Saturday, September 4, 2010

Influence and Sixty Years of Shit...

I am a big believer in influence. When I was a kid, our gang used to like to eat at this home-style locally owned cafeteria. Good food. And they had murals on the wall. Not only murals but quotes from the famous. There was some pre-fab wisdom that was pretty abstract and hardly instructional, then there were some that inspired. Well, inspired me anyway. These were mostly Shakespeare, and I think that I can thank the family that owned that place for my first exposure to the Bard and a love affair with his works that has lasted even until today. But that isn't what I wanted to talk about.

Among these quotes was one from Tennyson. "I am a part of all that I have met". I chewed that one over many times, along with my fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

We are all parts of others and how they influence us...for good or bad. Each of us is a compendium of opinions and views of life with which we were instilled at a very young age, or took our fancy later in life. And so few of these influential moments were even deliberate. For instance, my Father instilled in me an almost obsessive need to care for my lawn. No matter where I have lived, you could always pick out the house on the block where I resided, if you knew of my obsession. I have tried NOT to mow and trim on a regular basis...huh-uh...ain't gonna happen. I have tried to reason it out...that it simply isn't that important, and I got pretty far in my self-therapy. Then I went out and mowed the lawn. No matter what comes, my lawn is way too high up there on my priority list. My Brother on the other hand... He couldn't care less. Funny that. We were raised in the same home by the same father and yet this obsession stuck with me and not him. It could be that he is older and when our father decided it was a good time to teach the boys about his lawncare fetish, my younger brain was more receptive...I dunno.
I don't even know if he intended to make that strong of an impression considering all things landscape-ish.

I was reading an article recently that stated essentially that if I don't tell you here and now on this, my supposedly anti-semitic blog, that ALL jews are evil, then I am some kind of shill for them. This author kept repeating, as many out here do, that there is no such thing as a "good jew". They are ALL in it together. They ALL want the end of the world to come as they ALL lavish in the luxury of your labours. If you don't buy into that...then you are working for them...willingly or unwittingly. That was the whole message.

Is this what I should "wake up" to? Is this the hidden truth that no one will see? Are we that stupid? Do you buy into this?

Well, I haven't received my check from the ADL yet. And B'nai Brith hasn't gotten me that speaking tour that they promised...but...ALL? Ya' think? Do they meetings every month to plot the Gentile's demise? Do they successfully teach their children not to let these secrets out to their little Goyim freinds? Wow. They ARE good! And they ARE evil. ALL OF THEM!

Ok, I got a little carried away. I know that you are smarter than that. You don't buy into this bigoted, fear-mongering hatred any more than I do...or you probably wouldn't even be reading this in the first place.

As I was saying up there somewhere, influence is a huge thing...especially when it comes to parentage. Yes, horrible things can be taught to children and yes, these things can be passed through many, many generations when they are disguised as religion or culture. But if you for one moment think that I can't take an israeli born jewish infant and raise him to be a caring, responsible, generous, altruistic and likable person that has a huge social conscience....then you don't know very much about human nature, my friend. And that, you can take to the bank.

As far as my "new leaf" be instructional and not just a screamer...
How should you treat a jew? It has always been my sorry duty to avoid jews. It doesn't really matter to me if a particular jew has repented his culture's nightmarish influence on the world, or is even aware of it. I avoid him like the plague. Or as I would avoid a parishioner of Rev. Jim Jones. Personally and publicly. I doubt whether my avoidance causes him much trouble anyway. But as I have said here before. The jewish have HAD their say. We have had it their way in popular culture for over 60 years and we can all see how fucked up things are because of it. They have been the leaders. In the media, it is their show. It doesn't work. In finance, it doesn't work. In politics, it doesn't work. It all isn't human enough. Now it's time to move on. I don't read anything written by jews, listen to jewish pundits or even watch a movie that is directed by or stars a jew. That's how disgusted and fed to the teeth I am with them and their vile ways. But this is just me. Maybe I have missed some gems...maybe not. I sleep pretty well. I don't hate anyone. And I try to get this opinion of mine, as flawed as it may be, out there. So sue me.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your lawn bit. Infact, I always enjoy reading your site. This thing with the Jews, God's chosen my ass! There is no nation so vile, so deceptive, and entirerly (excuse my spelling), based on falsehood. Fight the good fight. 76-water

mr. rabbit said...

This whole is that guy true, is that a guy a jew in Bloggistonia is getting old. How come that page went down and that one did not one is joos the other is not. It is just more divide and conquer.

Anonymous said...

Haven't gotten as far as you. I have stopped buying things from Israel, not reading their news or watching TV. Movies are a bit different. Movies have to hit at least 7/10 on for me to even consider sitting down to it. I find it interesting that I got this far in cutting of the hebrew voice on my own. You are quite the help to open eyes to the filth surrounding us.


Anonymous said...

Well... I must disagree. While not being religious, I do firmly believe the teachings of Christ are pretty much the best guidelines for life. Those that killed Christ, the pharisees who schemed and lied to kill him, have evolved into those who are the pervasive Talmudic maggots that are destroying all that is not J$wish on Earth. They are not of humanity as defined by social interaction AND genetics. They have even been shown to be part Neanderthal with all the warlike barbarity and aggression that the Neanderthals are known for. Just like Irish Setters are much different in temperament and behavior than Alsatians. You can raise one or the other to behave "like" the other, but you will never get an Alsatian to hunt like my Irish Setter. "Your" hypothetical israeli born child my behave acceptably within society, but there is an inherent behavior that will take thousands of years to breed out.... just like the Pharisees have evolved for 2000 years into the Talmudic monsters that have infested the Earth. I think Ed Steele's "Defensive Racism" illustrates this convincingly.

