Saturday, August 28, 2010

Outside The Temple...

Damn. I did it again. I seem to have strayed outside the temple one more time.
I clearly do NOT know how to stay in line...never have. And I rarely keep my hands to myself either.

I just wrote an article that touched on the "truther" movement (and apparently stepped on some wee-wees)that people didn't care for. I take that as a personal affront. I like it. They don't try to tackle the guy that isn't carrying the they say.

What they didn't like about it, generally speaking...I agree with. It is a shame that their efforts are essentially wasted at this point. I am not trying to be facetious here. I mean that sincerely. So many people are on board with this "truth" thing that it is heartening, and in no way do I mean to belittle their "intentions". Well...most of them anyway. Because it is evident to anyone with a brain, that this faction of truthers is being led by those with...well, another agenda. Much like the tea-party people.
The people that join these "revolutionary" efforts are so open and trusting and honest and well-meaning, that is almost defies logic. And sooooo ripe for the kill.

It's like the "commercial" spot that the 9/11 truthers have made, hoping to air in the Jew York market. They really don't get it. They aren't seeing the perpetrators for whom they really are. If for one moment they believe that they are going to televise something like that...then I pity them their ignorance.

Here is a partial list of what they are going to hear from any tv network about why it won't happen:
1. You cannot defame the relatives of those lost, that do not agree with your "conspiracy theories". It wouldn't be fair to them.
2. The issue of who committed the 9/11 attacks has been officially settled by our government. There is no need to re-open that wound.
3. If you don't agree with such government findings about these events, then you should contact your representatives in Washington...not try to air your concerns in public.
4. I am sorry, but we cannot jeopardize the relationship that this network has with it's sponsors by airing a few individual's controversial take on this subject.

Hello? Does anyone wonder why nothing like this has ever been (or is ever going to be) aired on "their" media? It is "their" media, folks. They aren't going to shoot themselves in the foot by letting you pull the trigger.'s so simple.

Anyway it all boils(as in frogs) down to the point that truthers feel uneasy about. And that is following the money trail, and naming the true culprits. Of course it doesn't help that they are being ham-strung by their own Alex Jones et al. They are being steered away from the only logical conclusion, to wild theories about mini-nukes, death rays from outer space and heaven forbid, the evil planning of George Bush?

If this is the "temple" from which I wandered...I don't think I will be back soon. Go ahead without me...K?

I do this to myself. I know...I know. I can't keep my big mouth shut. If something looks and smells like bullshit...I gotta shout about it from the rooftops. Not caring for one moment who I am alienating.
I scream about this and that...laugh at what I consider to be ridiculous explanations of why we are where we are. I should shut up more. I guess.
But that's not why I started this whole thing. I don't want to be included in a group of "Illuminati" or "Freemason" or "Holy Scripture" screamer clubs, any more than I want to don a yarmulke and strap a silly-looking little box to my head. One group is the core of evil in this world...and the others enable them. IMHO.

I guess, unless I knuckle under to the "revolutionary" party line and search images till my eyes bleed looking for Lady Gaga flashing the devil gesture to print on my blog...I am doomed to not being linked by the more popular sites. Bummer.

Oh well. It comes with the territory, I think. 'Nuf said...


i am no one said...

You are on to something Timster, 911 is a new religion like I thought it was. It was the 'elites'(pondscum)shifting into high gear exactly ten years after Poppie Bush mentioned the n.w.o. in a speech in 91.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Your voice is too valuable to those with ears to hear, to go gettin' ya knickers in a bunch over the sheeple, even the sheeple with internet access. Some of the most belligerent trolls and flamers are alleged truthers; take a look at some of the losers that suck up to Les in his comment section.

Fuck'em they're ballast or jettisoned - useful idiots are a consumable product line. Like that cowardly baptist* preacher in Zulu. Did more damage crying "we're all doomed, if we don't surrender" than a thousand Zulu Impi.



P.S. Here's a story idea, why don't ya give those fucking Baptists over there and their xtian zionazism a serve. Can't be wasting good passion on 5th columnists. What do you know about *Hagee et al?

Ragnarok said...

I reckon the compartmentalisation of the western mind achieved through our deaducation system encourages people to see events as relatively discrete affairs, unconnected, free standing.

Folks aren't given the tools to truely think critically, they have to be self developed through extensive reading and constant questioning. Many of the '911 truthers' seem to me to be totally unaware of the bigger picture and their own enslavement. A dozen or so years of state indoctrination really fucks with your perspective. I'm surprised anyone is able to peice it together after that.

A good nose for bullshit is also handy. Of course, the constant misdirection by the minions of the lie is a real pain in the ass. Sooo many are led down one garden path or another it's hard to see how enough people will ever see the hook nose peeking from behind the curtain.

The looming net-neutrality lockdown does't help matters either. I hope all those cyberpunk types can kill this stone dead before it gets underway or it's back to the bad old days of snail-mail phamplets and seminars.

Anyway if people would only learn just a fraction from history it would be realised that any organised effort will be co-opted or demonised. It's just a bigger target. Diffuse, unorganised, individual action is IMHO possibly the only option left to us.

Sadly, barring some spectacular, monumental, worldwide public slip up by the tribe, i cannot see the reality being appreciated by the general populace.

Here's hoping i'm wrong

Timster said...

No one - great obs!

Veritas - Yeah, I kinda avoid Les' comments sections. Good idea about Hagee.

Ragnarok...Well put. I too hope you are wrong.