Monday, August 30, 2010

From Dr. Lasha Darkmoon: On Buddhism and the Jews

In response to the recent article by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon "Sex and the Jews", a reader posed an intriguing question concerning Buddhism and it's relationship to jews. To wit the following:


Lasha Darkmoon

Timster, Thank you for sending me your correspondent’s comment on Buddhism and its popularity as a religion among Jews. Your corres
pondent asks what the relation is between Jews and Buddhism. A fascinating question.

Point number one is this: there is no intrinsic relationship between Buddhism and Judaism as such. They are poles apart in every way.

Judaism is a legalistic religion with elaborate prescriptions, commandments, and prohibitions for every possible occasio
n. For example, the Talmud lays down the law about the precise number of days a man may not have sex with his wife before and after her period. Even if you look at someone, you have to be careful how you do it; there are a whole bunch of rules about correct looking procedures.

Judaism, moreover, is a monotheistic religion in which the existence of a personal God called Yahweh or (Jehovah) is assumed: not only a vengeful God, but a God who favors his own people, the Jews, and considers them the “Chosen”.

In contrast, Buddhism is a religion of universal appeal that assumes nothin
g — not even the existence of God. It is therefore an ideal religion for skeptics and indeed for atheists. It is for people who reject faith and blind belief, who refuse to kowtow to orthodox opinions imposed on them by other people who presume to know better. You could say that Buddhism is the ideal religion for deracinated intellectuals searching for a meaning in life and floundering about in a morass of doubts and confusions — a description that would apply to most Jews.

“It is better to travel than arrive,” says the Buddha.

The teaching of Buddha is basically this: life i
s permeated with suffering. This is caused by desire or craving (tanya). Suffering can only be ended by extinguishing desire and achieving a state of sublime detachment.

It was the Buddha who said, “He who loves fifty people has fifty sorrows; he who loves no one has no sorrows.”

I guess that’s “detachment” for you.
Enlightenment finally comes through right conduct and meditation. This releases one from all the suffering that is inherent in life and which is the result of being born: in being born not only once, but repeatedly, over and over again in an endless cycle of suffering known as the “Wheel of Rebirth.”

There was a time when I was my
self a Buddhist. It is a noble religion. I was at my lowest ebb, at the point of suicide, when I opened a little white book in a bookstore and read these electrifying words that sent me into an instantaneous trance:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. It is founded on our thoughts, it is based on our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain always follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him like his shadow that never leaves him.”
That book is called the Dhammapada. It is a book of precious wisdom. The mind is indeed everything: what you think, that you become.

The point is this: most Jews are intelligent, and, like everyone else, they seek for a meaning in life. Though atheism comes naturally to them, they are not happy with it. Nor are most people, as this cartoon will demonstrate:

Many Jews find fulfillment in Buddhism because Buddhism makes no unreasonable demands on them. It is a religion you can embrace if you happen to be an atheist. It also holds out the comforts of reincarnation and continuity, though this is a point of some controversy and is not accepted by all Buddhists.

Nirvana, or “extinguishedness”, is the final aim for the Buddhist aspirant. Though what Nirvana actually is remains a mysterious paradox. Let’s just call it “the bliss of Non-Being.” If you can get your mind behind that concept, then you know far more about this complex subject than I do.

Point two is this: all religions and indeed all cults are fostered in America by organized Jewry except one religion. This religion is held in total detestation. Not a day goes by when attempts are not made, either on television or in the printed media, to vilify this religion and insult it in every way. This religion is Christianity.

You will appreciate the significance of all this when I tell you — I think I read this in one of Israel Shamir’s books — that when a Jew in Israel is converted to Buddhism or a
ny of the Oriental religions, he still remains a Jew. No one turns a hair. He remains a respected member of the community. If he converts to Christianity, however, he CEASES TO BE A JEW AT ONCE. He is ostracized. And regarded as a traitor and renegade. The lowest of the low.

So now you know why Buddhism, Oriental religions, and various New Age cults are all looked upon by organized Jewry with favour: it is because they are NOT Christianity — because they offer people an alternative to the hated religion.

Christians are not only being persecuted in America right now, but all over the world.

The Vatican itself is under siege.

I once asked a Catholic priest, my personal friend, why the Church had turned its back on two thousand years of Catholic tradition and decided to make itself a branch of the synagogue.

Why had they capitulated to the state of Israel and cravenly recognized its legitimacy, given that it had been built on stolen land?

He looked stricken.

“We had no choice,” he sighed. “If we hadn’t agreed to do what they say, they w
ould have started burning down our churches and raping our nuns.”

(A copy of the Turin Shroud, thought by many to be a miraculous representation of the face of Jesus Christ).


Anonymous said...

Most of the Jews that I see and follow Buddhism are also Pagans or their own "God". I think they twist Buddhism to fit their own sick minds. Buddhism and Freemasonry seem to have a lot in common. I would like to know if Yoga was brought to America by the Jews. The Jews are the ones profiting from this new cult:books, magazines, videos are all made by Jews. I have know some very wealthy people that worked behind the scenes electing Obama and they support the spread of Yoga and Buddhism in the mainstream. These people are the so called "left overs" from the 60's. Thanks for the article.

NumberSix said...

I'll probably be shot if I post one more link
but the article below from over at Nobody's site
really goes along with yours about Jews and Buddhism.
Thanks for all your many efforts !
Click to read article

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..Excellent work Lasha Darkmoon; When I lived in Thailand I would watch with amazement how many jew male back-packers there, would get around in buddhist garb and the almost perfunctory Thai peasant or Khun Tamadaa clothing of the agrarian provinces. These jews referred to themselves as ‘jubus’ – ‘jewish-buddhists’.