In that despicable Talmud it is stated that "When the Messiah comes every J$w will have 2800 slaves....

The Talmud specifically defines all who are not Jews as non-human animals...

All the depraved Talmudic instructions, definitions, and laws have been hammered into the j$ws since 600 A.D.... just about the time the Khazars converted to j$deism. The combination of their inbred deplorable Talmud behavior and their warlike Neanderthal genes make them the curse of the Earth.

Multiculturalism is their friend and our destruction. They want to dominate us all.

Timster said...

76 - Thank you. That means a lot!

Mr.rabbit - I agree 200%

Dave - Keep's GREAT out here in nojewlandia...

Anon - I hear you and I think you are honestly responding to scientific racism and Talmudic horseshit. An Alsatian is in most cases, not a human. I do not believe social behaviour is inherited. Period. You do. We agree to disagree?

aferrismoon said...

Alfred Lawn Tennis , son. Dyu think that's how your Lawnmania creeped in.

I don't live in UK anymore but went to London for a couple of days - Starbucks, Coffee Heaven, MacDees, KFC, Muffin-o-rama. aaaaaaah! I would like a proper breakfast. After a mile or so finally got to a Turkish Cafe with Full Breakfast

One comment at my blog wrote this about the James Burke prog:

'The strangest of things - at last moment of 9.11minutes/sec on the 3rd part of series there is a flash (after the word 'that') - you'll notice a flicker in real time & slowed down there is one black moment...'


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Y'all feeling kinda low huh? Y'all dowtin' ya mind son? You are a nice guy: GET OVER IT! Nice guys don't live long on the front line; haven't ya seen a hollywierd muvee?

Let's talk about data. How can anyone assess any data in order to make an analytical statement if they don't accept ALL the data. You dismiss the scriptures out of hand yet you constantly recognize the 'fact' of jewist terror, based on THEIR yid dogma ALL THE TIME!

You have to take into account the alternative or your bias will always and ever fuck your sum totals. The knack is to shake off your own bias – you have nothing to hate the alternative to jewists other than a jewist corrupted xtianity; well there is other folk who are not child molesters, who are not cheats and thieves and who genuinely wish the best for all.

How about you look into THAT!

And for fuck sake stop whining about your GUILT over hating the satanic jewists!

I’d share my road-kill wit y’all, cuz: I lurv yoooo, you know it!


Care of the nut-house on the hill. “YeeeeeeHaaaaaaa..”

aferrismoon said...

Without wishing to labour the point I got another comment about one of James Burke's Connctions series

:Episode 4 Faith in numbers part 5 of 5, at the very end of the video (at 744) Burke holds up a punch-card at a window and says "...the whole world would fall down..." then he moves the punch card to reveal the Twin Towers in the window as the program ends!!!!


covkid said...

Hi Timster & all,

The scary thing about this Jewish 'influence' is that to the average sheep in the street it is barely noticeable.I used to think whats all the fuss about the jews whenever i encountered an article on the web.Two years down the line and after much searching and dot connecting it has become blatantly obvious.One need only to look to see that its in your face.

The effectiveness of their media blackout to the masses is...well,effective,very.

Sometimes i feel like Frodo Baggins when he gets to stare into that crystal ball of Sarumans,and glimpses the all seeing and all knowing fiery eye,threatening and menacing him to give up his ring.

But at least i am very aware of their pernicious 'influence' now.

Tell me Timster am i the only one who has to 'wake up' to have a nightmare?

The Eagle flies at night said...

Lawn fanatics unite for a better world of beauty and the mental therapeutic tea - the smell of fresh mown grass.

I grew up on a rural farm in the 50's so my symbiotic relationship with dirt and plants has been long. I am not surprised to read you savagely enjoy the art lawn care, you seem to have many of same interests as I, just a spatial difference in where we reside.

I have had many a folk tell me to give a rest. When which I ponder their words, walk around aimlessly for awhile as my eyes become bloodshot at the thought of "NOT" mowing enters psyche and then I go mow the fucking grass.

This whole whoisajewmole on the web is becoming a bore. I understand fully where you are coming from and do not consider you a "ranting man" and certainly your head is not on fire like some.

It a world of critical thinking the Jew is outed for what it is. Trying to figure out how to correct 2000 years of evil is what we are about.

Someone once wrote that ours is not to find all the answers and make all things right in our lifetime, but to set the stage for the future generations as most changes don't occur immediately.

You are writing a solid script. The right actors will appear to take role. Critics be DAMNED.

Timster said...

Aferris - How did the birth of rag-picker in a ghetto called "jew-ally" in Frankfort Germany in 1744, lead to the devastating collapse of three buildings in Manhattan in 2001?

Timster said...

Veritas - You're a nut. I like it!

Timster said...

Eagle - Very well said! We do what we can, huh?

aferrismoon said...

Jew - ality is the approximate whih essentially leads to Rag- Eye - Dollatry

ghettos are caverns , where the beetles emerge FROM