Friday, September 10, 2010


Remember, Remember the eleventh of September
and the zionist's horrible plot.
I know of no reason why
These Murderous jews
Should ever be forgot...


The Eagle flies at night said...

Wrong stories get told of events like these, the perpetrating liars get bold, they believe they can laugh as they count their gold, and corn-hole their lies to you and me.

I may have swallowed some dirt and things, as I stumbled down in my life, but the laughing golden boys can never win unless we ignore the shit they begin and completely avoid the truth.

Timster, I don't often get honest assessments from folks. I truly appreciate what you said about writing. I'm just an ordinary guy that from an early age kept my mind wide-open.

Nothing happens for no reason. Which isn't exactly how my dad worded it when I misplaced a wrench we had used to repair the tractor.

What he said was: Son, the best place to start looking for that lost wrench is where you lost it.

Occum's Razor is only one good rule. But I also learned on the day I was born - that which doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

I am updating my neglected Eagle site & will post a piece to finish the story. The legend of the lost.

And Timster, sincerely, thanks. - Eagle

Timster said...

Eagle - Great! I'm looking forward to it.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...And a Solemn '911 revisited day' to you sir, lest we forget who did it!

"I 'ate jooz guvna, 'ticularly 'at roffchy-uld geeza, filffy yids, fuck'em!"

Quote - Pte. Tommy Atkins: Rifleman, 3 Platoon, 5th Battalion, 2nd East Anglia Regiment, British Empire Forces (BEF) KIA; First Battle of the Somme, 1914. Age, 20 years. Leaves wife Betty 18 years and two children; Sally two years and Dotty 14 months. Renting, no assets, no insurance, no savings.

This isn't the first time these fuckers have murdered us in droves Timster:

Lest we Forget!


V for Valium said...

I fell for the 911 official narrative for about 14minutes. They had the names and patsies err I mean suspects too fast. If they knew all about these evul stinky feet stoneage cave dwelling muslims then why didn't they stop it from happening was the first question. All those drills taking place on the same day and time was the next rotten in Denmark red flag. Certain government officials recieving warnings was another red flag. The mayor of San Francisco recieved one and even told the pisstream media about it. Anyone who still believes the official story is either braindead or in serious denial.

Timster said...

Veritas - WE won't forget...

V - Well put!