Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do You Still Beat Your Wife?

Prosecutor to defendant being questioned in court: "So, mister Smith, do you still beat your wife?"
Defendant: "What?"
Prosecutor: "Your Honour, will you kindly direct the witness to answer my question...either yes or no?
Judge: "He is so directed"
Prosecutor: "So, answer the you still beat your wife?...yes or no"
Defendant: "Uh...No"
Prosecutor: " you admit that you used to beat your wife!...Your Honor...I rest my case"

We have all heard the joke. It is an illustration of how truth can be manipulated. When I viewed the BBC's "expose'" on the attack of the Mavi Mamara by israhell...such manipulation and innuendo came to mind .

The above link will take you to Gilad Atzmon's article on the British television piece with which he finds fault. I agree with him wholeheartedly. I find a great deal of fault with it as well. However, not entirely for the same reasons. It is not clumsy journalism. It is very well executed and highly premeditated assassination of truth.

When I watch such a report, I look for the innuendo...the suggestion without fact, with which it is being presented...and I found a treasure trove of such manipulation here. In this, it is MUCH like American television.

Notice firstly how the whole feel is pro-israhell? The IDF are instantly set up as the authority. It is thier interviews( the IDF officer) that are displayed in a sympathetic light....or no light at all for the commandos that were spoken to. When anyone of the peace activists are filmed, it is in defense mode only (they MUST be guilty of something).
Gilad is correct in criticizing them for showing only the IDF's footage of what happened that night, but it goes way beyond just a biased selection of film clips.
No one that is not up to speed on the incident aboard this ship could possibly come away with anything other than believing that the passengers aboard the ship were terrorists and that the israeli response was a measured and justified one. Mission accomplished.

Secondly, the interviewer uses the age-old trick of bringing up something that has absolutely NO verifiable validity as a third party accusation...merely to discredit. As in: "Israel has claimed that the IHH has terrorist links, although they deny it"... Now if there is no proof of such an allegation, why even bring it up? To plant in the mind of the viewer that it is "possible" that these allegations are true. They have raised the must be at least probable, right? They don't follow up on such an allegation before even mentioning it in this report. It's becomes a blatant lie that the viewer will come away with as a possibility or even as a fact, in retrospect. Oldest trick in the book. It would be equal to perhaps one of her interviewees turning the tables and asking Ms. Corbin: "I have heard that some say that you are a lesbian serial killer" She would of course deny such allegations, but there you have it...the possibility is there, whether the allegations are based in ANY fact at all.
That is the problem with journalism with and agenda. It becomes arrest, prosecution and an hour. What is left of our glorious justice system is being tried on television without the benefit of interaction, or defense.
I have seen some slick slanted reportage in my day...but this goes on my list as one of the best examples. We in the States couldn't have done it any better.

Oh...and be careful of Ms Corbin ....... I heard that she is dangerous...well that's what I HEARD!


covkid said...

Yes that was very insightful Timster.The whole thing was a character assassination not only of individuals such as Ken O'Keefe,and humanitarian organisations like the IHH,but also called into question the very motives of the flotilla itself.They were terrorists until proven otherwise in Corbins eyes.
This was the tone kept right up until the very end when Corbin triumphantly announced as she rummaged through some medical aid boxes,that three quarters of the medicine was out of date.The implication of course was that those on the flotilla were more interested in clashing with the Israeli forces and making martyrs of themselves than delivering the humanitarian aid itself.
Of course it was pure bullshit but you could see it coming.
There was so much wrongwith this documentary and the way it was reported,that i don't think the Israelis could have done it better.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...nice shootin' tex.

That old bag of shit corbin is characterized in an excellent flick about the first Iraq fiasco. 'Three Kings': The movie features some outstanding performances, including a very slick George Clooney. Throughout the flick there are cutaways to a parallel narrative featuring the travails of a female TV journalist – the caricature is corbin, a shameless opportunistic hack desperate for a sensational story to ‘file’, in order to prop up her waning career.

Corbin is a shill. None of her shit is worth watching; this shrew epitomizes the MSM agendized disinfo’ program.



Timster said...

I agree. And thank you for pointing out the moment in which the reporter decides on her own that the whole mission was to trap those poor israelis. Notice how NOTHING any israelis said was challenged? Actually I think israel DID do this looks like hasbara to me.

Thanks for the comment.

Timster said...

Thanks Veritas...I wouldn't know that over here. She turns my stomach.

Anonymous said...

There is only one way to trust anyone and you need help. Most people like the Germans before US,could,nt believe what was happening to the them and so were unable to resist the ashkeNAZI juggernaut of absurdities that lead Germany to Dissolution, tens of millions dead. We are the offspring of this trauma. And its about to repeat, this time with hundreds of millions dead maybe billions. Billions served, just like mc donalds only your dead thats how serious is lying.

Anonymous said...

I was right about you timster. You and your come and join my fledgling lets all hate jews club but only if you also,pick one,hate my reactionary flavor of the week like homos. Thats always a good tactic to separate the men from the boys so to speak.You know whats wrong without knowing whats right. A nd much to my disillusionment this makes you no better. I can only say when you point a finger at someone three are pointing back at you. Its obvious that you, Rivero,Jones and Rense are ducking for cover after the Matt Simmons hit. Thats cool. I respect your courage despite the death of the first amendment.

Timster said...

Anon - I know you are trying to tell me something...but it's just not being expressed very well? the point that the only thing I am hearing is(I think)negative? I don't speak a word of Hebrew...or whatever your first language is. And it's apparent that you don't speak/write English well. Unless you can get a better translation for what you are trying to say...I am going to have to start deleting your comments. Thanks for stopping by though.