Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Between Fear And Material Ecstasy

As anyone that frequents my site here knows, I do a LOT of jew-baiting. Most of it is dead-serious...some of it is tongue-in-cheek.

However, it must be tough to be a jew nowadays. I mean that sincerely.
On one hand a jew today has been handed the key to unlock most any door he sees fit to open, and on the other hand, the fact that he possesses that key by birthright only must be a constant source of guilt and fear. Do I pity them this? In a way, if and until they reject their culture entirely, yes.

If you are regular follower of my meanderings here you will know that I am a firm believer in the fact that jews are merely people...people duped by their religion as much, if not more than the followers of any mumbo-jumbo faith. The real difference, and the reasons for my blatant hatred of this particular theology, is their candid worship of wealth, and the means by which to attain it.
All other religions reject, in principle, the lure of wealth and all of it's material trappings, whereas the jew is taught that there is no other spiritual aspiration equal to it.
This of course is due to the teachings of the Talmud(yes, I once sat down and actually read that filthy tome...in it's entirety...know your enemy) and the fact that the jew holds dear to his heart...money buys power. Two things, until the emergence of the Rothschild family, the common ghetto-dwelling hebrew did not know in this world. Now they possess both. In spades.

So is it any wonder that so much of the jew's time is spent in treatment of fear and guilt. Or that he even has appointed factions of his culture to deal with these emotions(ADL, psychiatry)? I think not. Or is it a puzzlement that the hebrew clings to his mythical or exaggerated tales of persecution? Of course not. It is an attempt to alleviate his guilt for the deeds with which he acquires his wealth...a self-feeding fantasy that falls short of any real motives.

When I gamble...which I do too much of...and I win any more than just enough to keep me going...when the bells and whistles go off on a slot telling me that I have won a hundred or so dollars(never anything huge...sigh), the first emotion that courses through my being is one of guilt. It is normally just a flash of a feeling. The paths that the synapses in our brains trace concerning wealth to which we owe no labor, is one that leads directly to the learned behaviour destination: "if you didn't come by it honestly, you don't deserve it". That is very human, I think. Something that to a serious gambler must be learned to be repressed or eventually overridden entirely(if the gambler wins frequently). Maybe that is how the common jew today processes this basic guilt reflex. I don't know. I am not a jew. But I have lived long enough as a human to know that not only is it natural to feel this guilt, it is also within the human sphere to then feel fear after such good luck. Fear that we will be found to be undeserving of such fortune, and fear that it will be taken away from us and we will be punished for possessing it. This I'm sure hearkens back to cave-man DNA about hoarding the kill.

Wherever this thought process comes from, it's a good one. It is a morality in and of itself. It protects the interests of the group as a whole to assure that no individual hoards the wealth of the many. All of that has changed however since our stone-knife existence.

I lay blame for this at the door of the temple. The jewish are taught from the cradle that anything you can lay yours hands to, is yours. No matter how you get it...if you can get by with it, the fruits of the Gentile's labour are yours for the stealing. This is a precept however that attempts to override these basic human instructions, and requires force to instill in the young. But it can be and is done on a daily basis in most jewish homes.

What a load to dump on a kid. Because of this "religion", Gentile children are born into debt slavery and the jew's own progeny are born into guilt and fear...what a great culture. As if the very nature of such goings-on of the historic jew isn't enough to deal with, they lay this guilt and fear trip on their young as instruction for their futures. One hell of an "ethic" against which a child must rebel. I wonder if I could do it? Many jews have. From Freedman to Kapner the list is long and refreshing to behold. These are the ones that have rejected such rape-and-pillage teachings of their forefathers and have allowed us all to peek backstage at the trickery by which they have gained such riches. And I have no doubt in my mind that both fear and guilt drove them to reveal the methods of this dark cult. I applaud them. Before the eventual downfall of the tribe, there will be many, many more.

And their downfall is imminent. It comes with the territory. Guilt and fear are two of the most compelling human emotions out there. They will out. Repress them as they may try, they will consume them. They will at some point reflect on this "material ecstasy" which they have purchased with their ill-gotten gains and find it horribly lacking and shallow at best. Or they will go completely insane, which we are witnessing now with zionism. They will at some point feel the need to enjoy the more basic and guilt/fear-free pleasures of the world, as do most of us Gentiles, or self-destruct entirely. Either way, the human race will be shed of this pariah of the jew.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...I am not a happy camper at this moment; I have just received information regarding the murder of a young child (9) that was part of a farming family my colleagues and I have been supporting in The Palestine:

You are too kind to these yiddish monsters.

While you were sleeping this day they murdered another child: Nine years old!

They are evil incarnate: Period. They 'sell' their own fear and guilt; it's just another ruse: "Goyim are suckers and even when they discover your dirty deeds, fein self-hate and beg for mercy." "These idiotic gentiles will sympathise and hug you, oi vey, they will even allow you to retain a little of what you have stolen, ha, they are weakened by their faith in 'love' and their belief in ‘peace’: Enslave the weak and murder the strong-willed!"

I hate yids (all the so-called jews are from eastern europe – yiddisher) and there is no such thing as a good one:


Charity to the charitable
Mercy to the merciful
Peace to the peaceful
And nothing to those who are none of these things!

We talk; they murder, steal, rape and LAUGH!

Everyone talks about these devil dogs getting their comeuppance; by whom? You, your God (oops don’t believe in that shit), who then Timster?

Us mate, we have to save ourselves from these filthy scumbags, and it aint gonna be done with ‘lurv’ and ‘understanding’- it aint no ‘Butterfly Ball’!

The answer: 7.62mm rimless NATO ‘Ball’ Round. The yids are satanic and if you can think of one that deserves pity, I’ll shoot that fucker through the head! They offer no quarter, they deserve none!

My fear motivates me, I have two beautiful little girls and I fear for them and I know if they ever hurt my children I will slay yids door to door, street to street with an axe, until I am gunned down.


With tears in my eyes as I look at this picture in my hand of a little boy laughing with his little sister: I SHOUT!



Pls, excuse my passionate outburst no disrespect intended. I’ll be fine and dandy in a few hours. I must go now ‘Harvey’ has just bought me another shot of Rye!

Timster said...

Veritas - No apology necessary. I understand your anger and sympathize... I have friends in the West Bank.

Anonymous said...

An old friend of mine who went crazy christian said on Facebook that we should nuke Tehran. I answered back that considering that Israel was involved with the 911 mass murders would,nt make more sense to nuke Tel Aviv? Facebook did,nt like that and removed my comment.They do,nt believe in the Bill of Rights either. We,re so screwed.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the Libido Dominandi by E Michael Jones? Perhaps or probably. But if not you will find it an immense treasure in exploring the perfidy of these people.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Back on deck; just a little positive News (bragging, grin) if you don't mind. My eldest Daughter (9, ironic), has just returned home from an invite to the Brisbane Writer's Festival; a National show that I was invited to in Melbourne 18 years ago. This show is quite a big deal for the writing fraternity here in Oz. So proud! Anyhoo, as a talented writer yourself, I just thought you might know the feeling.