Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am reading a lot out here recently by "patriots". I don't know what that means in context of what the blogosphere is trying to accomplish.
There is a disconnect somewhere, I think. I get the feeling that we are not all on the same page.

With Huffington's announcement that the U.S. is soon to become a third-world country, and the Jew York Times running an article enumerating the evidence that the middle class in this country is disappearing...I dunno...I may offend some amerikans, but I think it's a little too late to be making those kind of observations.
Maybe it's time we got a good, swirl it around in your mouth, taste of reality. Most of the world is living like we are all going to be living here shortly. And that's no bad thing...even though it seems to be at this point. Perhaps since we have gotten hooked on our 3 tv's and two SUV's and full bellies it will seem like hell for a while when this lifestyle is taken away. Tough. Empty bellies revolt.

We have been addicted to jewish flash without content for too long. It's time we woke the hell up and I can't think of a more effective cold shower than this.

The dream that was "America" is coming to an end. But it was just a didn't really happen. Yes, some wealthy statesmen sat down a couple hundred years ago and devised a government without greed and corruption...where all men are equal. But it never really came to fruition. There was never equality in this has always been driven by greed and exploitation of some sort or in all countries in history. What they dreamed of was a plan for a much smaller nation. When a territory of say, half a million or so inhabitants wishes to govern themselves with equity and fairness, it's not that unimaginable. You can have full representation of the populace and things will probably go just swimmingly for a while.

I don't think these particular founding fathers had any notion whatever, of how friggin huge this place was going to get or how the population was going to expand so rapidly. And of course people die...including visionary founders. They are replaced by those with less and less integrity in the face of more and more humans to govern. But you know all this...really. Somewhere in your brain, you realize that your vision of your country...wherever it is...whatever it's flag looks like...whatever your original charter, constitution or religious doctrine at one time dictated...somewhere it fell apart.

By nature I am an anarchist. I don't want anyone...especially racist bigoted jews telling me what I can or cannot do. But it's their game now. They have worked long and hard to get hold of the reigns and they deserve it. And since it now has the stench of their amoral greedy little fingers all over it....they are welcome to it.

I knew one of the foremost experts on John Dillinger in the world. Joe Pinkston. Joe once told me that in his life-long research of this notorious, dangerous bank-robber he had found that Dillenger had confided to several people during his short life, that he was actually paid to rob the banks themselves. It was a scam. The whole "most wanted" image was a put-up by (jewish) bankers to collect money from the government(Glass-Steagall act and FDIC-1933) by over-reporting the losses that Dillinger had robbed them of. Of course John got the cash and a little extra,but eventually got caught in a political backlash over it and paid with his life. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed...just a tool. I asked Joe if he believed this story. "Of course" he said. "It's the only way he could have gotten away with what he did for so long....he was not a smart man". After all this was going on (and there are similar stories about many of the gangsters in that era), we fought another jewish war and then Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland were singing about the land of the free.

I live in a place. Just a's in the North American continent which used to be a lovely place I hear...I dunno. You can still kinda see it's beauty if you drive out past the mall. It doesn't matter to me where I live, or who sits in a chair down at city hall. They will all be in bread-lines with me before long. Of course we have the yiddish to thank for it...but that seems to be a hallmark of theirs. Nation-wrecking.

I am not a very patriotic guy. Maybe that's why I never really got behind any wars that we have fought. Or maybe it's reversed. Patriotism, and Andy Hardy movies and flags and borders and dreams of justice for the governed are all illusions. It's just more visible now that we are about to close up shop.


the spy who farted on me said...

Patriotardism is the new opiate of the asses.

Timster said...

...and the last refuge of a scoundrel, I hear...

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...The problem isn’t patriotism it’s the 'D' word; democracy doesn't work because it is too much like 'hard work', so when joe d’slobovitch sits on his arse and lets the energetic bastards get on with the hard work of running the ‘democracy’ it all goes wrong because Mr & Mrs Energetic Bastard have their own greedy agenda and before ya know it, the place becomes a corporate hell-hole with flags and bunting.

Or something like that...

I shouldn't be commenting I'm too tired; been up all night watching a lezbian shrew destroy my country.


kenny's sideshow said...

The terminology has been reversed. Being against wars for lies and attempting to expose the shilocks and criminals is as patriotic as it gets. That makes you one.

Jethro Dull(ard) said...

The upside down flag is appropriate Timster. You fly it that way when in distress. This fading banana republik is certainly in distress.