Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Part Two: What They Seem...

I know. I harp on this too much, but I think it's important. It is vox humana. It is the message, or the massage. It is both. When Marshall Macluhan's epic vision of the phenomenon of television "The Medium is the Massage" ....(a continuation of his findings from "Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man" ) went to press, the publishers didn't have spell-check. Even if they did it wouldn't have picked up the misspelling that changed the way even the author felt about his subject.

I guess you could say that this is part II of the previous post about this insidious medium of which I have stood in awe and yet despised over the years.
Like the medium of film, this artform/technology was stolen from it's cradle and never allowed to mature normally. Jewish money-changers fled the temples from which they were expelled to build a new temple. One in which even the Gentile could worship.

Macluhan described what he coined "the vast wasteland" as a medium that was hijacked to market goods and a dream.
The "entertainment" was not the purpose, but the bait. The true purpose of the medium is to sell the dream of new Western capitalism/consumerism. It was the nature of this medium that allowed it's message to be embedded. To "massage" the viewer into accepting, via subliminal visions, a lifestyle that they might otherwise reject. Because unlike print in which you can select a passage to re-read or ponder, the medium of television(or film) disallows this luxury and you are assaulted with the "whole" as the message, incapable of being critically dissected or debated .

He was correct.

But there was a hole in his observations, I feel. A hole which he may or may not have seen...but didn't include in his writings.
He observed what even few today, almost 50 years later...understand about television. He stopped short, however, of identifying the perpetrators of this deception, or their true shared goals. Television is not a mass of voices expressing varying opinions, or visions. It is a concerted effort of one agenda. One version of the world. One version that is sold over and over in and day out.

When I tell people the last television show I watched was "The Dick Van Dyke Show", most that don't remember it just stare at me. Of course that was the same era in which Macluhan began publishing his observations, and to me, the point at which television became entirely unwatchable. Before the time of Rob and Laura, the injection of jewish culture was a hit-and-miss effort at best. We had "Uncle Milty" Sid Caesar and various hebrew writers that foisted their views of comedy and drama into the prime time viewing hours, but until Carl Reiner brought this show to CBS, Gentile middle amerika was almost entirely unaware of the yiddish culture.

In this show we had two VERY white and VERY Gentile people surrounded by jewish characters. From the Alan Brady character(Reiner himself) for which Rob(Dick) worked as a comedy writer, to this couple's neighbors, virtually all characters, other than Rob and Laura(who were confused, befuddled, and bumbling WASPs)were "loveable" ashkanazi heroes.
This was NOT Ozzie and Harriet or Leave it to

I have recently been streaming episodes of that program and re-watching what I see as the beginning of the decline of Western values on television within the characterizations themselves, as it was surreptitiously insinuated into in this landmark victory for it's jewish producers....whether wholly intentional or not.

I won't go into dissecting each episode, or character of the series, however I will recommend that it is viewed with my observations in mind. I think you will see that the jewish persona is likened to WASPy values very closely in this, it's infancy over the airwaves, and yet it is a distinctly different culture that is being portrayed in the real-time of the television experience and embedded into the viewers mind, as wholly amerikan.
This of course was nothing new, even then. The medium of film had been doing this for many years. However it had yet to be tried within this new technology in which the messages were half-hour punches to the solar plexus, that differed from the much more voluntary trip to the movie-house. You could dislike Danny Kaye or Jerry Lewis and not go to see their movies, but you were "trapped" in the medium of that box that was turned on every day, and you were oh-so-charmingly coerced into enjoying the goofy antics in the lives of Rob and Laura, as they made their way through the Bar Mitzvah that was the Dick Van Dyke Show.

For instance, at the time, everyone liked Rob Petrie. Rob liked Buddy Sorrell(Maury Amsterdam alias Moshe Selig...the man that brought "rum and coca-cola" to the airwaves. Another moral-busting landmark for the jews) everyone liked Buddy....and on and on with almost every character.

