Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have a bad habit. I assume that there are a few truths in life that are self-evident and that all hold them to be true. Not so. Every time that I am reminded of this, it shocks me. The horrible deeds that one man can mete out to his fellow man, never do. You would think that I would immediately make the connection and understand that these things are only possible BECAUSE these few simple truths are not held by all people.

Before I dumped facebook, I was in contact with an old fellow employee and friend of mine through their IM and email functions there. We caught up on friends and family then our own lives and finally it came down to life itself. I never really knew this woman that well, but I was amazed that at one point in our conversation she revealed to me, rather nonchalantly, that she truly believed that there are people that are "better" than her. I had no ready response to this, what I consider to be the blasphemy of all blasphemies. She also told me that she was a dedicated follower of Tony Robbins, a fellow that until then I hadn't heard of. But at the time I thought that he must be behind this strange and horrible personal view that she held. When I found that he was nothing more than just another motivational/self-help guru in it for the fame and fortune, I tried to ply a bit deeper into this faith that she had, of subordination to others.
To her it was simple. There were people that were just better than she. "How better?", I asked. "Just better"...she answered. Now this is not a well-educated or intelligent woman that I am describing, obviously. However she is a human being. One that is happy to take a lower rung in life. I cannot express the shock of that revelation which came over me. How can you hold this to be true, and continue living?

I have recently revisited "Crime and Punishment" . If I could have one wish in this veil of tears, it would be to write that beautifully. To think that clearly. To move that profoundly. But I digress.
As I am sure you remember about this, Dostoevsky's most perfect novel, his protagonist held a similar philosophy. He was of the opinion, that there are ordinary people(obviously a classification in which my friend feels comfortable)...and then there are the "extraordinary". These are our leaders, our Generals, our Napoleons. Raskolnikov mistakenly assumed he belonged to the latter group. And because of this he felt it his duty and right to commit murder wherever he saw fit, without the "ordinary" repercussions. Well, of course that isn't the way it happened. He doled out his own punishment for his crime, even before society had the chance.

At a critical point, Raskolnikov was discussing his crime and eventual punishment with a Christian friend, and denounced the law by saying that although he would be caught, he would NOT be humiliated or treated like a common criminal. Her answer was "you are such a proud man". That answer, struck him, as I am sure it did the reader, like a bolt of lightning. Pride, he thought...had brought him to this sorry state.

Now I realize that I am dragging you two times around the barn to get to the house, but hang in there...this makes a lot of sense to me.
Any anthropologist will tell you that just as in the lower forms of animal life, we humans feel the need to be in some way "better" than our peers. It hasn't been explained by science much further than that...just a phenomenon that must have it's roots is some survival thingy. This urge can manifest itself in many varied ways. and yes, hatred. It is a peculiar notion. One of those ancient drives that is better off suppressed.
We all feel this need. And it is powerful yet it can be overcome. And of the very,very few things with which I concur in most religions, is the effort for the repression of this tendency. Most religions except judaism. The talmud, the torah and the old testament encourage this behaviour pattern and all the ills that it brings.

In a recent lecture by Gilad Atzmon, he posed the simple question of when did we abandon the attitude of turn-the-other-cheek of the new testament, for the horribly violent eye-for-an-eye philosophy of the old testament? Well, the answer is obvious. The old testament is a jewish document. Judaism has brought us back to this notion of pride and supremacy. Pride assumes superiority and superiority leads to all the ills of this world...and there are none so "proud" as "the Chosen".
And yet they cannot see this in themselves. As Macluhan observed, the last thing a fish will tell you, in describing it's environment, is that it is all under water.

There is a reason that pride is among the seven deadly sins. But then again aren't the jewish guilty of ALL of these sins. And yet even today, there is a huge faction of supposed Christians that subscribe to jews being "better" than us all.

Sometimes people amaze me...


Anonymous said...

I find watching people far more entertaining than anything else. We are bat shit crazy creatures. I guess the day I understand people will be the day I depart this place.


Timster said...

Dave - I always liked that..."batshit crazy"...

james griffon said...

Well put, Timster. You have hit the nail on the head.
Many, myself amongst them, hold to the view that pride is the mother of all the other blights we inflict upon each other.

Interestingly, all the other perversions and addictions like company. But pride alone cannot stand to see itself in the face of another. I have hope that this will lead to their mutual destruction. The trick for us is to not get used as their ammunition as so often happens.

Ragnarok said...

I find women for whatever reason buy into the whole 'status and titles' nature of human society more readily than men. I always wondered why having a few extra letters either before or after your name confered some sort of licence to feel better than others. Bloody education again i suppose.

Batshit crazy

Horst Jankowic & the Cooking Lagers said...

Eye always love Kurt Vonnegut books for their commentary on human behaviors. See the innernett hasn't killed my attenshun span eye still reed some buks (sarcastic spelling). It is sad that people view themselves as lesser. Why play right into the 'elites' intended mindset.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...It's all in the psychopathological determination. Most serial killers are "proud" creatures; an all pervading egoism runs a consistent strain through their lives. Ed Gein, Albert Fish Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and the child killing monster of The Punjab; Javed Iqbal Mughal.

Everyone of the most prolific serial killers was a boastful trophy collecting egomaniac. The lust for bloody domination is the key, superiority complex born of an inferiority complex manifested during abusive upbringings: Serial killers are ‘made at home’.

I used to have a morbid fascination for serial killers; at least 150 books on the subject. One day I just threw them all in the trash.

I guess the study of premeditated murder is consistent with the pathology of a trained military sniper, go figure.


Timster said...

James - Well said.

Timster said...

Ragnarok - You are right. And thanks for the def. link. I agree with all the definitions...except #3, about Hitler. But THEY must insert their "pride" everywhere, mustn't they?

Timster said...

Horst - Yes, it is sad...and completely alien to me.

Timster said...

Veritas - Interesting obs about serial killers...that didn't cross my mind when I penned this...but then again, aren't the israhellis serial killers?
Good point.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Oh, that's where I thought you were going and that was my hole point; these dirty yiddish monsters have been premeditating the mass murder of us goyim for THREE THOUSAND YEARS! A goy may have lost his or her religion, the satanic, blood rite yids have not; they are convincing us to go into a biblical battle with no spiritual armour. The greatest con that satan ever accomplished was convincing the goyim that our God/Christ is a myth! Problem solv'd.


Foghorn Legghorn said...

Common sense trumps book smarts every time. Elitist ivory tower maggots think their ass smells like a rose and we are the unwashed masses. I think they are overeducated overpaid nancy boy conformist poseurs who have never had an original thought in their lives.