Monday, August 23, 2010

Ground Zero or "Don't Touch That Dial"

One of the few things that I personally feel ok about, is how over the years I have left television behind. Oh, we have a tv. It's a big-screen plasma that my son and I spent a whole weekend hanging on the living room wall just right and hiding every cable so that it appears as if it is just floating there. Neat. And I have an external sound system hooked up to it. There are about 6 remotes to deal with all the gadgetry....and it sits there...on the wall...looking like something from a science-fiction movie. Blank. for the most part. Not turned on. Occasionally we watch some movies on it that we download or rent(mostly foreign). I always liked the "idea" of technology like that. Not the actual use of it.

I remember when little tiny tv's came bigger than an inch or two. I had to have one. It was like Dick Tracy. So I got one...and you know what? When I turned it on...all that was on it Commercials, sit-coms, know, shit.
Somehow I guess I expected this kind of new technology, not to be embarrassed by the same old wasteland of soap-opera crap that was the fair of more conventional sets. Why? The medium has never changed hands. It is still under the control(and probably always will be) of those that commandeered it like the medium of film, in it's infancy to sell crap and lies. You know...jews. Oh well. Nothing new there. Move on. So I did. And never came back to it. For the 40+ years that television has not been a part of my life...I have missed exactly nothing. Zero. It is the same crap that I yawned over and then turned off, more than a generation ago. I am truly in shock when I speak to people that actually faithfully watch that thing. People that are perfectly capable of carrying on stimulating conversations, or reading compelling literature or that have children to rear...waste untold hours with that piece of shit blaring in the background of their everyday lives.

Now I don't want to come off as holier-than-thou...really. But would someone please explain to me how such behaviour can be justified?

The wife and I were in a small hotel restaurant a week or so ago having a sit-down breakfast. The place was not much bigger than oh, a couple hundred square feet. And yet, placed in this small space on the walls were THREE lcd flat screen tv's. I am sure you have been in such a cafe or bar, in which you cannot even turn your head more than a few degrees without viewing yet another screen. Easy to ignore for us. Something about tv screens that does not hold our attention visually, any more than a waste-basket would. But this particular eatery had the screen closest to us pumping out the sound for all 3 sets. They had the volume at a point that you could not carry on a normal conversation anywhere close to it without practically reading lips.
I looked around at people leaning over their tables in discussions, because that was the only guarantee of actually hearing what the other people in their parties were saying. All because of some pixelized asshole trying to sell them something at an untold decibel level from the walls.
Noticing that the volume control was within reach of anyone of my height, I got up and turned the sound off. What a rude bastard I can be. (You can even buy these neat little gadgets that allow you to do this remotely...try it, it's fun)
It was nice initially...the relative silence. Then came the glares from some and the sporadic almost secretive murmur of conversation, as if the patrons were slowly realizing that they could actually be allowed to communicate with each other verbally. Like they were coming out of a trance. Many looked at me...then looked over at the counter to see if the "tv police" were going to come and arrest me...presumably. When no one did, the conversation level began to rise, and the normal volume of "human" activity of clinking knives and forks and laughter was all you could hear. It only took maybe a minute before people even stopped looking beyond their friends and family at the screens. Those things command attention and mostly through the combination of image and sound. But it was nice...and an itsy-bitsy victory for common sense.

Having not been in a love/hate relationship with these screens over the years has made me more sensitive to their power over my fellow humans. It's like watching through the window at my friends in an opium den with no help of rescuing them...I ain't going in there after them. I can only scream my protest from a safe distance. But like those fine folks at the restaurant, they don't seem to hear me.

What is so difficult for me to understand is how people disregard the power of those lighted panels of hatred and lies. I guess it's like sugar-coated drugs. All the viewers are tasting is the sugar of a sit-com, or news that tells them that they are lucky to be living wherever they happen to be. They aren't tasting the drug within that forces them to come back for more of the agenda that underlies every second of programming from "Good Morning Amerika" to the star-spangled banner.

From out here in the real world glancing at the "ground-zero mosque" debate(or any other soap opera they air) without the benefit of sound is as plain as paint that this diversion and president oobooboo's backing of such plans is a well conceived little play to demonize Muslims. Kinda like, I dunno...Buffy the vampire slayer, if that analogy helps. Step back. So far back that you can think. Turn down the sound first...laugh, then walk away.

Ground Zero is not in lower Manhattan (the site of a highly televised false flag, brought to you by those that brought you the Hollow-hoax). Ground Zero is hanging on your wall in the living room.

The most revolutionary thing that anyone can do in this world today, is not march in protest, blow up buildings, mail anthrax or commandeer is simply to turn off the tv.

It's this simple: Those that have made the world what it is today...our adversaries, the true enemies...own the media. They wouldn't get one step inside your door if they were standing on your porch. And yet you let them have their say in your living room every day and night.
Sometimes people amaze me...


Anonymous said...

Here here Timster, very well said sir....."Satans little dreambox", as the immortal Bill Hicks described it. My favourite though, has to be "Your very own personal hypnotist in your living room". Dunno who said that, hey, maybe it was me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Above comment by Steve B.

Damn, forgot to sign it

Timster said...

Steve - whoever said it, it's GREAT!

covkid said...

Very well said Timster,

Ithink it was Frank Lloyd Wright who said that television was 'chewing gum for the eyes'.It goes much worse than that though,it is also chewing gum for the ears,nose and mouth.Once it has dulled all our senses it has the same effect as having a wet blanket wrapped around our brain.

The ultimate dumbing down system.

By the way what happened to your Coventry post,i've got a vested interest in it? (LOFL)

Take care


Timster said...