After this charming series became popular, there was an explosion of such culture bending programming that altered the landscape of television and it's message.
Today it is nothing different. Only much worse. Jews-good. Muslims-bad. Christians-bad. Wars for israhell-good...and on and on.

On the surface, that watershed series seemed merely entertaining, and yet things are not often what they seem.
Just sayin...


The Eagle flies at night said...

Excellent analysis. We never had t.v. on our rural farm till '59. It didn't take me long to ditch the thing for any book I could smell the musty pages as I read the print with intent. About the time Van Dyke & other sit-bombs came along I couldn't see any connect with any family I had ever been around.

As for Macluhan, he's another very intelligent individual that's under-read.

By the time Van Dyke & others gave way to even worse crap on the tube I had read more than a 1000 books. To say I despise the message that television became early in its existence is an under-statement.

Thanks for sayin'.

Timster said...

Eagle - Good for you! And thanks for the comment. I always forget that I am writing to an international readership here, so I am afraid most won't get the ref. But it's what I

CoCo the Electronic Monkey Wizard said...

Watched so much tv as a child that I burnt out on it. Used to get up past bedtime and sneak down to living room and watch the Rat Patrol and Benny Hill. Now its celebrity gossip and whos humping who Hollywood report. They should just have a gossip channel, an x-files channel and a law and order channel. Some people might not ever leave the house again. The computer is putting a dent in tv watching. Read an article last night on tubes of interweb that said pay tv viewing went down for the first time in years the second quarter of 2010. The economy probably has contributed to that and people are starting to grow tired of being lied to by a box with flashing lights in it.

denim overalls said...

Fun facts from tv land. All the actors on 'Hogan's Heroes' were jewish. What a coinskadense as popeye would say.

Timster said...

CoCo...well, hope springs eternal.

Denim...hmmm. Really? Well, that makes being a "concentration camp fun" type of show.

Anonymous said...

Its Oktoberfest time again. German Americans who were the single most populous group, have been eclipsed by Mexicans.If you only got your information from movies and TV you would think Irish Americans were the heroes of ww2. Look what happened to Lindbergh for speaking out against America being drawn into war with Germany after Jews declared war on Germany first because she tried to free herself from Jewish bankers. This is Irans unforgivable sin that she must destroyed for.Never mind that Iran has,nt attacked its neighbors in 300 years and has been under attack by America since 1953. Persians are not Arabs, they are ancestors to Europeans and ancient enemies of Khazars who are the most warlike people on earth. They are preparing to murder two thirds of the worlds people by using brainwashed Americans who think they are our friends.Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing..

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..who'd a thought someone could create a sequel that actually worked; well done that man!

Oh, CoElMonkWiz@9:30p'yem (? nevermind, it's me, self-medicating since my carer passed-out a few hours ago) I thoroughly empathize.


foofritz said...

good article - TV sort of hypnotizes, I think, even over the time, if consumed sparingly, created a world-view of materialism, consumerism. And that is engineered into it.. also the ethnic angle, Jews as the superior, European culture as unpleasant, outmoded, ridiculous... along the destructive propaganda of the (communist) Frankfurt School.
but someone posted these links (maybe you?) a while ago, about tv-addiction (still thinking how to distribute these around)
In his book, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, Jerry Mander described how many avid TV watchers described the experience of sitting in front of the tube: ...

Liz said...

It's like crack cocaine for far too many people...people who schedule theirs lives around their favorite reality show, and then it's their favorite topic of conversation the next day. The empire is indeed in decline...Good post, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love your posts. Hate the black background + colored font.

Anonymous said...

Very good. More please. I have wondered if all those early sitcoms weren't just bait to get us to trust the media known as TV. Father knows best etc. all so warm and harmless. Trust in the media was essential to believeing what occured on 9/11 happened just as they said.

Timster said...

Anon@6:34 - Really? That's the first complaint I have had about the design. Hmmmmm...maybe the rest are just "putting up" with it?

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. The color scheme is kick ass easy on the eyes. People need to understand that the monitor is not a piece of paper. The white background is killer for eye strain.

Timster said...

anon@3:22 - Thanks, that's the way I see it.