Sunday, August 29, 2010


There. I said it. Whew...that's a load off. This admission shouldn't come as a surprise to most that frequent my site. But I thought I might as well spell it out for those of you in doubt. I indiscriminately hate the jewish religion. That makes me an anti-semite. I hate israel. That makes me an anti-semite. I hate television, newspaper chains and Hollywood movies. That makes me an anti-semite. I don't even care for bagels. That makes me an anti-semite.

Ok. So? Is that supposed to mean something? it a scare tactic...a "trick" as one zionist jew once put it? Is it used to identify, or silence? Am I supposed to be afraid of such a label being applied to me? I am not. I do not fear this label any more than "opinionated" or "arrogant" or "outspoken"(all of which have been used to describe me...often(grin)). You will never hear me say " I am of course no anti-semite, but...". You WILL hear me say..."I am an anti-semite, therefore..."

The term is a worn-out one, that has very little meaning anymore. It's like saying "toy boat" many times in a row...after a while it's just a silly sounding utterance with no discernible connotation. Or as Joe Sobran once said: "An anti-semite used to mean anyone that hates jews, now it refers to anyone that jews hate". Or I would add...anyone that gets in a jew's way. But I have decided to embrace their label. I think we all should. It takes the evil out of it...toy boat, toy boat, toy terrorist, terrorist, terrorist....well, you get the point.

So I don't fear the label. Even though, as I am sure you are aware, the word is even a nom de course for what it is supposed to condemn...that is to say, that a Semite is not necessarily what we think of today as a jew. A more correct epithet would be anti-jewish, or anti-judaic. Also guilty as charged, on both counts.
Any zionist that engages me in a debate can rest assured that we will get that out of the way right off the bat.

Of course the real reason for the word is to STOP debate. It is a name-calling maneuver of those that wish to end discussion on the subject of judaism or zionism. Why would they want to do that? Perhaps they realize that neither is rationally defensible?
And the "trick" is, that the sensible man-on-the-street will hear you called an anti-semite and immediately equate you with a nazi, or a KKK member. What they try to do is equate it with "racism"(pot? kettle?). But by their own admission, jews are not a race. They are mostly atheists or secular, so what the hell are they that we "anti-semites" are supposed then to be hating. A "CULTURE". Ah-HA. Then an anti-semite hates the jewISH culture. I can live with that.

Their campaign to demonize we that see their culture for what it is, has worked. Many, many times. It should...G_d knows they have spent enough money and time to make it work. It isn't as effective as it once was though, because the zionist establishment has taken too many liberties with the word. Now it could mean anything. They haven't taken care of their purchase very could stand a new coat of paint.

The simple word "jew" is now anti-semitic to use. Really. One says "jew-ish"... not "jew". In it's bare form, the word could be misconstrued as a verb. I guess. I never went back for my master's degree, but doesn't the suffix "ish" mean "inclined toward" or "tending to"? So now it is only proper to refer to jews as people that are "inclined" toward judaism....or "tend" to be jews. Like, I dunno...Christian-ish, or Muslim-ish. Oh brother. Give me a break.

So I am an anti-semite. Anti-semite, anti-semite, anti-semite...kinda has a lyric, rhythmic quality to it. I like it.
But I digress.
Back to the point.
As the ADL and all their whinging goes nowadays though, there is a NEW anti-semitism. WTF? I was just getting comfortable with the OLD definition. Now you tell me that I might not be kosher in my new-found persona? I have never been a sucker for advertising, but I think I might run out and buy this NEW and IMPROVED version. According to wiki-jew, it now encompasses zionism. Well, duh. I thought I was going to have to alter my thinking yet again. I am up to speed on this one. Have the latest version...anti-semitism 2.o , and I couldn't be happier with a product...really.

I would guess then that the thrust of this article, besides having a little fun with the jew-ISH crappola that floats around like a...well, you know that name-calling is the last resort of those without anything else to say in their defense. So when they START OUT calling you know that you have already won.

Just sayin...


danny said...

HI Timster, I've been away for a couple days, I come back, and find you already beat me to Dr. Lasha Darkmoon's article. LOL, I find myself in complete agreement with both you in your recent post, and her with her article on Jewish prostitution. THe world is waking up to the problems created by these people, and watch for them to do something really nasty, sometime soon. They are cornered, or feel that way, whether they are or not. You know the old saying.........

Anonymous said...

I hear you. Good job.


Timster said...

Danny - Yep...she sent it to me last night. I had the "I am an Anti-semite" article finished and ready to post...and I saw the importance of her

Are you talking about hind-legs and rats?

Timster said...

Dave - can I sign you up then?

NumberSix said...

From the old FAEM site David McCalden writes:

"Even proper nouns are cause for hysteria:

"The syndrome operates when most Jews read their morning newspaper: as their glance flits across the headlines, they might over-look the word 'Jewish' in one. Not so with the word 'Jew.' The eye rivets to that word, as if it has goose-stepped off the page. To a non-Jew , the two words might seem interchangeable. But the short noun form is clipped and harsh and, when used by a non-Jew, is considered usually pejorative in itself, as if in other surroundings it might be followed by, say, bastard. Its use by a non-Jew almost automatically makes him suspect of being an anti-Semite..."
To read more click here


Anonymous said...

You can certainly sign me up timster

Timster said...

Another member for the 4th Reich! Yay...come to the dark side...we have cookies!

Anonymous said...

The ADL sez 80 million Americans are anti semetic. How they came up with that number is anyones guess because they wont say what criteria they use. So I suppose you are on their proverbial shitlist. Oh well, cant win em all.

The Eagle flies at night said...

The cookies offer was the final sway for me. ;0 Timster, there is iron in your words, as my Lakota friends would say.

Wotan mit Uns said...

Timster I'm listening to Nazi electronics and reading this article! Does that make me a card carrying member of the NationalSozialstischeDeutscheArbeiterPartei. Nazi electronics rule, it is techno music put to old German speeches and radio shows from the era 1933-1945. All the race card shit is old and you would think people would have had enough by now.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..."Ich bin ein antishemytisher."


Timster said...

NumberSix - thanks for the link.

Anon@642 - That number gives us all hope, huh.

Eagle - I thought that would bring a lot over...Thank you for the Lakota praise. I don't deserve it but I take it as a great compliment.

Wotan - Nazi electronics?....sounds jewish...haha...that's a new one on me.

Veritas - Ich auch! Vielen Dank.

danny said...

Timster, yes to hind legs and rats.

Volkischer Beobachter said...

Der Stürmer was Julius Streicher's newspaper. He was a particularly hated Nazi lecher. As he went to the gallows he shouted "purimfest" a reference to a joo holiday. At least the Nazis were entertaining criminals and gangsters unlike our boring, castrated, kleenex clutching box of oprah watchers we call leaders.

Timster said...

Beobachter - "...our boring, castrated, kleenex clutching box of oprah watchers we call leaders."