Covkid- Thanks and yes, even more than that.
We aren't from Coventry are we?...haha. Yeah, sorry about that. I didn't care for it the way that it was, and I started to edit it...and poof. It went away. No big loss though.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..Here in Oz we refer to it as the "Idiot Box". I have in my lifetime watched my country change from a folksy outdoors entertainment community that were friendly to each other and strangers passing them in the street or sharing an elevator. 'At the beach' where communal games of cricket would start spontaneously with an unspoken invitation to all around to take up a place in the 'field' and eventually get to 'Bat'.

As a child this village level intimacy and 'esprit de communauté' was one of those traits that I recognized as part of our National identity:

Then came colour ‘telly’, then 24 hour ‘telly’, then came a pixielanche of unmitigated prurience and inanity, interlaced between a pastiche of glossy heartlessness and shallow sentimentality, increasing its intensity exponentially with a cogent decrease in its veracity.

Television is the cyber-bot Big Brother and an essential weapon of existentialist tyranny through the conduit of the ‘broadcast’ medium.

Bravure Timster bravure…and from my father to my brothers and I;

“Turn that fucking thing DOWN!” “No, fuck it, turn it off and take a ball outside”.



Anonymous said...

How dare you how dare I, everyone knows if you did,nt see it on television it did,nt happen. Get with the program that contraption is command central and will soon be mandatory. I won.t stop until those poseurs are driven from public places, just like cigarettes and booze.Tax TV. Budget problem solved.

Timster said...

Veritas - You DO have a way with words!...and Three Cheers for your Da!

Timster said... bad.

Billy Joe Jake Jim Jack said...

I like to watch a movie on the teevee, been on a James Bond 007 kick here lately, just the early ones with Sean Connery. All the sewer outlet tv's everywhere is very Orwellian. P.S. last night it was saying blog does not exist when trying to load tried in three different browsers and got the same message. Ahh I see in the comments you were editing a post that might explain it.

Ragnarok said...

These days i just refuse point blank to even spend one second in front of the infernal device. Even being consciously aware of its insidiousness does not grant one immunity from it's effects.

Here's my understanding of the reason it's so powerful in it's ability to mold humanity. Some recent neurological experiments have been suggesting that human free will is not quite as cut and dry as we would like to believe. What we experience as our conscious mind is really the end product of the subconscious thought processes over which we exert little or no control.

Decisions, which we may believe we are entirely making ourselves, are largely being made for us by the subconscious part of our brains. It references all stored sensory data, visual, olfactory, auditory etc, reaches a decision and releases the thought into the conscious mind. It is still 'us' making the decision, just a part of us that we don't really manage ourselves.

Unfortunately, because what the brain actually "see's" is only a simulation reproduced from all incoming sensory data, the visual and auditory input from TV is not recognised as seperate from actual reality. And so, the false reality constructs of that soap opera or horror film etc. are dutifully filed away for future reference, and the damage is done. This the real 'false memory syndrome'.

TV has been in the business of creating an entire canon of false reality constructs upon which humanity has increasingly been basing it's way of life. Everything about the way in which we live is wrong. You can feel strangers tense up as you walk past them on the street, we cannot talk to each other anymore.

I was going to say something about "living in the twilight zone" or something...<look at that, see what i mean, depressing

Roo Badley said...

I want to eat a bunch of Mexican food and take a shit on the teevee. Shit in shit out. Tv is excrement, defecation, egesta, grit, manure, cack, frass, frottels, fecal matter, dung, sewage.

Saladin said...

They don't call it programming for nothing.

Timster said...

bjjjj-yeah, that happens a bad.

Ragnarok...interesting stuff. Can you link some of this stuff?

Zoner said...

While there is still a TV in my home, used for video watching primarily, I admit to spending 3 hours a week during the fall and winter indulging in the viewing of my local NFL team. While this is the only time I watch "programming", it is enough to see the promos for all the (usually FOX) programs and know with absolute certainty that it is all shit, all the time.

My father and I used to watch the Vikes together when he was around, so I guess that is still with me even though he isn't. I cannot, however, subject my kids to the same as there is an endless stream or violence and sex on display - and that is only during commercial breaks. The time nears when it must leave altogether, but I am not yet able to kick the habit entirely.


Ragnarok said...

Hi Timster,
i'm afraid most of this info has been gleaned the old-fashioned way, the ever neglected but stalwart book.

The part about free will i came across in "13 things that don't make sense" by Michael Brooks.
I'm not surprised it isn't made widely known as it would have serious imlications for the judical system, amongst other things.

Timster said...

Zoner - I think we need a "TA"(telly anon) group...keep trying, you can quit!

Thanks Ragnarok...

tv kills brain cells said...

Didn't Marshall McLuhan call tv the vast wasteland. They should do a study to see if the flashing lights have some hypnotic effect on people, maybe it has already been done. The 'puter is way more fun because you control the programming, you are the driver.

Anonymous said...

Another great peace of work. Ha, HA, pun intended. LOL! I had some good friends. Where we live unless you have satelite TV viewing is very limited, (fine with me, however the wife likes it). Well, my neibors got satelite. There went our inteligent conversations. Now when I visit them there's 24/7 crap on while we converse, not good. Here's another one, "the cyclops in the livingroom". Peace and goodwill to all..

chuckyman said...

I guess you hit the mother-load Timster. I would like to add two other sources to the list. The first one is an excellent exposition by Noor over at Snippets and Snappits and the second goes a little deeper

In case there’s any confusion – TV sucks!

Timster said...

TV Kills - Yes, he did...the Medium is the Message.

Anon - thanks.

Chucky - Thanks for the links...