Monday, August 2, 2010

I Am What I Was Taught ...

My father died suddenly, oh, way back just before my 13th birthday. But in those 13 years, I got a HUGE dose of "do the right thing" from him...daily. To this day, I catch myself thinking what he would do in any given situation, because of what I can remember of him, he rarely failed to act as he preached.
I suppose a lot of people have a kind of forgiving blind respect about their parents. It's a shame that so many aren't deserving of that feeling. So many parents(myself included I guess), neglect to remember that what they do around their children, speaks much louder and is remembered much longer than the lectures they give. If you are told never to take advantage of your fellow man, and then see your parents cheat someone out of their money or labor, you are going to file the action you witnessed and discard the reprimand that you get from them when you behave as they do.

I am reminded of that line from "A Christmas Story", in which when asked where he learned the profanity that he was about to punished for using, Ralphie thought to himself "now, I had heard my father using that word at least 10 times a day...", before proceeding to blame one of his friends. In some it's a protection mechanism of their upbringing. The actions of our parents go beyond moral balance, because at a young age, we have little if any experience with which to judge them. Therefore these demonstrations become the "mean" by which all future behaviour is to be compared. There is of course rebellion...the deliberate nay-saying of ethics taught to you and that can be a good or bad thing, but is rarely as long-lasting as those things against which we rebel in our teenage years.

But in those few precious years when a child's mind is nothing but a blank slate waiting to be written upon, the slightest things that occur around them, will be indelibly etched in their moral code for life. No matter what, if our parents did it, or taught it...on some level in our minds, it is right. I will venture to say that ALL of the problems of the entire world throughout history, boil down to this simple premise. A bold statement perhaps. But nonetheless I have seen very little if any evidence to the contrary.

Thankfully, for most(myself included) the lessons learned through observance of their parents are good ones.

My father too had faults for which I forgave him. Of course we all do. For instance, he would not suffer a fool,a cheat or a bully, and he could react a bit violently to any of them. He had a temper that he also recognized in me at a young age, and although he was always telling me to keep it in check, I can see that I tend to mimic his quick anger, although neither of us really ever let it get out of control.

When I look out on the atrocities in the modern world, I think about those that commit them and wonder of their parentage and how long through their families these personality traits have been passed down. One cannot commit these horrendous acts on humanity that, say, the zionists visit upon the Palestinians(or indeed upon the entire world), without having been taught this inhuman thought pattern by authority figures in their past.

They have been taught at some point to hate and to act on that blind emotion.
To me, they, the jewish culture, are the complete antithesis of everything I was taught. They are fools and cheats and bullies. I truly believe that had my father lived beyond the early 60's, just when jewish zionism and power was ramping up, he would have held the same view of it that I do now. And react just as, if not more violently than myself.

Of course I believe I am right in my assessments of this vile cult and because it comes from my parents. It is difficult to dismiss lessons learned, when they make sense. And these have for many years...and of course I am what I was taught.


Anonymous said...

I was just discussing this with a friend the other day. The last 30, 40 or 50 years Israeli children growing up witness that they are the (chosen). They see their parents and then their government dicriminate against the Palistinians and it becomes normal. I'm special and youi are not. How can this type of thinking not create monsters?

Timster said...

It is such a simple concept, I think. And yet people are surprised to see the children of monsters acting the same way their parents did.

Anonymous said...

I spent some time in israhell,60 years of living under a terrorist israhelli government,not any normal terrorist either,the sort that you pay and they will just ethnicly cleanse any one you ask them too.
part of the conditioning is jews are made to feel bad about talking to the palestinians and cast out of their communitys if they do,that is the worst part of the conditioning along with being told it is ok to shoot palestinians aswell and encouraged,when I was their spoke to a few proper jews,normal ones,they questioned absolutely everything like old philosophers or something,much like the old muslims you meet in the tea shops in any middle eastern country no difference really,they were nice,I also worked for the palestinians building desert roads good good people treated me as one of their own even though language was a problem,all in all its just a terrible situation.neil

Timster said...

Thanks for the insight, Neil