiled this planet with its presence, but has now vacated its ugly husk, is now bubbling away in a lake of faeces, in hell!


Oh the delicious irony!



Cannibal Rabbi

Timster said...

Cannibal - Both vid links removed.

Anonymous said...


Is Hoffman "one o' them"?

Cannibal Rabbi

Timster said...

Rabbi - Hoffman? You mean Dustin? Yes. The vids have been deleted, so I don't know what they were about.

Anonymous said...

I see what you're saying. Jew tube eh? What happened to the famous jewish sense of tumour?

Where's dirty larry doivid when you need him?

Bubbling away they are.
In hell!
Don't worry! Plenty of room left!
It's a big lake!
It didn't smell so bad 'til the first jew turned up.

Cannibal Rabbi

skinnylegsandall said...

Thank-you for using that quote.Every person that catches on to the jew thing is here for life.In the second half of 90's I found everything I thought was right was wrong.Everytime I turn a rock now over there lies the jew.
I have read every Tom Robbins book at least 4 times.Any man that can make a can of Campbells pork and beans,a sock,a painted stick and sexy spoon come to life has my vote.I enjoy Charles Dickens a true antisemite.Proof there were those who knew before us.And of course Hemingway.I love the way he describes food.Being a useless eater has its place.

Timster said...

Skinnylegs - Ah...a man(assuming)after my own heart!

Timster said...

Rabbi - yep...but they won't suffer even there..it will be like a family reunion...won't have time. haha.