Friday, August 27, 2010


I don't want to undermine any efforts to fight for truth. No, really...I don't.

I understand that the events of September 11th, 2001 led to a lot of people getting on-board the truth movement. And that's a good thing...for the most part. But this cause...the cause to ferret out the truth of what happened that day is never going to produce the kind of results that I hope to see. Number the Kennedy assassination, it is going to be lost in folklore. The facts of the incident will be clouded and debated for untold years. That is what they want. There will be no final factual conclusion brought about by the efforts of "truthers". There will be no independent investigation that roots out the perpetrators. No punishment to those that were guilty of this false flag. Anyone that believes that this will happen is living in a fantasy. As the late George Carlin said when asked if he supported the call for another investigation..."the government investigating themselves?...ain't gonna happen".

Of course you are thinking..."Well we are certainly not going to expose the truth with THAT kind of attitude!". And I would answer..."you aren't fighting the right battle".

Every time that this infamous date rolls around, we see the same debate smolder in the embers of a dying cause then go dark again.
This attitude of mine is not going to win me friends or influence people out here...I know. It is a betrayal to many. But there it is. It is not that I do not understand the magnitude of the event...the actual stateside attack by israhell. I do. But if any think that they are going to grab the hand that stole the cookie out of the jar and yell AH-HA! and PROVE that it was all a lie...I'm sorry to tell you, it is not going to happen that way.
That is not to say, that those who did 9/11 will not be exposed at some point in the future...but it will be a matter of where the chips happen to fall when JEWISH interests are unveiled for even the most clueless to see. It will be one of those..."Oh, they did THAT too?" type of things.

I a nutshell...I am saying that we have bigger fish to fry.

We are in a battle against a clever and devious foe. It began long ago, and the world has landed a few punches(expelling jews from most every civilized nation, at one point or other) in the fight, but they are winning right now on points. 9/11 was a hell of a round-house to the jaw. But we don't start crying to our Mothers about it...we get back in the fight and take it TO him that threw that blow. It should get our fighting anger pumping toward evening the score...not whining about it's not being fair because we were lied to about who threw it.

So yes, I have avoided writing about the events of that day and the theories surrounding it...the "hole-no hole", plane-no plane" "building 7-no plane" proposals.
I spent many years at a job in which I was in the cockpit of a 767 on a daily basis. I KNOW that no untrained person could have flown one of these aircraft into any buildings with the pin-point accuracy that it would require.
That's it. This commercial aircraft is simply too complicated to fly. Didn't happen. End of story....move on.

I have. Many out here haven't. And you are playing into their hand.

Those truthers out there are being played for the innocents that they are. They are being made to look ridiculous by those to whom they are begging for vindication. They have become "tin-foil hatters" and "conspiracy wing-nuts" in the jew's media. Those with all the right intentions have been let's move on to the meat of the matter. 9/11 truth is viewed, by those that actually pulled off the tragedy, as harmless. They don't put truthers in prison...ever wonder why? They put "holocaust deniers" there. They are MUCH more dangerous to the tribe. Think about that for a moment.

I know I sound preachy here again...but I just can't help seeing that no one is attacking this mad dog where he lives. No one out here is hacking into their media or attacking the recent progeny of the Rothschild clan. No one is peaceably tearing down their symbols of power and wealth. No one is exposing jews for what they are. Your money and time can be spent much more wisely. These are the things that rebels do. These are the things that get results. "They" took off the gloves a long time ago. Truthers are battling this opponent with pillows.

I am reminded of an incident that happened in early 1941. After having filmed "Citizen Kane" on an entirely closed set, Orson Welles surprised critics at a closed premier of his film with it's contents. Although Welles later said that he really didn't intend for his story to be and expose' on William Randolph Hurst, the publishing king at the time,that is how it was taken. Hurst, his mistress and all that worked for him were furious.
Hurst got the film shelved(for a time) by calling Hollyweird bosses and threatening to print on the front page of the LA times (which he owned), a list of all the jews that ran tinsel-town. He threatened to expose them for the nest of communist vipers that they were. That produced results. And that's what I am talking about. You might say that the common man doesn't have those kind of financial resources(although people like Oliver Stone do and he is using it...are "we" supporting him?), and I would agree, if you are talking about "one" common man. However, in concert...our power is unstoppable. We have the intelligence. We do the work. We possess the resources to bring this demon to it's knees and yet we are seen to be...whimpering in the very face of evil.

