Saturday, September 25, 2010


Perhaps I need to clear something up. Yes, this is another "it's about me" thing.

I am not a patriot. I never have been. I never will be. I just live in a place. They don't like that. The TPTB. The reason they don't, is that to all non-patriots, war, taxes and arbitrary laws are just forms of control over a region. Nothing that brings "a lump" to the throat. When I see an amerikan flag, all I feel is disgust. I don't want to restore this country to some mythical vision of the land of freedom that are forefathers fought and died for, or any of that brouhaha. If they fought and died for anything other than their own personal protection, they were fools. They were chumps. Of course that's the way you make a country. You get a bunch of chumps together in one area, and you tell them quickly on that they have enemies. Tell them they are special. Instill pride. A war with someone is soon to follow.


All patriotism war. War assures wealth for the already wealthy. That is what this world needs to awaken to. Screw your flag...screw my flag. Screw the concept of enemies, other than those that would make a shekel off the death of some poor chumps and their children. They are the only enemy. Why can't the world see that? I guess it gives some pleasure to too many people...this patriotism shit.

I couldn't care less if they bombed capitol hill tomorrow, tore up every copy of the god-damned constitution and used old glory as toilet paper. Really. And neither should you. When human life and happiness take a back seat to allegiance to some damned piece of cloth that a cult of elitists sewed together...we as a species better start devolving back to the beginning and start over. C'mon. WHO the fuck cares if we decide to give the whole damned country back to the Indians and Mexicans? I mean really. No more malls. No more jewish teevee. Sounds like a hell of a plan to me. And I am not just playing devil's advocate here. This is serious.

A child can see this. Why can't billions of adults? We are animals that require food and shelter. Other than that, what is the possible use of patriotism? Or countries at all? Yes, I firmly wish for a "New World Order". One in which the purveyors of all this anti-human filth that we call politics, get lined up against a wall and shot. Then the rest of us can get on with "Evolving". know all this.


Anonymous said...

I am an idiot. I remember the 1964 civil rights act that ended segregation in the South. Back then they talked about equality. I don,t hear much about equality anymore. The disposessed majority are in no mood to care that now. But they should, because a minority is firmly in control and their is nothing equal about that. The corporate state run by Bolshevic Jews has no interest in human rights unless it can be used as a profit and control center. Kissinger said the military are dumb animals who do what they are told. I suppose they do that out of patriotism and they sincerely believe that society is best organized like insect hives or England. But we are,nt insects or dumb animals. If the JPTB can,t live with that, well fuck them too.

Timster said...

Anon@5:17 - Here Here!

RW said...

In other words. . .

US Blues

Red and white/blue suede shoes
I'm Uncle Sam /how do you do?
Gimme five/I'm still alive
Ain't no luck/I learned to duck

Check my pulse/it don't change
Stay seventy two/come shine or rain
Wave the flag/pop the bag
Rock the boat/skin the goat

Wave that flag
Wave it wide and high
Done come and gone
My oh my

I'm Uncle Sam /that's who I am
Been hidin' out/in a rock and roll band
Shake the hand that shook the hand
Of P.T. Barnum/and Charlie Chan

Shine your shoes/light your fuse
Can you use/them ol' U.S. Blues?
I'll drink your health/share your wealth
Run your life/steal your wife

Wave that flag
Wave it wide and high
Summertime done
Come and gone
My oh my

Back to back/chicken shack
Son of a gun/better change your act
We're all confused/what's to lose?
You can call this song/the United States Blues

Wave that flag
Wave it wide and high
Summertime done come and gone
My oh My
Summertime done come and gone
My oh My

Well done Tim, you on fire bro!


Timster said...

RW - Deadheads unite!

danny said...

Timster, as usual, you're dead on!Patriotism has been engineered into American/and other societies mostly as a protection mechanism for the people who profit mostly from it. Most military ppl who are actually on the ground in these wars will tell you they aren't fighting for the US, they just want to get out alive with their buddies. To hell with the flag, and their "Cause". It's all bull. People are people, but the politicians and their puppet masters would have you believe just because someone else's religion isn't theirs, that they are evil. More bull. Dump the religions while you dump the flags, and NO, this is not a call for "Globalism"!! Just a call to recognize everyone breathing air on this planet are human. They want to do the same things we do, grow up, raise a family, work, etc. Sorry this got so long, I usually try to keep my comments short.

Timster said...

Danny - Couldn't have said it better!