Thursday, August 5, 2010

Film: The Perverted Medium

I admit it. I am a film-buff. I always have been. You are probably wondering how a confessed anti-jewish person can love the medium in which jews have dominated since it's inception. What I love about movies are the little peeks that are available out there, of what it could be. Not what it is.

My love of film really began when I was exposed to Ingmar Bergman's cinemagraphic excellence on late-night TV as a young teen. I had never seen anything like that before. I was shocked that this medium could be anything other than the flashy entertainment insults that were constantly being cranked out of hollyweird and the only thing available to me at the local theaters. It began a search for efforts in this new-found medium of "film" that has not yet subsided. I'm hooked.

When I saw my first Bergman films, "Winter Light", "The Seventh Seal" and "Wild Strawberries""...I thought THIS was a true artform...rivaling prose and music, in which a director could make a statement about the human condition. It could transcend political barriers and become a method of communication among all peoples. Little did I know that many had discovered this long before me and had created such literacy. It was really only in the US that movies were shallow, profit-driven and essentially as worthless as television(another potential artform raped) Of course as I grew older I began to appreciate the techniques of more and more directors and their craft. I discovered Kurosawa, Riefenstahl, and the French and British directors. I even re-examined those amerikan directors that managed to turn out films expressing something other than the jewish perspective, or were made not just for a cheap thrill and a box-office return... such as Houston, Welles, Ford, Capra and Kazan. These directorial master works, did not insult my intelligence or rape my sensibilities. These films celebrated life, and made me rethink my place in the world, as much as would any real artform. This for me, was like rediscovering Mozart. I couldn't get enough. I still can't.
It is the insensitive theft of this art by jews that has therefore always been a sore spot with me. As Henry Ford put it so succinctly: " Frivolity, sensuality, indecency, appalling illiteracy and endless platitude are the marks of the degenerate American Theater(film) under Jewish control".

Ok...that being said.
I have, in my search for more and more good films, joined Netflix. This of course is a jewish-owned enterprise(what isn't?) but nonetheless, it affords me the opportunity to view some great films of which otherwise I would not even be aware. I can stream or rent really fantastic films from all over the world. This is not an advertisement for them, however. For the most part the films in their library are in no fashion a treasure-trove of non-jewish expressions of what film always promised to be. They are generally crap entertainments of which the hollyweird moguls always approved...shallow and childish pulp films. And most of the films I have in my "queue" although advertised in their site, are not available. Films like "Rachel"(the true story of Rachel Corrie which I have read, is fabulous) or "The Golem"(a tale of jewish sacrificial rituals) sit there with "unknown" listed under the availability column.
Well, we all know why. But I did get to see Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will" again...even though it had numerous disclaimers about how she was really a VERY BAD GIRL and worked for the EVIL Hitler as a propagandist only.

But I digress. As a matter of fact this post is mostly stream-of -consciousness digression, the point of which is obvious. What could film( or indeed WE the audience) be like today, had the first opportunistic jewish immigrant rag-pickers not stolen it and turned into another kosher money maker, from the outset. How many exceptional would-be Gentile directors, producers and actors could have truly brightened our lives and enlightened us over these many years in dark movie houses?


Mystic Beaver said...

Hi Timster, go with stream of consciousness, you do it well. Of course since Kerouac and Hunter Thompson aren't here, you may have to carry the banner alone. But you are in good company.

Timster said...

OMG...please don't even use my name in the same paragraph with these Gods of prose!...hahaha

chuckyman said...

I hate to tell you Timster – and I know you’ll be surprised- but they sole it!

I had already known that Disney didn’t stand for the trash that carries his name these days but it goes deeper – way back indeed

Technically it’s only hearsay but....

the blue meanie said...

Network, The Matrix trilogy, Mad Max trilogy, 84 Charlie Mopic, Enemy at the Gates these are a few of my favorite flicks!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,... A man after my own heart - a good story well told; a portal to other worlds and a means of escaping without clambering over rough walls or scrambling upon ones haunches through corse undergrowth. One of my favourite escape hatches: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Another: Harvey. Also: Killing Fields: Goodbye Mr. Chips: The Sheltering Sky - this one is such a treat; a good movie based upon a great book of the same title by Paul Bowles. So many I could mention.

The ability you have to create a pastiche of the eclectic within the meme of contemporary resistance politics is the essence of your gift as a story-teller.

I appreciate your work immensely…

Nameste brother Timster.


Timster said...

Chucky, Great link!

Veritas...And you call ME good?

hello my name is:Skeeter said...

Timmeister Netflix has the Rachel Corrie (R.I.P. freedom fighter princess) and Leni Reifenstahl's Triump des Willens those must've slipped through the cracks. Watch Network sometime and see the scene where Ned Beatty breaks it down for Howard Beall about there being no boundaries or countries just profits it is one of those movies where you scratch your head and think I can't believe they let them make this film.

Hans Peter said...

Is that Max Von Sydow in the first pic with the priest? Always loved that guy. There is a Russian vs. American submarine flick where they narrowly avert nuclear war anyway Max plays the Russian naval commander in chief it is an overlooked film "Hostile Waters" is the name.

Timster said...

Skeeter, Nope. Rachel is not available "yet". Yes it's a classic, Altman got away with it because he left out the word "jew".

Hans, yes that is from "winter light"
Bergman "discovered" Max. He loved using faces with character. Also Liv Ullman, Bibi Anderson...the list goes on.