So, no...I won't rehash the events of 9/11 here. It is not the battle that I choose to fight. I won't be made to look clownish in their media. I would rather be thrown in one of their prisons for calling a jew a jew, than to put on one of their tin-foil hats.

But that's just me. Take it or leave it.

Stay tuned for Part II: I AM AN ANTI-SEMITE!


chuckyman said...

Gutsy post Timster – and spot on. 911, 7/7 in London and the other false flags were a gateway for me to see the men ‘behind the curtain’. 911 was small beer for twisted occult-loving demons that will merrily start world wars for profit and to further their lust for world power.

They don’t need money and they don’t give a shit for anyone who ASKS for the truth to be acknowledged. As your Orson Wells example highlighted they are cowards and bullies. They will only respond to a strength they perceive as a threat. Now how to we get that bit going?

Timster said...

Chucky - Thanks. I don't ask jews for I am sure you do not. Know anyone in the telecommunications industry? We could start by bringing down their network of lies in the media. I always liked that bit in V...

NumberSix said...

Teach people about the folly of fiat money and the
gangsters behind it. With enough bread crumbs they may find their way to "the tribe" behind it.

Also read the book below by Jerry Fresia ( ex-pat)
and be cured of the fairy tale about the founders of America- hint the deck was stacked 250 years ago against the common man. Click to read book

chuckyman said...

If we can just jam their master signal....

We’re already doing it. My site got more visits and threats than ever when I came out and called the jews for what they are. Many sites have their lurkers – folks who read and watch but haven’t reached the stage in their life when they feel they need to open up and grow a pair.

It’s not easy. The matrix has them by the balls. They consider themselves ‘nice people’. Accepting the reality would make them an ‘anti-shemite’ – oh the horror!!!! Once you break out of that –and the triggers are various – the next step is speaking out.

What holds them back is the fear. Anyone pointing out the Emperor is not only naked but is circumcised risks loss of job and status. Pretty soon all that won’t make a difference. The implosion of the economic system will make such useless crap as status redundant.

The MSM are enemy territory Timster and always will be. Keep on trucking Timster happy days are coming.

Timster said...

Chucky - "...not only naked but is circumcised"


Timster said...

NumberSix - Thanks for the comment and the link!

Anonymous said...

To all the victims of that sad, sad day, I love you all............. hello New York, hello Afghanistan, hello Iraq, Hello Pakistan, hello Madrid, hello London and so the list goes on. We will never forget the millions who have lost one of their visits here at the hands of the most vile group of ppl (Rothschilds) and all of their minions, and we await your return, because return you must, to witness what is soon to befall the evil ones, they know it is coming and they can do nothing about it, every one of their victims represent a shovel full of earth and they are almost finished digging their own grave (one from which there is NO return) They will not go into the hole without a final effort to survive this debacle of their own making, but they know it is futile. Is-Ra-El is not a country, it is is a pawn in their game and will be destroyed by them if that is what they feel will give them a bit longer here. Jews are indoctrinated beings, just like every child who arrives here, the only difference is, they have been brainwashed into believing that they are superior, and wickedness is not just acceptable, but expected, oh how they must, and will pay.

911 will forever be in our hearts, it will be remembered in future lives as the moment that mankind slowly began to wake up, and see the evildoers, and witness their demise. To all those wicked elite, and their minions, I say this...............911 was the biggest mistake of your lives, and you know it.

Nice work, and very brave Timster, keep it coming sir.

Steve B

Anonymous said...

Hey Timster,
Chuckyman at 3.18.......... that is class writing. Steve B

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Totally agree. The yids of israhell hate being criticized, why? Because if you say something often enough, people will eventually hear what you are saying. Jews are fucking evil, repeat after me! Jews are...


Timster said...

All - thank you.

Timster said...

Guess it's not what people want to hear. Oh well. I stepped outside the temple, I see...hahaha.

Anonymous said...

The US is being manipulated into a fight it cannot win. The country has been industrially nuetered and its defense has been compromised to absurdities. Anyone can see the people are powerless to avert the annihilation thats coming because their services are no longer needed.

Re: Circumcision and Jewishness said...

At one time in history, people did indeed equate circumcision with Jews and Judaism.

And there was a stigma attached to it too.

Unfortunately, the aggressive campaign to promote this sadistic practice among Gentiles has changed all that (click the name link for more info).

Most Americans no longer think of it as the trademark of a certain alien tribe and their evil religion.

Now, it's usually viewed as just another "routine" hospital procedure signifying nothing.

Timster said...

Re - Thank you for that...and the link. Too many people are unaware of this ridiculous horrible mutilation brought to us by the "tribe".