Consistent with their stripe of course they were rude, bullying sex offenders, to a man: I never met one that was not focused entirely upon having sex with as many females (age was never an issue) as possible and to consume copious amounts of alcohol and drugs; the only people they disrespected more than the Thai peasants were goy travellers; who, when I lived there were primarily middle-class baptist amerikans or catholic britz. Funny how these goy relijuns have the most disillusioned diasporas among the gentile flocks.

If I ever engaged the goyim in conversation I would ask them why they were so devoted to Buddhism and yet had dismissed their own spiritual identities. The answer was a pretty standard reference to corruption, sex offences by the hierarchy and the paradoxical strictness of the commandments etc that were determined to be anachronistic.

The irony of their opinions makes me smile: I have spent a lot of time with monks and many; particularly the young, become monks to avoid either military service or jail terms for crimes they had committed. I remember secret meetings at the base of monastery walls at the dead of night (mostly the dead of Saturday night) thereafter a quick change of clothes (off with robes on with the jeans) and we were off to a restaurant/karaoke club/brothel to ‘party’ until dawn. The very best 'Mary-jane' I might add.

So, these back-packers, who almost all were on (from what I could see), a world-wide pub crawl, would find their spiritual identity in a land so bereft of moral values and so culturally corrupt that the tourist brochure images were almost intrinsically anthropological. The tourist traps like the floating markets and elephant rides and ancient dance theatres were akin to the fuzzy bear-caps and red tunics of the palace guard changing in London.

The irony being that a tourist in London probably doesn’t assume these guards’ would still go into combat marching line-a-breast in red tunics with two foot high furry bear-hats. Not so the back-packers of Thailand, these dupes think the monks of Thailand are somehow closer to g-d than their own duplicitous religious autocracies.

Subliminal racism and spiritual contradictions manifesting as cultural symbiosis: How convenient.



Anonymous said...

Good article but when it mentions that 20% of the American Buddhists are Jews. I have to disagree. I believe it is way more than that. Every Jewish person that I have worked for seems to have a little Buddha in their homes. Compassion and tolerance, way! Savage business people that will do anything to succeed, legao or not.
........Buddhists with surnames like Thurman and Baumann.....
The web site The Landscape of American Buddhism, states, “Scholars of Buddhism come to very different conclusions about the number of Buddhists in America. In the mid-1990s, Robert Thurman, a Buddhist Studies professor at Columbia University and a former Buddhist monk himself, told “ABC Nightly News with Peter Jennings” that there were five to six million Buddhists in the United States. Thurman was probably guessing, but by 1997, a German scholar named Martin Baumann postulated three to four million Buddhists in America, based on his own surveys and extensive research….it is quite likely that Baumann’s figure was correct for its time, and that there now may well be many more Buddhists on America soil. That makes American Buddhism as large as many Protestant denominations.”

nobody said...

Hullo Timster,

Nice read, it's almost like you wrote it for me, ha ha. And hats off to Dr. Darkmoon. No expert me, but I reckon he nailed it.

Otherwise, there I was intending to say you might be interested in a thing I wrote, when NumberSix beat me to the punch. Curse you NumberSix! How dare you recommend me!

Still, I will mention that that aforementioned piece came with a PS wherein I wondered if taking Jewish discussions of Jewish participation in Buddhism at face value might not be a mistake. (Yeah, yeah, this and every other topic... )

Jubus - having their cake and eating it too

The Same Old Trick

Timster said...

Nobody - Thank you for your comment. I have read both articles and couldn't agree more...especially the obs:

"I wondered if taking Jewish discussions of Jewish participation in Buddhism at face value might not be a mistake."

I wonder at anything jews get behind...but that's just me.

Thanks for the comment. We are all in this together.

Timster said...

Anon@3:39 - Thank you for your comment. I am a "left-over" from the '60s. These opportunists are not. At least not the era I remember.

Anonymous said...

Their "god" is money. Buddhism is thinking mans atheism.

Anonymous said...

Judaism is more a 'mechanism' than religion...I know quite a few Jews who are attracted to Buddhism or Hinduism, whatever...They would be referred to as JU-BUs or HIN-JUs...Actually, ancient Hinduism is source of hexagram or "Star of David' otherwise known as 'Sri Yantra'.

Anonymous said...

@veritas: At least they're better than you who is so ready to dismiss a faith and a civilization you know nothing about, and the reason that expats like you or them can sh** on or appropriate eastern cultures however you like is because of colonialism, not because they're inferior to the west. Also, at least Buddhism do not teach ppl to hate on others for their faith, nor is there such a long history of antisemitism in it unlike your beloved faith. It's half a century after WWII and westerners like those on this blog still haven't learn their lesson, how do you get the moral authority to pass judge on other ppl?

Anonymous said...

Jews don't do anything, unless, it has got something to do with "their own survival" and their this "Business of Buddhism" too has reasons which has nothing to do with religion.

Results are out their like Burma riots and more to follow. Well idea is to infiltrate the Buddhist societies and manipulate their thought-process of the "innocent unsuspecting original followers of Buddhism", who have socioeconomic influence on a very large part of planet.

Moreover question should be asked that what is "LACKING in the Judaism" for which they need "spiritual-supplements" from Buddhism.